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MODELS 8550/1
50MHz Single Channel Pulse
Function Generators
Improved replacement to HP 8116A. Changing pulse levels in less than 6ns
Four instruments in one: Function, Pulse, Phase and Linear transition times are independently programmable
Sweep (8550) Generators for trailing and leading edges
Popular output waveforms including sine, triangle, square, Control inputs for FM, VCO, and AM modulation
pulse and DC (8550) or ramp (8551) Auto calibration and built-in self diagnostics
Pulse output waveforms include: normal pulse, fixed duty 30 storable, non-volatile, front panel set-ups
cycle pulse, and pulse complement
Standard GPIB interface
Control input is available for pulse width modulation
(PWM), AM, VCO, and FM

Model 8550 is an extremely high performance number of cycles. The generator also calibration routine fails to successfully
programmable function generator. It provides provides a number of externally controlled complete, the generator produces a
a variety of signal waveforms to be used modes, including VCO, FM, AM, and PLL. failure list that can be evaluated, anytime,
as test stimuli for a diversity of electronic either from the front panel or through
devices. For improved immunity to RFI and Versatility GPIB reporting query. The self-calibration
EMI noise, the instrument is housed in Tabor generators are reliable and easy to capability restores full accuracy potential -
an all-round metal case. The Model 8550 operate. Rapid, repeatable testing is assured even at extreme temperatures (0-50C).
offers many features and functions. such as by the user programmed non-volatile
enhanced accuracy, eight different linear and memory. Extremely broad frequency and IEEE-488.2 Compatibility
logarithmic sweep modes, automatic phase amplitude limits permit usefulness in a variety The IEEE-488 standard greatly simplifies
lock loop, counted burst, and internal trigger of complex applications. Parameters are interconnection of programmable
generator. Besides its normal-continuous digitally set over exceptionally wide ranges: instrumentation. It clearly defines
mode, Model 8550 offers a variety of mechanical, electrical and protocol
interrupted and controlled modes. Frequency - 10mHz to 50MHz specifications. The IEEE-488.2 standard,
Amplitude - 10mVp-p to 32Vp-p has significantly improved definition of
Model 8551 is a pulse/function generator, Pulse Width - 10ns to 999ms data formats, status reporting, and error
which has performance characteristics Pulse Transitions - 5ns to 99.9ms handling. This new standard goes further
similar to the Model 8550. In addition, this Sweep - 10mHz to 50MHz (8550) and defines a set of common commands and
instrument offers pulse and ramp waveforms Phase Lock Offset - 180 common queries for easy and goes further
as well as their complements. Model 8551 and defines a set of common commands
also provides an accurate control over Self-Calibration and common queries for easy instrument
pulse parameters and pulse transition Front panel calibration, even by interchangeability between instruments
times. The variable rise and fall times may inexperienced persons, has made made by different manufacturers. Models
be independently adjusted within common maintenance and troubleshooting extremely 8550 and 8551 fully comply with IEEE-
ranges. Linear and logarithmic sweep easy. Output waveform parameters are 488.2.
functions are not available on this model. compared to internal references and are
Output waveforms may be gated, triggered, stored together with correcting factors
or may generate a burst of pre-selected in special tables for later use. If the self-
MODELS 8550/1
50MHz Single Channel OF INNOVATION

