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Last Name First Name Town Role Locations Found Race/Ethnicity Age Description

Gorvi's Shack, Junker's Edge, Fatman's

Feedbag, The Hagfish, The Pixie's Kitten,
- Gorvi Dungsweeper around town Half-Orc (Shoanti) 25 Fat, heavily tattooed lummox. Often smells of refuse and beer.
- Vachedi Jailor Sandpoint Garrison Shoanti 37 Heavily scarred brute.
Avertin Alma Baker Sandpoint Savories Chelaxian 52 Carries a constantly worried expression, but pleasant.
Avertin Aneka Townfolk Sandpoint Savories Chelaxian 24 Often smells of fresh bread. Usually covered in flour dust.
Avertin Arika Townfolk Sandpoint Savories Chelaxian 24 Sometimes smells of fresh bread. Keeps clean.
Barett Aeren Youth Chelaxian 7
Barett Alergast Townfolk Chelaxian 27
Barett Amele Townfolk Chelaxian 28
Barett Verah Baby Chelaxian 1
Battlehorn Aesrick Carpenter Guildmaster Carpenter's Guild, Sandpoint Lumber Mill Dwarf 72 Smells of cut wood and coffee. The hands of a craftsman.
Berinni Jesk "Cracktooth" Tavern Owner, Cracktooths Cracktooth's, Sandpoint Theater Chelaxian 25 Looks like a thug. One incisor broken off.
Bevaniky Savah Weapons Merchant Savah's Armory Varisian 29
Bevuk Chod Butcher Sandpoint Meat Market Shoanti 36 Often smells of blood. Missing the small finger on his left hand.
Biggis Jalms Guard Sandpoint Garrison Chelaxian 20
Sandpoint Locksmith, Sandpoint Theater,
Briskalberd Volioker Locksmith Cracktooth's Dwarf 140
Danvakus Olmur Grocer Guildmaster Grocer's Hall Halfling 31
Deverin Gaven Brewer Two Knight Brewery Chelaxian 56
Deverin Kendra Mayor Sandpoint Town Hall, Deverin Manor Chelaxian 33 Short-cropped reddish-brown hair. Brown eyes.
Deverin Vana Kendra's Sister-in-Law Deverin Manor Chelaxian 43
Sandpoint Theater, Sandpoint Mercantile
Drokkus Cyrdak Theater Owner League Chelaxian 34 Larger-than-life. Flamboyant and flirtatious.
Turandarok Academy, The Curious Goblin,
Gandethus Ilsoari Headmaster, Turandarok Academy The Way North Chelaxian 58 Kindly, always faintly amused.
Haladan Chask Bookseller The Curious Goblin Chelaxian 69
Harker Banny Lumber Mill Co-Manager Sandpoint Lumber Mill Chelaxian 24
Sandpoint Garrison, Sandpoint Town Hall,
The Pixie's Kitten, The White Deer,
Hemlock Belor Sheriff Fatman's Feedbag Shoanti 29 Imposing, severe. A bit dour when addressing official business.
Hemlock Landen Youth Shoanti / Chelaxian 9
Hosk Daviren Stablemaster Goblin Squash Stables Chelaxian 41
Lovely and popular. Exotic looks (dyed bangs, dragon tattoo, beauty mark on right cheek).
Kaijitsu Ameiko Tavern Owner, the Rusty Dragon The Rusty Dragon Tian-Min 18 Favors red colors.
Kaijitsu Lonjiku Kaijitsu Elder Kaijitsu Manor, The Glassworks Tian-Min 36 Sullen and contemplative.
Kesk Maver Jeweler Sandpoint Jewelry Chelaxian 36 Wild-haired; a bit absent-minded.
Kesk Pennae Townsfolk Sandpoint Jewelry Chelaxian 32
Sandpoint Boutique, Sandpoint Mercantile
Korvaski Hayliss Boutique Shopowner League Taldan 29
Sandpoint Mercantile League, Sandpoint
Korvaski Sir Jasper Mercantile League Manager Theater, Sandpoint Boutique Taldan 33
Red Dog Smithy, The Hagfish, Risa's Place,
Korvut Das Smith Fatman's Feedbag Shoanti 31 Bald, with massive sideburns. Powerfully muscled. Often drunk.
Magravi Besk Co-Manager, Risa's Place Risa's Place Varisian 39
Magravi Lanalee Co-Manager, Risa's Place Risa's Place Varisian 32
Magravi Risa Tavern Owner, Risas Place Risa's Place Varisian 72 Mostly blind.
Magravi Vodger Co-Manager, Risa's Place Risa's Place Varisian 44
Mvashti Koya Townfolk Madame Mvashti's House, the Hinterlands Varisian 65 Dresses in bright Varisian colors, with many layers and scarves.
