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Selecting the Right Codec

Case Study: Kennesaw State Goes Digital

Certifying Your Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Summer 2011 |

Global Configurator Professional
and TouchLink

Advanced Configuration Software

Global Configurator Professional supports larger, more sophisticated TouchLink-
based control systems.

New TouchLink Touchpanels

New TouchLink Touchpanels with thin-bezel designs that complement the aesthetics of
any environment.

Powerful Control Processors

New, control processors with more port options and powerful features enable designers
to create larger, more advanced AV control systems.

Enterprise-wide Resource Management

Enterprise-wide scheduling and monitoring capabilities of GlobalViewer Enterprise and
Extrons new TouchLink for iPad and Web and MediaLink for iPad provide powerful,
flexible resource management.
The Next Generation of
Configurable Control

GC Pro is designed to combine the power of TouchLink with the flexibility of advanced configuration. As AV
systems scale in size and complexity, AV control systems must be designed to both efficiently handle these new
demands and be easy to use. Extron is meeting the challenges of accommodating larger, more sophisticated AV
systems in several ways. We are offering new TouchLink Touchpanels, new control processors, and configuration
software designed to handle advanced system configurations.

Extrons new TLP 710 Series, 7" touchpanels feature the same contemporary thin-bezel design as our
TLP 1000 Series, but with a more compact form factor. The wall mount TLP 710MV and tabletop TLP 710TV
feature high resolution widescreen color displays and incorporate Power over Ethernet for streamlined integration.
All TouchLink Touchpanels and Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controllers can now be wirelessly-controlled from an
iPad with Extrons new iPad for TouchLink and iPad for MediaLink apps. These apps give presenters the freedom
to roam throughout their room or multiple rooms with the convenience of Wi-Fi.

To learn more, visit or contact

your Extron Customer Support Representative.
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CoVer Story

28 Goal Driven Control System Design

Enhancing the user experience by reducing control system complexity.
By Derek Joncas

FeAture Story

34 Selecting a Streaming Codec

Factors to consider when choosing the right codec for your streaming application.
By Karl Johnson

SpeCiAl SeCtion

46 Extron New Products at InfoComm 2011

A roundup of news, activities, and new products featured
by Extron at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando.

64 teCh WAtCh 66 teChniCAlly SpeAking 70 DeSign Forum 75 hiDDen gemS
Interesting technologies that Why use a 70.7 volt Certifying Your Fiber Dataviewer
you need to know about Speaker System? optic Infrastructure By Dave Pincek
By Pat Brown By Andrew Evans

2 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

8 24 70

16 66 78

neWS ColumnS CASe StuDieS

7 Company News 4 From the Editor 16 Going All-Digital for AV

extron patents Flat Field Speaker the ever expanding toolbox at Kennesaw State university, a
technology, multiSwitcher brand new, modern academic
Streamlines av Design, 6 Corner Office building looks to the future with
Fiber backbone at la eoC embracing Configurable Control complete digital av systems.
By Andrew Edwards By Tim Schnabel
9 Industry News
leeD Credit for av System, 13 Stories from the Road 24 Eyes on the Roads
Displayport expected to every project Is a Demo a streaming solution plays a key role
Grow over 150%, InfoComm By Roy Hermanson in monitoring londons road projects.
names Sustainability officer, By Karl Johnson
uSb 3.0 Chips for 2012 14 The Pro Perspective
In the end, Its Still analog
10 Now Shipping By Bill Nattress
the latest products available
from extron

78 eDuCAtion CentrAl 79 CompAny eVentS 80 the lASt WorD

extron Control 2011 extron Institute Did You enjoy the
System Certification and tradeshows analog Sunset?
By Steve Somers 3
From the eDItor


1230 South lewis Street
anaheim, Ca 92805
Sales/tech Support:
+800.633.9876, +1.714.491.1500
Fax: +1.714.491.1517

The Ever EXTRON USA East

2205 Westinghouse blvd.
Suite 102

Expanding Toolbox raleigh, nC 27604

Sales/tech Support:
+800.633.9876, +1.919.863.1794
Fax: +1.919.863.1797

hanzeboulevard 10,

W hy does it seem that nothing in AV ever

becomes completely obsolete?
Despite the sky is falling claims we often
a bigger toolbox. It gives us more to offer our
customers in terms of products and design
capability. The challenge it presents, of course,
3825 ph amersfoort
the netherlands
phone: +800.eXtron.S3
hear about technology sunsets or connector is keeping pace with it all. In an informal Fax: +31.33.453.4050
flavors of the day, it seems that new technologies survey that I recently conducted among AV
dont replace older ones, they just get added to professionals, almost half admitted difficulty 135 Joo Seng road, #04-01
pm Industrial building
the toolbox. This is a good thing too, because keeping up with technology. And, the rate of
Singapore 368363
commercial AV customers generally consider advances in technology is not only increasing, phone: +65.6383.4400
Fax: +65.6383.4664
their technology purchases as investments, and its increasing exponentially, according to futurist
dont relish the idea of accelerated replacement Ray Kurzweil. The author of The Age of Spiritual EXTRON CHINA
686 ronghua road,
cycles. This is in sharp contrast to the consumer Machines says that we wont experience 100 Songjiang District
Shanghai 201611
technology market, where fashion and satisfying years of progress in the 21st century; it will be
phone: +86.21.3760.1568
the often created needs of the early adopter are more like 20,000 years of progress at todays rate Fax: +86.21.3760.1566

primary market drivers. - and even that rate is increasing. EXTRON JAPAN
Its one of the challenges that you face every Staying current with technology has always Kyodo building, 16 Ichibancho
Chiyoda-ku, tokyo 102-0082
day designing professional AV systems. Even been a challenge, but in recent years its become Japan
phone: +81.3.3511.7655
though customers express the desire for the and even greater one. At the 2009 InfoComm
Fax: +81.3.3511.7656
latest, most state-of-the-art AV technology 100, a gathering of AV system integrators,
available, you can be sure that they wont be manufacturers, and consultants, the challenge Dubai airport Free Zone
pleased if they cant interface their old VHS was evident throughout their published findings. F12, po box 293666
phone: +971.4.2991800
player, or whatever the visiting lecturer brings A major theme was the need to facilitate the Fax: +971.4.2991880
in that has a VGA connector. We need to redefining and reinvention of the industry.
plan and design for todays, tomorrows, and With challenge comes opportunity for AV
yesterdays technology. professionals willing to invest the time and effort
This goes far beyond the fantasy of digital to maintain a current level of education in AV. AV SyStemS DeSign magazine is
published by extron electronics/rGb
replacing analog. Other fallacies we shouldnt let Extrons new School of Emerging Technologies is Systems Inc. no portion of this publication
may be reproduced in any form without
written permission from extron electronics.
our customers fall for include: a great place to start ( every effort has been made to ensure
accuracy in content; however, extron
AV designers need to maintain an understanding assumes no responsibility for errors and
omissions in the information provided herein.
The iPad is going to make dedicated of legacy AV products and technologies, and av Systems Design is sent free of charge to
av industry professionals and end-users.
touchpanels obsolete. know how to interface them with current and Subscriptions
to receive your free copy of av Systems
Digital video files will replace film. future products and technologies. Beyond that, Design magazine, please contact your
extron Customer Support representative.
Videoconferencing will replace we need to be able educate our customers that We welcome your comments and
contributions! please submit ideas to
business travel. the latest and greatest rarely obsoletes the tried the editor at

Fiber optic cable will replace copper. and true, at least not completely. extron electronics
1230 S. lewis Street anaheim, Ca 92805
Oh, and youre gonna need a bigger toolbox.
The great thing about new technologies and
the persistence of older ones is that it creates Mark Mayfield, Editor

4 From the eDItor AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Five Input HDCP-Compliant Scaler
with Seamless Switching

Extron DVS 605

The Extron DVS 605 is a high performance, HDCP-compliant
video scaler that includes three HDMI and two universal analog
video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog high resolution
outputs. Create professional quality AV presentations with true
seamless switching and flexible picture-in-picture capability.
The DVS 605 streamlines system integration and operation with DVS 605 A

Auto Format Input Detection and ultra-fast source switching with

DVS 605 A & DVS 605 AD audio features:
continuous EDID management and HDCP authentication. With
Adjustable input gain and attenuation
advanced Extron 30-bit video processing to deliver optimized
HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding
scaling quality, the DVS 605 is ideal as the integration centerpiece Selectable audio delay
for incorporating digital and analog AV sources. Audio breakaway

Key Features: HDMI Audio Embedding

Integrates HDMI, RGB, HDTV, and video sources into
presentation systems
Three HDMI inputs and two universal analog video inputs May be sent to
Advanced scaling engine Any audio the HDMI output
input to accompany
Auto Input Format Detection and auto-switching between inputs the video
Key Minder continuously authenticates HDCP-compliant
devices for quick and reliable switching
EDID Minder automatically manages EDID communication, HDMI Audio De-Embedding
ensuring that all sources reliably output content to the display
Enhance AV presentations with true seamless switching and
advanced PIP - picture-in-picture May be
Audio sent to the
Simultaneous outputs for HDMI and analog RGB or accompanying analog or
HD component video any HDMI digital audio
input output
Flexible system control options including RS-232, Ethernet,
USB, contact closure, and front panel controls
Corner oFFICe

Configurable Control
By Andrew Edwards

S ometimes its hard to listen to your customers. Especially if

what they have to say is at odds with your business model.
Ive always preferred to hear it straight. I like to know where I
process of installing our new TouchLink configurable touchpanel
control system now.
Now, Im not bashing programming, and Im certainly not
stand. I like it when people get their true feelings out in the open. bashing programmers. These guys are some of the sharpest
After 28 years, you know that I do! minds in our industry. It takes a high level of expertise to
When it comes to control systems, there are some resellers design and install control systems in larger, more complicated
and consultants that arent listening to their customers, and applications, whether you configure or program them. Its
in some cases its costing them business. Heres the situation: for this reason that our new Global Configurator Professional
End-user customers are embracing Extron configurable control software will only be available to individuals who demonstrate
systems and they are requesting Extron configurable control previous programming expertise. GC Pro is a powerful tool. Its
systems from our resellers. The demand is incredible, yet some not programming, but it provides features such as conditional
resellers and consultants are trying to switch them to other logic and controller grouping, which are required in larger
products that require programming. more complex applications. Programmers are the individuals
Our configurable control products were embraced by the in our industry that have the level of knowledge required for
end-user right from the start. First it was the universities. Next, these projects.
came corporate and government customers and finally K-12
schools. All can easily recognize and understand the benefits of Our configurable control products
a control platform that an installer or project manager can install
and doesnt lock them into only one company or one person for
were embraced by the end-user
support. To a reseller who sells programming, this can threaten right from the start. First it was the
his hold on the customer. universities. Next, came corporate
Lets say that a university needs to change out a projector. We
and government customers and
are told it is frustrating for the school to call the integrator and
learn that, because the projector they are removing is no longer finally K-12 schools.
available, they have to pay to have their system re-programmed,
at $125/hour. GC Pro will be licensed to individuals who have achieved
Ive had some experience with this myself. I recently Extron Control Specialist certification. To become Extron Control
purchased a home with a previously installed Crestron control Specialist Certified, you must be a programmer with previous
system. What an ordeal it turned out to be to try and get a few programming experience and be thoroughly trained on Extron
changes made to the home theater system! The company who products and software. If a certified Extron Control Specialist
originally installed the system didnt have the programming code installer is not available for a project, then the reseller or
on file. They told me that the programmer no longer worked for customer will have to contract for configuration services directly
them, but they suspected he might have the code on file. I tried, with Extron for a fee, or be referred to a qualified independent
but couldnt track him down. Every other programmer I talked who has met the criteria for access to GC Pro.
to assured me that even if I located the code, unless I worked Even though we are limiting access for GC Pro to qualified
with the original programmer, they would be better off starting individuals, customers will still benefit from using a configuring
from scratch, rather than modifying someone elses code. Do you approach. Systems will be deployed faster and can be modified
know what it costs to have a system reprogrammed? I am in the and supported without having to start from scratch.

6 Corner oFFICe AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Corner oFFICe

One thing is certain, Extron will continue to develop and programming is where you make your money, then selling
deliver control system products. There will come a day when programming is your job. What I dont accept is when a customer
we will have a full line of control products that is the most demands our product and is then directed to a competitive
complete in our industry. That means configurable and fully product by a reseller who enjoys the benefits of pricing and
programmable solutions. Its what our customers are asking support from Extron. If a reseller does not believe in a product or
for and were listening. Those products will be available to the support our customer then there is no reason for them to have
resellers and integrators willing to invest the time to learn and access to the product line. In the future not all resellers will have
support the Extron product line. I dont know any other way. If access to TouchLink and MediaLink products.
the reseller cant support the product, then the responsibility This may be controversial, but like I said, I prefer to be
falls on us. Remember, I have a Satisfaction Guarantee which straight at all times. I encourage you to be the same way with
says that if youre not satisfied, well do what it takes to make it us. If you have asked for Extron products and your reseller or
right! Those of you who know me know that isnt just an empty consultant has tried to switch you to a different product, let
promise. At Extron we stand behind our product 110%! That me know. Whether you are a reseller, consultant or end-user
includes configurable, advanced configurable, and when it comes, customer, I would like to hear your thoughts! Write me back at
programmable product support.
I accept that there are those resellers and consultants who
take a position against our approach to control systems. If Andrew Edwards, President

COmPAny nEwS

Extron Patents
Flat Field Speaker
A patent has been granted to Extron
Electronics for its Flat Field Speaker
Technology. Flat Field is an Extron
exclusive loudspeaker technology that
ensures uniform delivery of audio content
to all listeners in a classroom, conference
room, or boardroom. It features a
proprietary speaker design that produces
even sound pressure levels over a sound
field much wider than a conventional
ceiling speaker. With this uniform sound
distribution, two Flat Field speakers
can deliver the same audio coverage
that would have required four or more
typical ceiling speakers. This technology
learn more at is available in the Extron FF 120, FF 120T,
and FF 220T ceiling tile speakers. Corner oFFICe, CompanY neWS 7

CompanY neWS

MultiSwitcher Rutledge Engineering,

Streamlines AV Design based in Melbourne, was
the AV systems provider.
When development of the Melbourne Rutledges National
Convention and Exhibition Centre Operations Manager,
(MCEC) was completed in 2009, it marked Matthew Edgcumbe,
the introduction of a new standard comments: We saw
of excellence in the local and global that there would be
world of convention hosting. Its the major difficulties with
first convention center in the world to matching the different
achieve the 6-Star Green Star Certified resolutions and aspect ratios of laptops Its very much a plug-and-play model,
environmental rating, the highest brought in by MCEC clients. By using says Michael Walsh, Director of Technical
level from the Green Building Council the Extron ISM 824 MultiSwitcher as Operations at MCEC. Having a device
of Australia. the central video routing device, they that can take virtually any video input
A key requirement of the 700,000 were able to meet several key MCEC signal and automatically scale it to our
square foot convention center was that requirements with a single device. The projectors represents potential savings of
each of the 52 meeting rooms and the first was versatility, with the switchers hundreds of hours every day.
5,550+ seat plenary had to incorporate ability to detect automatically the video Aside from the ISM 824s video
fully integrated audio visual facilities. Key output specifications, such as resolution switching and scaling capabilities, other
to the AV design was a signal switching and scan rate. The automatic signal benefits were the potential power saving
capability that would streamline the detection and internal scaling means and additional reliability of having
connectivity between various video input that clients have a significantly more one product performing the tasks of
and output devices. streamlined experience. multiple units.

photo CourteSY melbourne ConventIon & eXhIbItIon Centre (mCeC); ron baKer photoGraphY/SpeCtrum ItC Group (la eoC)
Fiber Backbone for the complete AV system design. RGB-DVI 300 RGB to DVI scalers.
at LA EOC SPECTRUM ITC Group chose Extron Extron DVI 201 and DVI 201 A D
fiber optic and twisted pair products to twisted pair extenders transmit signals
The Los Angeles Emergency Operations ensure reliable, high performance signal for intermediate distances and
Center is one of the most extensive city transmission for the LA-EOC. FOX 500 fiber optic extenders support
emergency service facilities in the US, At the core of the AV system is a long haul transmissions.
providing coordination of police, fire, Fiber Matrix 6400 fiber optic 6464 For complex-wide and targeted
and other emergency response teams matrix switcher loaded with seven, hot- distribution of audio signals,
for approximately 3.8 million residents. swappable 88 fiber optic I/O boards MAV Plus Audio matrix switchers
When the city began planning the AV and a redundant power supply for added and a Matrix 12800 provide flexible
presentation system for its new $107 system reliability. Extron DMS 3600 and signal routing.
million facility, it turned to SPECTRUM DMS 1600 DVI matrix switchers as well The LA-EOC is at the forefront of
Integrated Technology Consulting Group as modular SMX System MultiMatrix technology with its AV system built on
units support routing an all-digital fiber optic backbone that
operations for displays contributes to the distribution of 135 HD
in select spaces, channels, including over-the-air broadcast
including the breakout feeds, 45 fiber feeds, 25 radio sources, 15
rooms. Various source ATSC sources, ten satellite sources, ten
devices transmit analog cable sources, and a variety of classified
VGA and YUV signals, camera sources. Up to 45 locales
which are converted throughout the complex receive and
to DVI by Extron display signals from these diverse sources.

8 CompanY neWS AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

InduSTRy nEwS

anticipated 137 percent increase. While integrated, and managed industry

growth rates will taper off during the coalitions on federal and international
following years, annual shipments of environmental issues.
DisplayPort-equipped devices will rise to Prior to this appointment, Weidman
leeD Credit for 445.2 million units by 2014. played an integral role in the development

AV System DisplayPort is being used in the of the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED
computing equipment market for devices Certification Program and the American
Scott Walker, President/CEO of Atlanta, including mobile PCs, desktop PCs, Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-
GA-based Waveguide Consulting recently graphics cards, flat-panel monitors, and Conditioning Engineers Energy Standard
achieved LEED credit for a pure AV business projectors. for Buildings and Ventilation for
system. The system is programmed in Acceptable Indoor Air Quality standards.
such a way that only the AV gear needed As part of his responsibilities,
powers up for a particular event. In audio Weidman will oversee the associations
Worldwide Forecast for
conference mode, for example, only the new STEP program, a new rating
DisplayPort-Enabled Equipment
Biamp DSP and Extron ENERGY STAR system designed to assess the impact of
amplifier power up, according to Walker. 500 million technologies in buildings. He will also
In AV mode, only selected devices turn represent the association in coalitions
on; everything else is turned off via a relating to integrated building technology
power sequencer, so energy usage is and create webinars and other resources
virtually zero when the system is off 250
for InfoComm members.
and at a minimum when in use. Walker 200
estimated typical power usage over a five- 150

year period and demonstrated to LEED a 100

savings of 300,000 kilowatts. 50 uSB 3.0 Chips

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 for 2012
Source: IHS iSuppli
Both Intel and AMD will supply sample
Displayport chips for USB 3.0 this year, with
expected to grow production expected in early 2012, two

over 150% infoComm names

years later than originally expected.
Official word should come in March,
Fueled by Apples adoption, the Sustainability when the USB Implementers Forum
DisplayPort digital display interface officer meets in Amsterdam. To date, only two
standard is gaining rapid momentum host controllers have been certified and
in 2011, with shipments in PC-related InfoComm International announced the shipped. Additional peripheral chips are
equipment expected to rise by a triple- appointment of Allen Weidman to the expected this year. Plan on seeing this
digit percentage this year, according to new position of Sustainability Officer. technology hitting a conference room
new IHS iSuppli research. Weidman brings more than 30 years near you in the near future.
Global factory shipments of of association experience to InfoComm,
DisplayPort-enabled PC equipment will having worked with the Environmental
amount to 78.9 million units in 2011, up Protection Agency, U.S. Department of
154.6 percent from 31 million units in 2010. Energy, U.S. Department of Housing
photo CourteSY oF amD

The year will represent a peak period and Urban Development, Consumer
of DisplayPort growth. Growth in 2011 Products Safety Commission, and a
amD will support
will exceed the 2010 expansion of 136.5 number of other federal and state uSb 3.0 directly with
percent and also outpace next years regulatory agencies. He has developed, Fusion chipsets. 9
nOw ShIPPIng

TLP 1000 Series

10" tabletop touchlink touchpanels

tlp 1000mv
The Extron TLP 1000MV and TLP 1000TV tlp 1000tv
are fully configurable 10" TouchLink
touchpanels featuring a sleek,
contemporary look and thin bezels S-video or composite video and audio mounts on a wall, lectern, or other flat
to complement any decor. The larger, input signals over standard CAT 5 cable. surface, while the TLP 1000TV sits on a
1024 600 resolution touchscreen surface Power over Ethernet PoE allows the tabletop or on a VESA standard mount
provides ample room for sophisticated touchpanels to receive power via the with an optional adapter.
controls and graphics. An integrated Ethernet connector, eliminating the need
MTP twisted pair receiver accepts for a local power supply. The TLP 1000MV

DVS 510
hDCp-Compliant Scaling
presentation Switcher

The Extron DVS 510 is a 10 input, multi- presentation switcher for

format Presentation Scaling Switcher professional environments,
DvS 510
that accepts and scales DVI, RGB, HDTV, with audio switching for
and standard definition signals to a all video input sources, an
common, high resolution output rate. available 50 watt stereo including front panel control, Ethernet,
The DVS 510 is HDCP-compliant and integrated amplifier, picture-in-picture, RS-232, and IR.
features simultaneous DVI and two and glitch-free switching. The DVS
analog RGB/YUV outputs. It is a true 510 also offers flexible control options

AVT 200HD includes Ethernet, RS-232,

professional atSC and USB, and IR remote
Cable tv hD tuner control capability. It
outputs PCM stereo audio
avt 200hD
The Extron AVT 200HD is a high or Dolby Digital with
performance tuner for receiving ATSC simultaneous S/PDIF
broadcast signals and delivers HDTV and analog balanced and unbalanced standard definition video outputs.
video simultaneously on HDMI, RGBHV, stereo outputs. The AVT 200HD also
and YUV outputs. The AVT 200HD offers clear QAM cable TV decoding and

10 noW ShIppInG AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

noW ShIppInG

IpCp 505

mlS 608 D

IPCP 505
MLS 608 D processing, which provides an extensive Ip link Control processor
eight Input Switcher with proDSp array of easy-to-use tools for audio
system setup and fine-tuning. The The Extron IPCP 505 is an IP Link
The Extron MLS 608 D Switchers are MLS 608 D Series offers digital video Control Processor designed to
simple-to-use, eight input, multi-format switching with four HDCP-compliant, support larger configurable control
switchers designed to integrate digital HDMI inputs, and analog video switching systems. The IPCP 505 integrates
and analog sources. All signals are with four universal inputs, including Ethernet connectivity into AV systems,
transmitted over CAT 5-type cable to an Extron Universal MTP Twisted giving users the ability to remotely
the included MTP/HDMI U R Twisted Pair input. control, monitor, and troubleshoot AV
Pair Receiver. The MLS 608 D Series equipment, including display devices
feature Extron ProDSP digital audio and switchers. It features a high
performance embedded Web server,
multiple bidirectional serial ports, relays,
and flex I/O ports, including Ethernet.

