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Oral Presentation Rubric : California Collapse

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 Advanced Excellent 2 Satisfactory 1 Unsatisfactory

Quality Covers topic in Includes essential Provides some Lack of
Information depth with details knowledge about facts about the information about
and examples. material. topic. Questions the topic. Missed
Subject is Questions were were answered many questions
knowledgeable in answered with in a basic and did not
content. some detail and a manner. Solution properly develop
Questions were solution was was partially a solution.
answered developed. developed.
thoroughly and a
solution was
Requirements All requirements All requirements One requirement Multiple
were met and were met. was not met. requirements
exceeded with no were not met.

Participation Participated in all Participated in Participated in a Did not

discussions. most discussions. few discussions. participate in
Worked Worked well with Worked with discussions or
extremely well as other group group members work with other
a group. members. only as group members.
Individual work Individual work necessary. Individual
shows shows good Individual work assignment was
exceptional effort. was completed. completed.
Presentation Material was Project was Most of the There was no
well organized. organized. Text project was clear structure.
Text and graphics and graphics organized. Some Material was
were neatly were place in a of the content difficult to
displayed and manner where was difficult to comprehend and
easy to read. they were easy to read. Made some read. Made little
Made great eye read. Made eye eye contact. Had to no eye contact.
contact. contact. some knowledge Lacked
Appeared Appeared about topic. knowledge about
interested and knowledgeable topic.
knowledgeable about the topic.
about topic.