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Types of What is

Diabetes diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes: A chronic
condition that affects the way A disease in which the
the body processes blood sugar bodys ability to produce or
(glucose). respond to the hormone
insulin is impaired, resulting
Type 1 diabetes: A chronic
condition in which the pancreas
in abnormal metabolism of
produces little or no insulin. carbohydrates and elevated
levels of glucose in the blood
Prediabetes: A condition in and urine. (Source Google)
which blood sugar is high, but
not high enough to be type 2
Symptoms diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes symptoms:
Gestational diabetes: A form of
Excessive hunger, excessive
high blood sugar affecting
thirst, or fatigue.
pregnant women
Type 1 diabetes symptoms:
Excessive thirst, fatigue,
(Source Google)
hunger, sweating, frequent
urination, or blurred vision.

Prediabetes: Many people with

prediabetes have no
symptoms, but some
experience excessive hunger,
excessive thirst, or fatigue.

Gestational diabetes: In most

By: Stephanie Ortiz,
cases there are no symptoms,
but some people have
Period 2
excessive hunger, excessive
thirst, or fatigue.

Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes,
Prediabetes, Gestational diabetes.

Requires a medical
Lab test or imaging always
What are the How is this
treatments? caused?
Self-treatments for type 2 Type 1 diabetes occurs
diabetes include physical when the immune
exercise, no smoking, weight system attacks and
loss, nutrition counseling,
destroys the insulin
diabetic diet, and dietary
fiber. Medications that are producing beta cells of
taken are Anti-Diabetic the pancreas.
medication, blood thinners, Type 2 diabetes is caused
statin, and insulin. The
by several factors which
specialists involved are
(PCP), Ophthalmologist, include lifestyle factors
Endocrinologist, and and genes. It is developed
Nutritionist. with the lack of physical
activity and being
Self-care for type 1 diabetes overweight. Being
includes nutrition counseling, overweight causes insulin
carbohydrate counting,
resistance which is
diabetic diet, and physical
exercise. Medications include common in people who
insulin, dietary supplement, have type 2 diabetes.
and hormone therapy. The Gestational diabetes is a
type of diabetes that
specialists involved is an develops during pregnancy
Endocrinologist, Nutritionist, which is caused by
Pediatri hormonal changes of
pregnancy along with
genetic and lifestyle
factors. (Source NIH)