Xpa 2002-100v


Xpa 2003C-100v
hDmI Cable lacing bracket
XPA 2002-100V and XPA 2003C-100V
two and three Channel power amplifiers for 100 volt Systems LockIt is a cable lacing bracket for securing
HDMI cables to the host products input
The Extron XTRA Series XPA 2002-100V Class D amplifier design. They also and output connectors. LockIt reduces
and XPA 2003C-100V are 1U, convection- feature patented CDRS - Class D Ripple stress on HDMI connectors and prevents
cooled power amplifiers featuring a Suppression technology, which provides intermittent or complete signal loss due
100 dB signal-to-noise ratio with 0.1% a smooth, clean audio waveform and to loose cable connections. Its compact
THD+N. The XPA 2002-100V delivers an improvement in signal fidelity over design allows for easy installation with
two channels of 200 watts rms at 100 conventional Class D amplifiers. Both most HDMI cables and devices, including
volts, while the XPA-2003C-100V Combo models are half the size of comparable in space constrained areas where the
Power Amplifier delivers two channels amplifiers, conserving rack space and HDMI connectors are stacked. The LockIt
of 200 watts into 4 ohms, plus 200 watts weighing only 9 lbs (4 kg) each. lacing bracket comes with tie wraps and is
at 100 volts. Both models are ENERGY available in packages of 50.
STAR qualified amplifiers with an Extron and
exclusive, highly efficient, advanced noW ShIppInG 11

Fast and Easy Installation
with SpeedMount

SM 3 Full Range Speaker

The Extron SM 3 is a compact, flush mount speaker designed Key Features:
for fast installation with the Extron-exclusive SpeedMount Compact full-range speaker
System. Speed up your speaker installations with a concealed ExclusiveSp eedMount mounting system included with 0 and 10
mounting plates
speaker mount that can be installed during rough-in with speaker
8 ohm nominal impedance
cable terminated to the integrated wiring contacts. During final 3" (7.6 cm) full-range driver with a tuned bass reflex port
construction, simply slide the speaker onto the mount, and secure Frequency response: 75 Hz to 18 kHz
into place with a click that also connects the speaker to the 15 watts continuous pink noise, 30 watts continuous program
wiring contacts. The SM 3 delivers wide frequency response and Flush mount design with shallow profile
Speaker easily slides onto mount, connects to wiring contacts, and
wide coverage from a compact enclosure that optimizes voice
secures into place with a click
intelligibility and music reproduction. Complies with ADA requirements when used with 0 mounting plate
Hidden, toolless speaker release tab
Black or white high-impact enclosure

SpeedMount Mounting System

Concealed, toolless speaker mounting hardware simplifies and speeds up installation.


Pull speaker wire. Attach plate to Simply slide
wall, stud, or speaker onto
electrical box plate.
and connect
speaker wire
to contacts on

0 and 10 mounting plates
StorIeS From the roaD

Every Project
Is a Demo
By Roy Hermanson

E very AV project we complete tells the world something about

the quality of work we do. In recent years, probably the most
visible AV projects to the public are digital signage applications.
project a calling card for future jobs? It just takes a little time
and preparation.
First, pay attention to proper mounting of all electronic devices.
For better or worse, digital signage could be considered a huge Most of the displays I see are installed either to a wall/ceiling
advertisement for the professional AV industry. No doubt that a or pipe and appear to be done safely. However, any associated
lot of revenue is generated by the growing number of new digital devices, like the Extron Twisted Pair Receiver, can and should
signage installations in airports, shopping malls, banks, and many be properly mounted. There are several different mounting kits
other public spaces. available, including versatile ZipClip kits, which make service easy
Like many of you, a big part of my job is traveling a lot to as well. Maybe the mounts were left out, or not even part of the
various project sites and training locations. On the road, its hard order. If your back is against the wall and you have to practice
to take off the AV Tech hat. While Commando AV 101, at least use
traveling through an airport on a some wire ties or tie wraps. Do
recent trip, I noticed a nice display, not use Velcro, since displays can
mounted very securely with a clear produce heat which weakens the
image that looked very good. It adhesive strength of the strips.
seemed like a decent install; that is, There should also be separate
until I got close and looked behind attachment and mounting of the
it. Were all techies - this is what we different cables. Dont just wrap
do, right? everything together as there could
This particular install included an be interference between the different
Extron MTP RL 15HD A Twisted Pair cables and signals. Lines in the
Receiver. It was easily recognizable, video or a buzz in the audio are
poorly dressed cables reflect on your work and your company.
since it was floating in mid-air, not not undocumented features in the
quite attached to anything other than system you are installing.
the cables it was connected to. The cables were kind of wound Take the time to properly dress the cables. Learn how the cable
and sort of taped in place. From about ten feet away, you could should be handled. Dont wrap it around your hands and wire-tie it
see a cable loop hanging down, tempting the average teenager to in the center. This can cause a bend radius thats too small for the
attempt a slam dunk through it with trash. cable and it can affect the signal. You can feel how tight a cable
Who did the installation? Why was it installed this way? Didnt should be coiled. Since looks count, a uniform wrap for all visible
they have the right tools to do the job properly? These were cables really adds to the professional appearance of your install.
unanswered questions for me, but it led to an assumption that Wire ties should be tight enough to hold the cable in place but
it probably wasnt even adjusted for optimum image quality. So loose enough to be able to move any part of the cable in the wire
while the display worked, it certainly did not give the impression tie. You should have a few different sizes with you at all times.
that the person who installed it cared much about the quality of And they should be black - not fluorescent orange!
his work. Remember this: almost anyone can hang and wire the display.
We sometimes dont realize that the quality of every project Do you want to be known as Anyone?
we do is a demo for future projects. Whether or not a logo or
company name is visible, owners talk, and referrals are made roy hermanson is regional applications Specialist for extron electronics in the northeastern
uS. he works with extron resellers, providing training and support for their sales and
or not made depending on the perceived quality of your work.
technical staff. With over 30 years experience in the av industry, roy was nSCas 2004
What does it take to do the job properly and make each educator of the Year and InfoComm educator of the Year in 2005. Column 13
the pro perSpeCtIve

In the End,
Its Still Analog
By Bill Nattress, Associate Principal
with Shen Milsom & Wilke, LLC

I n the 1980s the audiovisual industry began the shift from

all analog systems to everything digital in one form or
another. During this time we experienced that selling a device
exceeded while still leveraging the benefits of the technologies
available today.
Digital signage solutions are an excellent example. In a
to our customers only solved half their problem; the devices one-to-many display environment the design can begin with a
needed to be installed and very often integrated into a complete computer signal being distributed via distribution amplifiers over
solution that facilitated their communication needs. The task-specific cabling. This model also works with composite video,
integrated solutions of today were born of that time, and what VGA, DVI, or HDMI signals. What is the cost of that task-specific
a time it was. cable? How sustainable is it when technology advancements
Custom circuits, modified components, signal level surpass the capabilities of the infrastructure? Deploying this onto
matching, and creative guesswork on how a system should an IP network expands the lifetime of that infrastructure while
actually function to meet the needs of the customer were the transferring the costs from labor and cable to edge appliance
norm. New manufacturing companies emerged providing hardware and programming. New territories of income appear in
solutions to interface, route, distribute, and control the signals the post-installation time frame. No business can afford to miss
and environments that we needed to install. Then, when the recurring and consistent revenue streams.
system was finished, the computer industry would release new Is this the recommended solution for high resolution or intense
technologies that exceeded the capabilities of the installed action content like sporting events? Its doubtful that anyone
systems, and the customer had no choice but to pay to have it wants to watch a compressed signal of car racing for any extended
changed. The evolution has continued through today. System length of time. To fulfill these needs, our focus needs to shift to
designers and integrators have experienced a whole new set of task-specific networks. The architecture of these networks, and
challenges with the transition to digital signals. EDID, DRM, the components that support them, require as much engineering
HDMI, and VOIP are some of the hot acronyms that have effort as the environments in which they will be viewed. Design
replaced ISDN, POTS, GPIO, and CRT. decisions need to be made on IP transport types, switch
So where are we today? Thankfully, the AV industry has backplane speeds, quality of service (QoS), and mean time
realized that convergence is no longer a buzzword but the between failure (MTBF), to name a few. The first thing we have
reality. We are converged with, on, and through the IP network. to realize is that this will probably not run on the customers
Solutions have been around for years that extend the reach of network. The separate AV network will be the norm, and it must
audio and video signals. Packets of audio, video, and control be designed with the customers defined network standards in
data are flying around the Internet and consuming more mind. AV professionals need to learn and fully understand the
bandwidth than any other data stream imagined. However, our nuances of network technologies.
industrys core requirement is still the same : facilitate the But lets not forget our passion : high fidelity audio with a rock
communication needs of our customers. solid image. This is what defines our industry. In the end, we are
The AV industry has a challenge, though, because we are still human beings. We do not yet have the direct connection
often too passionate about the perceived quality and purity of of the digital realm into our brains. The information that our
the content presented. Audio is more forgiving to the rigors customers need to convey is ultimately going to be analog when
of the analog to digital process. The human ear has begun to it hits our eyes and ears. By employing physics and best practices
accept, or tolerate, the effects of compression. Video signals learned over many decades, we will meet and exceed the needs
present a different challenge because the visual signal is of our customers.
so important to human retention and understanding. By
l. William nattress III, CtS-D, CtS-I, is an associate principal with Shen milsom & Wilke,
designing and deploying solutions based on content type and
llC. he has been involved with the av industry for over 25 years as an installer, engineer,
intended viewing, the needs of the customer can be met or programmer, consultant, and end user.

14 Column AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Real-Time High Resolution AV Streaming Over IP
Dallas, TX Los Angeles, CA


Extron VN-Matrix 200 Series Extron VN-Matrix 200 Series

RGB/DVI Over IP Encoder and Decoder RGB/DVI Over IP Encoder and Decoder

VN-Matrix Series
Extron VN-Matrix encoders and decoders enable real-time transmission of high resolution audio visual content, including RGB, DVI and
SDI/HD-SDI signals, across standard IP networks for live viewing, collaboration, storage, and playback. With the highly scalable VN-Matrix
system, you can turn your IP network into a virtual routing matrix switcher that is practically limitless in size and geographic reach.
VN-Matrix applies Extrons PURE3 Codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology, that offers several key distinctive


Low delay or low latency delivery of audio Offers visually lossless picture quality for Advanced compression techniques yield
and video are essential to support natural, large projected images and high resolution very high quality images at low bit rates,
two-way communication, collaborative graphics. while error concealment provides immunity
interaction, or device control. to network errors.
All of the classrooms in Kennesaw State universitys new Prillaman hall use a wide variety of digital AV technologies for teaching support.

Going All-Digital for AV

At Kennesaw State university, a brand new, modern academic
building looks to the future with complete digital AV systems.
By Tim Schnabel

ennesaw State University, which meant that only one in nine with mobile computing devices including
located just outside Atlanta, qualified applicants could be accepted. laptops and tablets. On the AV side, the
GA, addressed growing student With much more instructional space staff at Kennesaws AV operations, known
demand for its nursing academic program in the Health Sciences Building, the as Audio Visual Technology Services,
photo CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

by adding a new, nearly 200,000 square- school will now be able to accommodate equipped each classroom or learning
foot building to its campus in 2009. The more students and increase the annual space with an audiovisual system to
Health Sciences Building, dedicated graduation rate by over 25 percent. handle these and other digital sources,
as Prillaman Hall, houses the WellStar Brand new construction offered an with all-HDMI routing from sources to
School of Nursing and academic programs opportunity to equip the facility with displays. Extron products serve several
relevant to health sciences and human current and leading IT and AV technologies pivotal roles in enabling consistent,
services. The previous facility for the to better serve an increasingly tech-savvy reliable HDMI signal transmission and
nursing school had space constraints, faculty and student community armed distribution for each of the systems, as well

16 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Visual Technology Services, explains, We but also any user renting a classroom for
basically made the announcement that the an event can easily operate the AV system.
digital age is here. We also wanted to go to For the user control interface, the staff
HDMI to be able to support future devices specifically wanted touchscreens installed
down the road, including mobile devices in all rooms for a sleek, modern look and
such as tablets. feel that meets the universitys mandate to
Dedicated AV systems were going outfit the new building with advanced AV
to be required for individual teaching technologies and capabilities.
spaces, including the standard 30-seat
classroom, larger classrooms with seating AV Integration Challenges
for between 60 and 120 students, a 5,500 The project overall presented a significant
square-foot auditorium for 230 people, challenge in that the AV staff needed
seminar rooms, and several nursing to successfully have about 40 all-digital
and science laboratories. There would AV systems up and running in the new
also be conference rooms to support building. Further compounding the
teleconference and distance learning challenge was that there was just a three-
applications. The AV systems would be month period to get the first 20 of these
self-contained with signal distribution systems installed and fully operational.
confined to each room. While most of the In addition to the need to become
systems were to utilize single projection comfortable and confident working with
displays, the teleconference rooms would digital video, there were some additional
use dual or single flat-panel displays, and challenges in each of the system designs.
multiple flat-panel displays were to be The staff needed to find a way to support
installed for the labs due to the segmented instructor laptops lacking HDMI outputs
nature of the room layouts. within an all-digital setup, and also ensure
Prillaman Hall houses some 60 total that HDMI signals could reliably be sent
spaces for instruction, of which about 85% from the equipment in the lectern to the
are the standard classrooms. The plan was display through walls, ceilings, and floors.
to equip about 40 rooms for AV in two For most of the rooms, the AV
as Ethernet-based, user-friendly system phases within a ten-month period. The equipment was to reside in a 12U rack
control and audio playback. remaining spaces would eventually be within the lectern furniture. With power
outfitted as budget allowed. management, Gigabit Ethernet switching,
All AV Systems go digital Like most other educational institutions, and other third-party devices, there would
Audio Visual Technology Services the AV staff based their system design only be about 6U of space remaining
decided that all AV systems in the new decisions primarily on faculty input and for AV switching, signal processing,
building would be entirely based around feedback from the use of other systems system control processing, and the audio
HDMI signal distribution. The decision elsewhere on campus. In addition to local system, including the amplifiers. Cooling
was based on the wide proliferation of laptop connections, wireless microphones, is only to be provided by convection
sources and displays with HDMI or DVI and document cameras, instructors have through an open vent behind the rack.
ports, and a desire by faculty for high requested the ability to annotate their The lectern furniture is a design that
quality presentations. There was also a teaching sessions. has been standardized campus-wide,
photo CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

practical reason to go all-digital; playback In addition to providing an all-digital precluding new millwork to accommodate
of Blu-ray Disc and possibly future video infrastructure, each system design larger equipment racks. Some of the
media would require that AV systems also needed to include audio systems larger rooms have systems housed in
be HDCP-compliant. Furthermore, AV with signal distribution, optimization, and equipment closets.
staff had instituted a new campus-wide playback. The staff also had to provide All of the teaching spaces needed
policy ending support for some analog AV user-friendly control with intuitive system sound systems for voice reinforcement. The
sources in new systems, namely VCRs. As functions easily accessible with a touch larger rooms also required program audio
Chris Lewis, Assistant Director of Audio of a button, so that not only an instructor, playback. Quality audio reproduction was CaSe StuDY 17

Concealed cabling paths 2

1 Large, open space with low ceiling

4 multiple AV devices located throughout room

3 Limited space for AV equipment

Kennesaw State universitys Design Challenges and Solutions

room FeAture DeSign ChAllenge Solution

1 Large, open space Students are situated throughout the room, so use extron Flat Field ceiling speakers to deliver optimal
with low ceiling providing adequate room coverage for amplifying sound distribution with fewer speakers compared to
the instructors voice requires a large of number conventional technology. Flat Field speakers drop right
of speakers. this can be expensive and requires onto the ceiling tile grid without having cut circles into
considerable installation labor. the tiles, saving labor.

2 Concealed cabling Signals from the lectern need to travel to the use hDmI extenders over Cat 5-type cable, which
paths two projectors through conduit below the floor, optimizes digital video signals for long distance
behind the wall, and above the ceiling. the cabling transmission. the use of shielded Cat 6 cable further
distances preclude the use of hDmI cable due optimizes performance with immunity to emI/rFI.
to potential signal loss. hDmI cable can also be
difficult to pull through tight conduit spaces.

3 Limited space for the lectern provides for 12u of equipment rack use extron Xtra Series amplifiers that are compact
photoS CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

AV equipment space, but only 6u of space is available for av and run cool. In this installation, two 200-watt
devices after installing other necessary equipment amplifiers, an av control processor, hDmI extender,
and allowing space for heat isolation. and audio DSp processor fit within 2u of rack space.

4 multiple AV devices the av system has multiple inputs and outputs, a common simplified GuI template design was used for
located throughout and an intuitive control interface is needed so a the extron touchlink touchpanels installed throughout
room non-technical user can operate the system. the building. this GuI was adapted for individual
rooms with various levels of system complexity, but
maintained a consistent look and feel.

18 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

desired but also needed to be achievable
within time and budget constraints.

digital Video up and Running

Each of the rooms has at least two
displays, including the standard
classrooms with a single projector and
an interactive flat-panel display. Audio
Visual Technology Services initially
considered an HDMI routing solution from
a well-known competitor, but elected to
use Extron SMX 200 System MultiMatrix
modular matrix switchers installed with
SMX HDMI 88 and SMX Stereo Audio
88 matrix boards. This solution offers the
appropriate I/O size for the source and
display requirements of the systems while
accommodating future growth. It also limited rack space in the lectern presented challenges for both equipment cooling and multiple functionality.
provides significant space savings for the
equipment rack in the lectern, allowing
two matrix switchers to fit within a single, was noticed on the interactive touch done in the past with analog video, says
compact 2U enclosure. display. This is a useful feature, called Lewis. The green screen encounter
The price of the SMX 200 satisfied the HDCP Visual Confirmation, which is prompted a minor system design
universitys budget requirements and built into the SMX 200 and Extron and programming change which was
enabled deployment in similar system HDMI and DVI Pro matrix switchers. It subsequently applied to the rest of the
designs for all of the rooms. This in turn provides immediate visual confirmation systems in the new building.
helped Kennesaw AV staff speed up that the connection to the display is To accommodate the only potential
system installation and setup, as well as fine, but the display does not support analog video source in the system -- an
control system programming for each HDCP content. The touch display was not instructors laptop with VGA but no HDMI
teaching space. HDCP compliant. output -- an RGB-HDMI 300 is installed
Another key factor in the decision to In the first installation, the staff also in each room to convert and scale analog
choose Extron HDMI matrix switching noticed occasional delays or problems RGB computer-video to HDMI. While most
was the built-in HDMI signal equalization seeing an image on the display following of the HDMI connections were within
to help ensure reliable performance an input source switch. Suspecting that the equipment racks, there were more
when long cables are used. The signal improper EDID communication might be considerable distances to cover when
conditioning was an important feature in the cause, they investigated the issue by connecting from the matrix switcher to
the HDMI matrix switchers to ensure that using the SMX Control Program to check the displays. Extron HDMI 201 Twisted
we could use run longer cables whenever the configuration of the matrix switcher. Pair Extenders were used to extend HDMI
necessary, says Lewis. Using Extrons EDID Minder feature, the signals over CAT 5 cable that would be
The SMX 200 also turned out to EDID was captured from the display and run into floors, walls, and ceilings. In the
be an important tool in helping to communicated to the sources. Once they Health Sciences Building, shielded CAT
photo CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

debug two initial issues the AV staff had the SMX 200 properly managing EDID 6 cable was used throughout to improve
encountered when setting up their first communication throughout the system, performance and ensure reliability.
classroom system. After installing the image display reliability improved.
equipment, making the connections, However, once they worked out these Efficient Audio Systems
and programming the system, they ran challenges in getting the first system The AV system design for each room called
into a problem with HDCP compliance. up and running, The rollout for the for voice reinforcement. Several ceiling
When sending a Blu-ray Disc output to remaining AV systems was pretty seamless, speakers typically are needed throughout
the displays, a full-screen green image and much like any other rollout weve the room to ensure good sound CaSe StuDY 19

distribution to all students. However, the
large number of speakers necessary to
provide ample sound coverage increases
system cost. A cutout also has to be made
in the ceiling tile for each speaker, which
increases labor time. According to Robert
Archer, AV Installer with Audio Visual
Technology Services, The Extron FF 120T
Flat Field speaker design made our installs
much easier and faster since we didnt Extron FF 120T speakers blend invisibly into the ceiling,
have to cut out holes and mount speakers yet provide wide even coverage throughout the room.
into the ceilings, he remarks.
The FF 120T also turned out to be
more cost-effective since a pair of them
provides similar or better coverage than we decided to install them and keep the when it came to AV. We chose the
four conventional ceiling speakers. The other speakers in storage, says Lewis. TouchLink-based control systems partly
rich sound coverage they produced was Analog stereo audio outputs from all to simplify our system designs by using
certainly another influential factor in our sources are input into the 88 SMX stereo the IP network, but it was really a desire
decision to use them, says Archer. audio matrix switcher board. Outputs overall to use the state-of-the-art when
The Extron XPA 2001 Mono 70 V Power from the matrix, as well as from the it came to AV for this new building,
Amplifier was chosen to drive the speakers. wireless microphone receiver are fed into he says.
The ENERGY STAR-qualified amplifier an Extron DMP 64 ProDSP Digital Matrix According to Lewis, another motivation
delivers not only ample power for the Processor. Input signals in the DMP 64 behind using the TouchLink systems was
system, but also an energy and space- are then routed to the outputs leading to be able to support possible system
efficient design with tangible benefits to the power amplifiers for the FF 120T enhancements down the line. Although
for the AV installations in the Health and SI 28 speakers. The DMP 64 provided the MediaLink Controllers will do
Science Building. The XPA 2001s compact the ability to set input and output levels everything we are asking these TouchLink
chassis, low heat generation, and the fact independently for voice reinforcement systems to do, we wanted to build in
that it could be cooled by convection and program audio playback. All of the some scalability to support future system
all make it ideal for the limited space in rooms in general have good acoustical upgrades or expanded control capabilities,
the equipment racks within the lecterns. treatments from the carpeted floors, says Lewis.
The automatic standby mode is a plus suspended ceiling tiles, and on-wall An Extron TLP 700MV TouchLink
since the amplifiers can effectively self- sound abatement panels, so that only Touchpanel is installed in each of the
manage their power usage. The efficiency, minor tonal and parametric equalization teaching spaces. The touchpanel is
operational cost, and space considerations adjustments were made to ear-tune the flush-mounted onto an elevated panel
all came into play in our decision to audio systems. above the working surface of the lectern
use this amplifier in all of our systems, so that it can be conveniently accessed
says Lewis. Touchpanel Control Systems by the instructor. The laboratory spaces
The larger classroom and auditorium The Kennesaw AV staff had previous lacked lecterns, so the TLP 700MV was
systems also include program audio success installing and configuring mounted to the wall instead. An Extron
playback using Extron SI 28 Surface Mount MediaLink Controllers. While these IPL T SFI244 Ethernet control processor
photo CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

