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Winter Fashion.
The date of my photoshoots will be between the 3rd and the 10th of March
Photoshoot Detail: Date of Photoshoot: Time of Photoshoot:
Initial Shoot 13th March 2017 9:30-11:30
Re-shoot 17th March 2017 14:00-15:00
Final Shoot 20th March 2017 9:30-11:30

1. Leah Ditchfield
2. Scarlett Egerton
3. Oliver Egerton
I have chosen these models because they fit my target audience.



Heath Park Delemear Chester City

Runcorn Forest Center

Legal and Ethical Issues

These rules are intended to prevent the abuse of peoples charitable
impulses. Charity advertisements or advertisements that feature charities
should treat with care and discretion any subjects likely to arouse strong
emotions. Although audiences are generally more tolerant of potentially
distressing treatments when the objectives of an advertisement are
charitable, sensitivity is nevertheless required especially in relation to
younger audiences.
(This information was found on the ASA website:
When launching my advert campaign, I will have to keep these rules into
consideration or I will be breaching ASAs rules and regulations. When
advertising my images, I must make sure they are suitable for a young
audience and make sure they are sensitive to an emotional audience.
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The law gives the creators of
literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts,
films and typographical arrangement of published editions, rights to
control the ways in which their material may be used.
(This information was found on Google:
When launching my advert campaign, I will have to take this law into
consideration. When taking images, I will have to make sure that they
have no brands that havent give me permission to use and I will have to
make sure that everything
-Defamation Act 2012
The action of damaging someones reputation.
Slander: Spoken- TV and Radio chat shows, interviews
Libel: written, newspapers, magazines and online.
This is a civil law.
I will have to be aware of this when creating my campaign advert, I cant
compare my chosen charity to a competitor if it means I will have to say
something negative.
-Obscene Publications Act 1959 and 1964
Under this law, it is an obscene article for publication for gain. Something
is considered obscene if it tends to deprave or corrupt, those likely to
read, see or hear that matter contained in i.e. pictures of death, this is a
criminal law.
The obscene publications law doesnt apply to my advert campaign
because anything that is classed as obscene is irrelevant to my adverts
and however; I will still have to keep it in mind when creating my advert.
Code of Practice:
-Misleading Advertising
According to the ASA rules, marketing communications must not
materially mislead or be likely to do so, Marketing communications must
not explicitly claim that the advertisers job or livelihood is in jeopardy if
the consumer does not buy the advertised product.
(This information was found on the ASA website:
When launching my advert campaign, I will have to keep these rules into
consideration or I will be breaching ASAs rules and regulations. When
advertising that the money goes to a charity I need to be careful in the
wording used, I will be breaching the rules of ASA if I was to say for
example buy clothes in this charity shop because if you dont children
will die as they havent got enough charity money to get them clean
Impersonations, sound-alikes, parodies or similar take-offs of celebrities
are permissible only if those devices are instantly recognisable and if it
could be reasonably expected that the person concerned has no reason to
object. Nevertheless, advertisers are urged to obtain advance permission
or seek legal advice before clearance. Copyright permission should be
sought for references to, or portrayals of, well-known characters or their
names or personae.
I found this information on the ASA website:
When producing my advertisements, I need to take this rule into
consideration because I dont want to be breaking the ASA rules and
guidelines, for example if we were to include names of the models used
this would be breaching their privacy as it isnt relevant for the advertising
campaign to tell people their private information.