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This article is presented a suggestion and request of several e-mails from our v
Dr. Ivan Seperiza Quilpué Pasquali, Chile 1998 is very strong warning the conten
ts of this letter, because thanks to the recent work of Rips and other leading s
cientists then work part shown here, has been scientifically proven and the most
high percentage of certainty that the scientific method can imagine, it is not
random, that the original Hebrew biblical text analyzed by the computational met
hod, hidden beneath the outer form of written content, a cryptographic code almo
st infinite internal, in which code everything you find is there pointed out 300
0 years in advance. Scientifically the password of the Bible is really only conc
erned about vulgarization serious scholars and ill use made of this momentous kn
owledge. Some distort the reality of the code by showing that no programs exist,
or falsifying results to people, though that's not forget his genuine and valid
information is not known and apparently many wounds in their dogmas . One may a
ssume that what Bible code warns for our near future is partly probabilistic and
not conclusive. However, it is decisive, and in some cases, the prediction show
s the variables to determine if the findings is postponed. This paper is only fo
r people with discretion and not made timid or catastrophic. Its content is apoc
alyptic because it shows a face of prophecy, the negative side. Not mean, howeve
r despite the forceful arguments here I will be shown, that the revelation left
3,000 years ago by a Ser in the fifth dimension, is absolutely chaotic for the n
ear future. That is one side of the revelation and makes the human mind works to
make this happen, and do so in a conscious and unconscious. However, it is the
other side, the positive, I called in my next written as antiapocalíptica. Read
this content is to be prepared, be aware and make better use of my writing eleme
nts ANTIAPOCALIPSIS will show you later. After input, dear reader, so warning, h
ere's your content.
For years it was noted that knowledge should not be dashed against the rocks of
ignorance that should not be teaching in the public square, the pearls of knowle
dge should not be thrown to the unprepared. So why were those so stated, that th
e Teaching evening under the letter was written known. Knowledge is not given, i
t is received. Everyone knows if you are qualified or not to receive it. These d
ays it has started opening arcane knowledge, all of one form or another can acce
ss hidden teachings considered until a few years ago. This paper shows a knowled
ge that not everyone is able to receive, especially as revealed for the near fut
ure, moreover, may create panic, anxiety, disorientation, many linked by the ext
ernal point of religious dogma, philosophical dogma or scientific dogma . When y
ou do reach your hands, hoping not to alter your free will not damage your relig
ious faith, philosophical or scientific. But for something the computer was disc
overed and crowded, for something a mathematical genius Jew, Eliyahu Rips invest
igated the Torah or the five sacred books received by Moses. For one thing, that
genius, did a few years ago to create a computer program that removed the seals
on the Holy Book, transforming the lives of many who have known his work was pu
blished in 1994 in the prestigious journal Statistical Science after passing rig
orous tests of recognition The science had to recognize that the Bible has a sec
ret code that surpasses human understanding and scientific understanding. These
few pages written by me on the computer now, will let you know the basics of gre
at current revelation, the Bible hiding, knowing what Newton could not find, or
what many scientists were able to find after years of intense study and meticulo
us Sacred Book. Decide for yourself whether or not you read the pages that follo
w, yours, yours is only the responsibility to do so, because if you are a believ
er you can not reject what the Holy Book tells you, and if you're an atheist mus
t accept that a non-human developed over three thousand years a computer program
encrypted in external text of the Bible given to Moses, and that the program co
ntains more than 20 billion of information variables that show in detail every h
uman being at every event, from Moses to the final days€a projection of the futu
re being experienced at present, through a computer hologram of various sizes th
at surpasses all human understanding and all our capacity of imagination or unde
rstanding as to the manner in which this program was made with love for us to be
aware of what's coming. Atheists who tried to undermine the method allowed to k
now the Bible Code, have created their own software to interpret and ended by ac
cepting that the Holy Book is the work of God and not human.
