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Lombard/Jorgensen Lifeline

Weekly news from March 6th - March 10th

Next weeks lifeskill is: Perseverance - to keep at it.

From the Office:

Our Box Tops for Education drive continues! Help us earn free money for Highland! Please send all Box Tops in with
your student. Remember, to please keep clipping for the spring drive too.

From the Office:

PLEASE make sure that children do not bring anything other than school supplies to school. We do not want students
bringing Pokemon cards, toys, or anything else that could be a distraction.

Philharmonic Field Trip will be On Thursday, March 16th. Permission slips will be sent home soon.

CHS German Peer Teacher Visit.Friday, March 17th.

From the Classroom:

We are in need of replenishing school supplies. Please talk to your student to see if they need more pencils,
dry-erase markers, or scissors. We use these supplies daily and are running very low in the classroom. Thank you
for your support!!!:)

RDS Parent Access Login: Contact Mrs. Blondin for access codes. 1-812-867-6401

Math Students will study coordinate graphing.

Science - Students will continue studying ecosystems by observing aquariums.
Reading 5.RN.2.3: Explain the relationships between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts in a
historical, scientific, or technical text based on scientific information in the text. 5.RN.4.1: Explain how an author uses
reasons and evidence to support claims in a text. 5.RV.2.1: Select and apply context clues and text features to
determine the meaning of unknown words. This week we will be reading from Reach for Reading to compare and
contrast Ten Suns and How the 5th Sun Came to Be
Social Studies -Next, we will be moving on to Lesson 2 in Chapter 11 - The Young Republic. Check your students
agenda book for any homework or upcoming quizzes.
Grammar -5.W.6.1.e Writing correctly simple, compound, and complex declarative, interrogative, imperative, and
exclamatory sentences.5.W.6.1d (Prepositions)Writing sentences that include prepositional phrases and explaining
their functions in the sentence. There will be a quiz on Friday.
Spelling - Check above list for this weeks words
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Mrs. Lombard Mr. Jorgensen