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Sandra, a private detective.

My name is Sandra, I have 27 years, metro'm seventy

-three, dark, brown eyes, I have quite a beautiful breasts, firm and perfectly r
ound and upturned ass of which I am proud. On the circumstances of life after se
lective, gave me to study to become a private detective, and I've always been ve
ry adventurous and imaginative, of course I did not know that this profession is
only valid for discovering infidelity and the odd case of scams and petty theft
. So for several years my life was not very exciting in all aspects, including i
n the sexual as the time it takes the watches and different times I had many opp
ortunities. My life changed after I partner with another company that is dedicat
ed to engaging customers with requests more extravagant and most exciting cases.
The first case that happened to me was that of Laura. The request came at the h
ands of her husband who suspected his wife Laura was unfaithful and wanted to ex
press that she was a woman who watch and who obtained both still images and vide
o tapes or other evidence is required to demonstrate, so I ordered the case to m
e, who accepts. It was Tuesday, 10:34 am, July was hot and I was in my office le
afing through the file that I had been the case. Laura (no last names for obviou
s reasons), 30 years, no children, married to a rich businessman who just kept a
t home, your awesome photo showed a woman with a spectacular physique, blonde, s
ix feet five, green eyes, long hair and straight, I found a really beautiful wom
an, I am not surprised that her husband suspected ... I started to park my car o
utside your villa and hope movements, the first was normal, shopping for expensi
ve clothes shops, hairdressers, art shops etcetera .. I was always without notic
ing and taking pictures of all their movements and so for about three days until
... one night, Saturday, when her husband was away, he left around 0:15, wearin
g a gray dress with straps tight skirt which reached half of her thighs, through
it is small and panties hinted swear he was not wearing a bra. He was really se
xy. So I figured I was going to meet her lover. He took his car, a red sports ca
r and headed for the outskirts of the city, after half hour's drive went into a
residential area and park the car in front of a villa, in the light looked so it
was assumed that there was someone waiting. Laura parking lot and enter their o
wn key. It was my turn!, I took the video camera and study the situation. I coul
d climb a tree climbing up a window upstairs and try to find a place to eavesdro
p, as they had thrown the blinds on all windows below. Escale and went right in
the main room, there was a large bed, with sheets up inviting her, I assumed tha
t the lovers end up there, so I hid in the closet was huge, had several doors an
d chose the area of the shoes because from experience is the least used in these
cases, leave the door ajar just enough to see the bed and my camera could captu
re the issue. You could hear voices downstairs, but I could not hear what they w
ere saying, then listen to the stairs and finally the door of the room were here
!, Hear a female voice saying, "I will devour you, love, I've been waiting for t
his moment all week, "Laura thought it was very hot but suddenly heard another w
oman's voice if you, darling, I'm yours, kiss me, I peered through the opening a
nd saw Laura and passionately kissing another woman, standing beside the bed , n
ow understood
because her husband wanted her to be a woman who watches Laura!. probably suspec
t that his wife had lesbian tendencies. The other woman was a brunette, with a f
igure that looked like a magazine model, wearing a white top, it held out her be
lly and navel beautiful location that served as a piercing, and then adjusted sh
orts which clearly appreciated raja marked and excited at the moment. When I saw
these two women kissing and pieces with their bodies so close, I felt a chill t
hroughout the body, it was exciting, I had never spent anything like it and I st
arted to enjoy the moment. Laura with their hands in the back of the brunette as
he kissed her passionately, to caress her buttocks and squeezed at her as if to
escape while Eva is not (as it was called the brunette), she lowered the straps
of the dress allowing it to fall by its own weight and discovered the great bod
y of Laura, as I assumed that he had no bra and panties were so small that only
tapaban her ass.€Laura Eva push on the bed and took off the top revealing a pro
minent breasts whose nipples were hard and Moradita, Laura leaned over and began
to lick her tits while you groan with pleasure and moving her hands as if to sq
ueeze masejeandolas . By then I had already unzipped the fly of my pants and get
my pussy that was getting wet and I was burning with excitement. Eva licked her
tits Laura surely, ran his tongue across his aura and then biting her nipples c