In 1992 I edited a book titled "My first computer." Oscar de la Maza prefaced it
by saying: In my first PC, you will find a lucid and intellectual contribution,
tangible and systematic, where you can find mystical concerns together in a sam
e language when the technology, the man with the machine. There is knowledge, fa
ith and a perennial sense that life is the pursuit of success and happiness. Ann
ex of the book titled: "Mind the super computer" and stressed that to me was a s
pecial symbiosis brain-mind, computer-brain, mind-computer and computer brain wa
s a biological and a computer subtle mind, exposing a series of arguments to hel
p to achieve a positive mental attitude in life. Stressing that because of what
he had learned about the computer, now had a concrete language to better underst
and and explain the abstract of the mind. While writing the book had the feeling
that the computer was more than the sophisticated and wonderful machine that re
volutionized our end of the twentieth century, it was kind of connection between
us and beings or intelligences of a higher level of consciousness. It was a dif
ficult feeling to explain and not possible to show, until I learned today of the
Secret Code of the Bible, a surprising encrypted computer program for over 3,00
0 years in the external text of the original Hebrew of the Torah and especially
the Old Testament general, a program that could only be revealed, or their seals
removed, thanks to the computer. I do not know then I understood why my bond wi
th the computer. Bible code predicts that the entire future of 3,000 years in ad
vance, was not a human work or work of God, was the work of a Being of the fifth
dimension who knew the detail our future, but he was not authorized to change t
he same, yes to warn us to prepare you for the days arrivals. He had certainly c
osmic computer access or Akasha, which is programmed and recorded in detail ever
y human incarnation and all past, present and future of humanity in a space-time
continuum relative. Do not forget that science, genetic code or key with which
we come to the world in every cell of the body, we mark all our features, and sh
ows us that we can not live more years of what is brought by key pre-programmed
, and not suffer from certain diseases and others do is suffer in a particular p
eriod of life or if certain variables are produced. That, for many with anxiety
is determinism. Yes, I default to have physical and behavioral characteristics o
f their own, never to be free from certain diseases, to suffer others expressed
a certain age or by the action of certain agents or there will be triggered. Wha
t about free will?. Well, first of a series of roads that showed me life, I volu
ntarily chose one, then are other ways and always with my free will chose one of
them, with each new variables are voluntary choice. However, these variables we
re each and every one already planned and knew from the beginning of the time pe
ople choose which way in my free will. Can we understand? Few people have noted
that Jesus Christ left seven signals prior to their return and fewer still have
grasped that these signs would be fulfilled as global labor pains, namely: The s
even signs together would increase in frequency and
magnitude at the beginning of global delivery at the End of Time. This is clearl
y seen and understood when analyzed. And so it has from the year 1947. These sig
ns increased in frequency and magnitude, have been together since mid-century, a
s never before each happened. They are 1) will arise false teachers who tell peo
ple what they want to listen and not sound education. 2) There will be wars and
rumors of wars and revolutions. 3) There will be hunger in the world. 4) There w
ill be great earthquakes. 5) preach this gospel of the Kingdom in the world for
a witness unto all nations and then shall the end. 6) There will be new pests an
d disease. 7) You will see strange phenomena in the heavens. Magicians, Kabbalis
ts,€occult and initiated at different times knew that the Holy Bible in its Old
and New Testament was a book key: A foreign text for human mass and inner text f
or a small and select group of initiates. Jesus was very clear in showing these
levels of education. In my third book, the great truth, in the year 1984 and tha
t closed the circle of a trilogy begun with THE ANSWER IS, in Chapter VIII entit
led "Suggestions for a review and analysis related to key New Testament Bible,"
began those keys with LEVELS OF EDUCATION: Matthew 7:6, 13:11, 13:13, 13:16,17,
13:34. Mark: 4:11, 12; 4:33,34. Luke: 7:10, 10:24. 1 Corinthians 2:14, 15; 3:1.
