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Progress Test 1 (Units 14)

Track 5
You will hear five people talking about meetings. For each recording, match the
speaker to ONE piece of advice (ah) that he/she gives. You will hear the recording
1 Speaker 1 __________ a) Brief participants well
2 Speaker 2 __________ b) Have a clear purpose
3 Speaker 3 __________ c) Invite the right people
4 Speaker 4 __________ d) Arrive on time
5 Speaker 5 __________ e) Chair the meeting effectively
f) Choose the right location
g) Keep the meeting short
h) Have someone take the minutes

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 1

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
6 __________ (you / work) on a new project at the moment?
7 My colleague always __________ (finish) work early on Fridays.
8 Our company __________ (already / invest) $4.54 million in Research and Development
this year.
9 The marketing team __________ (meet) in London once a week.
10 At the moment we __________ (not develop) a new brand.
11 __________ (you / usually / buy) birthday presents for your colleagues?
12 The new company, GoKids, __________ (produce) books for children.
13 I __________ (see) my boss at 12.30 tomorrow.
14 Im going to the conference too. I __________ (give) you a lift if you like.
15 The bus __________ (depart) from the central bus station at 7.35 p.m.
16 I wont be able to make the workshop on Friday. I __________ (go) to Frankfurt for a
long weekend.
17 __________ (you attend) the seminar next week?
18 I think the Budapest flight __________ (be) late too.
19 They __________ (stay) at the Ibis Hotel in Paris at the moment.
20 Ive decided I __________ (leave) the company soon.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 2

Read the article and decide if these statements are true or false.
21 British companies are failing to spend money on modernising their businesses.
22 Large numbers of companies have invested in new IT equipment.
23 The press have reported on many unsuccessful projects.
24 LS took over Calcot.
25 LS recently took over its rival.
26 Biltons is a successful partnership.
27 Small and medium-sized businesses need to negotiate better.
28 Parts-2-go and Delkon are working closely together.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 3

Changes in business operations
By Alan Rodger
British companies are investing huge amounts of money in making changes to their
traditional business practices. The main aims behind this investment are to increase the
quality of services provided, while reducing prices.
The demand for available and skilled IT resources in the UK is so great that many customer
services companies have decided to outsource contracts to low-cost countries, such as India,
in order to meet this demand.
So, what are the challenges and opportunities that outsourcing presents? There have been
many newspaper stories of failed projects and broken-down relationships between customers
and the service companies who have outsourced contracts. Probably the most famous of
these stories was LS, who had agreed a ten-year deal to provide services for Tilkin. This
ended earlier this year, when LS was replaced by Calcot. However, it was not all bad news
and LS behaved professionally and helped to ensure the successful takeover of the service by
its rival, so the only problems reported were minor ones.
The main goal of investing in outsourcing is to improve the quality of customer services, and
to lower the cost of operations at the same time. One example of a successful outsourcing
partnership is Biltons. Almost two years ago the company started outsourcing services to a
consortium of companies. The deal with the consortium is for five years. Payments are made
to the consortium if it reaches its targets it has to deliver a two percent improvement in
customer satisfaction annually.
There are huge opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to make savings by
using shared services. For instance, organisations with similar requirements can negotiate to
use the same service provider. This would mean that the costs for each company would be
reduced through savings of scale. This is the model behind a deal recently announced for a
joint venture between Parts-2-go and Delkon.
Partnerships are great opportunities to show what can be achieved with open minds, shared
interests, and a commitment to better and cheaper services. Perhaps the experience of the
past can actually help make changes for the future.
From the Financial Times
consortium, noun, sing. a combination of two or more large international companies, which
join together for a special _common purpose.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 4

A Complete the gaps in the conversation with appropriate phrases (aj).
Sandra: John, ______________ 29 ? When would be the best time to launch the new sun
cream range? July?
John: _______________ 30 I think May would be better. Thats when most people start
going on holiday.
Sandra: _______________ 31 but Im not sure wed be ready by then. Theres still a lot of
work to do.
John: I know _______________ 32 So, what do you suggest?
Sandra: _______________ 33 June? That gives us three months to prepare.
John: _______________ 34 we need three months to prepare?
Sandra: Two months would be too little, I think. _______________ 35 about that?
John: Three months will be fine _______________ 36 anyway.
Sandra: Great. _______________ 37 ring Martin and see if he agrees.
John: _______________ 38 for a minute. Can we discuss something else first before
you call?
a) what you mean
b) whats your opinion
c) How about
d) I propose that we
e) Thats true
f) Well, I think so
g) Maybe, but
h) How do you feel
i) Are you saying that
j) Hold on

