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Honeywell Safety Products

Safety Solutions for the

Industrial Workforce
Safety Solutions for the

Safety first
Honeywell has united the most respected safety brands in the
world to deliver best-in-class safety, quality, and performance to
all those who work in hazardous environments. The combined
strengths of our leading brands in personal protective equipment
(PPE) create a unique set of solutions unmatched in the safety
industry. Our ongoing commitment to innovation, combined with
our global technology centers, has transformed the industry and
created a single, premier source for the most comprehensive
solutions available. We are united not only by name, but by our
singular focus on being the best safety partner, today and into
the future. We are dedicated to more than providing a product or
a service: we are committed to protecting human lives. We are
Honeywell Safety Products.

Solutions for every challenge.

From hard hats and eyewear to safety footwear, many workers
wear Honeywell Safety Products solutions from head to toe.
We incorporate comfort and style in an ergonomic approach to
product design that, coupled with our behavior-based education
and safety expertise, fosters a workplace culture where workers
truly embrace safety.
Comprehensive head-to-toe safety solutions

We are where you are.

SAFE Our network of manufacturing, support and safety specialists includes more than
10,000 people in 30 countries. These committed individuals work in manufacturing
plants, research centers, distribution facilities and offices worldwide so local support
from our safety specialists is just around the corner at sales and service locations
spanning six continents. This proximity to our customers enables us to work hand
in hand with you understanding your problems, sharing knowledge of your critical
hazards, and providing effective solutions.
Proudly offering safetys

Leading Brands

Products designed to protect

Its no accident that Honeywell Safety Products is a world leader in personal protective equipment. Our
commitment to worker safety and new product innovation combine to create the most comprehensive
offering of PPE available.
Products and Services at a glance
- Safety at height - On-site training - Site survey and hazard analysis
- Controlled descent - Heat rated body protection - Reusable Air Purifying Respirators (APR)
- Emergency retrieval - Flame retardant garments - Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)
- Barrier systems - Respirator swap program - Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirators (CF-SAR)
- Custom solutions - Noise level monitoring - Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirators (PD-SAR)
- Earplug fit testing - Noise blocking earmuffs - Intelligent hearing and communications systems
- Face protection - Escape breathing apparatus - Custom fall protection systems
- Train the trainer - Enabled safety products - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
- Fall protection - Horizontal lifeline systems - Half mask and full facepiece respirators
- e-learning - Confined space systems - Engineered fall arrest solutions
* - Burn care - Confined space training - Hearing conservation initiatives
- Welding - First responder kits - Sound management earmuffs
- First aid - Hearing protection - On-site safety equipment inspection
- Head protection - Equipment fit-for-purpose - Mobile fall protection and PPE showroom
- Hand protection - Search and rescue solutions - Protection from heat exposure
- Lock-out / Tag-out - Emergency eyewash - High visibility garments and PPE
- Respiratory fit test kits - Protection in extreme cold - Slip-resistant protective footwear
- Arc-rated products - Gas and vapor cartridges
- Eye protection - Fall prevention systems

Breathe safe in any space

A world leader in respiratory protection, we carry a full line of products ranging
from disposable, full-face, and half-mask respirators, to complete confined space
and emergency escape systems.
*Uvex brand safety products are offered for sale
by Honeywell exclusively in the Americas.
Helping build a lasting

Culture of Safety

More than products

When it comes to protecting workers from potential hazards, safety products alone arent enough
to do the job. Thats why along with our head-to-toe line of high quality innovative PPE products, we
offer the education, training, and assistance in developing safety programs that are vital to creating a
comprehensive, reliable, and lasting safety environment.
Education and Training
Honeywell Safety Products offers training options that are
comprehensive yet flexible to fit your needs. Your workers
may visit our training centers or attend classes conducted at
your own site, choosing from a complete line of custom and
prescheduled open enrollment courses. Our solutions include
complete safety education and services that encompass a
wide variety of topics such as safety management, proper
usage, hazard prevention, compliance, and equipment repair
and maintenance. Our knowledgeable safety experts and
consultants implement behavior-based programs that enable
efficient organizational learning and adoption of best practices.
The results are shown in workers embracing safe behavior,
allowing you the highest return on your PPE investment.

Safety directors and managers worldwide are more committed
than ever to reducing the occurrence of injuries, with the
ultimate goal of achieving zero accidents. Safety incidents
endanger the life and health of every worker and take heavy
tolls in lost time, lost revenue, and lost productivity. Thats why
perceptive managers are embracing the vision of a Culture of
Safety. Honeywell Safety Products can help; visit

Technology and Innovation

Innovation and advanced technology are ingrained in every
Honeywell safety solution. Our scientists and engineers
apply human-centric concepts to create the industrys most
comfortable and functional safety products. With cutting-edge
ergonomics, connective and people-focused engineering, you
can be confident your workers are not only protected by their
safety products, but are also having a postive and comfortable
user experience that encourages acceptance and compliance.

Noted industry experts support Honeywell Safety Products
and the Howard Leight brand HearForever initiative by
holding hearing conservation seminars for safety professionals
worldwide. These seminars address need-to-know topics for
employers ranging from implementing a hearing conservation
program to regulatory changes, with an engaging audio and
visual presentation.
Focusing on getting workers

Safely Home
Learn more about what Honeywell Safety Products can do
to protect you and your workers.

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of personal protective

equipment specialists to address the particular needs of your workers. These
specialized professionals understand the challenges you face, as well as your
needs and concerns for worker safety on the job site. They are available to work
with you to provide a complete customized solution drawn from our extensive
PPE offering.

Contact us now to connect with a specialist in your area:

800.430.5490 in the United States
888.212.7233 in Canada

Honeywell Safety Products

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