ausing it to stir with pleasure and moan incessantly. below under one of his han
ds to slowly introduce Laura's panties and her pussy looking to start masturbati
ng. Through panties fingers looked experts who knew how to work soaked lips and
vaginal fluids to Laura screaming uncontrollably "go go, more, more, I love you
Eva, you're fabulous hand-.La Eva up and down through Laura's panties, from time
to time took it out and put her fingers in her mouth to Laura that the suck and
clean the freshly extracted juices. Laura Eva dispossession of lingerie and let
you watch one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen, perfectly shaved
and inviting rosy lips to kiss. Needless to say, I was making my ring finger all
that my position within the cabinet would allow. The brunette was still working
on Laura clitoris with his fingers while he ate the tongue, lips, neck and ears
. Laura was abandoned in what appeared most intense pleasure I have ever experie
nced. My camera never stopped recording while I did not stop masturbating, while
felt like my legs dripping juices caused by my complacency. Laura suddenly want
ed to take the initiative and knocking Eve in bed, her panties fit and barely gi
ve you time to react to this began touring with his tongue swollen slit Eva open
ed her legs and arched so enjoy of all those attacked. From my angle I saw Laura
's ass and pounding her pussy with a sensual swaying guessed the rush to which h
e was subjecting her lover. I could not but I never stopped to masturbate with m
y right hand with his left hand while filming. Eva screamed like a mad-ahhhhh!,
While Laura is !!!!, his tongue down her slit from top to bottom and is all that
could be introduced. When Eve inevitably ran, Laura was over her, her tits toge
ther as she ate the tongue, Eva Laura opened her legs and started fucking
like a role-playing game in which Laura was the man and was metiendosela. Eva he
lped grabs the buttocks and pushing hard to itself so that assaults were more in
tense. Her nipples brushed against each attack and were really cries of pleasure
without limits. Changed their position, this time if you joined their pussies,
putting the legs of one over the other and leaving each to one side of the bed,
sounded like wet lips clashed against each other, as they beat and took off. "Ah
hhhhh, that if I like !!!!- said Eva-I'm going to run again !!!!. sky On one sid
e was willing to go, I was tired of the uncomfortable position in the closet, bu
t on the other was enjoying the spectacle as ever imagine. After fucking the one
to the other, underwent a session of tender kisses and hugs and darling that we
re registered with my video camera, then went to the bathroom to shower together
, seize the occasion to come out, out the door down the stairs and ride in my ca
r towards home. Nothing more to arrive, undress me completely and I took a showe
r, was sweaty, wet and excited by what he had seen this profession finally gave
me a new and interesting experience!. After a warm latte view the tape twice, I
thought Laura's husband suffice it to file for divorce, but on the other hand I
felt sorry for Laura and Eve teasing, as they had taken care. I was thinking all
night and I had an idea that could stand to gain much better than with the fees
that Laura's husband would pay me. Would you like to know what I did?. It is Su
nday, July, 10, 30 am, just breakfast and I am about to launch my plans. At dawn
I made copy of the tape which recorded the amorous misadventures of Laura and E
ve the night before and was about to play my cards. Call Laura's husband and tol
d him I had nothing conclusive yet, it still needed a few more days, so it was a
ppropriate to continue to travel as far away as possible from her, to which he r
esponded without difficulty€so I'm sure to have a clear field, then went to my
room and started rummaging through my wardrobe, look for a black panties that ha
d been used to see them just too sexy for my tastes, but it fits perfectly with
my plans, after I started a large gray sweat pants that clung to the waist with
a cord and a black top that showed my tummy and my shoulders bare. I picked up t
he hair in a ponytail behind miss a mark that had cap, sporting a white and perf
ect. I look in the mirror, I was really attractive, my breasts were marked acros
s the top generous, and my athletic body into tempting me. I took the copy of th
e tape, mount in my car and went to Laura's house with a mixture of emotion and
excitement. I was going to play me everything for everything. When I arrived at
the stately home, park the car in the back and went to the front door, I knew th
at Laura was alone, because for my shift on Sunday found that monitoring was the
maid's day off. Ring the bell, quite nervous and excited, and wait, after a cou
ple of minutes, the door opened and I saw Laura, I was half asleep, unkempt, but
really attractive, she wore a gown of cream satin, closed the help of a satin b
elt also tied to his waist, but open enough to read her firm breasts and naked.
