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Mail from a biologist ..

Are We Killing the Planet?

By: Armando López RamÍrez
Q = estimated biologist is true that we are destroying species and the planet? R
= First unclear to me what it means
"Destroying the planet" this is a very common journalistic header and slogan usi
ng various media, artists and intellectuals, and from my point of view has not b
een reflected in an objective dimension, destroying the planet I think is out of
reach. Through billions of years or geological cataclysms, or astronomical even
ts have been destroying the planet, nor been able to stop the path of biological
evolution. Could be a poorly structured communication attempt, perhaps concerns
are not properly managing the resources of our environment and therefore we are
deteriorating or changing to a greater or lesser extent the middle. But you go.
that is actually referred. For example I have a friend who 15 years ago told us
very strongly alarmed other friends and I from the dangers of plastics, in term
s of environmental pollution and that the planet was actually in peligor of coll
apse due to these contaminants. Fifteen years have passed and nothing has happen
ed with the plastic and transcendental is but my friends have forgotten about it
, now used as a protest against other things in the same apocalyptic context. I
also think that some people have found (finally) a value activity and have self-
appointed defenders of the planet, have taken the path of protecting the environ
ment and the planet as a way to devote their lives to a higher work of humanitar
ian level, and the like are finding reinforces his noble attitude. But these att
itudes are worthy of respect only thing recommended is to avoid exaggeration bec
ause we are not in danger of dying planet although it may be a good hobby. And i
t is very easy to fall into situations out of place, the other day I was reading
in this diariio of a teacher who had promoted a march power with their students
as a way to link students with the reality you imagine. this barbarity, have wh
en they learn in the classroom and make a hunger strike or to organize plants lo
wer surface to teach the scientific method or manner of conducting studies that
really have social impact or significance. Well, it is easier to protest that st
udy, nor why.
For example it is said that thousands of species are extinct and have not docume
nted (them) about that, one, if, as well as hears (or reads) a single! and it is
easier said than done. Or is it easier to structure slogans studies. For our go
vernment is more comfortable situation because, as "all" we're killing the plane
t "all" we have to remedy, thus avoiding responsibility for its main protagonist
s, but Nadama Note the difference between political spending and spending devote
d to environment. And we are waiting for the rain to fill the beds and the water
tanks, but we are all destroying the forest then we do the work (but works!) To
solve the problem. As we say the planet and is a mess and we are all guilty, or

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