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F jimmy Hasli sam Lat Sonja’s Sanfona vpn Medium Latin a (As played by The aoe d= 122 sus Tacet G =! a F z oh 4 4: fae Ge, pore bs. only) yg T(t) ae oS oe Oe Fsus Gsus 58) Gsus F i tas 4 N.C. “4 (brass) falto) Gynt By Brats) Fant Aral (altar _ & S& Mt) Esaal Emi Dui? eNO A Ae OF Me Me AM ; rere a Se: = we Z ao Bae eon DE a brassy = NC. x aot fatto w/ bs. 154bj nf Gynth. only) (€4986 La Viera Munc & Idle Speculation Mune. Used By Permission. 90k Duns? A Bui? Ew? Det” Agen Ast) Da? nS Ne £ ‘ 7 z Gui? Oe Cavs C7 AB ~ — Bm? &% (B) oP % At Dsus Fo Feadday) i) pad (alto wf FGd43) CAD: LS "3 Pegi eer eer tr eS pa (brass) = (pere break) FF (brass) MF ynth wy * GR al fe " ( ne (OY ) o! he At sus DS. al Coda Two @) =F Dems) & Fe _. Aine a ‘2 ¢ (amp fade) = Ft ¥ 3 ) Chords at letter A for reference only, except brss'sus' chords. F/E may be playedss Em Keyboards play chords from D natural minor scale during fade-out (eg. C/D, Bbma7/D, etc.) (Chords for letiers B & C are mostly sustained (half notes and whole rotec).