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35 tips to put you lose weight without dieting

Want to lose weight but you can not go on a diet? Following these tips will not
have to worry about dieting, or stop eating, are a few simple tricks that can he
lp. 1. Dilute the juice. Rather than take a normal juice, put half of water to d
ilute. You can reduce up to 85 calories per cup. 2. Use your wireless phone. Whe
n talking on the phone, instead of lying down watching TV, please wash the cloth
es (68 cal.), Setting the table (85 cal.) Water plants (102 cal.), Etc. 3. Chew
gum. It has been found to be chewing sugarless gum all day, helps boost your met
abolism by 20%. 4. Pay for sweet gifts. If someone gives a sweet, put a coin of
10 pesos in a boat, then give that money to someone in need. It'll cost more to
accept candy "gifted" when in fact you are paying a price for them. 5. Study the
wrapper. At first glance seem to have a candy or chocolate, for example, 200 ca
lories, but if you look closely, almost everyone brings two parts, then has twic
e the calories. 6. Take green tea before exercise. Caffeine free fatty acids, ca
using you to burn fat faster. And the antioxidants in tea, with caffeine, help b
urn calories faster. (If you have high blood pressure is not good that take you)
. 7. Avoid the diet shakes. Only temporarily save calories, because then you get
hungry as you like and eat more. 8. Dinner at home. Dining in restaurants five
or more days a week can make you fat (at least eat 300 calories more per day). 9
. Replace the butter. Put olive oil on bread instead of butter is more healthy a
nd takes away a little hungry, so you eat less. 10. Use flaxseed powder. Flaxsee
d is high in fiber, helps you your heart's content faster and cut calories. 11.
Low-calorie dressing (20 cal. And 1.5 oz. Of fat). Mix a tablespoon of balsamic
vinegar, ¼ teaspoon of olive oil and ¾ teaspoon of mustard. 12. Become a blood
test. One in 12 women (most do not know) have a thyroid problem, which can caus
e your metabolism is slow. 13. Drink lots of water. The more water you take, it
is better for your body, besides that fills your stomach and takes away a little
hungry. 14. Trick your taste buds. Suck a mint or eucalyptus can help you take
away the cravings. 15. Spice up your meals. Using too much spice in your meals,
can help you stop eating sooner. 16. Take a cocktail white. Like water, low-fat
milk fills your stomach, and as it also contains carbohydrates, makes you eat le
ss. 17. Salad in pieces. Cut pieces of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, etc, into chu
nks (rather than grate or cut small), you harder to chew large pieces, then it i
s safer to chew more and eat less. 18. Talk on the phone to a friend. Fill the v
acancy with conversation, not cookies. 19. Write down what you eat. Write what y
ou eat can help you have more control, not have to be super accurate, but it hel
ps to write more or less know what you've eaten on the day and control you. 20.
Worry. The concerns, anxieties or stress takes your work regularly
hunger and also make you burn calories. You can burn up to 700 daily. 21. Hide t
he remote. You can easily burn 200 extra calories a day if you stop using the co
ntrols and make everything by hand (change of the TV, make a movie, open your ga
rage door, open a can, etc). 22. Use cooking spray. To prepare salad, chicken, f
ish or pasta, use cooking spray, preferably olive oil. A 2-second spray of oil (
spray) distributes approximately ½ teaspoon of oil, compared with 2 or 3 three
that you'd have to put if not sprayed. This saves you about 100 calories. 23. Bu
y in small portions. The bigger the package of food you buy, the more you eat. 2
4. Practice intervals. When you go for a jog, increase your speed on the final l
ap. This helps you burn more calories without lengthening the time you exercise.
It also helps strengthen your muscles and bones. 25. Measure the amount of food
. It's easy to pass you hand eating, for example, pasta. So before you start eat
ing, measure the amount of what you will eat, so they do not eat much. 26. Rent
a horror film. When you are afraid, as is normal that takes away your hunger and
give you less. And when you're happy or angry, usually gives you more hungry. 2
7. It reflects your choices. Look in a mirror while you're eating, this is of he
lp to consume from 22 to 32% less. 28. Drop and do 10.€Before you open the can
of snow or chocolate in your hand, let him aside and do 10 sit-ups or crunches.
It is very likely that you chop and do more or to forget what you were going to
eat. 29. Smell the food. When you fancy a biscuit that much just to prepare at h
ome, try this: Focus on the scent for about 30 seconds, then place a small piece
on the tip of the tongue for another 30. Savor the aroma and flavor can help yo
u eat no more than a cookie. 30. As pieces of vegetable soup. If you eat soup wi
th large pieces of vegetables, you get tired faster and you are filled only if y
ou eat a little or a cream soup without chunks. 31. It absorbs fat. With a paper
towel you can get rid of almost a teaspoon of oil (or 40 calories and 4.5 grams
of fat), two pieces of pizza. 32. Eat "heavy." The calories and grams of fat in
the food is not what fills you up, but the weight of the food. Eat less and fee
l satisfied with heavy foods but low in calories (oranges, strawberries, grapefr
uit, cooked spinach, broccoli, etc). 33. Opt for fish. Different varieties of fi
sh are rich in omega-3 (fatty acids), which can help you burn calories by making
your metabolism work. People who diet that includes fish diet, lose 20% more we
ight than those on a diet without fish. 34. Get inspired. If you bring a good ra
te of eating healthy food, and do not want to get away, you can put little signs
in different places in your home (including the refrigerator and pantry) with m
essages like: "Nothing tastes better than the feeling of being thin," " Do not b
e overcome by a simple cookie. " 35. Drink lots of water. Dehydration can encour
age a 3% the functioning of your metabolism. You should drink plenty of fluids,
preferably water.