Who are you and wants? - I ask myself looking up and down.
I'm a private detective, "I answer as he showed the videotape, my name is Sandra
and I have something that may interest you ... "I can spend?. .... But I doubt
for a moment at last. Pass - I said wait for me in the room while I dressed. Bet
ter not! - I replied, "Stay here!, This can not wait! My tone imperative the par
alyzed, looked at me strangely as I walked into your TV, lit it and put the vide
otape. I hit the Play and images of lesbian orgy with her friend began to march
to his beautiful green eyes. - That means it has no right !!!!,! Now give me tha
t tape!. Scream Laura. - Keep it if you like, just a copy, the original I have i
t safe. Then I began to relate the whole story, as her husband had hired to spy
on me and how I got his erotic adventure with Eva, use a soft tone of voice and
walking around it while it recounted, looking lasciviously up and down ... it I
listened amazed as I finish the story said: - It is clear, I understand, I do no
t want my husband to know this, because as you know is a rich businessman who gi
ves me everything I want. I guess this will have a price, tell me how much he pa
ys for my husband and I tripled it. - The case, "I answer as I approached her,"
do not want money ... - So if you do not want money .. I wonder who wants .....?
, Laura. I stood in front of it, I remove the cap and let my hair loose, the loo
k in his eyes and slowly untie the knot of the gown allowing this would open and
would uncover their beautiful tits, wearing a thong color that outlined her bea
utiful purple thighs, slip the robe over her shoulders and it fell to the floor
leaving her naked body exposed. - What it does - Laura said his voice breaking a
nd covering her breasts with the arms crossed. "Gone mad?. - Do you want the tap
e? - You ask. Yes .. of course, "she said, as her body trembled and his legs gat
hered excited by the situation. Then, you must be a good girl and give what you
want ... Sandra I grabbed her neck and pulling her to kiss me trying to penetrat
e with my tongue in her mouth, I was excited, was the first time he kissed anoth
er woman ... note soft lips and wet tongue that resisted my attack, but soon rel
ented, opening her mouth and abandoned to a passionate kiss and warm. We ate the
one to the other for a while through each cavity of our mouth, biting her lips
and caressing her hair. Then I began to sobarle breasts, firm, perfectly round,
noting their
nipples erections at the touch of my hands. - Ahhhh, and detective, well .... ah
hhh ..... Laura lay on the couch, I remove the top freeing my breasts began to s
troke with great skill, massaging them with his whole hand and then pressing the
m together under his mouth to the aura of my nipples and began to lick in circle
s touches the nipple. - Ahhhh, go on, Laura, I love ..... I was a hundred, I nev
er had sucked the breasts as he began to nibble my nipples while his hands ran o
ne of my tummy with a massage and ambling down looking for something more .. I u
ntie the knot of his trousers, and lifted its mouth to mine,€with her breasts w
ith mine, I noticed that I was going to run at any time, was unable to do anythi
ng, was abandoned more immense pleasure ever imagine. Then his hand under my pan
ties penetrate her fingers brushed my mons pubis and labia fell to my juices soa
ked in hot, his movements were rhythmic, began stroking my clitoris deflowering
skillfully to penetrate me with his fingers after taking me to orgasm .. - I run
, Laura, ahhhh, still ,.... Laura continued to masturbate, taking me to total ec
stasy, I could never imagine such a pleasure, and I finished undressing her, and
there, on the sofa are brought together into an eternal 69, his tongue entered
my slit while I savored his ... that taste, the smell of female, the perfume tha
t he had received from my hiding place last night ... now everything to me. Sudd
enly notice how their language is distinguished from its position and ran a dire
ct path to my anus wet ... note that tickling, trying to penetrate so narrow gap
, only those attack caused me indescribable pleasure. - If, heaven, please Metem
a finger now, ahhhh ... Laura juice with your finger around my dark hole, soakin
g in flux prior to lubricate it and then push and sacándomelo rhythmically. - Y
ou like to give you the ass?, Eh, because here's my cute detective .. - If, like
me, is .. please, until the end ... let me, Aahhh, ahhh! I had to withdraw of e
ating her pussy, it was really good, would not let me breathe, I leave to anothe
r great orgasm to fall dejected, tired and sore on the couch. - Well, now I gues
s you'll give me the tape?. He said while putting on her robe. - Of course, I am
a woman of the word !!... you'll get, but I need information. - Information?, O
n what?. I wonder.
