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of Parliament)
Cinstiluted Under the 'Legal Setvices Authorities Act, 1987" an Act
Under the Administrative Control of High Court of Delhi
Administrative B1ock, Ground Floor, Dwarka Courts, New Delhi
Ph.: 28041480, Email : southwest-dlsa@nic'in

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(ASJO/ Owait atZOtOtST50-65, dated-02.09.2016, in compliance of the directions
of the
Hon,ble supreme court of India and in compliance of the circular
appointed for the period i'e'
250 dated-l5th January 2013, the following Remand Advocates are
Of" March, Z0l7 tili further ordeis. These Remand Advocates shail look after
f."* names as Remand Advocate
Remand Work and be linked with the court described against their
ofthat court.
Sl. No. Name of Court
Nqrne of Remand Advocate
I Sh. Atul Kr. Garg, Ld. ASJ
./4I, lJwarKa uoufts,
2 Sh. Sanjay Garg-II, Ld. S}rS Ii&hDixit, Adv. CJt. No.
ASJ/ So1. Judee (NDPS) arciJ* {hi}Ir{.11$-o. 98 1 0 8-08 s 86.
J Sh. Naveen Arora, Ld. ASI, Sh: Mayaqk Sira&i{a}Adv. Ch. No. 748, Dwarka Courts,
(Electricity) New Delhi,rMiNo&81'1 6073 5 3.
4. Sh. Ram Lal Meena, Ld' sh.l ligv& aghav"Ad&lCh. No. 837, l)warKa uourts,
ASJ New ,P"l&! , M. No,9899703426.
requlreo Dy
These Remand AdvocalP,s sl rall al So,har lle additional duties as and when
the concerned
following courts as per follow&, scl iCAutt ii.fii'e; ?re'.*ggi1&d to appear before
court on daily basis and in the court il reyhi 'v!bq, ) i asiioneiL additional
Sl. No. Name of Court Nariie of Remdt niliAdvocate
1 Sh. Brijesh Sethi, Ld. , Dwarka Courts,
(Additional work)
Districti0 Sess. Judee
2 Sh. Parveen Kumar, Ld. Sh. MAya"k Sharm4., Adv. Ch' No. ft8' Dwarka Courts,
ASJ (Fast Track Courl) New De1hi, M. No.9811607353(Add&ional work)
J Sh-' Ajay Rag[av;Adv. Ch. I!.9. 8'37, Dwafl<a uoul.ts'
New.De]hi. M. No.9899703 426;'{Additional work).
4 Ms. Anu Groyer Baliga, Tlil,
Snl..ludse(PC Aci) (cBl)
No. 748, Dwarka Courts,
5 Sh. Vikas Dhull, til. SPI . St-VlliAffharma,Adv' eh'
Judee (CBI) New Delhi. M. No.981{607353. (Additional work)'
6 Sh. Vivek Kr. Gu1ia, Ld. Sh. V; S. ehauhan, Adv. Ch. No. , l)warka Uourts,
ASJ New Delhi, M. No. 97 1 8562945. (Additional work)
Terms and conditions:-
The Remand Advocate shall be paid Rs. 6500/- (Rs' Six Thousand & Five
Note:-I the
only) per month for discharging duties as Remand Advocate. He/she may move
appropriate application on behalf of the accused at the time of remand, however,
tlputut" fees for filing any such application shall be paid'

These Remand Advocates shall 100k after the Remand work and
be linked with the
court described against their names as Remand Advocate of that coutt.

Note:-ttl The Remand Advocates shall prepare a separate daily diary of the work done as

Remand Advocate.

Note:-IV The Remand Advocates shali also obtain a certificate for attendance on month to
month basis from the court concerned and shall submit the same to Jhis office
alongwiththeirbills. ---1t.-
- --

Note:-V The Remand Advocates shall submit their bills in this office latest by 7th of each
month and in any eventuality, the bill shall not be considered after the expiry ofthree

Note:-VI In case of appointment in any of the case by the order of the Court, concerned legal
aid advocate is directed to inform the office of District Legal Services Authority
(South-Wes| in proper format and will continuously appear in that court and will
update the Office of District Legal Services Authority (South-West) regarding the
progress ofthe case and next date ofhearing.

Note:VII The performance of Remand Advocate shall be assessed on monthly basis in

consultation with the Ld Presiding Officer of the Concemed Court and adverse report
against the Remand Advocate by the Concerned Court shall be given weightage.

Note:-VI[ If any Remand Advocate happens to be on leave or is unable to appear in the court for
unavoidable circumstance, the remand work ,of the said court shall be attended by the
Remand Advocate depute(, in the first Link Court. If, the Remand Advocate deputed in the
First Link Court is also on leave or not available, the remand work shall be attended by the
Remand Advocate deputed in


Note:X It to adhere the above terms and

.i, t..

Note:-XI oranum on the basis oftheir daily appearance

and be linked with the
&ditional Work) and no

Secretary, DLSA(South-West).

1 . Offrce of the Ld. District & Session Judge/Chairperson. DLSA (South-West).

2. All the concemed Ld. ASJs, Dwarka Courts, New Delhi.
3. All the concemed Remand Advocates, DLSA (South-West).
4. The Dealing Assistant, Legal Aid Section, DLSA-SW, Dwarka Courts, New Delhi
5. The Bill Clerk, Accounts Section, DLSA-SW, Dwarka Courts, New Delhi.
6. Sh. Purushottam, DEO (To intimate all the Remand Advocates through mail as well as Telephone).

(JAcreroHAN SrNGH)
Secretary, DLSA(South-West).