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Financial interest
2. Loans and guarantees
3. Close business relationship
4. Family and personal relationship
5. Past employment with an assurance client
6. Serving as an officer or director on the board of assurance
7. Long assistance with assurance clients
8. Provision of bookkeeping services to assurance client
9. Provision of taxation service to assurance clients
10.Provision of legal services to assurance clients
11.Recruiting senior management
13.Contingent fees
14.Gifts and hospitality
15.Actual threatened litigation

a. Charitable organization in which an employee of the CPA serves as treasurer.

long assistance with assurance clients
b. Municipality in which the CPA owns 25,000 of the 2,500,000 indebtedness of
the municipality. loans and guarantees
c. Cooperative apartment house in which the CPA owns an apartment and is not
part of the management. (cannot be impaired) close business relationship
d. Company in which the CPA's investment club owns a one-tenth interest.
financial interest
e. Joins a trade association that is a client and serves in a no management
capacity. (cannot be impaired) serving as an officer or director on the board
of assurance clients
f. The auditor accepted a condominium from the assurance client as a birthday
gift. gifts and hospitality
g. A fee based on whether the CPA's report on the client's financial statements
results in the approval of a bank loan. contingent fees
h. An expressed intent by management to commence litigation alleging
deficiencies in audit work. -actual threatened litigation
i. A firm hired one of the senior management to be part of the assurance team.
-recruiting senior management
j. Holding 10 of 1,000 outstanding shares as an investment in a commercial
corporation that performs bookkeeping services. provision of bookkeeping
services to assurance client
k. The assurance client, being the president of the entity, asked his son, a CPA,
to audit their financial statement. family and personal relationship
l. The assurance clients goal is to attain a lower tax for the current period.
Then they promised to the independent auditor a $50,000 cash to reduce the
current income to obtain the said goal. -Provisions of taxation services to
assurance client
m. The lawyer of the company, who happens to be a CPA, was asked to perform
an audit in their financial statements and the company guaranteed him a
20% increase in his professional fee. - Provisions of legal services to
assurance client
n. The company owes the CPA audit fees for services in the current year and has
just filed a petition for bankruptcy. (cannot be impaired) -Fees-overdue
o. Mr. X, who resigned as the director of HIJ Company 7 years ago, is now
auditing the entitys financial statements. (cannot be impaired) -Past
employment with an assurance client