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The First Ten Days

Day 1: Review Day 1s next 2

Class introduction Bathroom Breaks
Attendance procedure Replacing Pencils
Welcome Assignment procedure Introduce Cultivating Social
Attention-getter procedure
Skills Procedure
Morning Meeting Introduce good manners
and appropriate words to
Daily schedule
use in the classroom
Student introductions
when addressing and
Bathroom Breaks procedure
Including where to find responding to students.
the bathrooms. Review last procedure of Home
Introduce correct walking Folders
in the hallway. Send home page with
Replacing Dull or Broken Pencils information on tactics for
procedure. Home and School
Organizing Homework Connection and a
procedure. separate signature sheet
Class closure for confirmation that the
Day 2: material was read
Collect signed notes from home that
indicate parents and students read Day 3:
through the homework folder sheet.
Collect signed slips from home.
Review Day 1s first 3
procedures Welcome Assignment
Attendance Attendance
Welcome Assignment Morning Meeting
Attention-getter. Review classroom rules
Morning Meeting Review Social skill learned the
Review procedures for day before
morning meeting Introduce and practice Class
Discuss the days
Discussions procedure
schedule Rehearse through two
Discuss any concerns so
different discussions.
far in the class while
Cultivate new social skill
practicing morning
meeting procedures. to use in discussion.
Introduce 2 Minute Warning Observe students in class to see
procedure (if needed) if there are any signs of anxious
Introduce Get-to-know you students
Use Handling Student Closing message/reminders
Anxiety procedure as Class dismissal.
Tell class what the next couple Day 5:
of weeks/days are going to look
Continue collecting signed notes home
as they come in.
Brainstorm/work on Get-to-know
you projects. Welcome Assignment
Review Home Folder Attendance
assignments Morning Meeting
Closing message/reminders Review all learned procedures.
Class dismissal. Read second chapter from book.
Open reading notebooks back
Day 4:
up and glue in informational
Continue collecting signed notes home pieces that we will use later on.
as they come in. Introduce new social skill to
practice for the day.
Welcome Assignment Trip to library to pick out library
Attendance books.
Morning Meeting Have a class discussion about
Review classroom rules what book they picked and why.
Review Social skill learned the Evaluate Home Folders.
day before Closing message/reminders.
Introduce reading books and Class dismissal.
notebooks that are to be used
throughout the first quarter.
Notebook procedures. Day 6:
Introduce the book that will be
Welcome Assignment.
read aloud when there is extra Attendance
time during reading or after the Morning Meeting
students have worked really Review all learned procedures.
hard. Reading fluency tests while
Read first chapter.
students read their library
Trip to the library
books independently.
Review how to walk
Share Get- to-Know Me projects.
respectfully in the
Add more informational pieces
to reading notebooks to be used
Have students listen to
librarian about where to
Evaluate Home Folders.
find particular books that
Closing message/reminders.
they like.
Class dismissal.
Let students explore
library. Day 7:
Evaluate Home Folders Welcome Assignment.
Attendance Class dismissal.
Morning Meeting
Continue reading fluency tests Day 9:
while students read their library Welcome Assignment.
books independently. Attendance
Continue sharing Get-to-Know Morning Meeting
Me projects. Reading
Math Math
Evaluate Home Folders. Science
Closing message/reminders. Evaluate Home Folders.
Class dismissal. Closing message/reminders.
Class dismissal.

Day 10:
Day 8: Welcome Assignment.
Welcome Assignment. Morning Meeting
Attendance Reading
Morning Meeting Math
Continue sharing Get-to-Know Science
Me projects. Introduce working groups
Reading Evaluate Home Folders.
Math Closing message/reminders.
Evaluate Home Folders. Class dismissal.
Closing message/reminders.