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The 7th edition of Anveshan aims at promoting the advent of a new era of

materials and their role in Forging Future. Materials have always been
the wheels that have driven the dray of technology and science to the
path of transforming our future. Anveshan17 is being conducted with a
vision to celebrate the prominence of materials in the existing
technology and infrastructure. It is also a pursuit of discovering new
materials that will foster evolution in the realm of technology which
would help us shape our future.

24-26 March 2017
Internado aims at providing students with an opportunity to bag their dream internship under
esteemed scientists, pioneer industrialists and reverent professors from the finest
organizations. The participants will be given problem statements from various industries and
research centers and they are expected to propose ingenious solutions for the same. The
winner of the particular problem statement will be offered an internship at the concerned
research institute or industry.

Event structure:
1. Problem statements will be released during first week of February.
2. The first round will constitute of abstract submission.
3. In the second round, shortlisted participants will present their solutions in front of a panel of
4. The selected students will be offered internships under the respective industries and
research centers.
Internships offered in previous editions:
1. University of Vienna, Austria
2. Monash University, Australia
3. Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
4. TATA Steel Jamshedpur
5. National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur
6. Thermax, Pune
7. Defence Research and Development Organization (RCMA), Hyderabad
8. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
9. Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), Raigarh
10. Department of Physics (BHU), Varanasi
11. Bharat Forge, Pune
12. HINDALCO, Renukut
13. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-4PI), Bangalore
14. SAIL- Bokaro
15. SAIL- Bhilai
16. DMSRDE Kanpur.
17. Pick my Laundry.
18. Ministry of Railway
19. Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi.
An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Anveshan17 presents its quizzing contest: Quarks. If you have the general awareness about
everything that is happening around the world, then get ready to exercise your memory cells and
fathom your general knowledge. No pre-requisites are required, except for your zest to know
more. Questions will be asked from anything and everything under the sun.

Event Structure:
1. The quiz will be conducted in two rounds: Preliminary and final round.
2. A maximum of two participants per team are allowed.
3. The prelims consists of 20 general questions.
4. Top 6 teams will qualify for the final round.
5. There will be four rounds in the finals with just one of them being a particular round on
6. Quizmaster will elaborate the minutes of each and every round during the quiz event.
7. Decision made by the quizmaster will be final.
The world today demands a lot of changing and thus needs a lot of new ideas. METCON provides
students a perfect juncture to think out-of-the-box solutions to address a litany of challenges faced
A council comprising of 20 member nations will discuss burning global disputes and form a
resolution. Participants will represent delegations from different countries. Grab this opportunity
to taste the flairs of Diplomacy and International Relations. Experience the heat of debates and
showcase your expertise in the domain of delegacy.
The rule book of metcon will be available at the official webpage of Anveshan17.

Event Structure:
1. First round is the abstract submission round. The agenda of the conference will be rolled out
in February. Participants are required to submit an abstract depicting the world scenario of the
agenda on or before the notified date.
2. Shortlisted students for the 2nd round will be notified about their country.
3. The 2nd round will be held during Anveshan17 in the form of a conference. Participants will
represent their country and showcase their oratory and diplomatic skills in front of the Chair
and Vice-Chair of METCON.
4. At the end of the conference, the delegates will be submitting a comprehensive resolutions
paper. The resolutions paper with maximum support will be adopted in the final draft of the
5. The Chair and Vice-Chair will assess and declare the winning delegate based on his depth of
knowledge, soft skills, and authorship of the resolutions paper.

Anveshan17 presents a captivating and engaging platform to emblazon ones research skill
culminating in the form of a paper and poster presentation contest- RIVISTA. This event dispenses
an opportunity to display your work interactively to a group of scholars of eminent repute and also
receive feedback from the interested audience. It affirms to discuss the emerging technologies and
ideas in ones domain of interest with a variety of probable perspective, outlook, and solution by
the panel of judges. Brush up and reveal your technical and presentation skills by chipping in at
our unique platform by demonstrating them as paper and/or poster.
Event Structure:

Paper Presentation
1. The first round is the abstract submission round. Qualifying teams will move to the next round.
2. The second round will be a presentation round held during Anveshan17 in which teams will
have to deliver a presentation in front of a panel of judges.

