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Key Test 5 far you OF be waning ou) Vepimaencngenrrec Pat 1 Goin ot ee carte i tn the Beye ‘retain cal ana canbe inet aga teeing SAMPLE (Test 1, Question 6: Emi to Sem) Halo Sam, How are you wan eo ae mea favor. want 0 borrow ou beycle because you know that like all about it and | don't have a Beyle. Ii eed It For only 8 day. Plate ely reed, a8 econ Ifrished | wl recur of Pease | need your anower Bye take care kises. Leen, Pepe sy mya reat te ‘suru (Tet 1, Question 6: Email a Sem) as Vr (a lies ep Rare ed parepeeetd Se ee ee eect aa en ie a ol bring & back 40 you on Nonday SANPLE (Test 1, Quostion 6: Emallto Sam) [, sam 11d To borrow me spur pegete for Five dayes because IL 9 to canter sid. with may farnly 50 1 willbe Back &o wou Tw eve Sonera sty wt i eager fen “re an sgl soma abe ea Saurus (Tee, Question 7: Letra tend) 1 st! How are yas ad, your fy? hae ane yu dang wan? De yeu hve & BB? Wak are ph dang in your fee tine Tin ine, Un ypu erg mach, im meting a the moment we writing ou in ny offic. fy farurte resturant o nit ood seri good frais, ronan ean, very npr fer me ie i clea. tng ton, we Rake restaurant, terme i Strada we con ab italian (od, pasta, punt gcd salad te. Bub nel Uke to il he en resturant int ton, (vk is very rie! Tele ne wen we en Inet for ag iar, We can ited arte frends 2 Pave goo eng. (hep evenings ave oe fer yout | tie! [Seep sont ‘inna cena tol a be th in oy and ge eh ra ‘Soe ogarety ear Tne trace rnge anaes od erst ‘ivi asiuurs Vt edatTeesora snes eaeneton sere ‘Sumorarnn'ngcng era. sar Weve smote a SAMPLE (Tost 1, Question 7: Latter orien) Dear Eleonora, Mary thanks for your letter, it wae realy nice to hear from you again. I's such a long time since we wrote to each other in your letter, you aksed me had s favourite restaurant. In my town, which Is called Tours, we have lots of restaurants, But the name of my favourite restaurant is *La Trastoria Ie att italian restaurant, which is situated In the oldest quarter where everyone goes to have a drink, but it's mostly requented by students. Ike this restaurant because We can have italian food but also typical food from my area lke cheese, foie gras (duck pat), The atmosphere la very pleasant because there is a soft music and the people who work there, are very Rendly. Ifyou come in Toure, we wil goto ha you wil love this restaurant. {Give my regards to your family. look forward to seeing you 00m, Love Tite ser gnoc aon hone ns aL i aos 8 Kenan ‘escent Te or tra ier ete ‘Samay eg a tmaphrlnvry neat pcle ata wax Hath ‘Sslewel ngracouin unpletirg Tore weer orem eat rane ‘se werapaing cao avoqre ne mace [SANPLEF (Test 1 Question 7: Leto toa iene) ‘As you know I really like the hungarian food, 50 it is no question, where is my faxourit restaurant in Budapest. Hungarian kitchen is quite spicey, but in my opinion, this fact made the Hungarian fond welt knowed ait around. the world. 1 like particularly one on the Duube's bank, where the sigit is so butufoul. You can enjoy the panorama. of the Geleit mountain, the Palace, and. you can see the most Famous bridge, the Chain bridge as well. The service of this restaumat is very friendly, or as | used. to saying: very “hungarian™. The food is fantastic, the waiters are very helpfuly, 30 you can get there everything, if you want t0 have such a rice evening. Even if you are going there with your Girifriend, you can spent a romantic time together, and am sure, she would be very pleased. examin Connon “isisaindaner sng tanta ion weveaensie Rune eg Yair ‘hoy tmparnana th tt naman Grasp ae eae sn han ‘Seta eng sarscnsvocoryasearazste ng Thaw bo (Sain canara mer ‘Sree gles, oases ery ml, bl oy erg Saurus: (Test 1, Question 8: was onthe beach.) | was on the beach when my mobile phone rang | sans that may datery is low & | didn's pick up the phone. On the beach | read. book and. | went to pub | finished. te beer and. | went to heme about 6 p.m. | opened my trindows ard | went to slep at 10 pum. To-day | will 4p to cimema. in the evning with my friends. But in the | tmoning car hit me and. now I'm in the hospital | can took thad why | widering thos story so l'm realy sory bub PU not come to scheck in newt week beacuase I'm nob able, This is realy story from my life. ‘hiring ncostacn ras numatas npodena ote ah wy ty ‘nurien (Test 1, Question &: | was onthe Beach...) [nse on tae peach when my male phone mag. was my Batiste. She was very ervoue and sro Sho tald me hat while ne were hang holdays somebody came inside our fat. An he had stoln our computer and sorte cach was furcus So wert to hore eed, ura: nas i's mese. Iwas dsasterl Both of ue mre ering Me phoned to oe pole offic, half an hour iter polices arrived Mey ake Something too, nit nether of dd ow anything Face man eld {to n, "Don be afald and noted about”. But ne were abl to ke thas. Bus 2 days later nas ale to ge the phone from pave. The man ho has stolen ou computer was caught. Hewas a man who Ined nex ocr of us Eventually we were abe to bring back ourcomper andthe man apologised us and moved another at ‘Tisiea gt ear nbn nf ng, bl aera aon e ve wn poenaasarignings sr nano" sodeonenta ow ‘Sag. hearse nom hansanpa antes otro proton bak tayo, rates om tone orrs ash gra tom pear he man ‘ougaes tony neo erased on ea 4 ‘surat (Test 1, Quosion 8: was onthe Beach...) "se nt oe ROA ATs ge Se ie oe ee PS Set sr“ SEEN ier te ay eb ny eae he ny se sed tke bs Ia awe Si ceateret nasal er metre Se cia ea yn ‘ity gn gn cnr anon ol ih Wa “tog Te a ronan = Tet eansorgt ety cee mi tt Ta. ee nt ‘mag Cher tesa bear mses borbecw own worn Lt a Ysa a my [tm meen lon ‘Honan Mem apcse unpaid ows hiom tase Saran yoyo wn a oh 5 Gurumin ere rsmeinnay serene ae By ochre ot vse wa ‘ou Em yu og tuyoine noe wasnt? er pn ts oa rs ga Sasa esineento srs SSG jomaut aa seante ena avea oben, mesmo ‘om Yo too rg raat iy aan, Sete at in! [er pe on ne sey Ya ac Sy You nina batpeteneg nto an ame 7? ‘or inner Yue te ng cs? (it Soran ae nya our gota hat nro Soi eanigtoy tana cota Imeoph teaches, Mery thease ac ‘Imani art yey ea Pub Shorheusrcuayoeuresnormews loom (Perera SS RSE EES Sesese stn memo aentes