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Entrepreneurship and
Analysis of an existing

City scape
(Builders & developers)


Cityscape Builders and Developers is a private limited company incorporated

under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 established by a group of highly
innovative and professional executives. The company is an integrated real estate
developer and focuses on the development of premium residential, commercial,
integrated townships and lifestyle gated communities in small to medium sized
cities, with high growth rate and demand for housing

Cityscape reflects trade attributes of impeccable professionalism and bench

mark of quality. Every individual who is a part of Cityscape strives to ensure
quality in the areas of design, project management, execution and infrastructure
development. We aim to build inspirational development for our customers with
distinctive design, quality construction and finishing. Everything we do is aimed
at delighting our customers and ensuring their loyalty over the long term,
surpassing customer expectations.

Our Projects
Kohat enclave is premium residential and commercial township, situated at
attractive location of main Rawalpindi road. The project spans over an area of 25
acres and aims to provide its residents eco-friendly and modern day standard of
living amenities. Main features include

Gated community

24/7 security

Underground infrastructure including Gas, electricity and sewerage

Community center which will have Gym, indoor sports facilities and parks

Commercial area for business



Jama Masjid.

As 75% of development work has been done so they have recently started their
next project with name of Khyber enclave.

They are in essential stages but they are successful so far because they are
earning quite good profit and at the same time they are focusing on
organizational structure and tyring to improve it.

So here in organizational analysis we will focus on answering few questions that

we asked from CEO of cityscape Noman Omer .

a. Explain the source of the opportunity and why it is attractive:

The CEO of this company is chartered accountant having back ground of finance
after working with few organizations and getting some experience abroad he
came to Pakistan and stared working with housing society in Lahore having name
of fizaia housing scheme. He was appointed finance manager there and with
passage of time he went to upper positions in organization due to his hard work
talent and commitment. At organization he came analyzed the whole situation he
came with different ideas and wanted to include that in this project but the
owner of that company was not willing and also there was involvement of family
members in this company who were continuously influencing managers

He was getting good salary but at the same time there was dissatisfaction in
him. So from that situation he created opportunity for himself and started
thinking about own company and to start own project. He started to make his
own team and started for searching projects. He found a land in kohat and
started their own project their with name of Kohat enclave. And gave name of
Cityscape to their company.

b. Clarify the specific market that was addressed and why. Did it
change over time and why?

Market at which he started business is real estate that is full of competition ,

threats and some serious problems.

Real estate market is complicated market that needs huge investments but at
same time it is much more profitable and risky then other markets.

This market was addressed because the career background of CEO and his team
was from this market and they knew about opportunities in this market.

C Describe the business model and explain why it is superior to other


Nowadays there are a lot of companies operating in this market and every one is
claiming to give superior quality and to provide quality life style but according to
them their core values are.

At city scape we are driven by few fundamental principles that define us and
differentiate us from others .

1)Trust through transparency :

Being open instead of being opaque. Exceeding expectations along with meting
timelines. We have done so by adhering to best practices and by being timely ,
transparent and trustworthy.

2) Building for people and community:

Shaping the way people live work and play reflects our belief that buildings
arent about steal,glass and concrete. They are about dreams aspirations and
ambitions of those who live in them. That is why we take people and community
centric approach to creating living and working spaces.

3) Commitment to value creation:

Living spaces arent just about living for the present . they are legacy of our
accomplishment that we live behing for our future generations. At city scape we
understand that our focus on strategic location and uncompromising
commitment to quality are aimed at creating lasting value for our customers and
their loved ones.
According to them these three principles are differentiating them from others
and due to these principles they are superior to other competitors as well.

D ) Indicate composition of the founding team and how it was


Founding team comprises of Noman omer , Yasir Ahmed and ammar khan
these three were working at same place at Lahore and they took intiative
of new company.
All of them are young energetic and risk takers .
They got experience from job and created opportunity for themselves and
effectively availed that opportunity in shape of city scape and by starting
their project of kohat enclave and now Khyber enclave.

e) Explain which activities are done inside the firm and which
activities are done outside the firm through partners. Describe how
partners were identified and attracted.

As it is real estate business so their activities are different form other

Main activities that are done with in firm is dealing with investors dealing
with customers marketing activities plannings .
While on site the main activities that are done are that of building and

f.Identify existing and potential competitors to the new venture and

explain how they are being dealt with:

Real estate market is saturated one and nowadays there are a lot number
of competitors having different schemes and projects. A lot of competitors
are expected to come in future.
As in previous question answer that they believe in three principles so
through these there principles they differentiate themselves from other
As in case of kohat project there were few other competitors but we
succeeded from them.

We interviewed the Ceo and his partners and also his close friend. whole team is
very hard working committed and can take risk. They have taken risks of millions
as a lot of investors have invested here and now its their responsibility to give
them profits and also whole investment.

In Pakistan and specifically in kpk the law and order situation are not good so
taking huge risks in such situation is not ordinary things.
The firm is new but team is running it effectively because of their educational
background and career background as well.