Speakers mounted on the front wall. These products were ideal for university AV is used in each room system to interface
are powered by Extron XPA 1002 Stereo installations in providing an intuitive, with the source and display devices. For
Power Amplifiers featuring the same form tactile user control interface that could the larger installations, additional Ethernet
factor and efficient design of the XPA 2001. be standardized from room to room, control capability was added to support
Speakers from another well-known there were greater objectives for the new additional devices or motorized shades.
manufacturer were initially ordered for Prillaman Hall. The AV crew essentially After evaluating possible options for
the auditorium. After we listened to the had a mandate from administration creating and customizing the user GUI,
sound quality and coverage of the SI 28, and faculty to use the latest technology the staff decided to use Extrons standard

20 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Although the MediaLink Controllers will do everything We would estimate that we saved about

we are asking these TouchLink systems to do, we wanted 50 percent in terms of time in going to
a configuration-based solution versus
to build in some scalability to support future system programming, says Lewis. He also states
upgrades or expanded control capabilities. that the Extron control system required
much less time for the AV technicians to
get acquainted with using them, which
University template since they considered top-notch, says Lewis. There is not even in turn helped the staff meet the tight
it well-designed and intuitive. Working a comparison with another manufacturer deadlines imposed by administration.
closely with Extron support staff, they when it comes to providing support after AV systems with IP-based control
customized the template to their needs, the purchase. require the management of multiple IP
keeping the interface as simple as possible Faculty response to the newly installed addresses and possibly additional network
for the instructors, and also consistent TouchLink touchpanels has been very drops. The Kennesaw AV team cooperated
throughout the building, even though the favorable. Our faculty immediately liked closely with the IT staff during the design
systems may vary somewhat. Learning, the new TouchLink systems and there of systems. The IT department participated
setting up, and configuring control was a very small learning curve, Lewis in the project by issuing IP addresses the
systems can be time-consuming. Lewis comments. We have yet to have a single AV staff needed, as well as a managed
and Archer cited the support services from complaint or trouble ticket regarding the Gigabit switch in each room to handle the
Extron as a major factor in the success user interface or controls. numerous network destinations for the
in setting up their touchpanel control Lewis and Archer assert that using the AV devices.
systems in a timely manner to meet their TouchLink control system over a more
deadlines. Bar none, I cant think of a traditional programming-based solution Future Plans for AV Capability
company that offers better service, adds saved the university money in purchasing and hdmI
Archer. The support we have received the equipment, as well as considerable The Kennesaw AV team successfully
for the TouchLink products has been time and effort setting up the systems. completed the rollout of about 40 AV

The TLP 700 mV touchpanels are

mounted on an elevated panel on
photo CourteSY oF KenneSaW State unIverSItY

each lectern, easily reachable by

the system user. CaSe StuDY 21


RS-232 Extron
Ethernet Control
.5A MAX COM1 COM2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4


Analog Laptop Digital Laptop

Extron TCP/IP
Document Network
Camera RGB RGB-HDMI 300 Ethernet
Blu-ray Player RGB to HDMI Scaler
0.5A MAX RS-232

RGB - HDMI 300

DVI to HDMI Adapter HDMI




Adapter SCREEN


7" TouchLink



Audio Audio Audio Audio

SMX 200 Frame
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
with SMX 88 HDMI

5 6 7 8 5 6 7 8
and SMX 88 Audio



L 1 R L 2 R L 3 R L 4 R L 5 R L 6 R L 7 R L 8 R L 1 R L 2 R L 3 R L 4 R L 5 R L 6 R L 7 R L 8 R

100-240V , 50-60Hz
1.3A MAX.



Audio Audio


2 3 RS-232(1)
DMP 64
U Tx Rx
T 1 2 3 LAN
+ 48V P
12V 4 5 6
4 5 6 U 3 4 RS-232(2) RESET
1 2 3
4 5 6 S
12V Tx Rx
1.5A MAX
1 2 Tx Rx

Extron Extron Audio Audio

Transmitter Digital Matrix
SMART Processor

100-240V 1.3A, 50-60Hz

XPA 2001-70V
10V 50 mA 70 V
80 Hz

XPA 2001-70V
Power Amplifier

100-240V 1.3A, 50-60Hz
17TT XPA 1002
HDMI 201 Rx 1 2 2

POWER 1 2 10V 50 mA 1
12V LIMITER/ 1 2



FF 120T
0 0
1 2 Tx Rx

Extron Extron Plenum Flat Field

HDMI 201 Rx HDMI XPA 1002 Audio Audio Ceiling Speakers
Receiver Power

SI 28
Projector Speakers

systems in the new building within faculty and presenters at every level of equipment with EDID Minder in future all-
the deadline. The staff is planning to technology knowledge. And the Flat Field digital AV system designs as well as digital
enhance the capabilities of the systems speakers offer fantastic intelligibility, fast upgrades to existing installations.
by incorporating audio and video installation, and excellent value.
recording, and is also testing the latest Based on the success in implementing
tim Schnabel is the Director of education programs - higher
tablet devices that instructors likely will all-HDMI switching in the Health Sciences education at extron electronics, and has been with the
want to use in the near-future. Lewis Building, and using Extron EDID Minder company since 2002. he provides the leadership for
extrons education vertical market team and programs,
says, Everything is working great. The as an important tool in getting the systems which supports Colleges and universities in the u.S. and
Canada. tim has over 20 years of experience working within
digital switching is reliable and the GUI up and running, Lewis says that he
the technology industry with large system projects in the
in the touchpanels is very intuitive for plans to specify Extron HDMI and DVI corporate and education marketplace.

22 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

HDCP-Compliant Videowall Processing Systems
The Extron Quantum Series are videowall processing systems that deliver high performance and reliable multi-image presentations
in demanding, mission-critical environments. They feature high performance, dedicated graphics and video processing, plus
a high-speed video bus that maintains real-time performance under heavy source loads. Quantum Series processors can
simultaneously display hundreds of windows of high quality graphics and video, making them ideal for medium to large videowall
systems in environments including public spaces, corporate buildings, surveillance, visualization, and command and control.

Quantum Series
Key Features:
Card frame videowall processing system
Flexibility to support a variety of input and output configurations
High speed bus supports real-time video/graphic performance
Dual HDMI and DVI/RGB output cards support resolutions up to
1920x1200 and HDTV 1080p/60
Quantum Elite
Up to 128 video/graphic windows per dual output card
Scalable, Expandable Videowall Processing System
Input cards available for HDMI, DVI, RGB or HD component video,
and standard definition video
High quality image upscaling and downscaling
Supports digital and analog input signals up to 1920x1200 and
HDTV 1080p/60
Easy-to-use configuration and control software

Quantum Connect
Videowall Processing System
the videowall at the enfield public Safety Surveillance Center is a 26
array of Dlp cubes, controlled by an extron Quantum elite processor.

Eyes on the Roads

A streaming solution plays a critical role in monitoring
road construction projects in the united Kingdom.
By Karl Johnson

he Borough Councils of Greater that extend longer than their timeframe road construction permit program exists
CourteSY oF eleCtroSonIC ltD.

London have a duty to maintain expectations. (See sidebar, How Bad for on-time completion by contractors, and
safe roadways that will support is the Problem?) Facilitating timely financial penalties can be issued if repair
efficient transportation and the economic completion of road work projects is critical work exceeds the contracted time. However,
well-being of the metropolitan area. to improving this situation as well as establishing an effective method to
Residents of Greater London are all too the perception that London Councils are measure and monitor completion has been
familiar with seeing road work projects providing reliable services to residents. A a significant challenge for the Councils.

24 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

networks and over 10,000 legacy CCTV encoders and decoders were selected by
broadband camera systems are already Datavilla to stream one output from the
installed in boroughs across Greater Extron Quantum Elite videowall processor.
London. In fact, surveillance cameras When appropriate, camera views valuable
are deployed more extensively in the to monitoring projects are positioned on
United Kingdom than any other country one output of the Quantum Elite processor,
in the world. They converge on a series which is set aside for sharing camera
of police surveillance security centers. information with the Traffic Management
This surveillance video is used by Police, Center. This capability to manage access
Councils, and Transportation services to to only select camera views was critical to
support public safety and dispatch services complying with RIPA the Regulation of
and maintain orderly road transportation. Investigatory Powers Act which controls
Datavilla Ltd., a Surrey, UK-based
communications services provider,
worked with Enfield Council to leverage
these existing surveillance systems for
monitoring roadwork. how Bad Is the Problem?
Enfield Council operates a Public the streets of london are continually
Safety Surveillance Center that features afflicted with a high number of road
a control room with a 26 projection repair projects. over 300,000 road
videowall, installed by London, UK- work projects are required each year,
based AV integrator Electrosonic Ltd. in which averages to almost four projects
2008. The videowall consists of an Extron per year on each of the 85,000
Quantum Elite videowall processor and metropolitan streets. up to 36% of the
twelve, 50-inch Mitsubishi DLP projection traffic delays in Greater london are
cubes, each with a resolution of 1024768. caused by road work projects. this
The Quantum Elite processor manages 72 situation creates strain on the public
video inputs from a CCTV surveillance transportation system and an additional
system along with 6 more RGB inputs drain on government finances. the
presenting graphic map images and financial burden on londons economy
multi-video displays presenting inputs may be as great as 1 billion pounds
from a second, IP camera surveillance per year.
Solution Options system. These inputs can be presented on When repairs are required for
Monitoring and managing the completion the Surveillance Centers videowall in any potholes and underground water
of road work projects is not an easy task, variety of window arrangements. mains, or updates are necessary to
since they can be distributed broadly Datavillas solution was to provide power or telecommunication systems,
across a borough. Deploying staff to Enfields Traffic Management Center with traffic lanes must be shut down. lane
continually travel the road network access to some of these camera views to reduction limits traffic throughput for
and observe traffic was not an efficient observe road work projects. Maintaining multi-lane streets. repair work on
investment in resources. Enfield is the the confidentiality of the video information two lane streets may even require
northernmost of Londons 32 boroughs was critical for this application. For alternating use of a single lane causing
and is also one of its largest, home security reasons, the Traffic Management significant backups. the delays caused
to nearly 300,000 people. In 2009, the Center could not be permitted to simply by road work projects is a source of
Enfield Council realized that they needed tap into the entire network of cameras. serious economic inefficiency. Stalled
to pursue other solutions to monitor Law enforcement and public safety staff at traffic affects air quality, and becomes
contractor projects. the Surveillance Center needed to be able a major nuisance to motorists.
Existing traffic surveillance cameras to control the specific video information additional bus service must be
provided an opportunity to monitor delivered to the Traffic Management scheduled to provide adequate service.
progress. Modern IP surveillance camera Center. Extron VN-Matrix 200 Series CaSe StuDY 25

the use of surveillance technology by
local and national government agencies
in the United Kingdom. (See sidebar,
Regulatory Restrictions)
Datavilla has extensive experience
applying cameras and IP video encoders
into different networked surveillance
applications. After evaluating Extrons
VN-Matrix 200, they found it to be the
best product for capturing the output
from the Quantum Elite video processor.
Trevor Hizzard, Managing Director for
Datavilla says, What we really like is that
the VN-Matrix 200 unit directly interfaces
to DVI computer signals. VN-Matrix 200
has been specifically designed to interface
both video and a wide variety of
computer signals such as XGA, which support rates as low as 1 Mbps or 5 Mbps the image decoded at the Traffic Center
has a resolution of 1024768. We wanted or higher bit rates, such as 50 Mbps. Users maintains the same quality as the imagery
to preserve all the detail video or fine have a wide choice of parameters over the presented in the Surveillance Center. If
graphics for the Enfield Traffic Center as it compression and bit rate, allowing the required, VN-Matrix 200 decoding units
is presented by the videowall system at the streaming bandwidth to fit the available are capable of scaling the video streamed
Surveillance Center. network connection. The dedicated, to them to match the resolution of the
Datavilla organized a dedicated gigabit bandwidth available in this project projector or panel to which they are
network between the Surveillance Center allowed VN-Matrix to provide a quality interfaced, ensuring the best quality
and the Traffic Management Center. It is that exceeded requirements typical for an image is presented regardless of the
a Layer 2 Ethernet connection consisting application such as this. display used. PURE3 also provides very
of both copper and fiber optic gigabit The VN-Matrix 200 Series encoder low latency streaming video between
Ethernet transport. Bandwidth was not a applies Extrons PURE3 Codec, which encode and decode. No more than 100
limiting factor on this network, since they encodes the Quantum Elite output, ms is required to stream video between
were able to dedicate a single connection compresses the amount of information the two sites. This allows the staff in
just for video streaming. Even without required to stream the XGA signal over the borough Traffic Management Center
such bandwidth, it wouldnt have been a network, and outputs an IP stream. to collaborate in real time with the
a problem, since bit rate controls in the The PURE3 Codec provides visually Surveillance Center, if required. They can
VN-Matrix 200 unit allow video streams to lossless compression. This ensures that speak with each other over a telephone

Regulatory Restrictions
the regulation of Investigatory powers act, enacted in the year 2000 in the united Kingdom, allows government and local authorities to use
surveillance technology in the interest of public safety, to protect public health, and for the interest of economic well-being of the uK. but
it must be used responsibly and applied in a manner that is commensurate and proportional with the required purpose. public authorities
must ensure that surveillance video is handled in a responsible manner. the surveillance video cannot be used in a manner that is intrusive
CourteSY oF eleCtroSonIC ltD.

on personal liberties.
responsible use of existing traffic surveillance cameras requires that governmental services carefully manage use of information collected
using surveillance cameras. Simply making Ip surveillance video available to enfield Council traffic services for monitoring road work projects
across Ip networks would not be in compliance with rIpa legislation. preventing exposure of unnecessary surveillance footage to the enfield
traffic Center was an important requirement of the solution development for Datavilla ltd.

26 CaSe StuDY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Enfield Roadwork Project Monitoring Solution

DLP Cube Videowall

Traffic Share

Quantum Elite 615

Videowall Processor


VN-Matrix Encoder VN-Matrix Decoder
Video Inputs
4 Hi-res 2 Mapping Media Media
IP Camera PCs Converter Converter
Decoder PCs

Composite Video Fiber

DVI Ethernet

Enfield Surveillance Center Enfield Traffic Management Center

the streaming solution includes both ethernet and fiber network transport between the Surveillance Center and the traffic management Center.

and be confident they are both looking at We could have used a standard IP microwave transmission applications.
the same information. video encoder with a composite video Wireless network connections can
The path between the facilities crosses input supporting a 4CIF Common experience signal transmission errors
several miles, so a fiber connection is Intermediate Format, a resolution due to noisy environments and multipath
used in the transmission path. Copper to of 704576, explains Hizzard. But distortion. The error concealment system
optical gigabit Ethernet media converters converting the signal from an XGA in VN-Matrix ensures delivery of a reliable
provide the means to convert between the 1024768 resolution to a video format video picture even under conditions of
two transmission methods used in this would reduce the amount of information heavy packet loss. VN-Matrix provides
connection. When the IP stream reaches presented and the user would not have Datavilla with the flexibility to solve
the Enfield Traffic Management Center, the same visible information available. similar streaming solutions where wired
the VN-Matrix 200 Series decoder outputs VN-Matrix 200 units are designed to network connections are not practical.
the video images and presents them on interface DVI or RGB computer signals The Enfield Council has a public
a data/graphic projector, maintaining typically output from computers and duty to provide safe, reliable service
the original XGA resolution from the video processors such as Quantum Elite on the borough streets. Part of this
Quantum Elite processor. or Surveillance DVRs Digital Video requires they ensure that road work
This solution is very effective, says Recorders. VN-Matrix 200 preserves projects are completed on time. Extron
Hizzard. All the visual detail presented the native resolution of the input as it VN-Matrix 200 Video/Graphic codecs are
on the display in the Enfield Security encodes the signal and streams it over helping them fulfill this obligation. And
Surveillance Center is preserved using networks, allowing it to be decoded at it has added one financial benefit in
VN-Matrix encoders and decoders. This that same resolution. that it has helped them collect fines for
allows the Enfield Traffic Center to view Datavilla has evaluated VN-Matrix schedule overruns.
information clearly and have confidence for use in other applications and intends
Karl Johnson is Director of product marketing at extron
they are accurately observing the to deploy it in similar projects. Hizzard electronics for streaming technologies and videowall
processing systems. he worked at electrosonic for over 20
current status of road work projects in says, Weve evaluated VN-Matrix and
years, most recently as General manager of the electrosonic
Enfield Borough. found it can also be used in wireless or product division. CaSe StuDY 27

Goal Driven Control
System Design
Enhancing the user experience by reducing control system complexity
By Derek Joncas

V designers, developers, and engineers are, by latest Intel processor, docked to dual 19201080 LCD monitors.
nature, innovators. This penchant for innovation Im using Microsoft Word 2007, which has more features and
is part of what drives them to bring the latest capabilities than I could ever learn in a year of classes. But what
technology to bear, and to leverage that technology am I trying to do? I am typing a simple document that someone
so their clients have the highest quality user experience when else will format, pretty much as I did with the first computer I
interacting with their systems. Developers like to promote each bought over 20 years ago. Over those two decades, I could count
new system as custom or, at the very least, a new spin on an on two hands the times that I have done a mail merge or used
old design. We set the expectation with our client that their new more than a couple of different fonts. But I do depend on several
system will be unique. key features, like spell check and grammar check, and the ability
And in many respects it is. to add bold or underline text for emphasis.
Its tempting to let new technology drive the system design. As I understand why mass-marketed software applications need to
manufacturers add more and more functionality into their products, be loaded with features, but for my purposes, this article creation
developers are lured by the challenge to design a system that can system is much more complex than it needs to be. The simplest
control every function. But too much emphasis on innovation can word processing program and a small monitor would suffice. The
result in overly complex systems that are difficult to use. AV world is very similar. So many times, we design for edge
A developers comfort level with technology is higher than the scenarios, contingency planning for every possible situation we
average corporate executive or university professor. As a result, can envision. We design the system capabilities and the user
developers can end up designing a control system that completely interfaces around the What if the client wants to scenarios
baffles the user. Complexity can also increase when the developer rather than focusing our attention on the What does the client
uses himself as a model user. This is an all too common practice regularly do scenarios.
when schedules are tight. Rather than interviewing and observing Designing better control systems relies on answering two key
actual end users to truly understand their needs, developers questions. These will more clearly define what the control system
sometimes place themselves into the scene and ask, How would I needs to do, and how to simplify the control systems overall
use this system? or What functionality would I want? capabilities, thereby increasing the usability of the system and
Its not that the developers viewpoint and technical knowledge giving the user a better experience.
are unimportant. After all, developers must have a thorough The first question is: How does the end user regularly use the
knowledge of the capabilities of the system. The ultimate system? This is where the old 80/20 rule comes into play. Eighty
goal, however, is not a control system that fully exploits those percent of the time we only use 20% of the system capabilities.
capabilities. Its to create a system that will meet the users needs, Define what your client does 80% of the time.
and that the user will actually find useful. When usability is the Secondly, its important to ask, What are the critical functions
ultimate goal, the combination of technical knowledge and a that rarely occur, but must function flawlessly? These features are
developers mindset can produce astounding results. considered edge scenarios, but because of their critical nature
need to be present in the system with rock-solid functionality. A
Putting Users First good example of a critical but rarely-used function is tying the
Its interesting how my experience writing this article parallels systems audio mute into the Fire Alarm system. You hope this life
that of many AV control system users. I am using a PC with the safety system is never needed and, for most customers, it never

28 Cover StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

will be; but when it is needed, it must operate flawlessly. with new technology that we get defensive about our system
Too often we see specifications for control systems that state, designs. We might find ourselves brushing away complaints
The control system shall control all controllable audio and video about a confusing interface by saying things like, Well, yes, but
equipment and must provide control for all functions available. if you just hold down this key and click on this, then it all works
Is that realistic? Is it necessary? Does it serve the end users together See?
best interests? We need to remember that our customers often view new
technology as threat to the way theyve always done things
Create User Personas and may not be all that eager to change the way they work.
Alan Cooper, widely recognized as the Father of Visual Basic, How many times have you visited a client only to hear that
is well-known for his role in humanizing technology. In his they have other AV systems, with and without control systems,
1998 book, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, Cooper which are going unused because of usability or maintenance
discusses the development of personas that represent the users issues? By understanding the goals of all of the participants, we
of a product or a piece of software. The personas are accurate can add value to the whole AV system that creates a positive
representations of the users of the product, but are not tied to experience for everyone, and leads to better relationships and
specific individuals. Cooper identifies the goals of each of the future business.
personas and uses the goals to sharpen the focus of what the
product needs to ultimately do. Let the Goals Dictate Innovation
By using these developed personas, Cooper contends that you Another aspect of system design that dramatically affects the
can remove the individual preferences and pet features to drill direction the design takes is the level of innovation that is
down and determine how the product needs to optimally function required by the project. Is the project highly conceptual and
for its intended user. groundbreaking, or is it an adaptation or revision to an existing
How many times have we seen AV projects driven by a single design? Or does the project fall somewhere in middle? The ways in
individual at an organization and how he or she would like to which we approach each of these project types may be completely
see a system operate? How many of those folks are still there? different. Different expectations are set within the development
Over time, theres a strong likelihood that the individual has been team and with the client. Perhaps even different resources are
promoted or has left the organization for one reason or another, allocated or different people are selected for the job. Knowing the
with the system abandoned because its too complex for the next level of innovation that the members of your team bring to the
person to operate. table helps you identify the right people for the job.
By their nature, most creative people will strive to be
Clearly Define Goals innovative in their approach to any problem. This is fine if the
The traditional approach to control system design focuses almost job requires it, but if you are designing four or forty classrooms
exclusively on the individual desires of a few key players. By using all with similar utilization criteria, do you seek to find a unified
Coopers techniques and developing user personas to identify design or do you set out to design separate, unique systems?
the common goals for the system, we can clarify the intent of a You may say, A single unified design, of course. So, why not
customized control system. use the same approach the next time you need to design a
Defining goals also allows us to simplify the system. Cooper conference room?
says that whatever your interface is, it would be better if there The level of innovation must fit the goals expressed by actual
were less of it. Less can mean much more than just the number of users. Think about the age-old form follows function principle
pages or buttons. Think about the recently-discontinued Flip video of design. The principle is that the shape of a building or object
camera. Flips designers looked at typical consumer camcorders, should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.
who used them, and how they were used. They quickly realized Successful designs, like that of the Airstream trailer, for instance,
that most functions werent being used, and that a significant follow this principle, while those that miss the mark, such as
customer base was intimidated by even how to start the camera to the DeLorean sports car, age rapidly and are quickly abandoned.
record video. In developing their user persona, the Flips designers If we bill and market our services as customized rather than
set the standard for developing an easy to understand user custom, we can ever so subtlety change the perception of what
interface. In an AV control system, users should naturally perceive we do. We can use tried and true modules and methods rather
how to operate the most commonly used functions, such as power than continually creating new processes and new designs. Often
on and off, source select, play, pause, and stop. the art is not in the innovation as much as it is the application
As AV professionals, we can become so comfortable interacting of experience.

