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Lesson Plan Title: Exploring Adjectives Date 2/22/17

Course/Subject: 2nd grade Language Arts

Content Standards/Clear Objective(s):

o Students should be able to correctly identify adjectives
o Students should be able to correctly use adjectives in writing
o Students should be able to create or select vivid adjectives to enhance their writing

R.I. 2.4. Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade 2 topic or subject

Assessment (aligned with objectives):

Pre-Assessment: Teacher will in ask questions in class and ask for volunteers to answer.
What is an adjective?, Why are adjectives important? and What do adjectives

Post-Assessment: Students should be able to actively participate and identify the

questions asked in the beginning of class. Students will be asked to write one sentence
on their own at the close of the lesson to display their comprehension. The teacher will
check all sentences to see which students need additional help. Students will further

Materials (list):
Dry erase markers
White board
Sentence worksheet

o Teacher will open the lesson by explaining and reviewing adjectives
o Ask students Does anyone remember why adjectives are important?
o Explain poster and what adjectives explain
o Write ten phrases on the white board containing adjectives. Ask students to identify the adjective
in each phrase.
o Students will then create one sentences on their own and write it on paper. The teacher will come
around and check each sentence. Students will quietly color their picture while waiting on the
teacher to check their paper.

Differentiation matching student/s need:

Enrichment- Ask advanced students to write sentences using exclamatory and interrogative form.
Support- Help struggling students by giving them suggestions or helping them write their
Students will complete an adjective worksheet for homework.

Evaluation of lesson and adaptation I may need to make to continue work


o Show students an image and ask class to create an adjective for that image
o Add additional day of instruction and ask students to work in small groups to create sentences
containing adjectives
o Provide additional worksheets in class and for homework to reinforce the concept

Other Comments/Notes: