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Student Name: Hannah Smith

Title of Lesson: I Want You Total Lesson Time: 47 minutes

Grade(s): 11th/12th Grade Subject Area: English (American Experience)

Curriculum Standard(s)
Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over
the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a
complex account; provide an objective summary of the text.

Analyze multiple interpretations of a story, drama, or poem (e.g., recorded or live production
of a play or recorded novel or poetry), evaluating how each version interprets the source text.
(Include at least one play by Shakespeare and one play by an American dramatist.

Learning Objectives (Benchmark) and Assessment:

Learning Objective(s) Assessment(s)
Student will be able to:
1 Analyze symbolic representation presented Discussion about the Statue of Liberty
in various forms of text.

2 Articulate how context influences how text Reading the lyrics without the video
is perceived and understood. versus after watching the video

3 Defend a position on a posed question. Writing prompt: Do you agree with Tim
OBriens decision? What would be the
coward thing to do?

Materials Needed:
Copies of I Want You lyrics

Lesson Procedures: Time Differentiation (Adaptations for

Diverse Learners, ELL, Gifted)
Put the number of draftees on the board. Dont 0 min
say anything about it and give the students time
to think. Also hand out slips of paper with x
on them.

1.Anticipatory: Quiz for On the Rainy River. 2 min Questions projected on

Discuss answers. projector.
So, whats going on in this chapter? Struggling with 2 min
a moral dilemma. Whats the conflict in this
chapter? What makes him want to go and what
makes him want to run away?

2. Introduction: Pass out copies of I Want You by 5 min Physical copies of the lyrics for
The Beatles. Give them time to read the lyrics. students to mark and look at.
Then have a brief discussion about it. What is
this song about? Its short, how many lines are
there? What moments stood out to you? Who
is she?

3.Modeling: Set up: the experience of being drafted 2 min

is so far removed from us. It can be hard to
visualize and feel what Tim OBrien may have been
going through. This song was used in a movie
musical called Across the Universe. Introduce the
scene by giving some background. The musical is
composed of songs originally made by The Beatles.
Takes place during the Vietnam War. Character got
a letter that he was to be drafted, thought about
ways to get out of the draft, and ended up going.
He is getting checked out to see if he is physically
able to go.

4.Guided Practice: Watch the clip I Want You 12

from the movie musical Across the Universe. The min
first time, just watch it. Second time, write down
ideas that come to your mind and things that stand
out. Have them look at the backboard for questions
at answer or think about as they watch the clip
again. For the second viewing: What is the
symbolic meaning of the Statue of Liberty? and
for the third viewing: (Dance moves, make up,
visuals, symbolism, etc.)

Discuss answers. 5 min

How did your understanding of the lyrics change 2 min

after watching the video? Talk about Statue of
Liberty (go back to the question Who is she?,
boxes, and assembly line. (Connecting to the
original moral dilemma)

Thats what this is all about. Humanizing the


5. Group Closing: The number on the board is the 5 min

number of people who were drafted throughout
the Vietnam War. Look at the ceiling. Each dot
on there, except for one row, accounts for about
one person who was drafted (to help visualize.)
14.5% of those who were eligible to be drafted
were, and the drafting ages were between 18-
26. That means many of you really could have
been drafted. Look at the slip of paper handed
out to you, if you have a red x, that means
that you have been drafted. Now imagine if you
walked out this door and if you went left, you
could dodge the draft. Or you could go right
and go to war. What would you do?

Direct students to pg. 54 of the text. Read the

following quote: What would you do? Would 10
you jump? Would you feel pity for yourself? min
Would you think about your family and your
childhood and your dreams and all youre
leaving behind? Would it hurt? Would it feel
like dying? Would you cry, as I did? Reflect
and write in your journals. Directly answer
these questions. He is asking you.
Share ideas.

Coward quote pg. 58. At the end, he decides to go

to war, but calls himself a coward. What do you 2 min
think of his choice of words?

6. Ending: Pass out the writing assignment. Give

students time to work on it. If