30 Cover StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Introducing global Configurator Professional Software for Advanced Configuration

even in applications that are perfectly suited for a configuration solution,

system designers can sometimes encounter situations that challenge its
capabilities. Since the introduction of Global Configurator, there have been
power users pushing the limits of configuration to get it to do more than
it was originally designed to do. this year extron is introducing a new
configuration application that will combine the benefits of configuration with
some of the flexibility of programmable systems.
Global Configurator professional is the next generation configuration
software for larger, more sophisticated touchlink-based configurable control
systems. It provides an integrated environment for defining advanced av
control system functionality from an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
this new evolution in configurable control is so advanced that mastering it
will require the mindset and skills of a developer.
Global Configurator professional includes a new feature set that
provides enhanced flexibility when configuring advanced systems.

Conditional logic with Variables Controller Templates

enables advanced functionality using if and else statements Creates an abstract representation of a controller
allows examination of conditions within a button action before enables creation of a reusable baseline configuration
performing a task Changes made to a template are automatically duplicated to all
helps in streamlining project creation by minimizing the need for linked controllers
monitors and schedules
TouchLink for iPad and TouchLink for web
Control groups touchlink for Web is accessible from any Web browser that
allow control processors to be grouped together to work as one supports microsoft Silverlight
large controller. touchlink for ipad is an av control system app designed for the
benefits advanced systems that require additional control ports apple ipad
reduces the need for long rS-232 cable runs since a control both versions support button tracking, keeping virtual and installed
group can span several rooms touchpanels to stay in sync
provides an opportunity for easy expansion of existing systems

Consider a Configurable Approach required to educate users on system operation. Control system
Programmed control systems offer a great amount of flexibility in changes take less time with configured systems which results
creating a fully custom AV system that can be tailored to exactly in lower costs for the end user. Configured systems also provide
fit the unique needs of an individual client. This has traditionally a high level of system ownership & independence to end users,
led developers to prefer a programmed approach for large AV avoiding the question of who owns the code.
systems. However, the new advanced configuration tool from
Extron, Global Configurator Professional, Extrons, moves the The Ultimate Goal
boundary lines a little further. Our ultimate goal, as AV systems designers, developers and
GC Pro significantly expands the types and complexities of engineers, must be the complete satisfaction of the people who
AV systems that can be controlled using a configurable approach. use our systems. This is the value in what we, as AV professionals,
Powerful new features, including conditional logic, combine do for a living, and the return on investment that our clients
the best of both programming and configuration. GC Pro was are looking for. We are constantly called on to walk a tightrope
designed specifically to support more complex systems and between current and emerging technologies, and making
leverage the skills of a developer. Also, Global Configurator technology accessible to our clients. Control systems are the
Professional will be licensed only to individuals who have bridge that makes tomorrows technologies accessible to our
achieved Extron Control Specialist certification. For more clients today, but the consideration of our clients goals must
details on certification and GC Pro licensing, contact an Extron always be at the center of everything that we do.
Support Representative.
Configurable control systems offer a wide range of benefits. Derek Joncas is manager of product marketing at extron electronics for control systems
hardware and software. he has worked in the av Industry since 1988, holding senior
They save time, particularly for large installations with many
engineering and management positions with companies focused on av integration, managed
similar rooms. Consistency of the interface reduces the time services, broadcast, broadband data services and software development. Cover StorY 31

Control System Support

extron offers a wide range of resources available to help system developers and integrators create highly-functional, yet easy-
to-use control systems. below you will find a selection of these, but there are even more to be found on our Web site, or by
speaking with your extron Customer Support representative at 800.633.9876.

extron guide to graphical user interface Design Control Systems Design guide
user interface guidelines, information mapping, color examines the practice and benefits of designing for control
considerations, ergonomics, and font choice provides an overview of control system design methodologies,
valuable reference for beginner and experienced designers, best practices, and the technologies involved.
learn the latest user interface design concepts and best practices Written for control system developers, and av technology
managers, but anyone in the av industry will find it useful.
provides detailed system designs and design scenarios
that range in complexity from simple classrooms to
sophisticated presentation environments.

gui templates
ready-to-use templates allow streamlined development of GuI projects
templates for several popular applications, including single
and dual display, divisible room, multi-window, etc.
easily modified to create new pages
add icons, sound files, backgrounds from free extron GuI resource kits global Configurator
easily configure a wide-range of extron
ethernet-enabled control products.
Intuitive interface is also powerful enough for large-scale resource
management for hundreds of av devices in multiple locations.
enhanced monitoring and scheduling allows easy
creation of schedules and monitors to observe specific
behaviors and plan activities on controlled devices.
Global Configurator professional includes new features for
enhanced flexibility when configuring advanced systems.

extron Design resource Web page
GuI resources Web page hosts a variety of resources and tools to
help you create interface designs that balance function, style, and
ease-of-use, including:
Control Systems Support hotline 800.633.9877
extron Guide to Graphical user Interface Design 24/7 top tier support for all extron configurable control products
GuI reference Guides extron S3 Control experts are ready to help with system
FaQs and best practices design, technical troubleshooting, configuration assistance,
GuI Design themes remote product or system diagnostics, repair/advance
Software Downloads, Special Services, and more replacement services, and general product support.

32 Cover StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Introducing Our New TLP 710 Series
New Design and Performance in a Smaller Size

7" widescreen high resolution touchscreen

TLP 1000TV 10" touchscreen

New TLP 710 Series 7" TouchLink Touchpanels

The new TLP 710 Series touchpanels incorporate the sleek look and feel of our TLP 1000 Series, but in a more compact form factor.
These new, fully configurable touchpanels feature a widescreen, high resolution display surrounded by an attractive thin bezel. Powerful
features, including PoE - Power over Ethernet and an integrated MTP Twisted Pair receiver, provide flexible connectivity options and
help streamline integration. The TLP 710MV mounts on a wall, lectern, or other flat surface, while the TLP 710TV is designed to sit on a
tabletop or install on a VESA mount. Both are ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring a compact wall mount or tabletop touchpanel
with enhanced connectivity and advanced control capabilities.

Key Features:
7" widescreen high resolution color Built-in speaker provides audio for the full-
touchscreen motion video preview and audible feedback
from button presses
Full-Motion Video display supports preview
and monitoring applications Energy-saving features:
Integrated Ethernet port compatible with - Adjustable sleep timer puts touchpanel into
IP Link control processors sleep mode
- Motion detector wakes touchpanel
Power over Ethernet allows the touchpanel
to receive power via the Ethernet connector 7" Wall Mount TouchLink Touchpanel
Selecting a Streaming Codec
Factors to consider when choosing the right
codec for your streaming application
By Karl Johnson

very day, video over IP technology reaches farther streaming products increases, AV professionals will be challenged
into our professional and personal lives. As networks with the task of selecting the ideal streaming products and
expand and streaming technologies mature, we find compression codecs for their applications.
ourselves with greater access to information and an The term codec has several meanings. It is the combination
improved ability to communicate using video. Some streaming of two words, encoder and decoder. The word codec is used
applications like videoconferencing have been commonplace in as a generic name for a hardware or software-based product,
AV systems for many years. New applications continue to emerge such as a videoconferencing codec, which encodes and
every day, as streaming technologies provide new capabilities decodes video simultaneously. It is also used to describe the
or greater economy to existing applications. As the variety of analog-digital-analog conversion process. As we explore the






34 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

variety of codecs that are available for streaming AV media and
Comparison of expectations for Industrial and
consider the rapid advancement of technology in this area, many
Consumer Communications applications
questions emerge, such as:
Industrial Consumer Relative Expectations

Why are there so many different codecs? Convenience

Price Sensitivity
What are the pros and cons of these codecs?
Mission critical availability
Is there one codec that is ideal for every application?
Network bandwidth abundance
What differences in technical performance exist between
Network quality of service
codecs, and in what application environments might they Network management and security
be important? Low communication delay

Standards based and proprietary codecs exist. When do Range of adjustments and controls

I use one versus the other? Asset management: Metadata, search tools


Resolution and image quality

Consumer and Business Use
Simplicity of user interface
Experiences at home with personal electronics or computers can Low High
shape expectations in industrial applications. Its not uncommon
to hear customers express their frustration comparing a tried business applications require greater attention to a broader set of capabilities
and true office videoconferencing product with a similar than consumer ones, particularly reliability and security.
communication tool they use at home such as Skype. Ive heard
individuals say, Why is it that when Im at home, I can Skype
with my friends and see and hear them so clearly, yet when Im Codec Standards
in the office with all this expensive equipment, I get such poor Many codecs have been developed by international or industry
quality picture and sound? standards organizations. Some codecs have been developed by
A lot of factors can contribute to this experience. For starters, independent organizations with intentions for use in open or
the individual may be using a dated, standard-definition closed application environments. Of the codecs that have been
videoconferencing system in the office. The system may use a developed independently, some have made a transition from
low bandwidth communication link that delivers a fraction of proprietary to becoming a standard.
the resolution that is available on the large, flat panel display The most commonly known codecs have originated from
it is used with. At home they may be operating Skype in a standards organizations. The Joint Photographic Experts
small application window on a moderately sized desktop flat Group JPEG, developed the JPEG and JPEG2000 for still image
panel. The quality experienced at home is perceived to be higher compression, and these have also been applied in motion video
because the video is presented at a higher pixel density in an applications. JPEG2000, the most recent standard, has been
application window that matches the streaming resolution. The adopted as the compression standard used in the digital cinema
Skype video would also appear grainy and pixelated if it was industry for playback of motion pictures from hard disk players.
presented on a large flat panel. Streaming quality is often a The Motion Picture Experts Group, or MPEG, of the
matter of perspective, and gauging good enough for a specific International Standardization Organization ISO developed
application is important. Regardless of the specific conditions, the first MPEG-1 codec. It continued with MPEG-2 to provide
customers can have experiences at home that raise expectations increased image quality and support for high definition video.
for the office. MPEG-2 has been used in a wide range of products from DVDs,
Furthermore, applications used on a personal computer cable and satellite distribution, as well as high quality broadcast
at home will not support the same mission-critical reliability contribution applications.
or provide the security that industrial equipment must. The International Telecommunication Union - ITU
Industrial and consumer solutions are faced with a different set recommended the H.323 audiovisual communication protocols,
of requirements. which included the H.261, H.263, and H.264 video codecs intended
The impact and excitement created from the rapid uptake of for specific use in interactive videoconferencing applications used
tablet PCs and video communication on mobile phones is likely to on communication links such as ISDN, T1, E1, or the Internet.
expand an expectation gap as users desire to connect professional The ITU and ISO came together to form the Joint Video Team
AV systems with the convenience of mobile computing devices JVT and developed H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10, Advanced Video
and intelligent mobile phones. Coding or AVC codec. More commonly referred to as H.264 these Feature StorY 35

days, this codec has replaced MPEG-2 as the most commonly Open and Closed Environments
used codec applied in new streaming media hardware encoders. Many streaming applications apply codecs in closed network
In the broadcast television industry, the Society of Motion systems or on managed connections where control exists over the
Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE and the European hardware or software used at the endpoints. Hardware encoding
Broadcasting Union EBU have a vested interest in defining and decoding solutions will use an electronic signal interface such
recommended platforms for broadcast video, interchange, and as HD-SDI, DVI, or other formats to transfer the media. If software
interoperability for transmission and production systems. They decoding is used, installation of plug-ins can be managed in the
recommend and define standards for their industry, and their closed system. Here, the initial concerns for the AV integrator are
decisions extend into other industries. interfacing the correct signal format to the encoder input and the
Both Microsoft and Panasonic have produced video codecs decoder output, and establishing and maintaining the required
independently, targeted at specific applications. Microsofts VC-1 communications link or network connection. Beyond that, the
was developed to support a more efficient and higher quality quality, bit rate requirements, and technical performance of the
compression of interlaced video, making it more attractive to codec are assessed individually for each project.
broadcast applications where use of interlaced video is common. Open network environments, such as the Internet or even large
VC-1 started as a proprietary codec, but was later established as enterprises, will have very large numbers of potential endpoints.
a standard by SMPTE. Microsoft has also applied the VC-1 codec Use of decoding hardware at every potential endpoint will not be
technology into the WMV3, WMVA, and WVC1 codecs used in
Windows Media Player. The Panasonic AVC-Intra codec is fully
compliant with the H.264 MPEG-4/AVC standard and SMPTE
electronic Image Signal Delivered
recommended practices. It is targeted for capturing production
from managed Decoder
quality 10-bit video collected in camcorders at bit rates typically
Production System
used in Electronic News Gathering applications. The format is
also used in storage and archive applications. Development of this or
codec aligns with the performance needs of related equipment Media
that Panasonic manufactures: cameras, decks, and camcorders. Point
Live Media Encoder Transport Decoder
As you can see, both of these organizations developed a codec Collection
to fulfill targeted applications. One, VC-1 started as proprietary, DVI
while the other, AVC-Intra is branded as unique, but is based System

on standards. As illustrated with these real world examples,

applications drive codec development. Streaming solutions using an electronic signal for media exchange.


Organization ISO ISO ISO and ITU ITU

Developer JPEG MPEG JVT H.323 Recommendation


JPEG, JPEG 2000 MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC H.261, H.262, H.264

36 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

established by commercial organizations or coalitions. The most
video bitstream Delivered
dominant players establish de facto standards. Industry giants
in open environment
such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Google each pursue different
on PC
product and technology paths to support their customers, and as
1001011011 VIDEO
or Video Bitstream commercial organizations, they make investments in technology
Flat Panel
for the purpose of establishing competitive barriers and achieving
Live Media Encoder Transport
Point financial objectives.
Collection VIDEO
In the PC streaming environment, a broader set of variables
Video Bitstream must often be considered beyond the codec, including the
Decoder container format, transport method, media player, Digital Rights
Management, operating systems, and computing devices.
Streaming of video to unmanaged or unknown endpoints requires exchange of Today, Adobes Flash Player delivers the vast majority of
media as a video bitstream. online video. It uses a proprietary container format Flash Video
installed as a plug-in that is used in Web browsers for viewing
video on PCs. The ubiquity of Flash represents a competitive
practical, and supporting software at each endpoint may not be advantage for Adobe products, but many developer solutions
practical either. If we consider streaming to PCs or decoders that in the PC environment would prefer to use an open-source
are not managed, the media exchange for the streamed content technology rather than conform to the operational requirements
needs to be as a video bitstream. The endpoints must support of using Flash.
codecs, protocols, or applications that are compatible with the A great deal of attention has been paid to the very public
video bitstream. battle between Adobe and Apple concerning use of the Flash
Player on Apples iOS operating system used on iPhone and iPod
Codecs in the Computing Environment
Professional AV systems pull together and manage presentation of
media from three different environments 1) Telecommunications what is a de facto standard?
videoconferencing systems, 2) Video based on broadcast standards, a de facto standard is a product, specification, industry convention, or
and 3) PC originated media. The PC environment creates another method that has achieved dominant use in an industry based on market
forces. users, suppliers, and developers all follow the de facto standard
variable for the world of codecs. in order to conform to the solution environment. Defacto standards are
Standards in this environment are frequently established not established by standards bodies like ISo or Itu.
based on market forces and the strength, weakness, or ubiquity

Microsoft BBC Panasonic Xiph. Org Foundation Google

Microsoft BBC Research Panasonic Xiph. Org Foundation On2 Technologies

VC-1, SMPTE VC-1 Dirac, Dirac Pro SMPTE VC-2 AVC-Intra Theora VPx, VP6, VP8 (WebM)

NOTE: Google aquired On2 Technologies in 2010. Feature StorY 37

Microsoft, who has been committed to using H.264, purchased
what is a container format? Skype, which uses the VP8 codec.
a container or wrapper format holds the encoded audio and video
media as well as certain information pertaining to the media such
Nearly all digital video that is delivered to end users is
as: the compression codec, number and types of streams, subtitles, developed as an end to end solution. Most of the concerns
metadata, and sync information. a container is more important to media about codec standards for video distribution are focused on the
playback files than live streamed content, but media streamed in the pC
environment must factor in the container and media player applications,
development of content and delivery through connections across
that are used to view them. examples of media container formats include: the Internet, cable, satellite, or physical media. Even if the video
Flv and F4v used with adobe Flash video, aSF and avI from microsoft, content is encoded with a standards based codec, it will likely use
Quicktime from apple, the mpeG-2 transport stream, and mp4 that is
based on ISos mpeG-4 part 12.
a proprietary container, transport protocol, media player, or Digital
Rights Management scheme. In order to view standards-based
content, the endpoint device must use a browser based plug-in or
a mini application embedded into an appliance or other media
Touch. Adobe had been pursuing a programming environment accessory device. Here, proprietary influence has been exerted by
that crossed platforms and developed software that converted the PC industry members, creating a barrier to the interoperability
Flash applications into native iPhone apps. Apple then changed that a standards-based codec is envisioned to deliver.
its developer agreement blocking Flash-derived apps. Adobe The standards war played out by PC industry giants creates
chose to add support for Apples HTTP Live Streaming in Flash interesting news; however, this pursuit of competitive advantage
Media Server and introduced this capability at the 2011 National prohibits use of a single codec, and simple interoperability for
Association of Broadcasters Show, adapting to the restriction Apple Internet streaming. It also demonstrates how popular video
placed on their platform. Both Apple and Adobe pursued their streaming will be on PCs and other devices, and how critical
own interests in hopes of establishing a competitive advantage. competitive barriers are to their future profitability.
An industry battle such as this creates risks for customers
making investments in software platforms, applications, and That Standards Topic, Again
endpoint devices. Standards are established by industry, national, or international
A great deal of news has also been generated over the past working groups. They can also be established by unofficial
year concerning use of codecs in HTML5 - the new Internet consortiums or organizations. Standards are essential to
browser standard. HTML5 represents the first opportunity to interoperability in communications technologies, particularly
add video embedded into the Web experience and workflow as one-to-many or many-to-many applications. Examples of
an object just like text or graphics. Members of the World Wide standards include:
Web Consortium HTML Working Group could not agree on a
common codec for use in HTML5. The ideal situation would be IEEE 100BaseT Ethernet networking interface
for the group to select a single codec providing interoperability NTSC or ATSC - Video broadcast standards
for all endpoint applications. But this is not what occurred. A ITU H.323 Videoconferencing standard
whole series of codec choices have taken place. Initially Theora
and Ogg container, developed by Xiph.Org Foundation, appeared Products that employ these standards are truly
to be the codec of choice. It was royalty free. H.264 was favored interoperable. You plug an NTSC signal into a display with
by Microsoft and it provided strong compression performance. a BNC connector labeled NTSC, and you get a video picture.
Members such as Mozilla and Google could not agree to use
H.264 due to licensing requirements and in 2010, Google had
acquired On2 Technologies, developer of the WebM format. This
h.264 Profiles and Levels
format includes the VP8 codec, and Google elected to use it with the h.264 compression standard includes 17 profiles and 16 levels for
their Chrome browser. Mozilla also chose to use WebM in Firefox, encoding video for different applications. each profile uses different
as did Opera. VP8 has also been gaining greater use by YouTube. techniques with different complexity, requiring different processing power
from decoding devices. each level specifies the data rate and resolution.
In 2010, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 9 support Different profiles and levels can be used to target performance specific
for H.264 and a new Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension to different classes of streaming applications. the h.264 compression
for Chrome, allowing Windows 7 Chrome users to view H.264 standard is used widely in many different streaming encoders; however,
the variety of profiles and levels available means it is important to select
encoded content. This means operating system suppliers can offer devices applying a profile and level appropriate for the application, as well
H.264 plug-ins for use in browsers that dont support it. Likewise, as confirm that encoding and decoding device performance is matched.
Google can offer plug-ins for WebM. Most recently, in May 2011,

38 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

The same applies to Ethernet communications or the H.323 standard offers. Integration of this type of equipment represents
videoconferencing standard. an ongoing challenge for AV manufacturers and integrators.
Codec standards typically apply to the data format and Standards based codecs are more likely to exploit the cost
the decoding, leaving opportunities for different product curve of popular technology. For example, increased use of
implementations to optimize or simplify the encoding for a MPEG-2 or H.264 codecs will create more suppliers, increasing
specific application. Standards are not established for quality; competition, resulting in a greater variety of products. The
they are established with a priority to facilitate interoperability. combined effort of many users of the standard will also advance
However, best solutions are solicited from the research and improve the capability of the technology over time. However,
community and they make their way into the standard. use of standard codec does not guarantee interoperability
As discussed earlier, the AV industry uses broadcast video between products. The processing capability of the streaming
standards every day, but there is also a vast array of connections, devices, transport protocols, or container formats used are often
resolutions, signal formats, digital rights management, and proprietary. Compatibility between products may need to be
encryption methods used by computer-video and consumer video audited or proven in field tests.
equipment, which are based on specifications or de facto standards. Interoperability is highly desirable in applications with open,
As these are not ratified standards, the specifications for these unmanaged endpoints, with one-to-many or many-to-many
interfaces may not always be followed by manufacturers to a delivery paradigms or production workflows where the video
degree that will deliver the interoperable performance a ratified must be delivered as a digital file or bitstream in a common user

Extrons h.264 Streaming Technology

Sme 100

extrons h.264 Streaming technology A platform Selection of the h.264 standard as the codec for av
Supporting the Broad requirements of AV Systems streaming products supports an open technology environment,
In 2011, extron introduces the Sme 100 Streaming offering a high degree of interoperability and compatibility for
media encoder, its first streaming product based on the the Sme 100 with media servers as well as the flexibility to
mpeG-4/avC h.264 compression standard. the Sme 100 decode live streams on hardware or software platforms.
interfaces commonly used DvI, rGb, and standard definition the Sme 100 is used in Corporate, education,
and high definition video and audio, providing advanced Government, and other enterprise applications. It can be used
interfacing and signal processing features common to extron to stream av System sources to pCs for monitoring purposes.
signal processing products. It features the high quality scaling presentations or videoconferences can be streamed to
technology found in many extron products and offers a wide desktop pCs or overflow rooms, extending the reach of av
range of audio and video compression controls providing systems. It can also be integrated with Streaming media
the ability to stream at a variety of resolutions and frame Servers or Content Delivery networks to provide scalable
rates. the combination of compression and bit rate controls distribution across an enterprise network or the Internet.
and the flexibility to choose from a variety of streaming
protocols make the product flexible for use in a variety of model Version Part no.
Sme 100 h.264 Streaming media encoder 60-1061-01
network environments. Feature StorY 39

format. A natural conclusion may be to always select a standard. to 1 Mbps with high resolution computer-video inputs in
However, arbitrarily selecting a commonly used codec because certain applications.
it is a standard may or may not be the best choice for every
application due to technical or performance reasons.