Then I remove some data that will serve me for my next plan. I got dressed and l
eft her with a passionate kiss and promising that her husband would never know o
f his erotic misadventures. When I was driving home mentally ordering informatio
n was provided by Laura and I would for my next adventure. I was about to make m
y other part of the plan, had the information provided by Laura, and Monday the
next day from my office will send the tape by courier as he had promised and fel
t on my computer data to make my plans. Her name was Eva, was secretary of Laura
's husband, brunette, slim, sexy, six feet approximately 52 kilos. He lived in a
villa on the outskirts of the city, address coincided with the house I had visi
ted two nights ago and where I got the recording. A real sweet. The arrow betwee
n her and Laura there was a time he went to the office of her husband and saw he
r, just look at each other both knew that they liked and began a relationship th
at had lasted three months. Laura's husband suspected nothing and as for me as p
romised nor Laura would know ... but I deserved an award for my silence ... so .
.. I went to a fashion store that Laura had recommended me, there I was with a c
ombination of panties, light and extremely red bra sexy and expensive!. Then I b
ought a cream colored blouse and suit jacket and dark blue skirt, matching shoes
, looked like a true executive!. I finally went to another hairdresser recommend
ed by Laura where I did a really fantastic hair. Needless to say, all running co
sts on account of Laura, was one of the requirements for my silence. Call the of
fice of Laura's husband, knew positively that he was not, continued to travel ..
but my intention was to talk with Eva. Sorry .. but the Lord Peralta is a busin
ess trip and will not return until Friday ... if he wants to make an appointment
..- Eva told me with a voice that caused me some excitement. The case is, "I re
plied that I have an important documentation that give, if you please I will giv
e to you .. According .... come over here any time, our time is 8 to 14 hours an
d 16-22 hours. Wow, do not you mind waiting until 22.30?, I have a meeting and c
ould not go until that time ... Was he trying to take my land - OK, but please d
o not delay. Perfect, my plan was booming ... reviewing. According to informatio
n from Laura, Eva fascinated red lingerie and I was, he liked women entrepreneur
s and executives and assumed that role, I wore a perfume that he knew he was goi
like it ... and I would have alone in her office from 22.30 .. As you may have e
ver imagined my intention was none other than jumping in the stunning Eva, but I
wanted to do it by seduction and not by blackmail I did with Laura ...had disco
vered in me a lesbian side that did not know but that was beginning to wonder. I
t was 22.20, the people had left the 12-storey building housing the office of Mr
. Peralta and where I met Eva. After confirming my appointment keeper took the e
levator to the seventh floor. While climbing I felt as excited just the idea of
trying to seduce Eva, had for me that he knew her lesbian tendencies and tastes
... but she did not know who I was ... felt like the bikini and was heated only
thought. Fifth, sixth and seventh. I left the elevator, the room was dimly lit b
ecause the people were gone ... in the end it was a glass office inside was brig
ht and Eve, got her hair, gray suit skirt and jacket, printing and curves a perf
ume that fired the senses. Hi, Sandra, had been with Miss Eve to deliver some pa
pers to his boss, Mr. Peralta. Yes, pass please me, was waiting. Notice how he l
ooked at me, surprised, and surely not expect to see a young woman, elegant make
up. They are my agency reports that Mr. Peralta was expecting (which was true, a
s were the reports of the investigation.) Van in a closed and sealed as Mr. Pera
lta requested. Aha, very good .. thanks. The note upset, no doubt it was for the
perfume ... I knew that was her favorite ... Sorry, Eva, know a place nearby to
stay calm ... I have all day without stopping and I'm excited hullabaloo ... To
morrow I have to travel further and I want to stick a good shower and rest ... W
ell around here there is a good hotel ... if you want to go with you, is just ar
ound the corner. Well, okay. We went down to the street, we turned the corner an
d went to the hotel, try at all times act like a confident ... but sexy at the s
ame time ... and she noticed. Just when we were dismissed at the reception ... I
said: Why not stay a while, I invite you to dinner .... I do not like dining al
one ... Eva doubt for a moment .. I was confused ... on one hand was a natural i
nvitation to dinner .. but then its appeal to me to patent it .. Agreed. Thank y
ou very much ... I agree. Well, first let us go to the room ... I take a shower
and went down to the restaurant. Ok.
