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Lesson 6- Assignment

Tyler Courtney

1. Your Windows client failed to broadcast to all servers that it has accepted an IP
address offer. What step is this in the four-step DORA process?

a. Discovery

b. Offering

c. Request

d. Acknowledge

2. You are in charge of setting up a DHCP server to hand out IP addresses and other
IP-related information. Which of the following cannot be obtained from a DHCP server?

a. IP address

b. MAC address

c. DNS server address

d. Gateway address

3. Proseware, Inc., wants you to scan servers for DHCP activity. Which ports should
you be looking for?

a. 53 and 54

b. 80 and 443

c. 20 and 21

d. 67 and 68

4. A co-worker asks for your help in analyzing a problem with a DHCP server. The
servers scope has been created and the IP range appears to be valid, yet no clients are
obtaining IP addresses. What could be the reason for this?
(Select the best answer.)

a. The server was not authorized.

b. The scope was not activated.

c. The scope was not authorized.

d. The server is down.

5. The IT director has asked you set up a computer to acquire an IP address from a
newly configured DHCP server. Which of the following is the best command to use?

a. ping -n

b. ipconfig /renew

c. ipconfig /release

d. ping renew

6. You are troubleshooting a computer that cannot obtain the proper IP address from a
DHCP server. When you run ipconfig, the address shows up in the
results. What service is assigning the IP address to the client?




d. DNS

7. You have just scanned the ports of your server and see that port 3389 is open. What
can you deduce from this?

a. The WINS service is running.

b. The DNS service is running.

c. Terminal Services is running.

d. RRAS is running.
8. Your boss asks you to take control of a server remotely from within the GUI of the
client OS. What is the proper tool to use?

a. Remote Desktop

b. Telnet

c. FTP

d. SSH

9. You have been asked by a client to install a VPN server. Which of the following
services should be chosen in order to accomplish this?

a. DNS



d. IPsec

10. Which protocol generates encryption and authentication keys that are used

by IPsec?

a. ESP

b. AH

c. SA

d. IPv6

1. The DNS service resolves host names to IP addresses.

2. The WINS service resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.

3. The Discovery step in the DORA four-step process is when a client broadcasts out to
the network in order to find a DHCP server.
4. When renewing a DHCP assigned IP address, usually two steps of the DORA
process are involved.

5. To install the DHCP service on a Windows Server 2008 computer, you would use the
Roles section of the Server Manager.

6. By default, wired DHCP leases last for six days.

7. The ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew commands are useful when
troubleshooting a client that is having difficulty obtaining an IP address from a DHCP

8. A client that has obtained an IP address of is getting the IP address

from APIPA.

9. Terminal Services (or Remote Desktop Services) enables clients to connect to and
take control of a server.

10. Virtual Private Networks networks take the place of direct dial-up connections by
using the inherent power of the Internet.

Scenario 6-1: Selecting the Appropriate Services A client wants you to install a service
or services that will allow him to do the following:

1. Enable NetBIOS name to IP address resolution.

2. Allow virtual connectivity to the LAN from remote clients in a secure manner.

What two services will enable this functionality?

The two services necessary are WINS and RRAS.

Scenario 6-2: Selecting the Appropriate Services

The ABC Company wants you to install a service or services that will allow it to do the

1. Enable host name to IP address resolution internally in the company.

2. Enable client computers to obtain IP information automatically.

3. Allow administrators to access servers to control them remotely.

What three services will enable this functionality?

The three services necessary are DNS, DHCP, and Terminal Services.

Scenario 6-3: Setting Up a DHCP Server

Proseware, Inc., needs you to set up a DHCP server on a D-Link DIR-655 router. The
following are details for the IP configuration:

IP scope:

DHCP lease time: 480 minutes

Always broadcast: Enabled

NetBIOS announcement: Enabled

NetBIOS node type: Broadcast only

Primary WINS address:

Access the DIR-655 emulator at the following link and configure the DHCP server

The DHCP server in the DIR-655 can be found by going to Setup > Networking
Settings. See Figure 6-12 for the details of the solution.