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Um Pouca weeks fetus discover inner-do is not sua mãe uterus.

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In the Womb
An embryo of few weeks is inside the womb of his mother.
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Is in the beginning of its development.
He still has a long way to go.
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It is just the beginning of a human being in this state might be confused with t
he embryo of a monkey.
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Next to him is the yolk provides the nutrients you need in the first weeks of li
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Around the 8th week of gestation the yolk sac loses its function.
The umbilical cord starts to feed it with nutrients provided from the womb throu
gh the placenta.
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While all this happens, it floats quietly in his mother's womb.
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At the 16th week of gestation and almost all its organs are developed
The eyes are still closed, but the hands and feet start to move, although her mo
ther does not perceive it yet. Ria slides
With 4D ultrasound, the future baby is one who is outside and crisp images, also
his facial expressions.
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He has completed 24 weeks. Their organs, only the lungs are not fully formed.
So if it was born at that time would have great chances of survival.
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At this stage, moving his arms and legs, it blinks the eyes, suck their fingers,
and even has his first bouts of hiccups.
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It is becoming increasingly aware of the space around him.
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Like all babies, spends most of his time sleeping, and when you sleep, nothing t
o get aroused.
He even dreams.
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Complete at nine months and is ready to be born.
Em 40 weeks, which was one cell was transformed into a human.
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The miracle of the formation of life inside the womb is almost finished.
In a few days the lungs and the placenta is in charge to signal that now is the
time of delivery.
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The baby sleeps, calm, in the womb.
Do not know that soon it will abandon the placidity of his "home" to pass throug
h one of the most traumatic experiences of his life: the birth.
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Yes, because not only painful birth
for the mother.
It is also traumatic and stressful for the baby.
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And as well as events EN EL MILAGRO DE LA VIDA
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The images used in this pps are part of the documentary produced by National Geo
graphic Channel: "In the Womb" are images obtained through a micro-introduced in
to the uterus of a pregnant woman. Thanks to modern photographic techniques it i
s possible to follow the fascinating process of gestation of a baby.
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