Hebrews 5:11, 5:13,14, 6:1. Who has an interest and using his eyes to see and ea
rs to listen, to take his New Testament and read these verses, will surprise man
y to realize that Jesus only spoke in parables so that outsiders would not under
stand them inside and explained the reality of Kingdom and God, a reality that w
as not written in parables. Regarding the Bible Code should be noted that Isaac
Newton (1642-1727) studied Hebrew to improve their astrological charts and get t
o know the biblical keys. He believed the great sage who the Bible foretold the
future in encrypted form and devoted his efforts to find the code. He thought th
e universe was a cryptogram made by God, it was suggested to read the riddle of
God, the riddle of past events, present and future. He searched the Bible and fo
und none in his time because there was no computer. In the eighteenth century a
sage called the Genius of Vilna said that everything was, is and will until the
end of time, is reported in detail in the Torah. " Torah is a Hebrew word that m
eans instruction or law. It is used with regard to the Bible in two ways: 1) in
the general sense of all the Scriptures and divine commands, 2) in the particula
r sense of the first five books of the
Bible called the Pentateuch, the Greek name given to the books received by Moses
: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Bible Code discovered
when talking about the Torah refers to the Pentateuch of Moses, also called the
Book of Moses, "" The Book of the Law of Moses "and" The Book of the Law of the
Lord given by Moses. " More than 50 years ago Weissmandel, a rabbi of Prague di
scovered that placing all the letters of the Torah in a matrix of 50 columns, th
e word TORAH is written to the top of the column that started each of the five b
ooks, which was not random. So there could only reach as the complexity of the c
alculations for each array so exceeded, only the computer can do. This encourage
d the great mathematician Eliyahu Rips, a professor at the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem to find a way to find the Bible code, and he succeeded. Rips a recogni
zed expert in the mathematical model of quantum physics, called group theory, ex
pelled from Russia after having been imprisoned for opposing the invasion of Cze
choslovakia, was sent to Israel a few years ago. It is considered one of the mos
t prominent mathematicians, and stimulated by Weissmandel studies used the compu
ter and found many code words in the Torah, beating them mere statistical fluke.
He realized he had discovered something important, for it was the happiest mome
nt of his life. He applied mathematical program to the computer, he checked with
the codification of the Old Testament. Requested the collaboration of the physi
cist Doron Witztum giving final shape to the computational mathematics program d
eveloped by Rips, developing a computer program capable of ordering the letters
of the biblical text in all possible grids or matrices. He discovered that each
array containing a large number of code words and intertwined as crossword, whic
h far surpasses the laws of statistics and probability calculus. When you see a
name, or crossing it always arose in the area, certain words that were unrelated
to the person. They showed that the possibility of giving by chance with the co
ded information they found was one in ten million. The program allowed Rips remo
ve the spaces between the words of the Torah, the original biblical text reads u
s in Genesis: When the gods created man, and not as it shows all the "translatio
ns" Christian state: "when God created man "... It is very, very different in me
aning and significance to say, believe and accept a bad translation that God cre
ated man, instead of knowing the truth, which states that the gods created man i
n His own image.€Rips on the computer was a continuous line of 304 805 Hebrew le
tters, which are all the letters in the Torah, considered the original form in w
hich Moses received the Holy Book. The program allows you to explore this line f
or names, facts, in short, whatever you want to search, since the first letter v
erifying all possible alternative sequences, giving words by jumping from one to
thousands of spaces between letters, repeating the sequence starting found the
second letter, to form the name, word or phrase applied to the program, they can
also be dates, as each Hebrew letter is a number at a time. Found the word the
computer can search for related words, giving a specific array of rows of letter
s with "n" number of letters for each row. Ie drawing up a
crossword puzzle for each query. In this puzzle is read the name searched, which
is crossed by words horizontally, diagonally or vertically, giving the property
to the requested data to the program. In the vertical, diagonal or horizontal,
either front to back or vice versa, and encryption around the word found, there
are other words that deliver the encoded message of the Bible for that name, eve
nt, date, etc.. Each reference sample consulted words or phrases that characteri
ze such a reference, and makes the code so startling in its simplicity and accur
acy. By way of example can be seen: HITLER = diabolical man - Nazi and enemy - e
xtermination. SHAKESPEARE = present on stage - Macbeth - Hamlet. Einstein = he c
hanges the current reality - a new understanding of - science. Rips discovered t
hat the code predicts the future. Any Hebrew text led to a continuous line betwe