I was totally in my field, we went to the room .... nothing more ... get me off
his jacket, blouse and skirt .. in the most natural. Eva looked askance at me ..
when he saw my underwear had no choice but to talk. Oh, it's beautiful the set
is very sexy .. .. surely go mad men. And some women ... add. I approached her,
standing beside the bed ... .. I was nervous before her and began touching her t
high and up her skirt with my hand reaches your hip gray. Would you like to try
it ??... If I said, "answered débilmenteMe near her and kissed her tenderly, pe
netrating well my tongue in her mouth, savoring his fleshy lips, while my hands
around her buttocks under her skirt and made gap between her panties. She also b
egan to caress my back with his fingers gently up my spine looking the clasp of
my bra which skillfully dropped. I kept kissing her neck, tasting his skin like
a cold, I opened the zipper of her skirt and drop, then I started to kiss and li
ck while unbuttoning her blouse between her breasts and down her tummy, her nave
l .. ., the lie in bed, let her breasts free to begin to enjoy them, rubbing the
ir erect nipples which devour like candy and occasionally biting which gave him
a special excitement that forced her to arch pleasure. While her tits devoured m
y left hand was over her panties, noticing a sprig of black hair and humidity pr
oduced no doubt by its flow ... grab the panties and pull them into her slit met
iendoselas, his lips protruded through the material, it excites a lot, I began t
o stretch and loosen and each attacked her breasts moved her nipples and forced
me to look again and again ... Aahhh, heaven is like .... ..... They put a hundr
ed groans me so each time more and the fabric pulled further into her crack, she
shrugged and kept his legs moving .... I felt like I was running alone the exci
tement caused me to see such beautiful woman enjoying that. Eva suddenly took th
e initiative, with great energy was above me and began to eat the whole piece, n
eck, ears ... down to my breasts massaging them while devoured alternatively, sk
illfully stripped me of my panties which were soaked and relax before I could op
en my legs and put his head between them to drink my juices and lick my slit. "A
hhhhh, Eva, is please not stop ... Metema language ... ahhhh. That languag
e was really fascinating, is contorted so that no gap left without sucking my sl
it, my clit licking and she surfaced without pause, I ran it thoroughly ... and
take that orgasm to fill his mouth with juices and give it to me is a passionate
kiss, moist, flavored with females in heat. The remove the panties came off of
her labia and I returned with interest the blowjob with which she had given me e
The flavor was really tasty, mingled with the scent of your skin and produce aph
rodisiac effects, it was like tasting a rich tropical fruit, she massaged her br
easts while I fed fluids. "Go on, go ... ahhhhh, I'm going to run .. Sandra ...
you are divine ... Continues. Note a new wave of flow invade my mouth, take the
opportunity to give it back, let your little round ass and pink in my service, o
pening her thighs and dropping all the liquid from my mouth into his dark hole,
I put my tongue and savor the flavor Bitter .. after my finger gently introduced
first and then only partially full, charging ... as he kissed her neck ... she
turn up and down her ass and masturbated with her fingers so that I felt through
the thin skin that separated them from the mine .... That was out, the pleasure
felt is indescribable, I was fascinated by that body, the skin soft, smooth cur
ves such ... this woman was truly a whim of the gods ... Laura is well understoo
d that the stick to her husband .. really worth it. The climax came when all our
pussies together, sandwiching our legs and squeezing against each other, mixing
our labia, our juices, fucking the one to the other, that made me lose track of
time, I felt faint with pleasure and I drop into bed exhausted .... take this w
onderful opportunity to get a straw Eva two fingers as he kissed me tenderly ...
After the shower, ate dinner together. At no time will reveal who he really was
and what he knew. We exchanged mobile numbers for contact and establish new fri
endships. With that settled let the case of Laura and Eve. All had been happy an
d compliant. Mr. Peralta pay me well for my services, I was happy to see that hi
s wife was faithful to him .. poor guy!. On the tape, I still have a copy that I
sometimes see and makes me think .... ....... those bodies were mine.

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