Mvashti Niska Harrow Reader Madame Mvashti's House, the Hinterlands Varisian 94
Parooh Veznutt Cartographer The Way North, Turandarok Academy Gnome 162 Aged but spry.
Podiker Alver "Pillbug" Apothecary The Pillbug's Pantry, Fatman's Feedbag Chelaxian / Varisian 38 Short and rotund. Balding in the front.
Povalli Rynshinn Seamstress Vernah's Fine Clothing, Sandpoint Boutique Half-Elf (Chelaxian) 22 Arguably the most beautiful resident of Sandpoint.
Carpenter's Guild, The Hagfish, Sandpoint Thinning black hair, thick mustache, sizable paunch. (Source: Wayfinder #7, Swallowtail
Provalost Jodar Townfolk Savories, the Hinterlands Varisian 37 Festival Games)
Large-domed head, bald on top with shock-white hair on the sides, as well as a large
mustache and tidy beard. Farsighted, wears glasses to read. Large nose. Usually seen with
Quink Brodert Sage Sandpoint Sage, The Curious Goblin Chelaxian 67 an orange tabby cat.
Quinn Jargie Tavern Owner, the Hagfish The Hagfish Chelaxian 37 Gregarious and one-legged.
Rovanky Larz Tanner Rovanky Tannery Varisian 37 Serious-minded perfectionist.
Scarnetti Manor, Sandpoint Lumber Mill,
Scarnetti Titus Scarnetti Elder Scarnetti Mill, Fatman's Feedbag Chelaxian 47 Blond hair, pale blue eyes. Mustachioed.
House of Blue Stones, The Curious Goblin,
Sorn Sabyl Master, House of Blue Stones Sandpoint Cathedral Vudrani 28
Sterglus Turch Fishmarket Manager Valdemar Fishmarket Chelaxian 65 Lazy eye. Wild, white hair.
Tander Nisk Alchemist Bottled Solutions Half-Elf (Chelaxian) 30
Tenniwar Gressel Barkeep, Fatmans Feedbag Fatman's Feedbag Varisian 27 Enormous.
Tesarani Kaye Madame, The Pixies Kitten The Pixie's Kitten, Sandpoint Garrison Chelaxian 27
Thorn Ibor Lumber Mill Co-Manager Sandpoint Lumber Mill Chelaxian 22
Sandpoint Shipyard, Valdemar Manor,
Valdemar Belven Shipyard Manager Valdemar Fish Market Chelaxian 31 Handsome. Often pre-occupied with something.
Valdemar Manor, Valdemar Fishmarket,
Valdemar Ethram Valdemar Elder Sandpoint Shipyard Chelaxian 68 Sometimes has difficulty breathing.
Hannah's, The Pixie's Kitten, Sandpoint
Velerin Hannah Healer Cathedral, Junker's Edge, the Hinterlands Elf 143
Vhiski Jubrayl Tavern Owner, Fatmans Feedbag Fatman's Feedbag Varisian 36 Lanky. Does not look like one someone would trust with wallet or daughter.
Vinder Katrine Townfolk General Store, Sandpoint Lumber Mill Chelaxian 19
Vinder Shayliss Townfolk General Store, around town Chelaxian 17 Long red hair. Quite attractive.
Vinder Solsta Townfolk General Store Chelaxian 34
Vinder Ven General Store Merchant General Store Chelaxian 34 Thick, dark beard (no mustache).
Viskalai Garridan Innkeeper, White Deer The White Deer, Sandpoint Garrison Shoanti 32 Somber, quiet, and gruff.
Exotic. Bright blue eyes, long red hair. Bronze-colored skin. Gregarious and constantly
Voon Vorvashali Curio Merchant The Feathered Serpent Vudrani 22 excited.
Vosk Naffer Gravekeeper Sandpoint Boneyard, Sandpoint Cathedral Varisian 52 Twisted spine (lurching gait).
Wedger Daigle Guard Sandpoint Garrison Chelaxian 19
Wheen Bilivar Wheelwright Wheen's Wagons Chelaxian 36 Lanky, dejected.
Wheen Vorah Townfolk Wheen's Wagons Chelaxian 38
Whesterwill Courrin Granary Manager Scarnetti Mill Chelaxian 40 Constantly worried, often sneezing.
Sandpoint Cathedral, Sandpoint Boneyard,
Zantus Abstalar Town Priest Hannah's, Madame Mvashti's House Chelaxian 39 Pleasant, youthful.
Additionally, there are over 1,000 more human residents of Sandpoint, as well as over 30 more halflings, over 20 elves, around 20 dwarves, 12 other gnomes, 11 more half-elves, and a handful of half-orcs (but who counts half-orcs, anyway?)