en all the letters in their names words connected with this program delivery, bu
t only the Bible has a computational cryptographic code specific to each situati
on consulted, past, present or future, far exceeding code random and shows a min
d that encrypted program in a text held sacred. The information encoded in the T
orah there is at least 20 billion, ie it's all past, present and future. It woul
d be like a hologram instant since Moses received it through the final day, holo
gram divided into several levels or dimensions, encrypted hologram computational
ly internally in a external text that is beyond human comprehension and beyond t
he human understanding of who it was that could schedule it, because we have a m
ind that goes beyond our imagination. It would be the book of life of every huma
n individual and collective Book of humanity, the book in which everyone would b
e recorded over 3,000 years, a book that shows us what will happen soon, book, i
n that sense Apocalyptic. Rips and Witztum did a scientific paper published in A
ugust 1994 in the prestigious mathematics journal Statistical Science. This sele
cted in The Encyclopaedia of Prominent Jewish Scholars, a list of 34 scholars to
the Encyclopaedia spending over three columns, each one looking for a date that
would be characteristic. Faced with criticism made a second list contained 32 n
ames with 1:30 to 3:00 pillars of the free, the result according to the calculat
ion of probabilities said one in ten million. A professor specializing made the
list. Implemented a program made by another Harvard professor, who accepted the
reality of the Bible code, but declared itself unable to explain its operation,
code names appeared with their respective dates of birth and death that each cha
racteristic. Another investigator, a skeptic, he created his own program and use
d the same names, it did so in order to discredit the investigation and to his s
urprise, dates of birth and death of these sages appeared in the cryptogram enco
ded for each name. Not satisfied with this sought whether they were the cities,
and 66 people appeared for the names of the cities of birth and death of each. H
e had to validate the code stating that he was an atheist, but that the Torah wa
s God's work, like a giant puzzle made computer program, a revelation hidden in
the text known. Another famous Israeli mathematician Robert Aumann believes that
the scientific approach is impeccable work of Rips and its results highly
significant, in an unusual way for the field of science, beyond what can be orde
red in statistical terms, the results are less than one in one hundred thousand,
something rare in scientific experimentation, the scientist stated: Psychologic
ally is very difficult to accept, but the scientific procedures used are impecca
ble.€On March 19, 1996 Aumann informed the Israel Academy of Sciences that their
conclusion was that the Bible code found by Rips was a proven fact, which contr
adicts the mathematical background, away from both the scientific knowledge, not
hing Like modern science, and that none of the outstanding mathematicians consul
ted on the world, could point out the slightest fault. This discovered to Rips i
s like a giant puzzle of millions of pieces to which we are aware of only a few
hundred. A code that contains every moment of human history. Several books in He
brew were tested and none showed any code or something, even minimally, since th
e balance of probabilities that to happen by chance is very high, you may receiv
e a random match without valid statistical significance. Only the Hebrew Bible c
omputationally analyzed through a specific program shows this surprising fact, s
pecific to each query that it is analyzed, a reality that, to put it in some way
beyond our imagination and the world of science can not refuse and in silence,
deep silence, must accept. All matrices found by Rips et al, together with its r
emarkable combination of words, reject statistically random, and do well on what
determines the mathematical science as valid. The computer analyzes the words p
aired with two checks, making sure that its proximity is meaningful and not rand
om, and that the jumps between letters of the word are the shortest. The journal
Statistical Science, prior to publishing the work of Rips and Witztum, entitled
Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis, as is the rule applied, th
e analysis of two prestigious mathematicians, who said it was a valid work and m
ust be edited. Not content with this editor, he consulted the opinion of a prest
ige third scientist, who found no objection to the validity of the work. So no o
ne tried to refute año1997. That is, the science showed, thanks to the computer,
the mathematical genius Rips intuitive and special computer programs, which the
Torah is a secret computer code that contains more than 20 billion variables of
information on everything you can imagine from the time Moses till the Day of J
udgement, one only needs to find the right program to achieve some of these almo
st infinite variables predictive variables surprising, compelling and exceed our
limited human imagination and understanding. Rips demonstrated its software or
programs that the Bible contains homogeneous blocks encrypted with information o
f what happened and what will happen. These matrices of interlocking words cross
word horizontally, vertically and diagonally from front to back and back and for
th, the program provides a template for each requested information itself, are u
