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and up-to-date at the time of going to press. The right is reserved to change specifications,
partnumbers and features without prior notice. To avoid any misunderstandings your
Mitsubishi Motors dealer will advise of any alterations made since the date of issue
of this brochure. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any
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Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V.

1xp008mm01 Printed in the Netherlands 09/07

STYLED TO STUN Exterior styling 4-8

Even the merest glance at the stunning Mitsubishi Grandis is sure to make you take a closer look. This beautifully In-car entertainment 9-13
styled car is far from being just another MPV. In fact, its as sleek and impressive as a sporting car. By providing
you with the best of both worlds, the Grandis sets a new standard for its class. On the one hand, its a luxury Comfort 14-15
sporting estate for six or seven persons while on the other hand its an eye-catching yet thoroughly practical
Safety & protection 16-19
multi-purpose vehicle. But its the unique styling of the Grandis that justifies its position as Mitsubishi Motors
top-of-the-range MPV. This brochure features a wide selection of genuine accessories to complement the comfort Transport & leisure 20-23
and design of this magnificent car.
Merchandise goods 24-26

Quick reference list 27


Once seen, the Mitsubishi Grandis is not easily forgotten. The flowing contours of its bodywork matched with elegantly EXTERIOR
designed headlamps, radiator grille and taillights lend this car a unique, harmonious and perfectly balanced style. In fact,
the car is so well designed that its hard to improve. Yet Mitsubishi Motors has come up with a range of equally stylish
accessories that fit the Grandis like a glove. They add a subtle accent to the Grandis already impressive looks without STYLING
disturbing what it essentially is: one of the most stylish MPVs ever built.
Grandis shown with upper- and lower sports grille, front
bumper styling element, chromed mirror covers, chromed
door handles, painted side protection moulding, side
airdam foil and alloy wheels.

4 5

A stunning car like the Grandis is already very complete.

However, Mitsubishi Motors would not be the company it is
if it didnt allow you to customise it to your unique taste.
So all of our genuine accessories have one thing in common:
their quality and fit are unsurpassed. A graceful rear spoiler,
side protection moulding and chrome accents will give your
Grandis that individual, distinctive touch that reflects your

^ Door handles Mirror covers

Chromed Chromed.
To replace the original door handles. To replace the original
Front and rear, set of 4. mirror covers.

Side protection moulding

Black, unpainted. Can be painted in body colour.
Set of 4 pcs. Rear grip garnish

MZ313026 Chromed.
Also available in Sterling Silver and Thunder Blue.
Please see the quick reference list for details.

Side airdam foil Upper sports grille

Polished stainless steel
Silver colour.
mesh, at left and right side
of Mitsubishi logo.
With chromed surrounding.

Lower sports grille

Polished stainless steel
mesh, to be installed in
the front bumper.

Front bumper styling

Silver painted.

Rear spoiler
Large type.
Factory brakelight needs to be re-installed.
Supplied in Sterling Silver (A19); can be painted
in body colour.

6 7

^ Grandis shown with rear spoiler, rear grip garnish, rear ^ Sports muffler ^ Exhaust finisher
parking assistance and sports muffler. Stainless steel with Chromed stainless steel.
chromed end pipe. MZ313068
With Mitsubishi Motors
name and logo.
Only for 2.4 models.

^ Rear seat entertainment system

. All in one roof mounted system with 8 LCD/TFT monitor
and DVD front loader
. DIVX, MP3, WMA compatible, USB connection to load all
possible files
. Video-in for game consoles, video-out
. Audio over speakers, dome light
. 2 wireless headphones
. Quick installation due to pre-wiring and bracket in
. Possible to combine with dual sunroof and rear A/C

Installation kit
^ Alloy wheel - 17 ^ Alloy wheel - 18 ^ Alloy wheel - 18 ^ Lockable wheel nuts
5 twin spoke 5 twin spoke 6 spoke Alloy wheels can be
MZ313025 MME31396 MME31566 protected against theft
Wiring kit
Lockable wheel nuts Lockable wheel nuts Alloy wheel - 16
with lockable wheel nuts.
MZ313971 IN-CAR
MZ313736 MZ313733 6 spoke

Note: The 18 alloy

Lockable wheel nuts
MZ313733 wheels are not available
in all countries.
Please ask your dealer.