Transform use in different Codecs

Image Transforms and Codecs dCT dwT
Video codecs use one of two primary transforms. The Discrete JpeG, mpeG-1, mpeG-2, JpeG2000, Dirac, Dirac-
h.264, vp6, vp8, vC-1 pro, pure3
Cosine Transform DCT and the Discrete Wavelet Transform
DWT. These transforms convert the video data from a spatial
domain into a frequency domain where the image data may be
compressed more easily. Each transform has different strengths
and weaknesses. Use of DCT is partly traditional. Limited Proprietary Codecs
computer processing power at the time of its creation made use of Proprietary codecs are used every day in industrial and consumer
the DCT desirable because it consumed minimal processing power. applications. Situations that motivate development of a proprietary
The DWT is used in many applications but has seen broader use codec include:
with the advent of the JPEG2000 compression standard.
The DCT is used broadly in codecs employing temporal 1. A developer or manufacturer has established user
compression, using data processed across a Group of Pictures requirements that cannot be fulfilled with available
GOP. This includes codecs used to stream video on the Internet standards. An investment is made to develop a codec
such as: H.264, Theora, and VP8. These codecs achieve bit rates that fulfills a unique need. This is more likely to occur in
below 10 and even 5 Mbps streaming high definition video, and closed applications.
below 1 Mbps for standard definition video or lower resolutions, 2. An organization maintains a degree of control over a
such as 176 144, QCIF Quarter Common Intermediate Format. significant user group and produces a unique codec,
The DWT on the other hand, provides very high efficiency in container format, or viewer application from which it can
still image compression for a more continuous or graceful image manage the quality delivered to endpoints. This situation is
output as compression ratios are increased on still frames. more likely to exist in broad use applications such as PCs.
Applied in JPEG2000, it has utility streaming high definition video 3. A developer or manufacturer creates a codec to provide
on networks that can support bit rates of 100 Mbps or higher, a competitive advantage and barrier to entry for
maintaining very high image qualities and low encode-to-decode alternative products.
latency below 100 ms. 4. A company creates a codec to avoid licensing fees or legal
risk associated with patents.

dCT and dwT Comparison Enterprise applications with defined, manageable endpoints
dCT dwT are strong candidates to consider proprietary codecs. The delivery
Spatial Compression efficiency moderate high interface, endpoints, economics, and expansion of the system can
Degradation with increased Discrete Continuous be planned. Specific performance or quality requirements may be
spatial compression
based on bit rate targets or error resilience operating on certain
applied with temporal compression Common rare
using Gop types of networks. They may be based on support for a specific
applied in low delay applications Common Common input or output signal format, resolution, or picture quality. They
may also be based on very low encoding and decoding delay,
below 100ms for instance.
When applied to enterprise applications, dedicated hardware
Exceptions to this summary include : 1) four H.264 High profiles designed alongside a proprietary video codec can provide
using intra-compression, which can be applied to low delay superior performance relative to standards-based video codecs
applications providing comparable qualities to JPEG2000, 2) the that often rely on a blend of intellectual property or technology
Dirac codec, which includes a temporal compression applying a from different suppliers. Proprietary encoding algorithms and
Group of Pictures scheme, and 3) the PURE3 codec from Extron, dedicated hardware can often be optimized and tailored to special
which uses the DWT, but offers a unique form of temporal requirements found in unique applications. Standards-based
compression capable of achieving bit rates from 10 Mbps down hardware and software applications may be fixed or preconfigured

40 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

for delivery of specific video content such as entertainment or technology platform is not easily accessible to the public at large.
video teleconferencing at bandwidths targeted below 5 Mbps. The foundation for security in any communication application
These low bandwidth solutions may not be suitable for the image starts with physical security, communications architecture and
quality or low latency requirements of enterprise level applications network policies for authentication, and encryption. Use of a
such as remote video contribution links, telemedicine, command proprietary codec provides opportunity for an additional layer
and control, surveillance, or simulation environments. of protection, since the codec will not be easily accessible to
Proprietary codecs can also provide greater security when the unintended users.

Extrons PuRE3 Codec

vnC 225 DvI

the pure3 Codec Fulfilling the most Challenging available from mpeG-2 or JpeG2000 technology was unable
Streaming requirements to support this combination of demanding requirements.
the extron pure3 codec has been developed for customers JpeG2000 was capable of supporting the quality, but at high
operating on private networks with real-time, mission-critical bit rates; mpeG-2 supported more efficient bit rates but would
applications. It has been developed to support the most not maintain the quality with low encoding delays. the pure3
demanding image quality requirements streaming computer codec has been implemented in extrons vn matrix 225
or video inputs, including maintaining native source resolution codecs, which support rGb or DvI signals and digital audio,
and frame rate for virtually any computer or video input up and the vn matrix 300 codec, which supports SDI, hD-SDI,
to 19201200 or 1080p resolutions. visually lossless image and 3G-SDI video formats and embedded audio. vn-matrix
quality and 4:4:4 color quantization are retained ensuring that products employing the pure3 codec are in use by customers
video delivered to production systems or large projection in the following quality-critical applications:
displays will not exhibit compression artifacts. the codec
supports use in real-time, interactive, collaborative applications video Contribution & Collaboration - For broadcast,
where dispersed participants can be confident they are acting post-production, scientific, military, product design, and
on identical visual information and bidirectional communication oil/gas exploration
will not be hampered by delay of any significance. Control rooms - For broadcast, surveillance, and
the pure3 codec provides highly efficient compression command & control applications
and is intended for use on commonly used lan and Wan training, education & Documentation - For visualization
infrastructures. an error concealment system in the pure3 and simulation environments
codec makes it highly immune to network errors, preserving
high image quality even under conditions of heavy packet loss model Version Part no.

without requiring additional delay or bandwidth used by error vnC 225 DvI Codec for DvI-I, audio/Keyboard/mouse 60-1118-02

correction technology. vne 225 DvI encoder for DvI-I & Digital audio 60-1119-02
vnD 225 DvI Decoder for DvI-I & Digital audio 60-1120-02
the pure3 codec was developed because the performance Feature StorY 41

A real-world example of vulnerability using an open standard field influenced by powerful organizations. Where codecs are
was experienced in 2008 when Iraqi insurgents used SkyGrabber, concerned, its clear that:
an openly available $26 satellite snooping software program,
to intercept and monitor video from US Predator drones. A There are many codecs in use, some of which have
proprietary codec would have made it considerably more difficult targeted different applications and requirements
for the insurgents to extract this information. Certain applications requiring interoperability for
communications or media exchange use codecs, which
Network and User Environments have been ratified or endorsed into standards by official
Its valuable to consider the network environment in which standards bodies
your streaming product will be deployed. Lets examine three Audiovisual applications must provide solutions for media
network environments: sources, which often do not offer a standard resolution,
interface, or interoperability
Private Private networks can be designed and Use of a standard offers the opportunity to support many
configured to support streaming traffic requirements. endpoints through interoperability and transfer of digital
Their performance can be measured and managed. media in live streaming or production workflows
Where the network infrastructure is applied in shared Proprietary solutions can offer unique performance and
use data, voice, and video, greater attention will be made potentially increased security
of bandwidth use. Plug-ins and conversion tools exist for many codecs and
Public Streaming delivered across the Internet presents proprietary container formats providing compatibility for
more challenges as it is a publicly shared network. Limits different decoding devices
to Quality of Service QoS and available bandwidth at
endpoints limit the types of streaming applications which A decision criteria for selecting a codec is presented on the
can be served. Security is also a concern. facing page. It considers: 1) the user and system environment,
Virtual Private Networks or VPNs VPNs provide 2) exchange format, 3) delivery paradigm, 4) endpoints, and 5)
encryption and greater security for connections crossing performance. This decision criteria is not absolute, but it provides
the Internet. a guidepost for selecting a codec in a manner that avoids
over-simplified thinking, marketing hype, and the politics of
Private, managed networks can be designed to support use industrial markets.
of codecs requiring bandwidths of 50 Mbps or higher. Public
networks or shared use private networks will typically have lower
bandwidth available, making streaming at bit rates below 5 Mbps how many could many-to-many be?
It could be thousands to millions of endpoints.
or lower desirable. Fewer guarantees for QoS on the Internet
may require error correction systems or transport and streaming how many could few-to-few be?
protocols designed to deliver reliable performance. For more It could be hundreds of endpoints.

information concerning transport and streaming protocols, read

Different Methods for Streaming Media in the Spring 2011 issue
of AV Systems Design. A final word of wisdom - stay informed. The Joint Video Team
of ITU and ISO are currently working on the High Efficiency
Deciding on a Codec Standards-Based Video Coding - HEVC as a successor to H.264. The goal is to
or Proprietary? cut the bit rate of H.264 in half for low complexity applications.
The discussion thus far has presented a broad set of topics Expect continued editorial discussion, white papers, and
including a variety of codecs targeted at different applications promotion of different codecs in the future. Rapid growth and
both proprietary and standards-based, open and closed systems, advancements in both consumer and industrial streaming video
different network environments, and summary performance applications will continue to bring change and the emergence
delivered by codecs using different transforms. Some streaming of new codecs.
applications require delivery of electronic signals to presentation
or production systems, and others require direct delivery of a
Karl Johnson is Director of product marketing at extron electronics for streaming
video bitstream to a PC or hardware decoders in open systems.
technologies and videowall processing systems. he worked at electrosonic for over 20 years,
Finally, the PC world is currently subject to a dynamic playing most recently as General manager of the electrosonic product division.

42 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Endpoint device?
Exchange format?
Delivery paradigm?

Personal computers or consumer devices Hardware decoding or managed PCs

Video bitstream, software decoding Electronic signal or software decoding
One-to-many or many-to-many One-to-one or few-to-few

Endpoint positions?

Open computing environment Variable endpoints Defined endpoints
Defined endpoints
De facto or real standards Standard
Unique performance
performance Unique performance


Open, Unmanaged Endpoints Closed, Managable Endpoints

Evaluate Standards-Based
use a Standards-Based Codec Codecs and Proprietary Codecs use a Proprietary Codec

For applications with: If the application is: a proprietary codec should be

considered for applications that are:
1. an open network environment 1. a closed system or the opportunity
delivering media to pCs or exists to manage the endpoints 1. Closed systems
consumer devices 2. applied to a private or 2. reside on a private network or offer
2. the delivery paradigm is managed connection the ability to manage endpoints
one-to-many or many-to-many 3. uses an electronic signal interface such 3. uses an electronic signal interface such
as hD-SDI or DvI, or decoder plug-ins as hD-SDI, DvI, or decoder plug-ins
a standards based codec should can be used on decoding devices can be used on decoding devices
be selected which originates from a 4. the delivery paradigm is 4. the delivery paradigm is
standards body such as ISo. however, one-to-one or few-to-few one-to-one or few-to-few
certain applications may target use of 5. unique streaming performance
endpoints that are restricted to use a If endpoints are not managed or part is required and is not available
proprietary codec or container and media of a closed system and interoperability from standards-based codecs
players. best practice would be to not let is required, then a standards-based
the endpoint device drive the technology codec is recommended. Compatibility When security is an important
selection. a solution using a standards between encoders and decoders consideration, a proprietary codec
based codec will offer a future that must still be confirmed based on the may contribute additional protection
includes greater interoperability with new class of application served and use of for an application.
media systems and endpoint devices. common protocols. Feature StorY 43

Resources for designing Streaming Systems

AV Streaming Design guide 2nd edition

AV Streaming over ip for the AV professional
av streaming technologies have been around for over a decade, yet only recently has video streaming found its way into the
professional av market. We designed the extron av Streaming Design Guide as an educational resource aimed at familiarizing
av professionals with the technologies, challenges, and potential applications of av over Ip streaming. Inside youll find
discussions on the differences between consumer and professional av streaming, as well as the quality expectations and
technologies associated with both. You will also find detailed system designs constructed from real-world applications utilizing
extron av streaming solutions.

Call your extron representative at 800.633.9876 for a copy.

training Course: Streaming technologies for your Applications

part of the School of emerging technologies
extron offers in-depth training programs on av streaming technologies and Ip networking topics essential to integrating
successful solutions, as part of the extron School of emerging technologies. this specific course examines compression system
standards and networking concepts relevant to streaming av signals over Ip networks. those who successfully complete the
course will come away with:

an understanding of various compression standards and how they are applied to different applications
Knowledge of compression and bit rate controls and how they affect bandwidth requirements
an understanding of network protocols applied in streaming solutions and the way It managers should approach network
management for streaming

For more information, visit or call 800.633.9876

44 Feature StorY AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

H.264 Encoder Designed for
Pro AV System Integration

Extron SME 100

The Extron SME 100 is not like any live streaming encoder on the market today. It is designed specifically to support a wide variety
of video formats required in pro AV applications, and features integrated switching with loop-throughs for easy integration into pro AV
systems. The SME 100 interfaces with DVI, RGB, HDTV, and standard definition sources, and employs standards-based H.264 / MPEG-4
AVC encoding to output an IP stream that can easily be decoded and viewed on desktop or laptop PCs. High performance Extron signal
processing scales and optimizes video input signals for the intended viewing application. The SME 100 is the pro AV integrators ideal
choice for delivering AV media over networks.

Key Features:
Streams DVI, RGB, HDTV, and video
signals with audio over IP networks
Standards-based H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC
video compression
Integrated three-input AV switcher
Buffered input loop-throughs for video
and audio
Supports input signal resolutions up to
1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60
DVI, RGB, HDTV, and standard
definition video upscaling and
Selectable streaming output resolutions
from 166x120 to 1024x768, and HDTV
720p/30 and 1080p/30
Adjustable encoder bit rate and quality
eXtron neW proDuCtS
at InFoComm 2011

extron at infoComm 2011

A roundup of news, activities, and new products featured
by Extron at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando

e xtron announced many new

developments at InfoComm 2011,
including new Global Configurator
systems. Global Configurator pro includes
powerful new features, such as Controller
Groups and conditional logic with local
highest resolution DvI and hDmI signals.
the extreme bandwidth backplane
designed into the Xtp Crosspoint matrix
professional software for advanced variables, providing greater flexibility Switchers provides a truly future-ready
configuration, the new Xtp Crosspoint for more elaborate control system av integration solution. Intuitive control
Systems for reliable integration of analog designs. Global Configurator professional software provides straightforward system
and digital av sources, more than a also enables touchlink for ipad, and configuration without complicated
dozen new audio products in the largest touchlink for Web, which allow users to programming. these robust systems
audio demo room at InfoComm, and control their av system from an ipad or deliver reliable and dependable switching
much more. laptop. For more information on extrons of video signals through eDID and hDCp
approach to configurable control, see this key management. With advanced 24/7
new global Configurator issues cover story on page 28. system monitoring and hot-swappable
professional Software for modular components, the Xtp Crosspoint
Advanced Configuration Xtp Crosspoint Systems Debut is built for continuous, trouble-free
extron introduced Global Configurator extron is launching the Xtp Crosspoint operation in the most critical applications.
professional, next-generation configuration Systems to deliver high performance also, the flexible design of these systems
software for larger, more sophisticated switching and transmission of a wide enables easy integration of digital and
touchlink-based configurable control range of video formats, including the analog devices.

46 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

largest Audio Demo room ever

more than a dozen technology displays Andrew edwards honored with
and hands-on working stations were pioneer of AV Award
showcased in the audio Demo room, InfoComm International honored extron
the largest ever for extron at InfoComm. president and founder, andrew edwards,
audio technology experts demonstrated with the prestigious adele De berri pioneers
extrons newest products, including of av award. the award is designed to
the new SF 228t two-Way SoundField recognize individuals who have made
Ceiling tile Speakers, the Sm 3 Compact extraordinary contributions to the formation
Full-range Speaker with Speedmount, of the av industry. over nearly three
the Dmp 44 lC Digital matrix processor, decades, andrews vision and leadership
and the mvC 121 plus three Input have made extron one of the leading
Stereo mixer with DSp. providers of innovative products, training, and customer support to the
professional av industry.
Quantum elite and Quantum Connect andrew was recognized for his dedication to customers, which he has
now hDCp-Compliant exhibited through the development of comprehensive training, industry
extrons new Quantum hDmI Input leading support and innovative products. his focus on the customer
and output Cards have added hDmI has strengthened the av industry and made possible a higher quality of
connectivity and hDCp compliance to presentation technology.
the extron Quantum elite and Quantum
Connect videowall processing Systems.
each Quantum hDmI Input and
output Card supports resolutions up Extrons Virtual Tradeshow
to 19201200 and hDtv 1080p/60 for
presentation of hDCp-encrypted sources
on hDCp-compliant displays. the new
cards feature high performance scaling
technology to optimize real-time image
processing and ensure high quality image
presentation on the videowall displays.

Sme 100 Streaming media encoder

employs h.264 encoding
extron introduced the new Sme 100, a
live streaming media encoder, designed
specifically to support the wide variety Visit extrons Virtual tradeshow online
of video formats required in pro av If you couldnt make it to InfoComm this year, or even if you could, you can
applications. It interfaces with DvI, rGb, get an insiders look at our exciting new products and technologies. videos
hDtv, and standard definition sources and other materials can be accessed through an exclusive area of our Web
and features a universal video input site at
with auto input format detection. It
also features integrated switching with new products
loop-throughs for simple integration presentations and product demo videos - See how they work in action
into pro av systems. the Sme 100 Guides, brochures, & other product information - one-click access to all
uses standards-based h.264 encoding the important literature and product Web pages
to output an Ip stream that can be Interviews with extron experts from the show floor - learn how the
decoded easily and viewed on mobile products can address your real-world needs
devices, desktop pCs, or laptop pCs. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 47

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Xtp Crosspoint Systems

A Completely Integrated Solution for digital
AV Switching and distribution

the extron Xtp Crosspoint is a flexible, reliable signal switching and distribution system that provides a
completely integrated solution for multiple digital and analog formats. Xtp Crosspoint matrix switchers
support local connectivity as well as extended transmission capability for sending high resolution video,
audio, rS-232, ethernet, and power up to 330 feet (100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. these
modular systems are expandable up to 1616 or 3232, and can be populated with input and output
boards for long distance transmission when paired with Xtp transmitters and receivers. I/o boards are
also available for direct hDmI, DvI, vGa, video, and audio connections to support local sources and
displays. the Xtp Crosspoint is hDCp compliant and delivers ultra-fast, highly reliable digital switching
with extron exclusive SpeedSwitch technology. Featuring advanced 24/7 system monitoring and
hot-swappable modular components, the Xtp Crosspoint is built for continuous, trouble-free operation
in the most critical applications. for more information on Xtp Crosspoint Systems.

48 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Ethernet Extron
AV Control TLP 1000TV
Network 10" Tabletop

Extron Extron
XTP T USW 103 IPCP 505
Long Distance Three Input XTP Switcher IP Link Control Processor
with Integrated XTP Transmitter 100-240V 50-60Hz COM1 COM2 COM3 COM7
House Network Switch
1 2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 eBUS


3 4 COM4 COM5 COM6 COM8 5 6 7 8 5 6 7 8 FLEX I/O
1 2 3 XTP OUT ACT NET LINK Tx Rx Tx Rx 1 2 3 Tx Rx

+-+- TX RX TX RX TX RX TX RX RTS CTS S G S G S G S G 1 2 3 4

Flat Panel Display



Cable Cubby 600 POWER

with AAPs

RS-232 IR Ethernet Ethernet

RS-232 IR ON 1 2 RS-232



Long Distance XTP
Scaling Receiver

Flat Panel Display

Extron CAT 5-type Cable













Tx Rx

Tx Rx

Tx Rx

Tx Rx

Long Distance Two








Tx Rx

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Tx Rx

Tx Rx

Input XTP Transmitter

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--A MAX RS-232 IR ON L R 1 2 RESET




Ethernet ACT LINK

LINK Tx Rx Tx Rx OFF HDMI + - + -



























Long Distance XTP









Receiver for HDMI





AVT 200 HD










ATSC and HDTV Cable Tuner





HDMI with




Flat Panel Display


embedded audio
















































Blu-ray Extron

XTP CrossPoint 3200
Modular Digital Matrix Switcher


Stereo Audio





Long Distance XTP
Transmitter for HDMI

SI 28
Surface Mount
100-240V 1.3A, 50-60Hz
1 2 1 2
1 2 10V 50 mA

0 0

XTP T VGA Extron

Long Distance Universal XTP XPA 1002
Transmitter for VGA Stereo Power Amplifier eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 49

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Xtp Crosspoint 1600 Series

modular digital matrix Switchers from 4x4
to 16x16 with SpeedSwitch Technology

the extron Xtp Crosspoint 1600 provides flexible, reliable

digital and analog video switching and distribution between
local and remote endpoints. this modular matrix switcher is
configurable from 4x4 up to 16x16 using a wide variety of
available input and output boards. It sends high-resolution
video, audio, rS-232, ethernet, and power up to 330 feet
(100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable to remote Xtp
transmitters and receivers. the XtpCrosspoint1600 also
supports direct hDmI, DvI, vGa, video, and audio connections
to local sources and displays. the XtpCrosspoint System
delivers robust signal routing and reliability with ultra-fast
digital video switching and advanced system monitoring.

