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About the women

By Arthur Schopenhauer
With the girls it has the nature to that which you apart in the dramaturgical se
nse, a bang, calls by the same, a few years, with superabundant beauty, charm an
d wealth endows at the expense of their rest of life so that they, namely, Durin
g those years, could seize the imagination of a man to the extent that he is car
ried away, the care for her on his life to take over in some form, honestly, at
what steps to induce him, the mere rational deliberation not sufficiently secure
guarantee seemed to give. Accordingly, the nature of the woman, just like any o
ther of its creatures, equipped with the weapons and tools, which it needs to se
cure its existence, and at the time because it requires her, but she then also p
roceed with its usual economy. As is the female ant, after mating, which from th
en superfluous, indeed, lose the wing Brutverhältnià dangerous, so usually after
one or two child beds, the woman's beauty, probably the same reason. Accordingl
y, the girls keep their home or commercial business, in their heart for a second
ary, perhaps even for mere fun: as their only serious professional they see the
love, the conquest and what is related to it such as toilet, dance, etc. The nob
ler and more perfect a thing is, the later and more slowly they come to maturity
. The man gained the maturity of his reason and mental faculties hardly before t
he age of twenty-eight, but the woman with the eighteenth. But it is also a reas
on for it: an almost even measured. Therefore, the women remain children their w
hole life, seeing only the next stick to the present, take the glow off the thin
gs for the little things matter, and draw the important matters. The reason whic
h it is in virtue of which man is not how the animal lives only in the present,
past and future, but overlooked and remember, then from which his caution, his c
oncern and frequent anxiety arises. The advantages, such as the disadvantages th
at brings This is the woman, in consequence of its weaker sense, less partakers,
but rather is the same
a mental myops by his intuitive mind sharp in the vicinity sees the other hand,
has a narrow field of vision, not what the Far falls, so just all absent, Past,
Future, much weaker effect on women than on us, from which it also of them much
more frequent and sometimes bordering on madness wastefulness arises. The women
think in her heart, is the determination of men to earn money, her other hand, p
ush through it, if possible, even in the lifetime of the man, but at least after
his death. The very fact that the man acquired the household hands over to them
, encourages them to believe. - So many disadvantages all this but carries with
it, surely it has the advantage that the woman more in the present rises, as we
are, and therefore it when it is only bearable, enjoy better, from which the the
woman peculiar serenity showing which it is suitable for recreation, in case of
need to comfort the sorgenbelasteten man. In difficult matters, after the manne
r of the ancient Germans, draw to the women consulted, is not objectionable, for
their view on things is from our own very different and especially the fact tha
t they liked the shortest path to the goal and in general the first Lying holds
the eye, over which we, precisely because it is located in front of us, mostly h
inwegsehn far, where do we then need, to be attributed to the fact, to win the c
lose and easy to view again. For this purpose is the fact that the women are dec
idedly more sober, than we see in the things which makes them no more than is re
ally there, while we, if our passions are aroused, slightly increase the existin
g or imaginary add. From the same source, it is deduced that the women show more
sympathy and thus more people love and sympathy with unfortunate than men: howe
ver, but in point of justice, honesty and diligence, these be inferior. For in c
onsequence of their weak reason exercises the present, Descriptive, Reale direct
ly from a power over her, against which the abstract idea of the standing maxims
that festgefaà ten
Decisions, even the regard for past and future, and absent on far from them, rar
ely much more capable. Accordingly, we as the basic error is the female characte
r, find injustice. It arises first from the stated lack of rationality and delib
eration is also still supported by the fact that,€dependent than the weaker, by
nature not the strength but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety are in
delible, and her propensity to lie. For, as the lion with claws and teeth, the e
lephant with tusks, the boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish
with water turbidity ink, so has the nature of the woman equipped with adjustabl
e force for its protection and defense, and has all the power that they gave to
the man as a physical strength and reason, the woman turned in the shape of that
administration. The adjustment is innate in him, then, therefore, almost as muc
h the stupid, as the clever wife own. By making use of them at every opportunity
, therefore it is as natural as those animals, in attack, immediately use their
weapons, and feels this is to speak use it as their rights. Therefore, a veritab
le all, undisguised woman is perhaps impossible. Precisely why they see through
foreign adjustment so easily that it is not advisable, against them to try it. -
From the established basic error and its offerings, however, arises falsehood,
perfidy, treachery, ingratitude, etc. The judicial perjury make women much more
often guilty than men. One could even call into question whether they are oaths
to admit. - From time to time, is repeated throughout the case that women, whom
nothing going on plug in toy shops and stealing something secretly. Because basi
cally the women alone for the propagation of sex there are, and their determinat
ion herein is rising, so they live consistently longer in the race, as in the in
dividual, take it in her heart seriously with the affairs of the genus, as with
the individual. This gives their whole being and bustle of a certain levity and
even one from the man
radically different direction from which arises the frequent and almost normal d
isagreement in marriage. could call the low grown, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipp
ed and the beautiful sex kurzheinige only by the sexual befogged male intellect:
in fact this drive lies its beauty. With more justifiably, as the beautiful, co
uld be called the female sex, the ugly. Neither music, nor poetry, nor the visua
l arts, they have really and truly sense and sensibility, but mere Aefferei, for
the sake of vanity, is it when they affektiren such and pretend. It is because
they are neither purely objective Antheil's capable of anything, and the reason
of this is, I think the following. The man strives in all, a direct control over
things either by understanding or by vanquishing them. But the woman is always
and everywhere referred to a mere indirect rule, namely by means of the man, whi
ch alone as it has to dominate directly. Therefore, it is the women nature, all
as only a means to win the men to regard, and their interest is in anything else
, only one simulated, merely a detour, ie amounts to coquetry and Aefferei. You
are sexus sequior [the lesser sex], which testify to the lagging in every respec
t, second sex, whose weakness is therefore to spare, but what reverence is ridic
ulous beyond measure and we persist in their own eyes. When the split nature of
the human race into two halves, it has not cut straight through the center. With
all of the positive polarity is the difference from the negative pole not only
qualitative but also quantitative. - So have just the old and the Oriental peopl
es viewed the women and then recognize their appropriate position much more accu
rately than we with our Old French gallantry and insipid Weiberveneration, the m
ost flourishing Christian-Germanic stupidity which has only served to them as ar
rogant and to make ruthless, that one is sometimes reminded of the holy apes in
Benares which, conscious of their sanctity and inviolability, is everything, and
hold each allowed.