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CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud
Cloud Computing with ANSYS – Secure, flexible, and always available

For more than ten years, CADFEM has CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud
offered a cloud service (Software as a offers ANSYS Structural Mechanics, Support / Contact
Service, or SaaS) with eCADFEM, which ANSYS CFD, and the cloud services as Gerhard Zelder
is currently well established in the a full-value, interactive 3D workplace – P +49 (0) 80 92-70 05-87
German-speaking ANSYS market and private, flexible, reliable, and secure – gzelder@cadfem.de
enjoys great popularity. all from a single provider.

Now, CADFEM is taking the next step Advantages:
and creating the CADFEM Engineering
• Calculate previously insolvable models
Simulation Cloud, which provides the
using flexible resource expansion
opportunity to use hardware, as well
• Noticeably reduce project completion
as software, as an on demand solution
times without a need to simplify
(i.e. offering them in a short term
the models
leasing option) with comprehensive
• Use high-performance technology
maintenance and support.
(HPC) without delay or unnecessary

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But high-performance computing is by no means be used right away. as well as for of infrastructure suitable for the unique requirements of interactive 3D work (i. Strong partners Storage The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is operated by CADFEM with the support of its partners: HP. and post processing). and SPIRIT/21. there is no access to fast. There is no need for CAE users IP-1 IP-2 IP-10 to concern themselves with setup or operation of software Interactive and servers. ANSYS is still increase their productivity. Security CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud users are strictly isolated from one another and from the outside. Security through client-specific computer access © CADFEM GmbH. Focus on core competencies The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is provided as VM-1 VM-2 VM-10 a complete service package.e. simulation. low-performance IT infrastructure. The time required for acquisition often used with limited. simulation tasks. with a few clicks. Thus covers the entire networking configuration for efficient 3D visualization or spectrum of hardware requirements. NICE DCV. This is particularly true for the choice of server analysis. or there The offered server infrastructure can be used for running is insufficient knowledge for the configuration and operation background processes. flexible. Therefore. Quick setup performance computing (HPC) platforms in combination The capability of adding virtual infrastructure that can with ANSYS. Reliable results Compute Node-1 Node-2 Node-10 In order to solve computational hurdles more quickly nodes 20 Cores 20 Cores 40 Cores customers may request that their simulation process be reviewed by an experienced CADFEM project engineer. This leaves Clients your data well-protected. allows CAE users to established in all areas of industry and research. Frequently. and construction of an infrastructure is eliminated. 2015 www.net . they can focus entirely on their own simulation competencies. networking. This situation is often compounded by the fact that the software Variability of resources and / or hardware prerequisites are not fulfilled. “Remote Solve Management”. model preparation.cadfem.CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud Cloud Computing with ANSYS – Secure. and always available Why cloud computing? Advantages for the user Many computational engineers successfully employ high. modern hardware.

and post-processing (eight cores.) © CADFEM GmbH.V.cadfem. Germany Remote graphics • Low bandwidth with NICE DCV • Efficient 3D rendering • eCADFEM ANSYS: • Use client license in the cloud flexible licensing • Short-term rental for the cloud • Compression of large quantities of result data C.net . 192 GB RAM) • Dedicated compute node for large models (20 cores. RSM. MPI. 512 GB RAM) HPC available immediately: • Additional Server for large batch jobs: • 100 cores (Haswell CPUs) for comprehensive HPC-analyses models • Installed. etc. based in Karlsruhe.CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud Cloud Computing with ANSYS – Secure. flexible. inside ANSYS • Freely accessible viewer • 3D interactive Cloud-workplace • Windows 7 workplace for pre.A. 2015 www.E. and immediately available (ANSYS 15+16. configured. and always available Technical information about the cloud • VNC Viewer / NICE DCV Remote access / login • Individual access data • 256-bit AES encryption Secure Connection • Data center certified according to DIN ISO 27001.

research. and academia. in industry.spirit21. NICE. is the basis for an efficient grid and cloud infrastructure that provides great user-friendliness without CADFEM is recognized for CAE competence since 1985 – sacrificing flexibility or control. and society in general.de success of our customers. platform – from small sub-projects to managed service. CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud allows you to use the CADFEM competence as well as the tested technologies NICE offers comprehensive HPC grid and cloud solutions of our reliable partners: ANSYS. flexible. As one of the largest technological companies in the world. who span a range from mid-sized to international companies. all products named here are registered trademarks of their respective owners.de ANSYS is a registered trademark of ANSYS. personal computing.ansys. Further information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) can be found at www. competencies of SPIRIT/21.de Berlin. and always available HP creates new technological capabilities that open important opportunities for individuals. a single provider offering everything that decides on the www.e. Chemnitz.cadfem. HP offers a portfolio that includes printing solutions. Consulting. Our goal is to increase the market www. 2015 www. We will advise you about how to discover innovation potential using the latest technologies and software solutions. www. Engineering solutions.cadfem. Technical support. we serve & support the Consulting.hp. CADFEM GmbH P +49 (0)80 92-7005-0 Further offices: Austria: CADFEM (Austria) GmbH Marktplatz 2 info@cadfem. for companies and organizations that increase the user’s productivity with computing resources and applications.cadfem. Our solutions are customized to our clients and are aimed primarily at the achievement of ANSYS is the world’s largest provider of simulation software two goals: reducing costs and preparing our clients for and offers Engineering software for almost every application the future. NICE’s portfolio. Hanover and Stuttgart Switzerland: CADFEM (Suisse) AG www.at 85567 Grafing near Munich www.CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud Cloud Computing with ANSYS – Secure. companies. Dortmund.cadfem.nice-software. which includes Remote 3D Visualization and HPC Portal.com www. www.ch © CADFEM GmbH. services.. HP.net . Inc. ANSYS is among the SPIRIT/21 works independently of any specific industry or most popular CAE solutions in the market.de Frankfurt.com success of simulations: i. and IT infrastructure for solving client-specific problems.com. As ANSYS Elite Channel partner and ANSYS Competence Center FEM.. and SPIRIT/21. software. government agen- cies. and maintenance: These are the core ANSYS users in Central Europe. Software and IT solutions. service.cadfem. and Transfer of Know-how.

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