8 9
DVD Map type navigation system MP-8210/SE
Map, (male & female) voice and arrow guidance
9 languages (D, F, GB, NL, E, P, I, S, DK)
Easy destination selection by address, postal code,
map or POI (point of interest)
Convenient memory functions
Automatic re-route function
Easy to operate remote control
High accurate locator by satellite signal,
gyro and vehicle speed sensor
Dual map mode
DVD unit to be installed under right-hand seat Main menu Dynamic route
Multi Display System (MDS)
7 LCD wide touch screen
4 languages (D, F, GB, E)
Possibility to show audio information
Displays navigation map
(only in combination with MP-8210/SE)
Detailed trip computer: average speed, average fuel
consumption incl. history, instant fuel consumption Preferred route Points of interest
incl. history, remaining distance, distance driven calculation
after refueling, driving time, lap time overview
Environment: outside temperature incl. history,
altimeter incl. history, barometer, frozen road warning,
climate control overview
Calendar: date, clock, alarm, event icons Multi Display System
Vehicle settings: door lock, power windows, keyless
entry, wipers, headlamp auto on/off, interior lights,
auto re-lock
Night mode (blank window)
System settings: various backgrounds possible, touch
sound & tone, brightness, contrast

MP-8210, including MDS

Main MDS menu Radio information com-
bined with navigation map
Installation kit (for MZ313601)

MP-8210SE, excluding MDS

Only for vehicles already equipped with MDS.

Installation kit (for MZ313600)

MZ360076EX CD / MP3 information Calendar

Digital road map (DVD-ROM) for MP-8210/SE

Coverage: And, A, B, CZ, DK, CH, D, E, F, FL, GB, Gbr,
Grc, H, I, Irl, L, MC, N, NL, P, PL, RSM, S, SF, SK.

TMC tuner (Traffic Message Channel)

Optional for MP-8210/SE.
^ Grandis interior shown
MZ313043 Trip computer Trip computer
with multi-media console,
DVD navigation and
Note: TMC is not available in all countries,
MDS touch screen.
IN-CAR please ask your dealer for more information.

Environment information Maintenance information

10 11
AUX adapter
To connect your iPod, MP3 player etc.

Grandis interior shown with entry guards,

textile mats and DVD navigation system.


^ 6 Disc CD changer
To be installed under right-hand seat.
Cannot be combined with DVD navigation system.

Installation kit for 6 disc CD changer

Please see the quick reference list.

^ 10 Disc CD changer Multi-media

Installation in 3rd row storage box (LH). console
MZ312569 For dashboard installation.
LHD MZ313083
RHD MZ313084

12 13
Textile mat sets for
Classic, LHD
When it comes to comfort, the Mitsubishi Grandis is in a MZ313458
class of its own. The Grandis can seat up to six or seven Comfort, LHD
adults in perfect luxury, with generous all-around space. MZ313459
But if you think that this is comfort enough, take a look at Elegance, LHD
our genuine accessories. Each of these comfort-enhancing MZ313460
Side window deflectors

accessories is perfectly tailored for the Grandis. So both
you and your passengers can travel in true style, either for With Grandis name. Classic, RHD, m/t
business or leisure. For front doors only. MZ313462
MZ562839EX Elegance, RHD, m/t
Elegance, RHD, a/t
Ashtray ^ Textile mat sets
Black. Black colour.
Can be installed in centre
console, 2nd row- and
3rd row cupholders.

Cigarette lighter
LHD MZ360158EX
RHD MZ607419EX

Sun blinds Textile mat sets

for 6-seater Rubber mat sets

Collapsable type,
including storage bag. Classic, LHD Applicable to 6- and
MZ313456 7-seater.
For 2nd row Elegance, LHD
MZ313094 MZ313457 Front (2 mats)
LHD MZ313454
For 3rd row RHD MZ313455
Rear (4 mats)
For 2nd and 3rd row

Tonneau cover
Roll-up type, grey.