nique to the Bible, does not exist in any other text analyzed and their answers
are infinite possibilities and predict the future, overcoming their chances, far
parameters that science calls to eliminate the random factor. In this regard Rip
s said that if one wanted to find examples in other books, by chance may appear
next to certain words connected, but only in the Bible the information is consis
tent, meaningful and consistent. The Harvard statistician, Persin Diaconis sugge
sted the year 1990 to Rips and Witztum, which work to validate and publish the f
indings, required a level of certainty of a thousand or more. The tests, accordi
ng to Diaconis patterns showed that the odds were one in ten million. Diaconis t
hen recommended the publication of the work. In 1994, the U.S. journalist Michae
l Drosnin met Rips. He learned Hebrew and has worked with the learned mathematic
ian, getting out of the levels of science study the code. According to Rips the
meeting was necessary for Drosnin gave to the world this discovery. Drosnin's bo
ok entitled "The Secret Code of the Bible" has become one of the best-selling bo
oks in several countries like Israel, America, England and Germany. MYSTERIES Ma
gazine, Year III, N ° 10, published an interesting article on the subject. Lots
of familiar characters of all kinds have been found, with their names in the arr
ay of puzzle Hebrew letters, names and related cross a number of specific words
and phrases for each character. Five facts Rips and Drosnin impacted, since they
were found prior to happen: 1) Gulf War, the states with amazing accuracy and d
etail. 2) The impact of a comet on Jupiter,€fact happened in July 1994, containe
d the names Shoermaker-Levy, the names of those who discovered it in 1993. 3) Th
e murder of Yitzhak Rabin, prime minister of Israel occurred on November 4, 1995
, was found in the code with a year in advance. Be warned, be warned, but were n
ot heard. Once found that its occurrence in the matrix of the puzzle for the Pri
me Minister containing the name of the murderer: Amir. 4) The victory of Benjami
n Netanyahu, with the odd defeat of Shimon Peres at the hands of Netanyahu, who
became prime minister of Israel, beating all forecasts and assessments of polls
and political analysts. For me, Netanyahu took over as it is destined to play an
important mission in these days, Peres peace mission that was not able to assum
e. The code is the murder of Netanyahu associated with a great global conflict .
.. 5) The economic crisis in Japan, which affects both the world and in our coun
try. The code states that: Japan's economic collapse after a major earthquake. C
ame the great earthquake in Kobe, and for other reasons then Japan went into eco
nomic collapse. But now what most motivates and impacts and concerns to this pai
r of scientists and journalists is Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the nuclear holoc
aust that would begin in Jerusalem in 2000 or 2006 according to his research, ha
ving found also for these dates as another fact is that of an apocalyptic
global earthquake in Japan beginning. 2013 states: desolate, empty, empty ... It
should be some warnings left thousands of years before Moses and the Torah, I m
ean the precooked clay tablets of the Sumerians, the way that pages of books hav
e shown us the knowledge and teaching on Genesis, the first human couple was cre
ated AS PHYSICAL genetically engineered by the Nephilim, the cause of the flood
on the planet Marduk eccentric orbit 12 which was the cause of that flood, and w
hat could happen soon after the flood 10,998 years , recovering the Earth in a f
ew years, suddenly lost its verticality at 23.5 ° for the deluge, which is due t
o a violent planetary movement and tremor, with a large global earthquake genera
ted by the same cause that led to the flood, and previously led to sharp glaciat
ions, or subsidence of continents seas funds became mountains. This was a common
cause and that factor would be a few years to manifest once again met on Earth
10,998 years cycle. Cycle that apparently made before scientists say that glacia
tion occurred every 11,000 years. Now scientists are only concerned to say that
everything is due to El Niño and La Niña, while purposely ignoring the fact that
Planet Earth has changed in this century. The education received by the Sumeria
ns, the first people mysteriously appeared after the flood, with a surprising kn
owledge for archaeologists, it is due to the Nephilim or space beings come to Ea
rth every 3666 years, and they would before Marduk, the planet to orbit the come
t, and six times the size of Jupiter, which is now closer to the Solar System, a
nd would pass close to Earth, as it does every three passes close to Earth causi
ng the influence of sudden mass Earth changes as were the ice ages, floods, subs
idence of continents, sea surge of funds, etc. Righting this time the sudden and
out of orbit, Marduk passed close to us, would in addition to the tremor that m
illions of particles darken the sky and collide resulting in thunder and lightni
ng fire that will ravage everything. This apocalyptic earthquake is reported in
the Bible code, as is the holocaust of nuclear war, and years could be 2000 or 2
006. The editor of Statistical Science, Institute of Mathematical Statistics of
the United States, said in vol. 9, no. August 3, 1994, as a preliminary note of
the work of Witztum, Rips and Rosenberg, the following: Our researchers were puz
