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9th Grade History Syllabus

Course Description:
This course covers World History beginning with a review of the Late Middle Ages and carries through to
Modern Global events.

Course Expectations:
To succeed in any course, students need to come to class prepared, read, complete assignments, and
study for tests (assessments). Students should begin preparing for tests prior to the night before the test. Students
who attempt to "cram" the night before the test will probably not perform well on the test.
Daily expectations:

A. All assignments MUST be completed and turned in on the due date. These assignments are

B. Homework assignments are a crucial part of this course. In order to be successful in this course,
students should complete all written and reading homework assignments as well as review notes,
worksheets, and other information nightly. This is their practice for the summative assessment.

Late assignments: may be turned in for partial credit (highest will be 2 points out of 4) at my
discretion. Late work must have a makeup/late work form attached to it stating why it
is late.

Daily homework assignments will be posted on the board in my room.

C. Work should be legibly written in blue or black ink unless otherwise specified or approved by the
teacher. Students MUST come to class prepared EVERY DAY! This means bringing the required
textbook, binder, paper, flash drive (if available), and other supplies.

Make-up work policy: Students have 2 days for every 1 day they are absent to make-up work. -After the allotted
time make-up assignments and tests will NOT be accepted.
-Tests and assignments assigned prior to the absence are due upon the student's return to school.

My number is 509-354-4959 if you need to reach me or email me at

Classroom Behavior/Conduct:
A. Students are expected to arrive at class on time and be prepared to work when the bell rings. Students
will NOT be allowed to return to their lockers to retrieve forgotten items-- including homework!
B. Students are expected to follow all class rules:
1. Treat ALL members of the class with respect.
No rude or inappropriate remarks will be tolerated.
2. All school rules, regulations, and procedures will be observed in the class.
3. No hats, food or electronic devices are allowed to be in class. If there is a phone, iPod or
electronic devices in class, I will take them and turn them into the office.
* These guidelines may be amended as needed.

Requested Supplies:
Binder Loose leaf Paper Pensblue or black
Dividers (optional) Flash drive (optional) Pencils
Grading Procedures:

Students' grades will be determined by dividing students' total points earned by the total points possible. There
will not be a predetermined number of As, Bs, etc. so each student will have the opportunity to earn the grade
they desire.

In this course we have three types of assignments/assessments:

- Collected work (entry/exit tasks, notes, any other non power standard projects)
- Formative Power Standards (assignments that are directly connected to power standards)
- Summative Assessments (end of unit assessments)

Reported Grades will be composed of 60% of summative assessment scores and 40% of formative power
standard assignments. Collected assignments will receive a check mark in power school grade book. To receive
a score for a summative assessment, a student must submit at least 80% of all other assignments.

Each score will be out of 4 points.

Score Meaning

4 Above standard (this is hard to

get- it goes beyond what is
3 At standard ( not going above-
just doing the expected)
2 Approaching Standard (effort is
there, standard is not met)
1 Minimal evidence of
understanding.(no evidence of
0 No attempt in meeting standard

So when scores are converted to letter grades, here is what it will look like:

Percentage Grade
88-100% A
76-87% B
75-66% C

65%-60% D

59%-Below F