Xtp 1600

Xtp Crosspoint 3200 Series

modular digital matrix Switchers from 4x4
to 32x32 with SpeedSwitch Technology

the extron Xtp Crosspoint 3200 provides flexible,

reliable digital and analog video switching and distribution
between local and remote endpoints. this modular
matrix switcher is configurable from 4x4 up to 32x32
using a wide variety of available input and output boards.
It sends high-resolution video, audio, rS-232, and
ethernet up to 330feet (100m) over a single Cat5-type
cable to remote Xtp transmitters and receivers. the
XtpCrosspoint3200 also supports direct hDmI, DvI,
vGa, video, and audio connections to local sources and
displays. the XtpCrosspoint System delivers robust
signal routing and reliability with ultra-fast digital video
switching and advanced system monitoring. Xtp 3200

50 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Xtp t hDmI

Xtp t hDmi
Long distance XTP Transmitter for hdmI

the extron Xtp t hDmI is an Xtp transmitter that sends video, audio, bidirectional rS-232 and Ir, and ethernet up to 330feet (100m)
over a single Cat5-type cable. It is hDCp compliant, hDmI 1.3 compatible, and supports 1080p/60 Deep Color and 19201200 signals.
the transmitter also allows ethernet extension and insertion of bidirectional rS-232 and Ir for lan access and av device control. the
XtpthDmI transmitter works with the XtpCrosspoint System for signal distribution and long-distance transmission between remote

Xtp r hDmI Xtp Sr hDmI

Xtp r hDmi Xtp Sr hDmi

Long distance XTP Receiver for hdmI Long distance XTP Scaling Receiver

the extron Xtp r hDmI is an Xtpreceiverthat acceptsvideo, the extron Xtp Sr hDmI is an Xtp receiver that scales hDmI,
audio, bidirectional rS-232 and Ir, and ethernet up to 330feet DvI, rGb, hD component video, and standard definition video
(100m) over a single Cat5-type cable. the receiver features to the optimal output resolution for the display. It accepts
hDmI audio de-embedding with digital S/pDIF or analog stereo video, audio, bidirectional rS-232 and Ir, and ethernet up to
audio outputs. It also allows ethernet extension and insertion 330 feet (100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. the receiver
of bidirectional rS-232 and Ir for lan access and av device features hDmI audio de-embedding with digital S/pDIF or
control. the XtprhDmI receiverworks with the XtpCrosspoint analog stereo audio outputs, and allows ethernet extension and
System for signal distribution and long-distance transmission insertion of bidirectional rS-232 and Ir for lan access and av
between remote endpoints. device control. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 51

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Xtp t uWp 202 Xtp t uWp 304

Xtp t uWp 202 Xtp t uWp 304

Long distance Two Input XTP Long distance Four Input XTP
Transmitter - decora wallplate Transmitter - decora wallplate

the Xtp t uWp 202 is a two-input transmitter for sending the Xtp t uWp 304 is a four-input transmitter for sending
hDmI or rGbhv video, audio, and ethernet up to 330 feet hDmI or multi-format analog video, audio, and ethernet up
(100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. It digitizes incoming to 330 feet (100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. the
analog video for reliable display on a variety of output devices. hCDp-compliant transmitter digitizes all incoming analog
the transmitter is hDCp compliant, hDmI 1.3 compatible, formats and applies SD pro processing to deinterlace 480i
and supports 1080p/60 Deep Color and 19201200 signals. and 576i video signals for reliable display on a variety of
It also allows ethernet extension for lan access. output devices.

Xtp t uSW 103 Xtp t vGa

Xtp t uSW 103 Xtp t VgA

Long distance Three Input XTP Switcher Long distance universal XTP Transmitter for VgA
with Integrated XTP Transmitter
the extron Xtp t vGa is a universal Xtp transmitter that sends
the Xtp t uSW 103 is a three-input switcher for sending hDmI multi-format analog video, audio, control, and ethernet up to
or rGbhv video, audio, control, and ethernet up to 330 feet 330 feet (100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. It digitizes
(100 m) over a single Cat 5-type cable. It is hDCp compliant, all incoming analog formats and applies SD pro processing to
hDmI 1.3 compatible, and supports 1080p/60 Deep Color and deinterlace 480i and 576i video signals for reliable display on a
19201200 signals. It digitizes incoming analog video for reliable variety of output devices. to simplify integration, the transmitter
display on a variety of output devices. the transmitter also features vGa loop-through for source monitoring. It also allows
allows ethernet extension and insertion of bidirectional rS-232 ethernet extension and insertion of bidirectional rS-232 and Ir
and Ir for lan access and av device control. for lan access and av device control.

52 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

tlp 710tv

tlp 710tV
7" Tabletop TouchLink Touchpanel

the extron tlp 710tv is a configurable 7" tabletop touchlink touchpanel featuring a contemporary, thin bezel design that
complements the aesthetics of any environment. an integrated mtp twisted pair receiver accepts S-video or composite video and
audio input signals over standard Cat 5 cable. power over ethernet - poe allows the touchpanel to receive power via the ethernet
connector instead of an attached power source. the tlp 710tv is ideal for a wide variety of applications that require a compact
tabletop or veSa mount touchpanel with flexible connectivity and advanced control capabilities.

tlp 710mv

tlp 710mV
7" wall mount TouchLink Touchpanel

the extron tlp 710mv is a configurable 7" wall mount touchlink touchpanel featuring a contemporary, thin bezel design that
complements the aesthetics of any environment. an integrated mtp twisted pair receiver accepts S-video or composite video and
audio input signals over standard Cat 5 cable. power over ethernet - poe allows the touchpanel to receive power via the ethernet
connector instead of an attached power source. the tlp 710mv is ideal for a wide variety of applications that require a compact,
wall mount touchpanel with flexible connectivity and advanced control capabilities. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 53

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Global Configurator professional

global Configurator professional

Advanced Configuration Software for AV Control Systems

Global Configurator professional is extrons next generation configuration software for larger,
more sophisticated touchlink-based configurable control systems. It provides an integrated
environment for defining advanced av control system functionality from an easy-to-use
graphical user interface. powerful features provide greater flexibility for more elaborate control Driver Configurator Support - allows
creation of user defined serial and
system designs.
ethernet drivers for devices that do
not already have drivers available.

enhanced Functionality With use of if Statements

Conditional logic allows advanced functionality by making if and else statements available. With the help of conditional logic, one
can easily set up operations that are dependent upon occurrence and non-occurrence of certain events. Conditional logic with local
variables also allows examination of conditions within the configured button actions before performing a task. this ultimately helps in
streamlining project creation by minimizing the need for monitors and schedules.

Combining multiple Controllers for larger Control Systems

With GC pro, the controller groups feature allows control processors to be grouped together to work as one big controller. this feature
is required to serve the needs of advanced systems that require more control ports than any single control processor possesses.
Grouping the control processors will also reduce the need for long rS-232 cable runs as the group can span several rooms instead of
being limited to a single room. existing control systems benefit with this added feature as it affords an opportunity for easy expansion.

easy Duplication of Control System Configurations

the controller templates feature helps create a baseline configuration that can be reused to create identical control systems. In essence,
this feature creates an abstract representation of a controller. When a controller is linked to a template, it becomes an exact replica of
that abstract. any changes made to a template are automatically duplicated to all the controllers linked to it.

Create Additional point of Control for touchlink

Global Configurator professional enables virtual touchlink, which creates a additional point of
control for rooms with installed touchlink touchpanels. touchlink for Web is accessed from any
Web browser that supports microsoft Silverlight, and touchlink for ipad is an av control system
app designed for the apple ipad. both the Web and ipad versions support button tracking,
which tracks each button press to the touchpanel, allowing both virtual and installed touchpanels
to stay in sync. For touchlink for ipad, presenters can wirelessly control the av system using a Global Configurator professional
enables touchlink for ipad
Wi-Fi network.

54 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

mlC 64 rS VC D
mediaLink Controller with Volume Control Knob - decora wallplate

the medialink mlC 64 rS vC D is an easy-to-use, two-gang keypad controller used

for controlling common av functions in single display applications such as classrooms
and meeting facilities. It features seven backlit soft touch buttons along with a volume
control knob. the mlC 64 rS vC D provides control capabilities for common av
functions including power and input switching, while also providing remote volume and
mute control of any extron power amplifier or mic preamplifier with a remote volume
control port. mlC 64 rS vC D

medialink for ipad touchlink for ipad

medialink for ipad

iPad Control for mLC 104 IP Plus touchlink for ipad
and mLC 226 IP Controllers iPad Control for TouchLink Touchpanels

extrons medialink for ipad is an av control system app extrons touchlink for ipad is an av control system app
designed for the apple ipad. medialink for ipad provides users designed for the apple ipad. touchlink for ipad provides users
with a wireless additional point of control for rooms with an with a wireless additional point of control for rooms with an
installed ethernet-enabled medialink Controller. each button installed touchlink touchpanel. each button press is tracked
press is tracked between the app and the controller, allowing between the app and the touchpanel, allowing both to stay in
both to stay in sync. presenters can wirelessly control the av sync. presenters can wirelessly control the av system using a
system using a Wi-Fi network, allowing them the freedom to Wi-Fi network, allowing them the freedom to move throughout
move throughout the room. medialink for ipad will soon be a room. touchlink for ipad will soon be available for download
available for download at the apple itunes app store. at the apple itunes app store. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 55

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

FoX Da8 plus

FoX DA8 plus

Configurable Eight Output Fiber Optic distribution Amplifier

the extron FoX Da8 plus is a configurable eight-output fiber optic distribution amplifier for long haul transmission of av and control
signals over fiber optic cabling. For maximum flexibility, it can be configured as a single 18 distribution amplifier, or as two 14 or
four 12 distribution amplifiers. Featuring high-speed, all digital signal transmission of pixel-perfect hDmI, DvI, rGb, hD component
video, S-video, composite video, multi-rate SDI, audio, and control signals, it is compatible with extron FoX Series products. output
reclocking and active signal splitting maintains signal integrity, transmitting output signals at original power levels. the FoX Da8 plus
includes integrator-friendly features such as rS-232 control, rack-mount capability, and the ability to mute one or more outputs.


Eight Input Fiber Optic Switcher

the extron FoX SW8 is an eight input fiber optic switcher for switching and long haul transmission of fiber optic av and rS-232
control signals over fiber optic cabling. It provides eight optical inputs and one buffered optical output with active switching and
reclocking for long-distance connectivity to FoX Series fiber optic extenders, distribution amplifiers, and matrix switchers. the switcher
features very high-speed, all-digital switching of hDmI, DvI, multi-rate SDI, rGbhv, hD component video, S-video, composite video,
audio, and control signals. Designed specifically for av systems, the FoX SW8 includes many integrator-friendly features such as
rS-232 control, output mute, and input loop-through for seven of the eight inputs.

56 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

FoXboX Sr hDmI

FoXBoX Sr hDmi
Fiber Optic Scaling Receiver for hdmI, Audio, and RS-232

the extron FoXboX Sr hDmI is a high performance fiber optic-to-hDmI scaling receiver for the FoX Series transmitters. It accepts
a fiber optic signal with hDCp-compliant hDmI, DvI, vGa, or component video, stereo audio, and rS-232 control from a FoX
Series transmitter, scaling the video to the optimal output resolution. engineered for reliability and exceptional high resolution image
performance, the FoX Sr hDmI supports resolutions up to 19201200, including hDtv 1080p/60. It also provides many integrator-
friendly features such as Key minder, audio de-embedding, auto Input memory, and internal test patterns. In addition, the compact,
low profile enclosure of the FoXboX Sr hDmI allows for discreet installation behind a flat-panel display.

FoX I/o 1616 hD-SDI FoX 3G I/o Sm p

FoX 3g i/o Sm p
Fiber Optic multi-Rate SdI I/O Board
FoX i/o 1616 hD-SDi for the FOX matrix Series
1616 multi-Rate SdI I/O Board for
the FOX matrix 14400/320x the extron FoX 3G I/o Sm p board is available as an option
for the FoX matrix Series modular fiber optic matrix switchers,
the extron FoX I/o 1616 hD-SDI board is available as an and enables the transmission and distribution of fiber optic
option for the FoX matrix 14400 and FoX matrix 320x modular multi-rate SDI signals, including pathological signals, over
Fiber optic matrix Switchers, and enables connection to local singlemode fiber optic cabling. the board offers an 88 or
multi-rate SDI-equipped devices. this board offers a 1616 1616 configuration for switching and distribution of multi-rate
configuration for switching and distribution of multi-rate SDI SDI signals up to 2.97 Gbps, including SDI, hD-SDI, and 3G-SDI.
signals up to 2.97 Gbps, including SDI, hD-SDI, and 3G-SDI. With the board, a FoX matrix switcher can be configured as a
With this board, the FoX matrix switchers can be configured dedicated multi-rate SDI matrix switcher, or with a combination
as dedicated multi-rate SDI matrix switchers, or with a of multi-rate SDI and fiber optic matrix switching solutions. the
combination of multi-rate SDI and fiber optic matrix switching. FoX 3G I/o Sm p board is compliant with Smpte 259m, 292m,
the FoX I/o 1616 hD-SDI board is compliant with Smpte 259m, 424m, rp 178, and rp 198 for pathological immunity, and Itu
292m, 424m, and Itu digital video standards. digital video standards. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 57

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Dtp hDmI 301 rx Dtp DvI 301 rx

Dtp hDmI 301 tx Dtp DvI 301 tx

Dtp hDmi 301 Dtp DVi 301

Long distance hdmI Twisted Pair Extender Long distance dVI Twisted Pair Extender

the extron Dtp hDmI 301 is a transmitter and receiver set for the extron Dtp DvI 301 is a transmitter and receiver set for long
long distance transmission of hDmI video, embedded audio, distance transmission of DvI-D video plus bidirectional rS-232
plus bidirectional control signals over a single Cat 5-type and Ir signals over a single Cat 5-type cable. In addition,
cable. For added flexibility and convenience, separate analog separate analog stereo audio signals can be transmitted on the
stereo audio signals can also be transmitted on a second second twisted pair cable. It is capable of sending 19201200
twisted pair cable. It is hDmI 1.3 compatible and capable and 1080p/60 Deep Color signals up to 330 feet (100 meters).
of sending 1080p/60 Deep Color and 19201200 signals up For added flexibility and convenience, the transmitter is equipped
to 330 feet (100 meters). these integrator-friendly features, with a buffered DvI loop-through output to support a local
combined with the compact enclosure sizes and remote computer monitor. these integrator-friendly features, combined
powering of either unit, make the Dtp hDmI 301 ideal for with the compact enclosure sizes and remote powering of
extending video, multi-channel audio, and bidirectional control either unit, make the Dtp DvI 301 ideal for extending video and
in space-challenged environments. bidirectional control in space-challenged environments.

hDmi 101 plus

hdmI Cable Equalizer

the extron hDmI 101 plus is an hDmI equalizer that offers a convenient, economical
solution for extending hDmI signals beyond the suggested 15 m (45 ft) distance limit for
hDmI cables. the hDmI 101 plus attaches to the end of a long hDmI cable run of up
to 200 ft at 1080p/60 with 8-bit color and 150 ft at 1080p/60 with 12-bit color when
used with extron hDmI pro Series cables. It automatically provides the necessary active
equalization to ensure optimal image quality with hDtv signals up to 1080p/60 and
high resolution computer-video signals up to 19201200. It is hDCp compliant, ensuring hDmI 101 plus

display of content-protected media and interoperability with other hDCp-compliant

devices. the hDmI 101 plus is ideal for permanent installations as well as temporary
applications with long hDmI cable runs.

58 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

DvS 605 DvS 605 aD

DVS 605
Five Input hdCP-Compliant Seamless Switching Scaler

the extron DvS 605 is a high performance video scaler that includes three hDmI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and
simultaneous hDmI and analog high resolution outputs. the DvS 605 accepts a wide variety of video formats including hDmI with
hDCp, hDtv, rGb, and standard definition video. It features advanced extron video signal processing with 1080i deinterlacing, Deep
Color processing, and true seamless switching for professional-quality image presentations. Designed for professional av integration,
the DvS 605 offers flexible control options including ethernet, rS-232, uSb, and contact closure. the DvS 605 is available in models
with audio switching plus hDmI audio embedding/de-embedding, and also 3G-SDI/hD-SDI output with genlock.

mDp-vGa/6 mDp-DvI/6

mDp-hDmI/6 mDp-Dp/6

mDp Series
mini displayPort Adapter Cables

the extron mDp Series are active, one-way adapter cables for mini Displayport applications. they allow transmission of digital signals
from a dual-mode mini Displayport enabled source. built-in active circuitry converts Displayport into hDmI, single link DvI, or vGa
signals, depending on the model in use. eDID and hDCp information is passed through between source and display. the extron mDp
Series are ideal for cabling dual-mode mini Displayport enabled sources to digital or analog displays and projectors. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 59

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

Sme 100 vnC 225 DvI

Sme 100 Vn-matrix 225 Series

h.264 Streaming media Encoder dVI & RgB Video Over IP Encoders & decoders

the extron Sme 100 is a live streaming media encoder that the vn-matrix 225 Series provides real-time transmission of high
interfaces with DvI, rGb, hDtv, and standard definition signals resolution audio visual content across standard Ip networks
for delivering media over Ip networks. It is designed specifically for live viewing, collaboration, storage, and playback. the
for pro av applications and features an integrated three-input vn-matrix 225 Series encodes video or graphics sources at
switcher with audio, plus buffered loop-throughs for simplified resolutions up to hD or WuXGa, streams the video and audio
integration into av systems. the Sme 100 employs standards- over an Ip network, then decodes the content back to the
based h.264/mpeG-4 avC encoding, and outputs an Ip stream original source resolution. vn-matrix applies extrons pure3
that can easily be decoded and viewed on desktop or laptop Codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology. the
pCs. high performance extron signal processing scales and vn-matrix 225 Series offers real-time performance and low
optimizes video input signals for the intended viewing application. latency, making it ideal for remote collaborative and interactive
encoding controls also provide adjustments for bit rate and or control applications. It can be deployed in live event streaming
quality. by extending av signals over networks, the Sme 100 and high level collaboration in mission-critical applications with
significantly expands av system capability. the most demanding image quality requirements.

uSB 2.0 matrix Switcher Boards

SmX uSb matrix boards are designed to route up to eight host Cpus to one
or more uSb peripheral devices, such as keyboards and mice. they support
SmX 44 uSb
data transfer rates up to 480 mbps and are compatible with uSb 2.0/1.1/1.0
specifications. host and peripheral emulation is provided on all ports for
reliable, problem-free boot up, even without a tie being made to a connected
device. Four integrated, two-port uSb hubs simplify integration in common
keyboard/mouse applications. each hub port supplies 5 volts, 500 ma power
for attached keyboards, mice, or other peripheral devices. SmX uSb matrix
SmX 88 uSb
boards are ideal for use in the creation of Kvm - keyboard, video, mouse
matrix applications when combined with available SmX DvI, hDmI, or vGa
matrix switching boards. they are available in two I/o sizes: 44 and 84.

60 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

DSp Configurator Software Dmp 44 lC

Dmp 44 lC
digital matrix Processor

the extron Dmp 44 lC Digital matrix processor is a compact 44 audio matrix mixer featuring a digital signal processing platform
for audio signal routing and control. the Dmp 44 lC features four line level inputs and outputs, all balanced or unbalanced. It offers
several audio DSp tools for mixing, routing, and room optimization with quick and intuitive configuration using the DSp Configurator
Software. the Dmp 44 lC is ideal for presentation applications that require line level audio matrix mixing with DSp in a small form

DSp Configurator Software mvC 121 plus

mVC 121 plus

Three Input Stereo mixer with dSP

the extron mvC 121 plus is a compact, three input stereo audio mixer featuring a digital signal processing platform for audio signal
mixing and control. the mvC 121 plus features a stereo line level input and two mic/line level inputs with 48 volt phantom power
for condenser microphones, plus fixed and variable stereo line level outputs. It offers gain, filter, and tone processing with quick and
intuitive configuration using the DSp Configurator Software. the mvC 121 plus is ideal for presentation applications that require line
and microphone audio mixing with DSp in a small form factor. eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 61

eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011

mpa 152 Sm 3

mpA 152 Sm 3
Stereo Power Amplifier - Compact Full-Range Speaker with Speedmount
15 watts Per Channel
the extron Sm 3 is a compact, fast-installing flush mount speaker featuring
the extron mpa 152 is an enerGY Star the extron Speedmount System. the enclosure measures less than 4"
qualified, integrated mini power amplifier featuring (10.2 cm) deep and is available in black and white. the 8 ohm speaker
an extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced features a 3" (7.6 cm) full-range driver and tuned bass port, a wide frequency
Class D amplifier design. It also features patented response of 75 hz to 18 khz, and a power rating of 15 watts continuous pink
CDrS - Class D ripple Suppression technology noise, 30 watts continuous program capacity. Speedmount is an extron-
that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and exclusive, concealed mounting system designed to speed up installation.
an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional During rough-in, electrical contractors can install a 0 or 10 mounting
Class D amplifier designs. the extron exclusive, plate on the wall and terminate the speaker cable to the mounts integrated
high efficiency design allows the amplifier to be wiring contacts. later, installers can slide the Sm 3 speaker onto the mount
fanless and operate in environments with little or and secure it into place with a click, while automatically connecting to
no ventilation. the wiring contacts on the mounting plate.

pS 1220 and pS 1230

12V multi-port Replacement Power Supplies

the extron pS 1220 and pS 1230 12 volt replacement power Supplies have three
2-pole captive screw power ports and offer 2.0 amps and 3.0 amps across all
outputs with no per-port current limitations. these energy-efficient power supplies
meet the level v standard for energy efficiency, conserving energy and reducing
costs. they snap into the included ZipClip 200 mounting bracket for secure
mounting to rack rails, tables, or lecterns. the pS 1220 and pS 1230 also feature
pS 1230
a quarter-rack width, 1u enclosure with threaded inserts to mount the power
supply directly on extron rack shelves. they include one 6-foot DC cable with
pre-sliced ends and three DC connectors.

62 eXtron neW proDuCtS at InFoComm 2011 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

The Industrys First Complete Family of
ENERGY STAR Qualified Amplifiers

Extron Power Amplifiers

Extron is proud to be the first manufacturer in the pro AV industry Key Features:
to offer a complete family of ENERGY STAR qualified power ENERGY STAR qualified
amplifiers. All Extron power amplifiers are ENERGY STAR qualified Draws less than 1 watt in standby mode
with automatic power-down and less than 1 watt of power draw in Professional grade signal-to-noise and THD performance
standby. They are energy efficient products that conserve energy Extron Patented CDRS - Class D Ripple Suppression
Convection cooled, fanless operation
and reduce costs, featuring an Extron exclusive, highly efficient,
Auto power-down with fast power-up
advanced Class D design.
Compact, space efficient enclosures

Extron power amplifiers are housed in compact, convection-cooled

enclosures and do not require fans for cooling, making them ideal
for installation in racks, lecterns, credenzas, and other locations
with limited space and ventilation. They are available in a wide Learn More About Extrons
variety of low and high power models from 30 watts to 800 watts
Energy Efficient Amplifiers
r ms total output, and are ideal for a wide range of mono, stereo,
and multi-channel applications.
WatCh transparent lCD panels
Samsung electronics has begun mass production of
a 22-inch transparent lCD panel. the panels have a
contrast ratio of 500:1 with WSXGa+, or 1680 1050,
resolution. Compared with conventional lCD panels
that use a back light unit and have 5% transparency,
Samsungs transparent lCD panel boasts a transparency
rate of over 15%. a high transparency rate enables
visibility through the panel, as if one were looking
through a glass window. Since transparent lCD
panels utilize ambient light instead of a back light unit,
they consume 90% less electricity compared with a
conventional lCD panel, according to the company.
Connectivity in these early versions will include hDmI
and uSb.

