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28 mai 2014

I. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits the space: (10 points)

Last year we (1) to have an expensive holiday, so we (2) to visit some friends, Brian and Ann, who (3)
to live by the sea. They (4) to put us up for two weeks and as we always (5) seeing them, it (6) to be a
good idea. They asked us if we (7) sleeping on the sofa, and said that they would (8) to make us
comfortable. We (9) to get there by bus, and when we arrived we could (10) Brian and Ann sitting in the
(1) A. continued B. couldnt afford C. liked D. promised
(2) A. fancied B. tryed C. wished D. decided
(3) A. meant B. kept C. hoped D. happened
(4) A. offered B. admitted C. enjoyed D. intended
(5) A. denied B. imagined C. enjoyed D. preferred
(6) A. began B. seemed C. imagined D. expected
(7) A. minded B. suggested C. wanted D. remembered
(8) A. practise B. mean C. learn D. try
(9) A. suggested B. tried C. managed D. started
(10) A. watch B. see C. keep D. wait

II. Read the text below and look carefully at each line. If the line is corect, put a tick ( ). If it has a word that
should not be there, write this word on the line, as in the examples. (10 points)


0. English is the most widely spoken language in the world

0. today. It is a quite amazing how the use of English has
000.Become so widespread. The English is not as easy as Esperanto
1. Which was especially written for to be as easy as possible
2. For people to learn, and yet the Esperanto is spoken by very
3. Few people around the world. For many people English is not as
4. More beautiful a language as French but it seems too late for
5. French to catch up with English as an international language.
6. German is the quite a useful language if you are in business
7. In Europe but it is not half as easy to learn so as English,
8. And people say it doesnt sound as pleasant as English.
9. English has become so important that it is becoming the more
10. And more essential to know it if you want to get a good job.

IV. Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits in the space in the same line !
There is an example (5 points)

0.The announcement of their victory made us happy. ANNOUNCE

1.If you make a good__________________ at the interview, you will get the job. IMPRESS
2. Athens is _________________________ for its ancient buildings. FAME
3.The _____________________ looked dark and there were hardly any other guests. ENTER
4. The weatherman said there is a strong________________ of rain today. POSSIBLE
5. Artists must be ___________________, otherwise they are not successful. CREATE

V. Fill in ONE suitable word in each blank. There is one example (0). (10 points)

People have always (0)__been _______ fascinated by the planet Mars. It has been the subject of
countless science fiction films (1) ----------------- many years and now, with recent advances
(2)------------- technology, has come a better understanding of this planet. It now seems that (3)
-------------- the atmosphere on Mars is thinner than on Earth, (4) ---------------- therefore unable to
support life as we know (5) ------------------ , the planet does share many characteristics with our
own. Its surface is rocky (6) ------------------ ours, days are almost (7) ---------------------- same
length, and it has four distinct seasons. It also has winds, clouds and high mountains with
volcanoes, one of (8) ------------- is three times as high as Everest. Huge cracks on the planets
surface suggest there (9) -------------- once channels, hundreds of miles wide and hundreds of feet
deep, and water (10) --------------- thought to lie under the planets crust.
VI. Make the right choice: (10 puncte)
1. One day you will being / will be rich.
2. They were fighting / fought when their parents entered the room.
3. How much did you pay / did you paid for that dress?
4. It had been raining / had rained for quite some time when the roof crashed.
5. How has she been hearing / did she hear about your accident?
6. When I was / had been a kid, I liked to play in the sand.
7. Nobody asked / was asking where the thief was hiding.
8. I was waiting / had waited for you in front of the supermarket when it started to rain.
9. It was / has been so cloudy on Friday that it got dark all of a sudden.
10. I am not talking / dont talk to you today. Im mad at you.

VII. Rephrase the following sentences beginning as indicated: (5 puncte)

1. They didnt sell the house because nobody wanted to buy it. If somebody ...
2. They usually serve tea at 5 oclock. Tea ...
3. Did you see this film yesterday? Tommy asked me. Tommy asked me ...
4. I have never been on a cruise before. Its the first ...
5. It is not necessary for you to hurry. You dont ...

VIII. Put the verbs into the correct tense and form: (10 puncte)
0- exemplu- Peter did not pass the exam because he (not study)HADNT
STUDIED hard enough.

1. Emily (watch) TV when this happened.

2. The two friends (work). in the same office for five years.
3. Tom would be happier if our project (involve) only one person.
4. I cannot come now, I (wash)..the dishes.
5. I took a photo of him while he (eat) icecream.
6. If I had known it was your birthday, I (send) a card.
7. We (already, ask). about his name before he held that speech.
8. Jack told me that he (spend). his holiday in Greece.
9. She will contact you as soon as she (need) your help.
10. Peter did not pass the exam because he (not study) ..hard enough.

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Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu

I. (10 points)
1. C
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. A
7. D
8. B
9. D
10. B

0 had not studied

.1 was watching
2 have been working
3 involved
4 am washing
5 was eating
6 would have sent
7 had already asked
8 would spend; had spent
10 - needs