Trunk room mat

Black, needle felt.


Entry guards
Stainless steel.
Front door set.


14 15
PROTECTION ^ Rear parking assistance RPA42

Base kit (wiring harness, piezo buzzer, installation material)


Sensor kit (4 rear sensors, incl. adapter rings)

Black sensors MZ313549
Primered sensors, can be painted MME31681

Rear bumper protection foil


Black, can be painted in body colour.
Can only be combined with 16 and 17 alloy wheels.

Front set MZ313076

Rear set MZ313077

Bumper corner Bumper corner

protectors protectors
Front set Rear set
MZ312642 MZ312643

BEAUTY TO CHERISH Grandis shown with

upper- and lower
Like any object of beauty, the Grandis is something to cherish. So naturally, you want to keep it looking its best - and sports grille.
continuing to turn heads wherever you happen to be. Not surprisingly, Mitsubishi Motors has anticipated this and has come
up with some ingenious, effective accessories to help you protect your precious MPV. From bumper corner protectors for the
front and rear bumpers to parking assistance, these subtle extras will keep your Grandis as it is: one of the most desirable
cars in the world.

16 17
Child safety seat Separation rack
For babies up to Beige colour,
15 months or 13 kgs. behind 2nd row.
Can be combined with
Baby-Safe trunk trays (MZ313027 and
(no isofix) MZ313518).
MZ312807 No curtain airbag
interference. Removable
by fly-nuts.
Without ski-door.

Child safety seat ^

For children between
8 months and 4 years old.

Duo Plus (isofix)


Lord (no isofix)


Child safety seat DESIGNED FOR SAFETY

For children between
3 and 12 years of age. When Mitsubishi Motors starts to design a car, optimum safety is always the first consideration. The Grandis is certainly
no exception to this. So whenever youre behind the wheel, its a comforting thought to know that you and your passengers
Kid (no isofix) are surrounded by a rigid body cage and safety equipment such as ABS and airbags for driver and passengers. For even
MZ312808 more security, Mitsubishi Motors offers a range of child safety seats for example. Naturally, these meet the very highest
standards, affording maximum protection for the biggestand the smallest.

Separation rack
Beige colour,
behind 2nd row.
Can be combined

SAFETY & with trunk trays

(MZ313027 and
PROTECTION No curtain airbag
interference. Removable
by fly-nuts.
Warning triangle First aid kit

With ski-door
MZ312957 MZ312958 for long luggage.

Safety kit
Includes first aid kit and
warning triangle.

18 19

Your Mitsubishi Grandis provides all the travelling comfort you need, with acres of space
for you and your passengers. And luggage too. And when you might want to carry anything
from a boat to a bicycle, its good to know that Mitsubishi Motors offers many accessories
for transportation. From a roof carrier with several extension sets to special detachable or
fixed tow bars. The Mitsubishi Grandis allows you to live your dynamic life in great style,
comfort and safety. Grandis shown with aluminium roof carrier, ski-/snow-
board carriers, rear grip garnish, rear parking
assistance, exhaust finisher, chromed door handles,
painted side protection moulding and alloy wheels.

20 21
Roof carriers Trunk tray XL
With integrated lock for roof moulding applications or roof Hard shell with high edges.
rails. Available in aluminium or black-coated steel. Can be combined with separation racks
An adapter for the aluminium roof carrier is necessary to (MZ313098 and MZ313480).
install the luggage carriers and ski-/snowboard carrier. MZ313027
Please see the quick reference list for details.

Bike carrier
With integrated lock.

Trunk tray
Flexible shell with low edges.
Can be combined with separation racks
(MZ313098 and MZ313480).

Towbar Towbar
Fixed. Detachable.
MZ313531 The socket plate is
The roof carrier invisible when towbar
attachments shown Some of the roof carriers is detached.
are only a selection. appearing in this brochure MZ313532
For more accessories and may differ from the models
partnumbers, please see available in your market.
the quick reference list.