SuperSpeed uSB
the uSb 3.0 specification was completed in late 2008, but
products with the new interface have been shipping only a little
over a year. the term SuperSpeed is used to distinguish uSb
3.0s speed upgrade and to be consistent with the low Speed/
Full Speed/high Speed nomenclature of previous versions of uSb.
uSb 3.0 performance features include:

higher transfer rates (up to 4.8Gbps)

Increased maximum bus power and increased device current
draw to better accommodate power-hungry devices
new power management features
Full-duplex data transfers and support for new transfer types
new connectors and cables for higher speed data transfer
while maintaining backward uSb 2.0 compatibility

uSb 3.0 achieves the much higher performance by way of a number of technical changes. the most obvious change is an
additional physical bus added in parallel with the existing uSb 2.0 bus. So where uSb 2.0 previously had 4 wires (power, ground, and
a pair for differential data), uSb 3.0 adds 4 more for two pairs of differential signals (receive and transmit) - for a combined total of 8
connections in the connectors and cabling.
also, the signaling method, while still host-directed, is now asynchronous instead of polling. uSb 3.0 utilizes a bidirectional data
interface rather than uSb 2.0s half-duplex arrangement, where data can only flow in one direction at a time.

64 teCh WatCh AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

teCh WatCh

new i/o technology

You may have seen the new port with the thunderbolt icon on
the new apple macbook pro. Intels new thunderbolt is a high-
speed, dual-protocol I/o technology that significantly simplifies
the end-user experience by concurrently supporting data and
display connections over a single cable. Key features include:

Dual-channel 10 Gbps per port

Dual-protocol (pCI express and Displayport)
Compatible with existing Displayport devices
Daisy-chained devices
electrical or optical cables
low latency with highly accurate time synchronization
uses native protocol software drivers
power over cable for bus-powered devices

thunderbolt controllers interconnect a pC and other devices, transmitting and receiving packetized traffic for both pCIe and
Displayport protocols. thunderbolt technology works on data streams in both directions at the same time, so users get the benefit of
full bandwidth in both directions, over a single cable. With the two independent channels, a full 10 Gbps of bandwidth can be provided
for the first device, as well as additional downstream devices. and

hybrid light projectors

twelve new data projectors have been introduced by Casio, equipped with Casios lamp-free, mercury-free laser & leD hybrid
light source. the new line-up, expected by mid-July 2011, contains two models of the new pro series and two Short throw models
especially for the education market.
Casios laser & leD hybrid technology combines a blue laser light and a fluorescent element to produce a green light. these are
combined along with the red light emitted by the leD, then projected through a Dlp chip and finally passed through the projection
lens to form the image. the result is up to 50% greater color spectrum compared to mercury-based light sources, and a lifespan of
about 20,000 hours with brightness levels up to 3500 anSI lumens. the leD & laser hybrid design also offers Instant off capability,
which means no cool down time. teCh WatCh 65

teChnICallY the tried and true methods of utility

SpeaKInG power distribution.

but what voltage? With regard to
the wire gauge, the higher the better.
but if it is too high, there is a shock
hazard, and arcing at bad connections
Why use a 70.7 Volt could start fires. Conduit could solve

Speaker System? both problems, but conduit is expensive.

electrical codes in the 1940s permitted
By Pat Brown, President and
Co-owner of SynAudCon up to 100 vDC without the need for
electrical conduit. Since audio is aC,
and the loudness and power produced

a ny power amplifier will drive one

or two 8 ohm loudspeakers
without being excessively loaded. but
gauge to save cost and reduce weight?
these are the exact problems faced
by the utility company in feeding power
by an aC waveform depends on its
average, or rmS, value, the practical
question is What is the highest
what about an application where to the houses in a neighborhood, power rmS aC voltage that can fit within
you need to drive 10, 100, or even that may be generated many miles from a 100 vDC limit? Since the utility
1,000 loudspeakers? town. this involves converting the power company uses the sine wave for power
and what if those loudspeakers are from the source to higher voltage/lower distribution, the audio industry decided
spread over a very large area, like an current with a step-up transformer, to do the same. When the peak of a
airport, a factory, or around a race running through miles of wire, and then sine wave reaches 100 volts, the rmS
track? there could literally be miles of stepping it back down again at the load value is 70.710681 volts.
cable in some applications. thats a lot with a step-down transformer. For simplicity, many audio
of copper. and since there is so much rather than reinvent the wheel, the professionals shorten the calculated
wire, is there a way to use a lighter audio pioneers decided to simply use 70.710681 to 70.7, or even just 70 v.

For systems with many loudspeakers, audio designers have taken a lesson from the power company.

66 AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Figure 1

Power Distribution at Voice-coil Impedance

the level difference between 70.7 v
0.01 Speaker Wire
and 70 v is 20log(70.7/70) = 0.08 db,
which isnt even close to being audible.
For that reason, we can simply call it a 28V
70 v system and still be correct. 100W
100W @ 8
here are some common misconcep- 8
tions about 70.7 v distribution systems:

1. there is 70.7 volts on the line at

all times. Voltage Current Power Impedance

2. the 70.7 volts is a carrier that the

audio is riding on.
3. You should be able to hook a
voltmeter across the line and uniquely with a means of distributing amplifiers output terminals does not
measure 70.7 volts during the signals to multiple loudspeakers. depend on whether the loudspeaker
operation of the sound system. is connected or not. the problem
the Concept with this interconnect method is that
all three of these myths are the result 70.7 v systems are based on the power due to the very low loop impedance
of taking the power company analogy equations, which determine how much of the amplifier plus the loudspeaker,
too far. utility power uses a fixed aC power, W, is generated from a voltage the circuit is affected by the wire
waveform of about 120 vrmS that is across a load, or a current through a resistance, since some of the voltage
always present at the electrical outlet. load. For review, the equations are: is dropped across the wire rather
You can connect a voltmeter to any outlet than the load. If the wire must be
to measure it. audio is a dynamic signal W = E2/R long, the increased resistance reduces
that fluctuates with the program material. the signal transfer between amplifier
It is not modulated on a carrier frequency, W = IE and loudspeaker. It works just fine for
like radio. the sine wave rating provides hooking one or two loudspeakers to a
a framework for the complex audio where e is the electromotive force in single amplifier through a few meters
signals of music and speech. volts, I is the current in amperes, and r of cable.
is the resistance in ohms.
the Constant-Voltage interface Figure 1 shows how a typical A Solution from the utility Company
part of the confusion is due to the 100 watt amplifier might be interfaced Following the example of the power
choice of terms used to describe this to a loudspeaker. For simplicity, the company using step-up/step-down
type of system. this is a constant- loudspeaker is represented as a fixed- transformers, we can place many loads
voltage distribution system. the voltage value resistance. on the line without excessive loading of
at the output of a component is not the amplifier can produce a voltage the source. So, two things have been
affected by the load impedance. So of 28.3 vrmS and a current of 3 a. the accomplished by using transformers
whatever measured voltage exists from load impedance is 8 ohms. From the the wire losses have been reduced and
any type of signal - sine wave, square power equations, the available power the number of loads that can be driven
wave, pink noise, music, etc. - that from the source is 100 W, and the has been increased.
voltage will be unaffected by changing power dissipated by the load is 100 W. the same method can be used
the load on the amplifier. In other words, for audio signals. the amplifier output
it doesnt matter if the amplifier is driving power available = 28.32/8 = 100 W signal is scaled to higher voltage /
one loudspeaker or one hundred, the lower current, effectively reducing the
line voltage will be unaffected by the the very low impedance amplifier lossy effects of the wire resistance. this
number of loudspeakers on the line. output of 0.01 ohms drives the much can be accomplished with an internal
virtually all interfaces in a sound system higher impedance 8 ohm loudspeaker. step-up transformer, or the amplifier
are constant-voltage it is unfortunate this is a constant-voltage interface, can be designed to be transformerless
that this term has become associated because the voltage across the (see sidebar, transformerless amplifier teChnICallY SpeaKInG 67

Figure 2

Power Distribution Using Transformers

minimum impedance that the amplifier
0.01 Speaker Wire can drive using its 70.7 volt output,
1:2.5 2.5:1
and make sure that the line impedance
28V does not fall below this. this allows
28V 70.7V
3A 1.4A 50 a service tech to measure the line
100W @ 8 100W @ 50 impedance of a loudspeaker system
and select an amplifier that can safely
AMPLIFIER Speaker Wire LOUDSPEAKER drive it. this method is useful when
the number of loudspeakers and their
Voltage Current Power Impedance tap settings is not known, such as
in a large, multi-floor office building
or factory.
essential Facts:
1. 70.7 volts is the rmS value of
designs). the process is reversed distribution transformers. the amplifier the largest sine wave that will fit
at the loudspeaker end with a step- has a rated power. each loudspeaker through a 100 vDC supply. typical
down transformer. See Figure 2. this has a selectable power tap. one need program material will have a much
transformer also makes the loudspeakers only make sure that the total of the lower rmS voltage.
impedance much higher, allowing multiple loudspeaker power taps on the line is 2. any voltage could be used all of
loudspeakers to be connected in parallel not higher than the rated sine wave the same equations apply. other
to a single amplifier. See Figure 3. power of the amplifier. So, a 100 watt standard choices include 25 v,
amplifier could drive one hundred 1 watt 100 v, and 140 v all for sine waves.
A matter of perspective taps, fifty 2 watt taps, or five 20 watt 3. If the voltage and impedance values
perhaps a better choice of terms taps - or some combination that does are assumed to be fixed, then
would be high voltage distribution in not exceed 100 watts. calculating how many speakers can
recognition of what is happening to the alternately, one can look up the be connected to an amplifier can be
amplifier signal, or high impedance
distribution in recognition of what
Figure 3
is happening to the loudspeakers
impedance. Constant-voltage is
Power Distribution to Multiple Loudspeakers
correct, but not unique to this interface
in the signal chain. 70.7 volts refers
0.01 Speaker Wire
to an accepted distribution voltage 1:2.5 25:1

(determined mainly by electrical code

considerations), and describes what 28V 70.7V
would be measured if a sine wave 3A 1.4A 2.5k 5k
100W @ 8 100W @ 50
were used as the signal (like the power 8
company). Since we dont usually feed
sine waves to loudspeakers (except for AMPLIFIER LOUDSPEAKER

test purposes), the measured voltage

will vary. the typical value on the line 25:1

would be 100 volts (the peak value

of the 70.7 volt sine wave) less 10 db
for the program material crest factor 5k
roughly 30 vrmS or so. also, if one 8
Voltage Current
assumes a sine wave signal and fixed
load impedances, the distribution can Power Impedance Speaker Wire LOUDSPEAKER

be simplified by considering only power

ratings hence the wattage taps on

68 teChnICallY SpeaKInG AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

teChnICallY SpeaKInG

done using power in lieu of voltage electrical outlet as being 120 v rather question is either how many watts
and impedance. this makes it easier than 1800 watts (which is 120 v at are available? or What is the
to keep track of how the amplifier 15 a). the power depends on the minimum impedance that it can drive?
is being loaded. Dont forget that load, the voltage does not. a 70 v 7. these systems can be operated at
these power values are only true for amplifier may be rated at 10 W, 100 voltages other than their rated voltage.
the rated voltages and impedances, W, or even 1000 W, the difference For some installations, the installer
and may bear little resemblance being how much power is available may decide to use the maximum tap
to the actual operating level of for distribution to the loads. When the settings for all loudspeakers and then
the system. amplifiers output voltage is scaled operate the line at a lower voltage.
4. this whole distribution scheme can to a higher value, so is the minimum the drawback of this approach is that
be described using a power model, impedance that it can safely drive. For since the line is not operating at rated
voltage model, or impedance model. instance, a 28 v at 8 ohm amplifier voltage, future expansion (adding
all three are included in Figures 1 to 3. becomes a 70.7 v at 50 ohm more loudspeakers) will require larger
5. the impedance meter is the tool- amplifier with a step-up transformer, transformer sizes than if the system
of-choice for troubleshooting such according to the power equation were operated at rated voltage.
systems, as it reveals the electrical W = e2/r: 8. the step-down transformers used in
impedance of the line including the loudspeakers can saturate at low
the effects of all loudspeakers, 28.2 /8 = 100
frequencies and overload the amplifier.
transformers, and wire. a high pass filter placed ahead of the
6. While we call them power amplifiers 70.72/50 = 100 amplifier can prevent this.
it is more correct to consider the
pat brown is president and co-owner of SynaudCon,
amplifiers output voltage. this is for When you see a terminal on an
one of the av industrys most respected audio
the same reason that we refer to an amplifier labeled 70 v, the next education resources.

Extron EnERgy STAR Qualified 70/100 Volt Amplifiers Feature Transformerless designs

extron enerGY Star qualified high impedance amplifiers are purpose built for high voltage output, and include the
mpa 401, Xpa 2001, Xpa 2002-70/100v, and Xpa 2003C-70/100v. this is accomplished by employing high voltage
power rails inside the amplifier to drive the moSFet output transistors, running at a higher amplitude than in typical high
impedance output amplifiers or amplifiers that provide both low and high impedance outputs. this eliminates the need
for an internal step up transformer. Designing an amplifier without the step up transformer provides lower total harmonic
distortion, better overall frequency response, and allows a smaller enclosure to be used while reducing amplifier weight. for more info on extron power amplifiers. teChnICallY SpeaKInG 69

Certifying your
Fiber optic
Verification is the key to
superior performance.

By Andrew Evans

m ost of us have designed and

deployed copper-based av
systems. Were familiar with the
components, the workflow, and whats governing bodies. one of the more 2 laser products and can damage your
required to commission the system common ones that we encounter is eyes. never look into the path or point
in order to deliver a fully functional, the tIa/eIa-568-b standard. this a laser at another persons eyes. never
zero-defect product. covers general information on planning, launch a vFl into active equipment or
but for some applications, fiber installing, and verifying structured cabling, microscope. also, if youre working with a
optic signal transmission offers clear whether copper or optical, in commercial partner, make sure that you communicate
advantages. assuming you start with environments. Section 3 pertains to with each other. avoid connecting active
high quality equipment and acquire the optical infrastructures. Insertion loss is equipment to a fiber that your partner
appropriate training, success or failure the sole performance parameter that can might be working on. additionally, you
all comes down to infrastructure. be influenced by the installation of the will want to make sure that you arent
With a well-designed and fiber optic cable. tier 1 testing involves connecting a vFl to the fiber that is
implemented infrastructure, youll be able the use of a calibrated light source and a connected to active equipment. there is
to avoid problems, and your customer power meter. this allows us to determine a potential for damaging the electronics.
will enjoy all of the benefits that fiber with relative accuracy the insertion
has to offer. loss of the permanent links. the two test tools of the trade
components of insertion loss in a system In order to test the power of a fiber
its All About Certification are losses that occur at the connector optic link or determine the amount of
testing during the installation phase of interface and attenuation through the loss incurred on a fiber optic link, you
the project can save time and headaches. actual fiber optic cable due to absorption will need some specialized equipment.
In an ideal situation, you would test and scattering of the light. Connecting a vFl to the fiber and
the entire length of fiber optic cable for seeing the laser light being emitted on
continuity prior to installing it. after the Safety First the far side isnt enough. this will only
fiber has been installed, you would then Just because you cant see the light identify the fiber you are connected to
test for proper connector installation. emitted by the laser doesnt mean there and prove optical continuity. Keep in
the final step would be to certify the isnt any. the primary wavelengths of mind that many fiber cables are labeled
fiber optic cable. Certification refers to fiber optic equipment operate outside of such that the a labeled connector is
a formalized process to ensure that the visible spectrum of light. even if you matched to the b labeled connector
the cable infrastructure adheres to the are using a visual fault locator, or vFl, on the far end. this is to comply with
relevant standards for performance operating near 635 nm, which looks like nomenclature outlined in tIa/eIa-568-b.1
and quality installation. a red light, it still isnt healthy to stare for connections made at work areas and
Certification is outlined by various into it. many of these devices are Class centralized cross-connect areas.

70 DeSIGn Forum AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

DeSIGn Forum

there are two items that make up not need a mandrel. connectors. Failure to do so could result
a functional set of test equipment for When testing the permanently in dust or other contaminants impacting
measuring insertion loss of a permanent installed fiber link, you will measure the the transmission of light. It is also a good
link. the first item is a power meter. this insertion loss of all connectors, fiber idea to periodically inspect the condition
device is calibrated to detect specific cabling, splices, and adapters, not the of your reference cables for pits, cracks,
wavelengths of light and report the patch cables. and other wear using an inspection
intensity of the light in either db or mW microscope. If you are using the two
values. most power meters work across ready, Set, test or three jumper method for testing, you
a broad range of wavelengths, from When setting up your power meter will also want to use a high quality
850 nm up to 1550 nm. Were going to and light source for permanent link coupler. If you are using a basic plastic
focus on the 850 nm wavelength and the loss testing, turn on the light source bodied coupler with bronze alignment
testing of multimode fiber optic links. the to let it stabilize. this could take a few sleeves, you could experience poor
principles applied here will transfer to the minutes, particularly if it was being core alignment that would manifest as
testing of singlemode fiber optic links. stored in a cold environment like a higher insertion loss. It is recommended
the second item is a calibrated light work truck overnight. Failure to allow that you use a coupler with a ceramic
source. Some light sources are designed the light source to stabilize will lead to alignment sleeve for your testing.
to only operate at either singlemode faulty measurements. the next step is Single jumper testing requires that
or multimode wavelengths, but some to determine which method you will use your light source, power meter, and
devices like the extron light Source will for connecting the test equipment to the link under test all have the same style
accommodate both. fiber optic link. You can choose between fiber connector. It is the preferred
reference quality jumpers should the one, two, or three jumper methods method for tIa based testing and leads
be used for testing optical fibers. they outlined in the following pages. tIa calls to slightly more accurate results. Your
should be two meters long and have the for the use of the one jumper method, launch cable with mandrel is attached
same core size as the link you intend to and most equipment manufacturers to the light source and then connected
test. Depending on the connectors of the are assuming this testing method when to the power meter. You then establish
test equipment and the connectors of the writing their specifications. all three the 0db reference point on your power
link under test, you might need to adjust methods are acceptable, but you must meter - see Figure 1. once youve done
your testing method and use a hybrid document the method chosen in order that, disconnect the fiber cable from the
reference cable that has different style to provide an accurate set of certification power meter, but dont disconnect the
connectors at each end. data. prior to connecting your launch launch cable from the light source; doing
tIa and ISo standards dictate the use cable, you will need to clean all of so will negate your reference point and
of a mandrel if youre testing multimode the connectors. this should be done lead to errors in measurement. now
fiber optic cables and you are using whenever you mate any two fiber optic that you have established your reference
an leD light source. the mandrel is
used to remove the higher order modes
from the launch cable, which leads to
more consistent test results. It should
be installed six inches from the light (for Multimode)

source and have five smooth wraps of

fiber optic cable around it. Depending
on the diameter of your launch cable, a b
you will need to select the appropriate 850nm 1300nm

1310nm 1550nm

size mandrel. If you are using 50/125m FLS 101


fiber with an outer jacket diameter of


850nm 1310nm Ref
1300nm 1550nm


Extron FPM 101


2mm, you would need a mandrel that



Fiber Optic POWER

Light Source Power Meter

is 23mm in diameter. If your reference
launch cable is 3mm, you would need a
22mm diameter mandrel. When testing Figure 1. Reference configuration for single-jumper testing.
singlemode fiber optic cables, you do DeSIGn Forum 71

(for Multimode)

b x y c
one of the easiest to conduct in the field.
It also allows for a mismatch in connector
LC to LC Link under Test LC to LC
Coupling Coupling types between the test equipment and
a d
the fiber plant. Setting up the light source

for a two cable configuration is the same

850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm



850nm 1310nm

as outlined above for the single cable
1300nm 1550nm

method. Instead of connecting the light


Extron FPM 101



Fiber Optic POWER

Light Source Power Meter source to the power meter, you will use
a high quality coupler to connect your
Link Loss = Lbx + L xy + Lyc launch cable to another high quality
cable that will function as the receive
cable - see Figure 3. this receive cable
Figure 2. Configuration for single-jumper testing. is then connected to the power meter. at
this point, you can establish your 0 db
reference point. to test the permanent
link, you would separate the launch and
value, connect the light source to the link indicate higher loss values. If your receive cables at the coupler and connect
under test and connect your power meter reference cable shows a loss higher than them to the link under test - see Figure 4.
to the far side of the link - see Figure 2. 0.5 db, you should clean the connector three jumper testing is similar in
the single cable method is also helpful and re-test. If it still exceeds 0.5 db, configuration to the two jumper method
for verifying the quality of your reference you will need to discard that cable and outlined above. the launch cable
cables or troubleshooting patch cables. use a higher quality launch cable that has configuration is the same. however,
the power meter is less susceptible to acceptable loss values. instead of connecting it to the receive
loss caused by a poor connector due two jumper cable testing allows for cable with a coupler, you will use that
to the relatively large detector area. by more flexibility in the testing of the fiber coupler to connect it to a third cable -
changing the direction of the cable infrastructure. It also will measure an see Figure 5. the other side of this third
connections to the equipment, you extra connection point in the link, so cable will use a coupler to connect to the
can identify which connector is bad. you will get slightly higher insertion loss receive cable of the power meter. You
When the bad connector is mated to values. this method isnt the preferred will need to ensure that this intermediate
the light source, the power meter will option according to tIa standards, but is cable is of known quality. once the

Mandrel Mandrel
(for Multimode) (for Multimode)

b c b x y c

LC to LC LC to LC Link under Test LC to LC

Coupling Coupling Coupling
a d a d
9V 9V

850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm 850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm



Set Set

dB dB
850nm 1310nm Ref 850nm 1310nm Ref
dBm dBm
1300nm 1550nm 1300nm 1550nm


Extron FPM 101 Extron FPM 101

Tone Tone


Fiber Optic POWER


Fiber Optic POWER

Light Source Power Meter Light Source Power Meter

Link Loss = Lbx + L xy + Lyc - Lbc

Figure 3. Reference configuration for 2-jumper testing. Figure 4. Configuration for 2-jumper testing.