zled. The possibility that the book of Genesis contains meaningful information a
bout actual characters went against all his convictions. However, additional tes
ts reconfirmed the phenomenon. Rips and working became as anonymous as possible
in front of the computer in your Bible code program, he feels a presence that ac
companies it, as if he were in contact with another form of intelligence. He kno
ws he is not alone and knows it was not by chance discovery.€He knows what has t
o happen will happen and accept it with faith, moreover, does not leave Israel d
espite the prophecy that the code showed
on Jerusalem. Drosnin instead try to search for honor and fame, and strives to p
rove that this prophecy about the future is only a signal to prevent what happen
s happens, and looking for a way to warn about it. The seven signs left by Jesus
Christ's return and its association with the times, as a set of symptoms of lab
or pains, lack scientific validity, are not scientifically demonstrable by the m
ethod of science, and can be considered as mere coincidence and nothing else. Th
e warning of the Sumerians on the basis of received knowledge of the Nephilim, n
ot scientifically valid or credible the proximity of Marduk who apparently was r
ecently seen at the La Silla Observatory as a new planet with a diameter six tim
es greater than Jupiter , information that NASA would have concealed. The allege
d proximity of the end of time linked to the year 2000, is just that, alleged an
d nothing more. Demonstrably baseless. The predictions of futurology, science st
arted in 1969 did not impact on governments or the public, and many scientists r
ejected his arguments and predictions, despite having met most of them. All the
crisis we are characterized by: planetary greenhouse effect, atmospheric oxygen
depletion, altered the ozone layer, pollution of water, air and earth, marked in
crease in the economic imbalance, with far less than they have and but have litt
le, loss of arable land, climate change alarming impact on agriculture, hunger,
violence, loss of values in youth, with a lack of any logical reason for living,
increase in earthquakes, population , etc. does not authorize anyone to have sc
ientific arguments about the signs of end times, at most may be coincidental. Th
ese warnings most commonly rejected, and rightly so, since there is no conclusiv
e evidence. If I go on a plane and I feel that I will fall and its occupants, I
will be branded as insane, catastrophic, spoilers, drunken, sadistic. At the beg
inning of the first signs of future accidents, think they are just coincidences,
things that often happen on a flight. Only after the accident with all dead, th
ey, on the other side, the reality of feeling validated. What makes a premonitio
n an accident with it? They earn valuable minutes of life to change and prepare
for the Grand Tour that never wanted to prepare, although from the moment of bir
th we learned a great truth: that we must all die and that life is a journey tow
ard death, way to reach it in the best possible way, way prefer not to see its e
ssence. But the work of Rips far exceeded the parameters of science to demonstra
te the reality of the Bible code, a complex computer program made more than 3,00
0 years ago, demonstrated by a scientific paper published in a leading internati
onal scientific and very rigorous pre-screen every study published, where scient
ists studied 66 first 34 and then 32 others, taken their names from a specialize
d encyclopedia, in which each one, thanks to the computer and the method created
by a computer program by Rips, appears date of birth and death, then who wanted
to destroy this work, looking for cities to each of those dates, showed that ci
ties are birth and death of each of the scholars consulted.
Science in silence, since it is better to keep silent when the scientific dogma
has been topped, four walls accepted this reality, it is more, with wounded prid
e, noted that far exceeds the scientific validity of other jobs. The Bible is a
code hidden in a computer program made more than 3000 years ago with BILLIONS OF
emonstrable scientific fact which is the future. What makes one to know this? Ne
vertheless as demonstrated by the undeniable and rigorous scientific method, for
many, wounded in their dogma, are only lies, for others, more cautious, mere ch
ance, for the less, an expected reality. Those least to be warned they can react
, prepare and activate the mind. The mind is our trump card.€Faith is another tr
ump card. The hope is another letter of triumph. Why I say this? I do it because
Jesus Christ our transformation and rise predicted when times were arrived, and
times have been arrived. What would have to know Hebrew and Rips program, to se
arch for example the words the Messiah, UFO, Reincarnation, Transfiguracióny Asc
ent of Man, Fourth Dimension ... Rips says he has found a reference to the fifth
dimension. Drawn to the possibility that we ascend to evolve in the fourth dime
nsion, and the encoder of the Bible would be a Being of the fifth dimension. Tha
t Being which a hologram of various sizes, programmed the code of the Bible demo
nstrated a deep love and understanding for us. He should not prevent the events
noted in the Divine Plan that governs us, but was allowed to warn us so that in
due time we shall know the final prophecy. He knew that man would discover and d
evelop massively computer therefore a computer program used to reveal an infinit
e content of information, containing amazing vision of the future of every detai