Kayak- / surfboard carrier Towbar

Including two tie-down straps. Flange.
MZ313537 MZ313533

Paddle- / mast holder


Luggage carrier
Aluminium, 104x132 cm.

7- or 13-pin towbar wiring kits are available.

Please see the quick reference list for details.

22 23
Grandis Travel trolley
Grandis exclusive scale Nylon with PU coating
model Large front compartment, main compartment with
Scale 1:43 fastening strap, side pocket for tickets
With combination lock
Sterling Silver (A19) Double handgrip
MME50115 Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 20 cm
Graphite Grey (A72) MME50234
Knight Black (X24)
Amethyst Purple (V03)
Thunder Blue (T65)
Travel bag
Silver chrome finish
Nylon with PU coating
57 x 33 x 30 cm

Business card Sun-glasses ^ Canvas shopper bag,

holder 100% UV protection for women

MERCHANDISE Matt aluminium

Dimensions: 9.3 x 6 cm
Frame with spring hinges
Incl. micro-fibre
cleaning cloth
Material exterior:
micro-fibre, material
interior: nylon with PU

GOODS & Supplied in an attractive

metal case
38.5 x 30 x 12 cm


Woven tie Business folder Thermos set

100% silk Black leather Thermos flask and 2 mugs
In special gift box Many pockets MME50251
MME50222 Incl. note-pad
35 x 27 x 3.5 cm

Woven tie Set of fountain pen ^ Key-ring twins Key-ring metal

100% silk and ballpoint Dual key-ring With coin for shopping
In special gift box Fountain pen and The two halves can be detached, giving you cart
MME50223 ballpoint in silver 2 key-ring holders MME50274
Packed in a leather case MME50276

24 25
Kite Meerkat Exterior styling Page 4 - 8
Nylon and fibre glass
Door handles, chromed (4 pcs) MZ313186
CE approved
Dimensions: 70 x 60 cm
Side protection moulding (4 pcs):
- black (unpainted), can be painted
- Sterling Silver
- Thunder Blue M313026T65
Side airdam foil
Rear grip garnish, chromed
Rear spoiler, Sterling Silver (A19)
Mirror covers, chromed (2 pcs)
Upper sports grille (2 pcs), chromed surrounding
Lower sports grille
Front bumper styling element MZ313805
Sports muffler, for 2.4 models MZ313078
Exhaust finisher MZ313068
Alloy wheels:
^ Seatbelt pad - 17, 5 twin spoke MZ313025 Rear bumper protection foil MME31524
- 18, 5 twin spoke MME31396 Mudguards, front set MZ313076
Meerkat - 16, 6 spoke MME31565 Mudguards, rear set MZ313077
CE approved - 18, 6 spoke MME31566 Bumper corner protection, front set MZ312642
MME50255 Lockable wheel nuts (4 pcs): Bumper corner protection, rear set MZ312643
- flat nut seating, closed MZ312736 Child safety seats:
- cone nut seating, closed MZ313733 - Baby-Safe, < 15 months MZ312807
- Duo Plus (ISOFIX), 8 months - 4 years MZ313045
In-car entertainment Page 9 - 13 - Lord, 8 months - 4 years MZ312745
Rear seat entertainment system MZ313970 - Kid, 3 - 12 years MZ312808
RSE installation kit MZ360186EX Safety kit MZ312959
RSE wiring kit MZ313971 Warning triangle MZ312957
MP-8210/SE, DVD map type navigation system: First aid kit MZ312958
- including MDS MZ313601 Separation rack, without ski-door MZ313480
- excluding MDS MZ313600 Separation rack, with ski-door MZ313098
Installation kits for MP-8210/SE:
Transport & leisure Page 20 - 23
- for MZ313601 MZ360089EX
Money-box Meerkat ^ Baseball cap Meerkat - for MZ313600 MZ360076EX Roof carrier, for roof moulding applications:
Digital road map (DVD-ROM) for MP-8210/SE (no ill.) MZ314038 - black-coated steel, max loading capacity 60 kg. MZ313051
Plastic money-box with Logo embroidered
TMC tuner, optional for MP-8210/SE (no ill.) MZ313043 - aluminium, max loading capacity 60 kg. MZ313052
jolly motifs, incl. lock on the front AUX adapter MZ360135EX Roof carrier, for roof rail applications:
and key 100% cotton 6 Disc CD changer MZ312961 - aluminium, max loading capacity 65 kg. MZ313808
CE approved With metal closing Installation kit for 6 disc CD changer: Carrier accessories for aluminium roof carrier:
- under seat fixation bracket MZ360076EX - adapter for luggage carriers (MZ312468/MZ535826) MZ313061
Approx. 8.5 cm high MME50264
Cuddly toy Meerkat - DIN cable and dust film MZ313148 - adapter for ski/snowboard carrier (MZ311974) MZ313062

