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Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Sepanggar

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Activity title HIP Fun Zone

Brief description of the An out of class activity that encourage fun learning through kinesthetic learning style. We have
activity introduced 2 types of games in the HIP Fun Zone
1) Hopscotch Build Me Up
2) Spelling Ladder
Aim/s Hopscotch Build Me Up
1) To improve vocabulary at word level
2) To read and answer simple questions spontaneously
3) To construct sentence with guidance or without guidance

Spelling Ladder
1) To encourage pupils to spell or practice spelling in a fun way
Expected student 1) Improve students listening and speaking skill
outcomes 2) Students love to play and learn in a fun way outside the classroom.
3) Helps students to become confident and independent.
4) Students may strengthen their understanding from the classroom.
Suggested steps for Hopscotch- Build Me Up
implementation 1) Pupils throw a token into each box accordingly.
2) Pupils listen to the instruction at every box and answer the question.
3) Activities are varies from word level, phrase level and up to sentence level.
Spelling Ladder The activity can be suited with variety methods of encouraging pupils to spell and
improve their vocabulary. It is flexible and can be amended based on students level and content. There
are 3 options to play on the spelling ladder.
A) Using flash cards
1) Student jump on each station and spell a word based on the flash card shown.
B) Word sight based on the story given or topic learnt.
1) Student acquired previous lesson based on the reading material that they have read or
topic taught by the teacher.
2) Other student will wait at every station and instruct the player to spell based on the cards
given by the teacher. They will read out the word to spell.
C) Hangman
1) Player throws a dice. The dice consists of vocabulary and grammar item (things, people,
places, animals, building and adjective).
2) Teacher gives clue and pupil guess the letter while jumping on the station.
3) If they misspelled other pupil will take turn.