l, every fact, place and person. And especially a warning about the last days, w
arning that very few would want to listen and believe in it. The warning left by
the Nephilim and 10,000 years ago that the Bible Be encoder 3000 years ago, is
not to create panic, but to open the mind to an amazing cosmic reality shows us
that we are not alone and that some will get to soon collaborate with them in th
e fourth dimension. But not necessarily be following the chaos, but may be still
in a world of peace. It is useful to know and accept some truths:
It was God himself who gave Moses the Torah, but an intermediary yours. It was G
od himself who created man physically, but his intermediaries. There are the ori
ginal texts that led to translations of the New Testament. Jesus left his foreig
n education in parables were written and domestic education in the hidden level,
perhaps below the parables. Will that knowledge stored as computer program enco
ded in a secret code of the original Aramaic New Testament books? Jesus Christ o
n a fragment found in a hidden text, original text of a letter prior to the orig
inal texts of the New Testament says to his disciples: Do not forget about me is
that the Father and the Father is God. Several opinions are worth noting: Dr. H
arold Gans renowned cryptographer of the NSA, said the case was ridiculous and b
asically created its own program to prove it. Subjected to thousands of texts to
study, and his surprise was tremendous to see that only the biblical text offer
ed highly significant results, so much so that now is devoted to its study with
the new scientific method discovered by Rips. David Kazhdan, a leading mathemati
cian of Harvard said: It seems that the Bible was encoded 3,000 years ago with i
nformation about future events. I've seen the results and there are no scientifi
c arguments to refute. Piatetski-Shapiro, a prominent mathematician at Yale in h
is analysis says: Within the known laws of mathematics, there is no way to expla
in the prediction of the future. Newtonian physics is too simple to explain a se
t of predictions of such complexity and detail. Quantum physics is also not enou
gh. What we are dealing with here is some kind of foreign intelligence. I think
it's the only explanation: God exists. Robert Aumann leading expert in game theo
ry adds: It is extremely important to address this issue as any other scientific
experiment, cold and methodically you check and review their results. As far as
I can see, the code of the Bible is simply a fact. There has been nothing like
this for hundreds of years which modern science. Circles of Jewish orthodoxy cal
l him the fact as irrelevant to our doctrine. Roy Reinhold comprehensive knowled
ge based on the Bible code data apocalyptic drew up a timetable in which the Sep
tember 20, 2002 a bull would be signed international treaty of peace. World War
III would begin on February 1, 2006. On October 3, 2009 Last Judgement would tak
e place that would last eight days. The Warner Brothers bought the rights to Dro
snin's book to make a movie. Doron Witztum Rips collaborator, anxious to see how
they escaped thanks to his serious work, and it gives,€and give rise to safely
massively cheap and paraphernalia chuchoqueo says: The code of the Bible, despit
e being one of the most amazing mathematical discoveries of history can not and
should be used to develop forecasts, as the complexity of calculations needed to
find a matrix referred to
a particular person or situation requires to know with absolute precision what y
ou are looking for. Blind scan future events, can only lead to, sooner or later
someone makes a mistake, prophesying something that might not come to pass, what
a view to the public represent a serious affront to a finding of great scientif
ic importance, the which should not be studied outside of academia, let alone a
commercial profit or sensationalist. A fact which, moreover, is already beginnin
g to happen. Do not forget that according to the Talmud, a copy of the Torah a s
ingle letter that has changed or is unclear invalidates any text and no one shou
ld read, and became buried under earth. In addition, a single letter altered fro
m which all the 304 805 form letters, removes validate the computational cryptog
raphic encrypted message was left us. Scientists from both internationally renow
ned as the three reviewers of the journal Statistical Science, and geniuses of p
hysical science, mathematics and modern computational Harold Gans, David Kazhdan
, Shapiro, Robert Aumann, in addition Rips and his staff do all they were wrong
and visions were to determine the specific matrices Biblical code that so many h
ave been able to play with their own programs, spurred by a serious objective re
search? Matrices which can be photocopied specific cryptogram through the comput
er and make any analysis. The predictions of the least five important events bef
ore they happen found and detailed, surprisingly, happened as it had stated code
. The matrices of each event are clear, the math has been proven again and again
and proven, despite this, most will not believe, because they can not believe,
have eyes and not see, have ears and not listen ; lack of boldness and imaginati
on to accept a new reality. The important thing is that thanks to Drosnin's book
was known as the secret code of the Bible, and although by different means now
you lower the profile information and hide it, who should know it already knows.