72 DeSIGn Forum AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

DeSIGn Forum

reference value is set, this intermediate other debris on the connector end-face, permanent link loss results
cable is substituted for the link under test it could have been dislodged during Calculated link loss budget
- see Figure 6. Doing so will provide you testing and it would appear that you
with a relative insertion loss measurement. have increased your optical power. the now that the link loss measurements
this is the method outlined by the other option is poor core alignment of have been recorded, you will be able
ISo/IeC 11801 standard but it also has your reference leads. the lack of good to compare them to the calculated link
the highest variability in the results. the core alignment is the reason that ceramic loss budget. this will determine if the
advantage to this method is that it allows based couplers are recommended. they permanent link passes or fails in its
the testing of various connector types; offer a higher degree of precision than ability to support the intended design.
including ones that cant be directly the bronze alignment sleeves. If you had
coupled like mtp or mt-rJ. poor core alignment when the reference andrew evans is manager of product marketing, Fiber
optic Systems for extron electronics. before joining
regardless of the method you use, value was set and then got a better extron, he spent ten years as a design engineer
supporting av systems for corporate and government
evaluate the results. the insertion loss alignment during the connection to the
end users, including flight line monitoring systems for the
must be less than the optical budget link under test, you would again have united States air Force.

required by the equipment. It should what appears to be an increase in optical

also take into account a safety margin. If power through the link.
there is no safety margin or headroom to complete the tier 1 testing of your visit the Featured media section at
in the permanent link, you run the risk fiber plant, you need to document your to see these
videos on extrons Fiber optic products:
of exceeding the optical budget in the results. record the following:
Fiber termination kit - a demonstration of
future. this could happen when an Date the testing occurred
how to terminate fiber optic bulk cable using
optical fiber is broken and a splice must names of the technicians the extron Fiber optic termination Kit.
be used during the repair process. a performing the tests Fiber optic test Set - a demonstration of
the extron Fiber optic test Set described in
typical safety margin is 3db above the Details of the test equipment,
this article.
optical budget of the equipment. If you including manufacturer, model,
notice that some of your measurements and serial number
have actually gained optical power, you Center wavelengths and spectral
are most likely experiencing one of two widths of the light source
issues. the first option is contaminants Fiber optic cable type
on the fiber connectors. If your reference Direction of the test and
value was set with dirt, oil, or some endpoint locations

Mandrel Mandrel
(for Multimode) (for Multimode)

b c d e b x y e

LC to LC Intermediate Cable LC to LC LC to LC Link under Test LC to LC

Coupling of Known Quality Coupling Coupling Coupling
a f a f
9V 9V

850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm 850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm



Set Set

dB dB
850nm 1310nm Ref 850nm 1310nm Ref
dBm dBm
1300nm 1550nm 1300nm 1550nm


Extron FPM 101 Extron FPM 101

Tone Tone


Fiber Optic POWER


Fiber Optic POWER

Light Source Power Meter Light Source Power Meter

Link Loss = Lbx + L xy + Lye - (Lbc + Lde)

Figure 5. Reference configuration for 3-jumper testing. Figure 6. Configuration for 3-jumper testing. DeSIGn Forum 73

High Resolution Video Scaling
for Fiber Optic Systems


The Extron FOXBOX SR HDMI is a high performance fiber optic-to-HDMI scaling receiver for the FOX Series transmitters. It accepts a
fiber optic signal with HDCP-compliant HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video, stereo audio, and RS-232 control, scaling the video to the
optimal output resolution up to 1920x1200. Engineered for reliability and exceptional high resolution image performance, the FOXBOX
SR HDMI also provides many integrator-friendly features such as audio de-embedding, Auto Input Memory, Key Minder for continuous
authentication of HDCP compliance, internal test patterns, and a compact enclosure for discreet placement. Available in multimode and
singlemode models, the FOXBOX SR HDMI is the preferred choice for fiber optic AV systems that include sources and displays with a
wide variety of resolutions.

Key Features: Simplifies integration of multiple sources to multiple displays

Accepts fiber optic signals from FOX Series transmitters to provide
Blu-ray Laptop Computer
scaled HDMI video, stereo audio, and RS-232 control signals 1080p

1280x800 1920x1200


Upscales/Downscales HDMI, DVI, RGB, and YUV video for optimized POWER

display of high resolution computer-video signals



12V RS-232



Tx Rx Tx Rx









Provides selectable output resolutions up to 1920x1200, including Extron



HDTV 1080p/60 for high performance video scaling Tx HDMI FOXBOX FOXBOX
Fiber Optic Tx VGA Tx DVI Plus
Transmitter Fiber Optic Fiber Optic
HDCP compliant to ensure display of content protected media and Transmitter Transmitter
interoperability with other HDCP-compliant devices REMOTE




Key Minder continuously authenticates HDCP-compliant input and



output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching in professional

AV environments 100-240V , 50-60Hz
1.3A MAX.

HDMI audio de-embedding provides a balanced or unbalanced analog SMX 200 Frame POWER
Tx Rx



stereo output signal





Compatible with Extron FOX Series HDMI, DVI Plus, DVI, VGA, and Fiber Optic

Scaling Receiver
VGA/YUV transmitters, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, and Fiber Optic
Scaling Receiver
switchers Flat Panel
Flat Panel Display
Display 1368x768
1080p DVI
Terminal Emulation Software

By dave Pincek

t heres no question that laptops

have become an indispensable
tool for av designers and integrators.
with additional features to make coding
for device control easier. Dataviewer can
utilize any serial port, whether rS-232,
code display only. It is used as an
alternative or in parallel with aSCII. aSCII
characters below 20 are translated to
If youve upgraded yours in the last ethernet, or uSb (extron products more discernable hex characters. aSCII
several years, youve probably noticed only), to connect and communicate to hex translation is always in real-time
some things missing things we used with a device, making it a perfect so commands are immediately viewable.
to depend on for many av projects. tool for sending and monitoring serial programmable shortcut keys save
among them are serial ports and the aSCII or hex device commands. keystrokes and provide the ability to
Windows program that many use for Dataviewer has many features, but consistently and easily repeat individual
av control system troubleshooting: here are five key features youre sure to commands or a series of commands
hyperterminal. hyperterminal is find valuable. assigned to each of twenty function keys.
not included with Windows vista hex support and character this provides automation of routinely
or Windows 7. If you recently lost mapping provides an option to aSCII used functions and eliminates typing
hyperterminal, you can replace it
easily by downloading Dataviewer,
extrons free enhanced terminal
emulation Software. even if youre
still using hyperterminal, you should
consider using Dataviewer instead.
When extron first started expanding
on the idea of configurable control
systems, a team of programmers created
a vast database of av equipment device
drivers as well as configuration tools.
out of necessity, the team also created
Dataviewer as an internal tool to speed
up and streamline the driver creation
process. Few realized what a powerful
tool they had created. once it became
apparent that this could provide benefits
beyond our own internal purposes, the
decision was made to clean it up and
release it as an extron software product.
In its current version 2.1, you can think of
Dataviewer as hyperterminal on steroids.
It does everything hyperterminal did, hIDDen GemS 75

hIDDen GemS

longer commands during troubleshooting sync up and compare commands controllers and connected devices.
or testing. each shortcut key can with their response times as an aid logging of commands and
include up to 255 characters of either in troubleshooting. using the optional responses for troubleshooting, creating
aSCII or hex code. Depending on the DvC-3 Data view Communications a device history, or simply to document
device, these shortcut keys can also Cable, Dataviewer can analyze serial communications for later reference
define macros for compatibility with communications between a controller becomes a simple one-step process
systems that may require special key or and connected device in real-time. using Dataviewer. both commands and
command sequences. Scripting is a powerful component responses can be recorded either with
time stamping of commands and used by extrons support network or without time stamps. the saved
responses. Combined with the four-view to verify device protocol or to log is a small text file easily viewable
window, commands and their responses author a custom protocol. Scripts using any text editor. the time-frame
are simultaneously shown in both aSCII are saved to text files which may for recording is only limited by hard
and hex with the time the command be launched from the Dataviewer drive capacity.
was sent and the time the response Send Script File command located DataViewer can be downloaded free
was received, down to the millisecond. in the tools menu. Combined of charge at
Since commands are always echoed with logging, scripting is useful to
in the response window in real-time, troubleshoot communications problems
Dave pincek is vice president of product Development at
the screens provide a way to easily between both extron and non-extron extron electronics.

the laSt WorD

Continued from page 80, did you Enjoy the Analog Sunset?

environment. this is the sticking point before introducing new technology to the digital interfacing and distribution are
for those attempting to design and industry. Customers should not be beta becoming the norm. though analog
install av systems. metaphorically, its testing products. is winding down, technology evolves
the equivalent of waking to a fogged- realistically, technological trends and the focus will drift to the next big
in morning rather than a vivid sunrise. occur over a relatively long time. In my thing. already, there is considerable
Determining the best direction of travel is own research, new hardware technology development and marketing targeted at
challenging. Implementing digital media requires about ten years for full market consumers for the direct downloading
in this content protection environment acceptance and twenty years before of entertainment content. by the time
is difficult. exacerbating the difficulties considered commonplace. Im reminded dust settles around the analog sunset
are manufacturers that capitalize on about something earl nightingale said associated with disc players, downloaded
the analog sunset to create fear within in a management-training course. content will likely destine the players
the av industry. thats great for sales, paraphrasing, he advised that the market themselves to a fairly early sunset. there
but not the best tack in support of our would not readily accept incremental is one thing for sure the sun is always
industry. though the analog sunset is product change that was more than setting somewhere at any given moment.
upon us, av designers will continue ten percent new. extron is not about For more details on the analog
to encounter analog applications that hype and technological threats. this is Sunset, see extrons white paper,
need support. and av designers need why Im excited for you to see our new analog Sunset Demystified at
support, not threats. Im proud that our Xtp digital product line. It creates an
company is built on a customer support environment with the right mix of digital
and training philosophy. We consider and analog support.
Steve Somers is vice president of engineering at
that aspect of product development first From an engineering perspective, extron electronics.

76 hIDDen GemS, the laSt WorD AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

HDCP Compliant
Scaling Presentation Switcher

DVS 510 SA

Extron DVS 510

The Extron DVS 510 is an HDCP compliant Scaling Presentation Switcher that accepts HDMI Compatible
and scales DVI/HDMI, computer RGB, HDTV, and standard definition signals to a common, The DVS 510 DVI inputs and output are HDCP
compliant and compatible with HDMI, enabling
high resolution output rate. The DVS 510 is a true presentation switcher for professional support of Blu-ray Disc and other copy-
protected sources. DVI ports enable secure,
environments, featuring simultaneous DVI and two analog RGB/YUV outputs, audio switching locked connections in professional installations
while maintaining full signal compatibility with
for all video input sources, an available 50 watt stereo integrated amplifier, and glitch-free HDMI, including audio and CEC.
switching. The DVS 510 serves as the ideal centerpiece in many systems for integrating a wide Blu-ray Player
variety of AV sources and displays. HDMI Output
HDMI Output

Key Features: Laptop with

HDMI Output

HDCP compliant
Integrates DVI/HDMI, RGB, HDTV, video, and audio sources into HDMI DVI-D
Series Cable
presentation systems Extron
10 multi-format inputs including two HDCP compliant DVI inputs Series Cable
DVI Input
RGB, HDTV, and video scaling

1 3 5 U L R
V RGB/Y, B-Y, R-Y V RGB/Y, B-Y, R-Y A 1 3 5 7 9
100-240V 50/60 Hz I O I
N U N 2 4 6 8 10 LINE
2 4 6 7/8 9/10

Simultaneous DVI and analog RGB / component video outputs

RS-232 LAN

Extron DVI Output

DVS 510 SA
EDID Minder Digital Video Scaler Extron
Series Cable
PIP - Picture-in-Picture
HDMI Input
Glitch-free switching with a cut or fade to black transition between
video inputs
HDMI Input
Power Save Mode
Audio switching and output volume control
Available 50 watt stereo power amplifier model with 25 watts rms
per channel into 4 or 8 ohms
Flat Panel Display with Speakers
extron Control
System Certification

a new certification is being offered

by extron for av professionals
who install advanced control systems.
the extron Control Specialist - eCS
certification is designed to recognize
individuals who successfully deploy and of the power and capability previously obtaining eCS Certification
support advanced control systems. It is reserved for fully programmed control obtaining an eCS certification is a
built on extrons popular av associate systems. as a result, proper set up and linear path, much like other extron
and Control associate certifications, configuration of advanced applications certifications. It begins with av associate
which include intensive training on with GC pro requires the expertise certification, followed by extron Control
av technologies, products, software and skills of individuals who have associate certification. the next step is
and applications. the experience with these systems, to demonstrate competency in control
namely programmers. system configuration through extrons
global Configurator professional eCS configurable control training course
the launch of the new extron Control new eCS training and exam.
Specialist certification coincides with new training is available to prepare extron training, education and
the introduction of extrons new individuals to successfully complete the certification programs are designed to
control system configuration platform, eCS proficiency exam. this eCS training equip system integrators with the skills to
Global Configurator professional. will focus on raising the skill levels of av install and support extron products, with
GC pro will only be available to industry programmers and eCa certified the ultimate goal of complete customer
individuals who have achieved eCS individuals by providing education on: satisfaction.
level certification. Graphic user Interface design principles, to enroll in any of extrons
GC pro includes advanced features enterprise management through extrons certification and training programs,
such as conditional logic and controller Global viewer enterprise software, and contact your extron Customer Support
grouping. While still providing the benefits system configuration utilizing GC pro and representative at (800) 633-9876 or
of configuration, GC pro offers much GuI Configurator software. go to

Extron Configurable Control Training and Certification Path

AV Associate - AVA Extron Control Associate - ECA Extron Control Specialist - ECS
Video Fundamentals Video Fundamentals Advanced Control System Concepts
Audio Fundamentals Audio Fundamentals User Interface Best Practices
Control and Networking Fundamentals Control and Networking Fundamentals GUI Configurator Layouts from Scratch
Extron Products and Tools Extron Products and Tools Configuration of GlobalViewer Enterprise
Global Configurator Professional Software

Extron Control Specialist - ECS

78 eDuCatIon Central AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Extron has great IR

career opportunities!

extron uSa and emea are seeking qualified
applicants for a variety of career opportunities in
Sales, technical Support, and product Support.
as an industry leader, extron is committed
to maintaining the outstanding level of quality
services our customers expect. We strive to
continually provide Service, Support, and Solutions
to our customers: dealers, consultants, and
av professionals. our customers are our most
important asset, and our employees are essential
2011 Extron Institute to maintaining that asset. We seek individuals who
can help us grow and who desire to achieve a
SChool loCAtion DAte rewarding career in a technical environment.

Digital av the netherlands June 20 Sales & marketing

applications engineer - CA, NC
av Signal transmission the netherlands June 21 Consultant applications engineer
audio technology the netherlands June 22 Director of marketing
educational market Developer
Configurable Control Systems for higher education (in Dutch) the netherlands June 27-28 Integration Support Specialist - CA, NC, Texas
av technologies for System Designers Dubai, uae July 3-4 marketing Communications manager
marketing Communications Writer
av Digital av (in Chinese) beijing, China July 6 product marketing manager
Software applications engineer - CA, NC
av Signal transmission (in Chinese) beijing, China July 7 tradeshow logistics manager
technologies for System Designers Dubai, uae July 10-11
School of emerging technologies Chicago, Il July 11-13 aC - DC power electronics Design engineer
Configurable Control Systems Chicago, Il July 14 applications Developer
audio power electronics technician
Configurable Control Systems for higher education Chicago, Il July 15 audio repair technician
Configurable Control Systems anaheim, Ca July 20 battery-powered Systems Design engineer
Compiler Developer
School of emerging technologies anaheim, Ca July 20-22 DC - DC power electronics Design engineer
Design engineer
av technologies for System Designers anaheim, Ca July 21-22 Digital hardware Design engineer - CA, NC
Configurable Control Systems for higher education raleigh, nC July 26 DSp engineer
embedded linux engineer, Jr - CA, NC, NJ
Digital av (in Chinese) Shenzhen, China July 27 embedded linux engineer, Sr - CA, NC, NJ
School of emerging technologies raleigh, nC July 27-29 embedded Software engineer
engineering project manager - CA, NC
av Signal transmission (in Chinese) Shenzhen, China July 28 engineering trainer
av technologies for higher education anaheim, Ca aug. 1-2 product Support engineer
Software build engineer
Configurable Control Systems for higher education anaheim, Ca aug. 3 Software Development manager
Software engineering project lead
av technologies for System Designers (in Chinese) Shanghai, China aug. 10-11 video hardware engineer
av technologies for System Designers (in Chinese) nanjing, China aug. 24-25 video processing algorithm engineer
School of emerging technologies bangalore, India Sep. 6-8 Product development
av technologies for System Designers (in Chinese) Jinan, China Sep. 7-8 applications engineer - Audio
applications engineer - Mechanical
Configurable Control Systems bangalore, India Sep. 9 Control System product manager
Configurable Control Systems Dubai, uae Sep. 11-12 applications engineer - Software Products
applications engineer - Software Project
Configurable Control Systems (in Japanese) osaka, Japan Sep. 13-14 Management
Software applications engineer
Configurable Control Systems raleigh, nC Sep. 14
Configurable Control Systems Dubai, uae Sep. 14-15 Sales - Europe
account manager - Scandinavia
av technologies for System Designers (in Japanese) osaka, Japan Sep. 15-16 technical account manager - Switzerland
av technologies for System Designers raleigh, nC Sep. 15-16 technical account manager - Scandinavia
technical account manager - France, Belgium
engineered System technologies - Consultants Washington DC Sep. 15-16 and Luxembourg
Configurable Control Systems anaheim, Ca Sep. 21 technical Sales manager - France
technical Sales manager - Italy
av technologies for System Designers (in Chinese) Xian, China Sep. 21-22 technical account manager - Northern Europe
Control applications engineer
School of emerging technologies anaheim, Ca Sep. 21-23 Customer Support
av technologies for System Designers anaheim, Ca Sep. 22-23 System Design engineer
applications engineer

marketing - Europe
technical trainer
2011 Tradeshows marketing Communication manager - europe

ShoW loCAtion DAte Engineering - Europe

Software Development engineer - UK (Dartford)
Integrate expo Sydney, australia aug. 30-Sep. 1 hardware Development engineer - UK (Dartford)
IbC amsterdam, netherlands Sep. 9-13 product Development
applications engineer
Gitex Dubai, uae oct. 9-13 application Software
Integrated Systems russia moscow, russia nov. 8-10
Inter bee tokyo, Japan nov. 16-18 For a complete list of current career opportunities
worldwide, please see our Web site at

extron, avtrac, Cable Cubby, eDID minder, Flat Field, Globalviewer, Ip link, Key minder, medialink, pure3, System Integrator and extron uSA
vn-matrix are registered trademarks of rGb Systems, Incorporated. 1230 South lewis Street
S3 Service Support Solutions is a registered service mark of rGb Systems, Incorporated. anaheim, Ca 92805
aap, auto-Image, CDrS - Class D ripple Suppression, Crosspoint, eDID manager, SIS - Simple Instruction Set, Speedmount, emaIl:
SpeedSwitch, touchlink, Quantum, Xtra, and ZipClip are trademarks of extron electronics.
eoe m/F/v/D
all other trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
2011 extron electronics. CompanY eventS 79

the laSt WorD

Did you enjoy the

Analog Sunset?
By Steve Somers

S unset is used to describe

the end of life for someone or
something and, in most cases, carries
part, to the advanced access Content
System or aaCS license mandate for
elimination of the analog video output
but wait. though funny - and engineers
Can be funny - such an orthogonal
viewpoint could apply here. how? the
the connotation of elegance and function on blu-ray Disc players by stressfulness within the transition from
gracefulness. Ive seen many beautiful the end of 2013. meanwhile, there are analog to digital interfaces and systems
sunsets, but Ive probably missed more limitations placed on analog delivery of is not about losing analog in favor of
than Ive seen. Witnessing the sunset high definition content during this recent digital. I love digital, and I believe we all
requires reasonably good timing as it adoption period of digital interfaces love digital. Its the best thing to happen
lasts for a short while, then its gone. within home entertainment products. since duct tape. the stress relates to the
to continue the metaphor, a period of Your experience with this mandate will management of content protection in a
darkness follows each sunset only to be be mixed depending on whether you are system environment where the protection
followed by a brilliant sunrise ushering using an older or newer disc player that scheme was not designed to support av
forth a new day. except when I wake up is playing an older or newer disc. system deployment larger than a single
in a fog. Depending on whom you talk with, disc player connected to a single display.
Sunsets normally rustle up a vivid, the analog sunset is a beautiful thing, or the glass is the incorrect size.
colorful picture in my mind. and, you not. Its the classic example of the glass Content protection currently has
might say the situation with the analog is half full or the glass is half empty two facets. the aaCS system provides
sunset has its vivid details and colorful perspective. engineers see the glass digital rights management from within the
aspects. the analog sunset refers, in as being designed to the incorrect size. digital disc media. Coding in the aaCS
can control how a disc player delivers
content, including whether there will be
analog output from analog-equipped
players. the physical interface, or hDmI,
incorporates high Definition Content
protection, or hDCp, to manage the form
and control of electrical data from one
box to another.
entertainment content providers
are happy with the content protection
scheme, more or less. providers focus
on thwarting digital piracy. I believe
everyone can agree that content
providers should receive their due
rewards, but the mechanics of the
existing hDCp protection system are
nearly unworkable in a distributed av

Continued on page 76

80 the laSt WorD AV SyStemS DeSign Summer 2011

Digital Switching Simplified


Eight Input Switcher with ProDSP Twisted Pair Receiver

Extron MLS 608 D

The Extron MLS 608 D switcher is an easy-to-use, eight input switcher designed to integrate digital and analog sources for a single
display. It transmits HDCP-compliant HDMI and analog video plus audio and RS-232 signals over CAT 5-type cabling to the included
MTP/HDMI U R twisted pair receiver. EDID Minder ensures that the display receives the appropriate image resolution from the varied
sources. To further simplify integration, the switcher provides ProDSP for digital audio processing, including mixing, ducking, feedback
suppression, and audio de-embedding. The MLS 608 D is a complete switching solution for HDCP-compliant HDMI and analog video
plus audio and control signals.

Key Features:
Capable of switching between multiple digital and analog inputs
Selected inputs, including control, are distributed over CAT 5-type
cables to included receiver
Optimized system performance with ProDSP audio signal
EDIDM inder ensures that all sources power up properly and
reliably output content for display
HDMI audio de-embedding
HDCP-compliant switching and long distance transmission of
HDCP encrypted content
Integrated stereo or mono 70 volt power amplifier and non-
amplifier models available
Compatible with Extron TouchLink Touchpanels and MediaLink
Control Panels
High Performance. Reliable. Flexible.
Digital That Works.

XTP CP 1600 XTP CP 3200




XTP CrossPoint Systems

The Extron XTP CrossPoint is a flexible, reliable signal switching and distribution system that provides a completely integrated solution
for multiple digital and analog formats. XTP CrossPoint matrix switchers support local connectivity as well as extended transmission
capability for sending high resolution video, audio, RS-232, Ethernet, and power up to 330 feet (100 m) over a single CAT 5-type cable.

Easy to Set Up Reliable

XTP CrossPoint Systems can easily be set up and configured out XTP CrossPoint Systems deliver robust system reliability and
of the box to save you time and money. Intuitive control software dependable switching of video signals through EDID and HDCP
provides straightforward system configuration without complicated key management. Featuring advanced 24/7 system monitoring and
programming. hot-swappable modular components, XTP CrossPoint Systems
are built for continuous, trouble-free operation in the most critical
XTP CrossPoint Systems deliver extremely high switching and Flexible System Designs
transmission performance to support a wide range of video XTP CrossPoint Systems let you easily integrate digital and analog
formats, including the highest resolution DVI and HDMI signals. devices into your system design. Connect and switch between local
The high data-rate digital backplane provides a truly future-ready devices, or extend to remote locations up to 330 feet away using
AV integration solution. just a single CAT 5-type cable that carries, video, audio, RS-232 or
IR control, Ethernet, and power.
gOAL dRIVEn COnTROL SySTEm dESIgn Summer 2011