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 5

B Some of the underlined phrases in the telephone conversation below contain errors. Find and
correct them. If a phrase is correct, put a tick in the space next to that line.
Bob: Good morning. Easy electrics.
Alexis: Hello. Id like speaking with Bob Baker, please
Bob: Bob Baker speaking.
Alexis: Oh, hello. My names Alexis Draper
Weve got a meeting on Wednesday, but Im afraid somethings come to.
Bob: No problem. How if Thursday?
Alexis: Sorry, I cant make it then. Could we meet on Friday
at eleven?
Bob: Thats OK to me.
Alexis: Good. So Ill see you on Friday. ________________________ 45
Bob: OK then, Bye.
Alexis: Bye.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 6

C Complete the conversation using the sentences (ae).
Woman: Hello Boris. Nice to see you again.
Man: __________________________________________________46
Woman: __________________________________________________47
Man: __________________________________________________48
Woman: Oh yes. Maxlite manufactures bags, doesnt it?
Man: __________________________________________________49
Woman: __________________________________________________50
Man: Thanks very much I will.
a) Im working there at the moment. Let me give you my card. Give me a call when you are
in London next.
b) Not too bad, thanks. Where are you working these days?
c) Im with Maxlite. Im in the sales department.
d) You too! How are you?
e) Thats right. Weve got branches throughout the UK, so Im hoping to work in London
at some point.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 7

Complete the sentences using the correct alternatives.
51 What is Janices management ________________?
a) style b) way c) type
52 Im working on a new research ________________
a) field b) project c) policy
53 Ive heard our company is going to ________________ with PTL Limited.
a) merge b) acquire c) expand
54 We need to ________________ the layout of our department.
a) reorganise b) regulate c) relocate
55 I wouldnt say they were cheap, but the CDs were certainly good________________
a) cost b) price c) value for money
56 Weve discovered a complete lack of brand- ________________ among our target
a) stretching b) awareness c) force
57 Expect ________________ on this service of up to 2 hours.
a) delays b) seats c) overbooking
58 The business has twelve retail ________________ in London.
a) subsidiaries b) outlets c) warehouses
59 Millers is a very ________________ company. I cant see it ever modernising the way it
a) conservative b) dynamic c) progressive
60 Im working on a new campaign to ________________ our new product range.
a) promote b) move c) relocate

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 8

61 I work in a large department ________________ .
a) store b) kiosk c) warehouse
62 In order to get a new job, I need to ________________ .
a) retrain b) retail c) relaunch
63 Shall we walk upstairs or take the ________________ ?
a) subway b) lift c) left
64 I dont ___________ with you at all.
a) complain b) criticisec) agree
65 Shop at Daveys we stand for ___________ and reliability.
a) quantity b) quality c) standard

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 9

A You have received the following e-mail. Write a short reply (40 to 50 words). Include
the following points:
thank Mandy for the invitation
explain that you are not available for the meeting as you are on a course
accept the lunch invitation and arrange a time and date
Paul Healey
Project Meeting
Dear Paul
I just wanted to check youre available for the project meeting on December 19 at 14.30. Do
you fancy lunch sometime next week? We could go to Browns, the new place in the town
centre perhaps? Ive attached a copy of their menu.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 10

Breaded Garlic and Ginger Prawns 3.75
with a sweet chilli dip.
Smoked Scottish Salmon 3.95
smoked salmon slices served with rustic bread and a wedge of lemon.
Fresh Soup of the Day (V) 2.50
served with a wedge of rustic bread.
Main Course
Peppered Sirloin Steak 11.50
8oz sirloin steak with a creamy peppercorn sauce dusted with cracked black pepper, served
with two flat mushrooms, chips and a fresh mixed leaf salad.
Duck with Orange Sauce 10.75
Half a Lincolnshire duck served with a richly flavoured orange sauce, roast potatoes and
mixed seasonal fresh vegetables.
Thai Green Vegetable Curry (V) 8.25
a medium spiced vegetable curry, laced with coconut milk, served with a poppadom and
coconut rice.
Traditional Baked Cheesecake 3.75
a slice of delicious vanilla flavour cheesecake, served with passion fruit coulis.
Chocolate Fudge Sundae 3.50
ice-cream, chocolate fudge brownie, Maltesers, cream and chocolate fudge dessert sauce.
Fruit Pavlova 3.25

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 11

B You work for the glass bottle wholesalers, Wilsons. Your company has not yet
received payment from a client for the invoice below. The finance manager, Ms
Sanderson, asks you to write a letter (120 to 140 words) to the client.
Include the following points:
the subject of the letter
remind the client what the order was
explain to the client that the payment is overdue
if payment is not received within seven days, the company will take further action
give details of how you or Ms Sanderson can be contacted
Client: Mr Fitzpatrick
Invoice no: PIC401
Item: 1 litre glass bottles
Quantity: 10,000
Price including VAT : 2,025
Payment due: within 30 days (by 14 May)

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 12