MME50261 10 Disc CD changer MZ312569 - luggage carrier, aluminium, 104 x 132 cm MZ312468
Plush meerkat - luggage carrier, black-coated steel, 75 x 100 cm MZ535826
Multi media console:
CE approved - LHD MZ313083 - ski/snowboard carrier MZ311974
Dimensions: - RHD MZ313084 - bike carrier, aluminium MZ313538
36 x 14.5 x 15.5 cm Bluetooth Parrot (no ill.) MME31495 - bike carrier, black-coated steel MZ312791
- kayak/surfboard carrier MZ313537
MME50256 Comfort Page 14 - 15 - tie-down strap (1 pce) MZ311382
Ashtray MR962039 - roof carrier protection set MME50500
Cigarette lighter: Carrier accessories for black steel roof carrier:
Ruler / eraser - LHD MZ360158EX - load stops (4 pcs) MZ312469
- RHD MZ607419EX - luggage carrier, aluminium, 104 x 132 cm MZ312468
Side window deflectors MZ562839EX - luggage carrier, black-coated steel, 75 x 100 cm MZ535826
Dimensions: - ski/snowboard carrier MZ311974
Sun blinds:
16.5 x 3.3 cm and - for 2nd row (2 pcs) MZ313094 - ski carrier MZ535809
12 cm scale - for 3rd row (2 pcs) MZ313095 - bike carrier, aluminium MZ313538
Tonneau cover MN173796HA - bike carrier, black-coated steel MZ312791
Trunk room mat MZ313093 - kayak/surfboard carrier MZ313537
Textile mat sets for 7-seater: - paddle/mast holder MZ311381
- Classic, needle felt, LHD MZ313458 - tie-down strap (1 pce) MZ311382
- Comfort, velours, LHD MZ313459 - roof carrier protection set MME50500
- Elegance, velours, LHD MZ313460 Trunk tray XL, high edges MZ313027
- Classic, needle felt, RHD, m/t MZ313462 Trunk tray, low edges MZ313518
- Elegance, velours, RHD, m/t MZ313461 Towbars:
- Elegance, velours, RHD, a/t MZ313463 - fixed MZ313531
Textile mat sets for 6-seater: - detachable MZ313532
- Classic, needle felt, LHD MZ313456 - flange MZ313533
Colour pencils - Elegance, velours, LHD MZ313457 Towbar wiring (no ill.):
Meerkat Rubber mat sets, for 6- and 7-seater: - 7 pin MZ313072
- front (2 mats), LHD MZ313454 - 7 pin, incl. C2 module MZ313073
CE approved - 13 pin MZ313074
- front (2 mats), RHD MZ313455
MME50259 - rear (4 mats), for 2nd and 3rd row MZ313030 - 13 pin, incl. C2 module MZ313075
Entry guard set (2 pcs) MZ313071 - 7 pin, 12S universal harness, RHD MZ312327
- adapter socket from 13- to 7 pin MZ312649
Safety & protection Page 16 - 19
Rear parking assistance RPA42: Touch-up paint (no ill.) Please ask your dealer
- base kit MZ313548
- sensor kit (4 sensors), black MZ313549
- sensor kit (4 sensors), primered MME31681

26 27