COROLLARY FINAL 1) It is clear in specifying the Holy Teaching: Nothing you hea
r, no matter who says it. Nothing to read, no matter where it is written. Nothin
g you accept, without discern. And for yourself, you must decide the validity or
not. 2) Being Emperor Claudius, she sees the ghost of Caligula who says Claudio
Look, I was not God. Caligula thought he was God in life by dementia, others ac
cepted it because of ignorance, fear, need or convenience. 3) At present people
who believe you do out of ignorance, fear, necessity, desirability, or the valid
ity of the scientific method, the textual content of the dogma, by miracles, or
by faith. 4) Faith is the reality of what we expect early and demonstrative proo
f of what the mind does not see. Faith is a feeling which certainly makes them s
uperior to all human knowledge. Faith is not fixed, as science is changing and
reinforcing the longer you live. Believing the transcendent by faith, is evoluti
on, it means a latent mental state has developed and gradually expand, and also
by sudden jumps in a given situation. It does so through the years lived, acquir
ed knowledge, experiences made and the number of lives made in different incarna
tions, ie is a cumulative experience or feeling it means to certain facts hear t
he Voice of Conscience and act according to it. Others accept the transcendent o
n the basis of miracles. 5) When science with the latest NASA technology validat
ed the miracle of the Shroud of Turin, noting in its findings that: What happene
d there 2000 years ago could only be explained as the result of a powerful energ
y release of shrouded body, after it levitate and dematerialize. Energy like lig
htning lit up the place of the tomb, and impregnated the canvas as a photographi
c negative with all the details of the crucified body ... The miracle did the mo
st to believe. Strengthened the faith of those who did not need a miracle to bel
ieve and activated a latent faith in others as a revelation, so much so that som
e of the research scientists became believers.€As noted a few years later that t
he evidence of carbon-14 dated the cloth as the year 1200 and that the fact was
not a miracle but a fraud, there was much relief in some Christians and non Chri
stians. Few knew, however, after, or were interested in knowing, that the piece
in question, not taken by scientists, had been taken from the web from one edge
corresponding to a patch of sheet, patch made by nuns after a fire burned part o
f the Shroud, a fabric patch 1200 and heavier and different texture than the ori
ginal ... But now science proved the authenticity of the Holy Shroud: Dr. Dimitr
i Kouznestov, Lenin Prize in Science in Laboratory E. A. Moscow demonstrated Sed
ov. Using a century fabric, which had been dated correctly by not so reliable Ca
rbon 14 method, in one of the laboratories that had reported that the piece of t
he Shroud was the year 1200. Subjected to the fumes of a fire similar to what oc
curred the year 1532 with the Shroud, and the same laboratory with a similar met
hodology, this time dates back as 1200. And that famous Russian scientist said t
he world now that the Shroud is authentic ... 6) The Secret Code of the Bible is
a terrible new knowledge as its real content many dogmas would shake, if not ob
jectively analyzed and eclectic, based on rigorous scientific computational meth
od found by Rips. It is so surprising that some miracle will believe in him, a m
iracle that science showed. Other activated his latent faith, more than one scie
ntist has been transformed. Others naturally accepted by faith upon, the scienti
fic demonstration only strengthen that faith, a faith that did not need science
to accept the fact, and most can not even think of it, to be overwhelmed by the
fact in their understanding and capacity for imagination and understanding, whic
h leads to despair and so at all costs reject it. When critics come after three
years of silence, then officially known work in science in 1994, their arguments
bring relief to the most, turn off the frenzy of the miracle, not faith. 7) Fai
th allows insight to understand the arguments that validate or invalidate the ac
t in question. This, for some the most amazing thing in the field of science, no
w, his mission has to be distorted and
this has to happen since for the time arrived to accept a transcendent things ha
ppen and not by miracles, through ignorance, fear, by necessity, convenience, do
gma or science, but by faith. It is this faith that made me look at the positive
side of the prophecy that is so veiled in those days. And it was written, and h
ad written many veils ... Finally I deem that the best way to react if we had th
e certainty that tomorrow is the final day, would be the wise man who, when aske
d what he would do, answered plant a TREE. Having a computer and a modem and thr
ough the respective connection, the Internet can one find information. Search bi, there offer some information and a program; Bible Decoder and give
a demo that can be downloaded from the network to the computer.