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ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S): What is a business letter? What are the differences (similarities) between a business letter and a
personal letter? What is a template? How do you change a WORD template to a WORD document? What is a letter of application and
why type of information should it include? Explain the difference(s) between an employee and employer. Who writes a letter of
application? Who receives a letter of application? What is a header and where does it appear on your document? What is a footer and
where does it appear on your document? What is a theme? How is the theme that you apply in this class unique for your assignments?
What are margins and how are they set and/or changed for a document or set as an application default? Demonstrate how to insert/
apply and format a picture from your My Pictures folder. What is a hyperlink? Demonstrate how to insert/apply a hyperlink from your
picture to previously saved document on the L Drive. What is a reference? What is a letter of reference? What is the standard number
of reference letters which should be submitted with your application packet? Explain. Who should you have to write a letter of
reference and what type of information should a letter of reference include? Demonstrate.

STANDARDS: MSBCS-BCSIII 1.a-c; 2.b-e; 4.a; 7.d; 10.a & c; 11.a-d; 13.a-c; ELA8RC3; ELA8C1; ELA8LSV1; ELA8R2;
L6-8RST3; L6-8RST4; L6-8WHST4;
1. Log in and open Word
2. Go to FILE -- click Open -- click Computer -- click to openL Drive -- BSM -- _Lab_Dorsey -- 8 th Grade --
Period -- Letter of Application folder -- Letter of Application (Template)
3. SAVE AS TYPE: Word Document -- Letter of Application folder -- Your last name, comma space first name
(capitalize first letter of each) example: Dorsey, Racine

4. Apply your page theme/color -- (Make sure to change your font color IF necessary)
5. Change margins: *Click: Page Layout -- Margins -- Custom Margins apply the following changes
Top 1.5 -- Bottom 1 -- Left 1.25 -- Right 1.25 -- Gutter 0 -- Gutter Position - Left
6. Double-click in header: Your First and Last Name and type: your first & last name (capitalize first letter)
7. Double-click Date and type todays date (spell out -- i.e. October 28, 2013) or click todays date in drop-menu
8. Press Ctrl + A and go to Line Spacing and click Line Spacing Options go to Spacing and make sure that
Before is at 0 pt After is at 0 pt and Line Spacing is on Single
9. Click ONCE and replace: (Make sure that you use capitalization, punctuation, and spelling correctly)
[Recipient Name] replace with Ms. R. S. Dorsey
[Title] replace with Vice President
[Company Name] replace with Your Companys Name (from your C.I.S. career / NOT part-time job)
[Street Address] replace with Your Companys Address
[City, ST ZIP Code] replace with Forsyth, Georgia 31029
10. Click [Recipient Name] beside Dear and type Ms. Dorsey
11. Highlight Begin here. and type the letter below inserting your information from your C.I.S. - as necessary
*Do NOT indent the paragraphs (this is a block style business letter) -- Press ENTER twice between paragraphs.

I am replying to your online advertisement at for September 10, [20--]. As requested, my
application and a copy of my resume are enclosed. I am very interested in this position.

My education and training has provided me with a thorough knowledge in this field. As you can see, I
recently graduated from [name of college/university] with a Bachelors Degree in [type your major here]. My intern as (a /
an) [part-time job title], with [part-time companys name], has afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with this field
and its procedures. I also have lots of enthusiasm and a sincere desire to succeed.

From the specifications listed in your advertisement, I feel that I have the general qualifications. I would
appreciate the opportunity of presenting my qualifications in a personal interview.
*Make sure that you leave
enough space between the
Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting you. word Sincerely, and your
name to put your
12. Click [Your Name] and type your first and last name (capitalize the first letter of each) signature, once printed.
13. Click [Title] and type Job Applicant
14. Click beside Enclosure(s): press TAB once and type Job Application
15. Press ENTER once and press TAB once and type Resume
16. Click beside Reference(s): press TAB once and type 1st & last name of your 1st reference
17. Press ENTER once and press TAB once and type 1st & last name of your 2nd reference
18. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and double-click / highlight and replace:
Street Address with Your full street/mailing address (parents current address)
Address 2 with City, State ZIP Code
Phone: 555.555.0125 with only replace the #s with your area code & phone #
E-mail Address with your e-mail address (same as one on job application)
19. Insert AND format job-related picture from your My Pictures folder adjust size & place on upper right side
20. Spell-Check
21. Double-check to make sure that you have
*applied margin changes
*inserted/typed header
*saved in 97-03 format L Drive Letter of Application folder your last name, first name (first letter capitalized)
*date is spelled out
*applied page theme/color
*changed font color (IF necessary)
*filled in all recipient information correctly
*typed letter with no indentions (block-style) - (filled in your information where necessary)
*typed closing
*listed enclosures
*listed references
*replaced information in footer
*inserted and formatted picture (placed on upper right side of letter)
*proofed used capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling correctly
*EVERYTHING is on one (1) page (highlight and cut any extra spaces so that everything fits on 1 page)


Press ENTER twice Insert & Format


Use grammar,
punctuation &

*Click FILE and select
Apply your
*Click File Type drop- theme & font
arrow and select: Word color to
97-2003 Document entire
*Highlight whatever is document
in the File name box
*Type: your LAST
name, FIRST name FOOTER
*Click SAVE