Poster Presentation:
1. An original poster fulfilling the guidelines has to be presented during Anveshan17.
2. First round will be abstract submission round. Participants from each year will be separately
evaluated. Qualified team will move to second round.
3. Second round will be presentation round held during the Anveshan17 in which teams will have
to deliver their presentation in front of a panel of judges.

Categories for Paper/Poster Presentation:

1. Physical Metallurgy
2. Extractive Metallurgy
3. Mechanical Metallurgy
4. Computational Metallurgy
5. Advanced Materials
Anveshan17 aims to create a platform for a synergistic interaction between academia and
industry. Academic research and industrial technologies can collaborate to foster innovations and
economic growth. The idea behind this collaboration is to conceive a logical solution to various
challenges faced by the industries and research institutes using your knowledge and wisdom.
The participants will be introduced to the challenges faced by modern industries across the globe.
The essence of the event is to put forth an innovative yet sustainable solution to these problems.
As the name INITIO suggests initiative or beginning', the solutions should be able to replace or
modify the existing technologies and initiate new methods which are practically feasible and
economically viable.

Event structure:
1. The problem statement will be rolled out on the first week of February.
2. Participants can form a team with a member limit allowed by the respective industry.
3. 1St round will be an abstract submission round. Selected Students will proceed to the second
4. In the 2nd round, qualified teams will present their idea before a panel of experts.
They will be assessed based on the following parameters :

1. Address to the problem.

2. Solution to the problem.
3. Feasibility of the solution.
4. Economic viability.
5. Practical Feasibility.
6. Sustainability.
7. Literature survey / Acknowledgement.
"When it comes to innovation, an ounce of execution is worth more than tons of theory."
- Phil McKinney

This edition of Anveshan brings to you a platform to exhibit your skills of impeccable execution of
ideas. Anveshan17 presents Advent- A model exhibition contest where abstract ideas will
translate into physical model. A perfect blend of vision and execution is all you need to initiate a
chain of progression. The models presented will be evaluated on the basis of ideas presented and
its execution.

Event structure:
1. The first round is the abstract submission round. Qualifying teams will move to the next round.
2. The second round will be a model exhibition round held during Anveshan17 in which teams will
have to present their model in front of a panel of judges.
3. Best model in each category will be awarded.

1. Computational Metallurgy.
2. Energy.
3. Environment.
4. Advance Materials.
5. Miscellaneous.

The disruptive digital technology and sustaining materials innovation have merged to
revolutionize the dynamics of material science study. Anveshan17 provides an opportunity for the
amalgamation of programming and practical processes to immerse you in the realm of
computation. The essence of this event is to create the most efficient code which gives the best
solution to the problem by application of basic programming and simulation tools.

Event Structure:

1. CODEMET will be conducted on our partners website.

2. It is an online event. Problems will be uploaded during the month of March.
3. There will be 4 problems and each problem will be having different points according to their
level of difficulty.
4. Participants will be evaluated based on the efficiency of their program.
5. There will be prizes for the top three winners for each problem statement.
6. Top 3 participants in the points tally would be the overall winners of CODEMET.
7. The problems will be based on industrial computational challenges faced in real life.

Snapshot is an online event which aims to inspire budding photographers to show their creativity
and perceive photogenic beauty in materials and metallurgical domain and to capture the same
with some thought behind every click.

Event Structure:

1. Any materials related snapshot with a justifying tagline.

2. These snapshots have to be sent to the official mail of Anveshan17.
3. The commencement of the event will be notified on the official website of Anveshan17.
4. Best snapshots will be posted on the official facebook page of Anveshan17 on a daily basis.
5. The winner among these best snapshots will be declared on the final day of the fest.

Events Team

Lal Babu Singh Sourav Kumar Prathmesh Barshikar

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