Pulse Function Generators

Output Channels 1 Range: 20.00ns to 99.99s Sensitivity: 0 to 5V, 20% produces
Resolution: 4 digits >10% pulse width change
Accuracy / Jitter: Same as for reference from pulse width setting
Waveforms: Bandwidth: DC to 70kHz
8550 Sine, Haversine, Havercosine,
SWEEP (8550 Only)
Triangle, Square, Positive Range: 10.0ns to 999ms.
Square, Negative Square, DC Accuracy: Type: Linear or logarithmic
8551 Sine, Haversine, Havercosine, 10.0ns to 99.9ns 5% 2ns Time: 10ms to 999s, NOMINAL
Triangle, Square, Positive 100ns to 999ms 3% Direction: Up or down
Pulse, Negative Pulse, Ramp Resolution: 3 digits Modes: Auto, Manual, Triggered,
Frequency Range: 10mHz to 50MHz. Duty Cycle Range: 1% to 80%; up to 99% using Gated and Burst
the complement mode Width:
Ramp Modes: Positive or Negative Logarithmic 10 decades max.
Total Harmonic Distortion: Linear 3 decades max.
10mHz to 1MHz <1%
Harmonic & Non-Harmonic Distortion: Range: 8.0ns to 99.9ms, in 6 Logarithmic 50 to 200 steps per decade
<12Vp-p >12Vp-p overlapping ranges. Linear 2 to 1000 steps per sweep
1MHz to 5MHz <-40dB <-30dB In-Range Span: 100:1 Sweep Output:
5MHz to 50MHz <-30dB <-23dB Resolution: Logarithmic
Flatness: 10:1 3 digits <5 decades 1V/decade
10mHz to 1MHz 1% 100:1 2 digits >5 decades 0.5V/decade
1MHz to 10MHz 2% Accuracy: (5% + 2ns), to 99.9ns; Linear 0 to +5V, 5%
10MHz to 50MHz 10% 3%, above 99.9ms Marker Output: +5V with no marker; drops
Linearity: 3% for transitions >100ns to 0V, NOMINAL, when
TRIANGLE marker frequency is reached
MODULATION and remains at this level until
Linearity: Better than 99%, <5MHz
VCO / FM end of sweep.
SQUARE Resolution: Same as reference
VCO Sensitivity: 0V to 4.7V, 20% produces
Duty Cycle Range: 1% to 80% 1/1000 frequency change PHASE LOCK LOOP (PLL)
Rise/Fall time: <8ns, (<6ns typ.) from main frequency, when
Aberration: <5% Operation: Output locks automatically to
main frequency is set to the frequency and phase of
DC (8550 Only) 9999 counts. the external signal
FM Sensitivity: 0V to 0.5V 70mV, modulates Locking Range: 10Hz to over 60MHz
Range: -8V to +8V, into 50 to 1% deviation from center Reference Input: Via TRIG/REF BNC
-16V to + 16V, into open Z frequency. Impedance: 10K, 5%
Resolution: 3 digits Bandwidth: DC to 50kHz. Sensitivity: 500mVp-p
Accuracy: (1% of reading +100V)
AM Max. Input Level: 20V (DC + Peak AC)
RAMP (8551 Only) Min. Pulse Width: 10ns.
Modulation Input: DC coupled
Period: Bandwidth: DC to 1MHz PHASE OFFSET
Range 7.000s to 99.99s Modulation Depth: Range: -180 to +180, 10Hz to 20MHz
Resolution 4 digits 100mHz to 1MHz 200% Resolution: 1
Width: Above 1MHz 70% Accuracy: 3, 10Hz to 100kHz
Range 5.00s to 999ms Sensitivity:
Accuracy 3% 0V to 5Vp-p Produces 100% modulations COMMON CHARACTERISTICS
Resolution 3 digits 0V to 10Vp-p Produces suppressed carrier
Duty Cycle Range: 1% to 80%. FREQUENCY
amplitude modulation (SCAM)
Ramp Modes: Positive or Negative Envelope Distortion: <1% (Depth < 90%, carrier Range: 10mHz to 50MHz
PULSE (8551 Only) frequency <1MHz, and Resolution: 4 digits
modulation frequency <50kHz)
Type: Symmetrical Pulse, Positive ACCURACY
Pulse, Negative Pulse and Continuous:
Complements 10mHz to 1Hz 3% of reading
Modes: Single, Delayed, Double, 1Hz to 50MHz 0.1% of reading
Fixed duty cycle VCO/Interrupted: 3% of reading, to 50MHz
Jitter: <0.1% 50ps
MODELS 8550/1
50MHz Single Channel OF INNOVATION

Pulse Function Generators


AMPLITUDE Burst: Preset number of cycles ORDERING INFORMATION

(1-4000) stimulated by an
Output Level: 10mV to 16Vp-p into 50 MODEL DESCRIPTION
internal, external or manual
20mV to 32Vp-p, into open Z
trigger. 8550 50MHz Single Channel
Resolution: 3 digits
Function Generator
Accuracy (1 KHz): 2% of reading TRIGGERING CHARACTERISTICS
8551 50MHz Single Channel Pulse
OFFSET Frequency:
Function Generator
External Up to 50MHz
Range: o to 800mV or 0 to 8V
Internal 20S to 999s ACCESSORIES
Resolution: 3 digits
Start Phase offset: -90 to +90, to 500kHz;
Accuracy: S-Rack Mount: 19" Single Rack Mounting Kit
proportionally reduced from
800mV (.5% of setting + 1% of D-Rack Mount: 19" Dual Rack Mounting Kit
500.1kHz to 50MHz
amplitude + .2mv); Case Kit: Professional Carrying Bag
Accuracy: 3, to 500kHz
8V (1% of setting + 1% of
Trigger level: -10.0V to +10.0V
amplitude + 2mv) Note: Options and Accessories
Source: Manual (front panel push-
button), internal or external must be specified at the time
stimulate. of your purchase.
Connector: Front panel BNC
Stand-By Mode: Output Normal or Disabled Voltage Range: 115/230VAC
Impedance: 50, 1% Frequency Range: 50Hz or 60Hz
Protection: Protected against continuous Power Consumption: 60W max.
short to case ground Display Type:
Size 7 segment LEDs 0.5
SYNC OUTPUT Resolution 4 digits
Connector: Front panel BNC Interfaces:
Output level: 0 to 1V, into 50; GPIB IEEE 488.2 standard interface
0 to 2V, open circuit Stored Set-ups: 30 complete sets of front
Rise/Fall time: <4ns, into 50 panel set-ups. Storage
Aberrations: <5% guaranteed for 3 years
INPUTS With Feet 315 x 102 x 395 mm (WxHxD)
CONTROL INPUT Without Feet 315 x 88 x 395 mm (WxHxD)
Connector: Front panel BNC Without Package 5.5kg
Modes: VCO, FM, AM, PMW (8551) Shipping Weight 7kg
Input Impedance: 10k, 5%. Temperature:
Input Level: 10V Operating 0C to 50C
Storage -40C to 70C
Specified Accuracy: +25C, 5C
Connector: Via TRIG/REF BNC Humidity: 80% RH, non condensing
Impedance: 10k, 5% Safety: CE Marked, IEC61010-1
Sensitivity: 500mVp-p Calibration: 1 year
Input Level: 20V Warranty (1): 3 years standard
Min. Pulse Width: 20ns
Slope: Positive-going leading edge.
Normal: Continuous wave form is generated
Triggered: Each input cycle generates a
single output cycle.
Gated: External signal enables
generator. First output cycle
synchronous with active
slope of triggering signal.
Last cycle of output wave
form always completed.
Standard warranty in India is 1 year.