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Dental Informatics

Dr Sergio Uribe
Introduction to Informatics General ODG Dental Practice Applications Clini
cal Research clinical File Management Using Internet Databases Valid
ation of information Reading


Recognize the importance of computing and information technology in dentistry

Identify various support applications for dental practice databases Recognize Id

entify validation criteria for general Internet sites

Recognizing the usefulness of Internet

Dental Informatics

It is the application of computers and information technology to improve clinica

l practice, research and administration.


physical components of the PC operating system, local applications> global Intra

net> Internet




Operating Systems

Windows Mac Linux

> 95, 98, XP, Vista> Panther, Leopard> SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu

Browsers> Firefox, Opera Office> OpenOffice

Using the PC in the clinic
Dental informatics
1) Administration 2) Clinical Practice 3) Research
1. Administration

Quotes from patients Inventory Cash Flow

2. Clinical Practice

Medical records Patient education Imaging Digital Photography

2. Clinical Practice


Legal element that records the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of a patient con

Personal Information Supplementary examinations Anamnesis Dentograma Treatments

2. Clinical Practice
2. Clinical Practice
2. Clinical Practice
2. Clinical Practice

Optical Zoom 3X at least 3.2 or + MP

2. Clinical Practice
3. Research

Data collection and analysis databases

Bibliographic patients> MEDLINE

3. Research

MEDLINE Database

is the most widely used by health professionals contains 800 indexed journals de
ntal app allows you to search by various criteria 15 million covers citations fr
om 1966 to the present 85% of the citations in English

3. Research
3. Research
3. Research
3. Research

For Seminar should use tools to seek reliable sources of information and scienti

Google Scholar MEDLINE Scielo

3. Research - Evaluating Internet information


Who is the author of the information? What is the author's affiliation? As can c
ontact the author?

It presents clearly the purpose of the site? We thank or mention any sponsorship
? Information is presented objectively?

3. Research - Evaluating Internet information


is serious and free from error? It makes clear the source of information?


specifies to whom information is addressed?

3. Research - Evaluating Internet information


When generating the information? When you last updated the page?


visual effects enhance the content? There are options to view only text? You can
access the site with traditional browsers?

Using the PC in the clinic

Further Reading

Dental Informatics

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A resource guide for Development through technology practice

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Presentation at Ubuntu with Openoffice Impress