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Contact Information
Name: Jose Roberto Emerich Junior Address: Rua Rodolfo Bento Ribeiro, 126 Neighb
orhood: Fabio Silva City: Shark State: Santa Catarina Phone: (48) 3622-5909 Mobi
le: (48) 9956-5658 E-mail:
Personal Info
Date of birth: July 15, 1986 Status: Single Birthplace: Tubarão, SC, Brazil Gend
er: Male Parents: Father: José Roberto Emerich Mother: Iracy Machado Emerich
Basic education
Institution: State College Antônio Municipality: Içara / SC Institution: Primary
School Fábio Silva City: Tubarão / SC
High School
Institution: CEdUP Diomício Davis County: Tubarão / SC
Technical Course in Computer Science with specialization in programming
Institution: CEdUP Diomício Davis County: Tubarão / SC
Degree course in Bachelor of Information Systems
Institution: UNISUL - University of Southern Santa Catarina City: Tubarão Attend
ing the third semester.
Professional Experience
Tecmedia Internet Design
Municipality: Shark Phone: (48) 3626-9454 Post: Web Developer Duration: 2005 - p
Artcon Photos
Municipality: Shark Phone: (48) 3622-5939 Position: Assistant photographer Perio
d: 2001 - 2005
General knowledge
• • • • • • • •
Programming in PHP Using total MySQL database experience with Oracle Advanced kn
owledge in Experience with AJAX Javascript PHP Basic knowledge in Action Script
In-depth knowledge in the integration of Flash server with detailed knowledge in
systems integration with desktop applications WEB basic knowledge in assembly a
nd maintenance of PCs Tableless Web Accessibility Usability WEB SEO (Search Engi
ne Optimization)
• • • • •
Work in the area of programming for WEB increasing popularity of this platform a
nd providing the client tools that will assist in managing and growing the busin
ess and thus making the organization where they provide such
service is known for selling quality products.
A little about me
I am a member of the 9th Scout Group shark for 11 years where he is currently wo
rking as a Scout with the aim of developing young people. In this group, work wi
th members from 10 to 15 years now but have worked with young people 15-18 years
. I volunteer program of Digital Inclusion Unisul teaching classes on Saturdays
in the morning. I am a partner, sincere, friendly and supportive. I like to feel
useful to others and to help it in any way needed. I'm outgoing, fun and good a

bout life. . I like to work with more people because only in groups and contacts t o work miracles in our area. Working with classes and data abstraction for sending e-mail I got a good learning object-oriented PHP. I am currently responsible for developing a tool to control site content company Tecmedia (Tecmedia Manager) in his version with th e possibility of internationalization.