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The purpose of the present study was to examine the self acceptance in
B.Ed. students and to design a happiness self writing program to increase self
acceptance and subjective well being. Results indicating the acceptance of self-
openness, an aspect of self acceptance was related to subjective well being.

Self acceptance is so important because if you do not accept yourself for

who you really are you will create a number of problems in your life. Some of
these problems are internal affecting you personally and some will affect how other
treat you. Self acceptance means that you understand who you are and where
your strength and weaknesses lie. You know what you want. This will allow you to
be comfortable with your place in the world. If you can build your self confidence
you will live a life free of self criticism and you can begin to face the challenges in
your life and succeed.


Self- acceptance is a acceptance on self in spite of deficiencies. According

to Shepard (11976). Self acceptance is an individual satisfaction or happiness
with oneself, and though to be necessary for food mental health. Self acceptance
involves self- understanding, a realistic, albeit subjective, awareness of ones
strengths and weaknesses. It results in an individuals feelings about oneself, that
they are of unique worth.
In clinical psychology and positive psychology, self acceptance is
considered the prerequisite for change to occur. It can be achieved by stopping
criticizing and solving the defects of ones self, and the accepting them to be
existing within ones self. That is, tolerating oneself to be imperfect in some parts.
Self acceptance is an invitation to stop trying to change yourself into the
person you wish to be, long enough to find out who you really are. Robert Holden
has a 10 day plan to help you figure out who this self is that youre supposed to be
accepting and how to say you to your life.

Do you accept yourself as you are? Its a simple question that many people
find difficult to answer. At the deepest level, self acceptance is either complete or
not at all, but for most, Yes/ No feels too limited because you worry about all the
things you would like to change about your self.

Take a moment right now to asses where you are on the self- acceptance
scale. Over the next 10 days, focus on just one main principle and exercise on the
pages that follow. At the end, take the test again to see how much youve grown.


This study was maintly constructed to identify the self acceptance of student


To measure the self acceptance range of student teachers.

To increase the standard of self acceptance


Self acceptance is very low in students.


For conducting the study of self acceptance. I prepared a questionnaire

including 34 questions on the pattern of True or False.

The questionnaire is given to 20 students of Sree Narayana College of

education. The students filled it according to the pattern of true or false based on
their self acceptance. Analyse the 20 samples to determine the self acceptance rate
of students.
Rating Scale
Type of Questions True False
Positive Type question 1 0
Negative type question 0 1

Though this true or false method we include 20 students. From the 20
students there is only 2 students will be in above average (25 marks) in self
acceptance and only 7 students will be average and 11 students will be below
average in self acceptance.

This result shows that the most of the students will be in below average of
self acceptance only few students in average and above average of self acceptance.
Some of them will close to average.

In this result shows becoming more self accepting necessitates that we begin
to appreciable that, ultimately we are not really to blame for anything. Whether its
our looks, intelligence or any of our more questionable behaviour. But if we are to
productively work in becoming more self- accepting, we must do so with
compassion and forgiveness in our hearts. We need to realize from the result that
given our internal programming up to that point, we could hardly have behaved

Raw Data
12 16 17 27 11
15 14 22 10 17
23 12 29 13 19
20 12 14 23 15
Class Interval Tally mark Frequency
10-15 1111 1111 10
15-20 1111 5
20-25 111 3
25-30 11 2
30-35 0 0

Arithmetic Mean
Class Interval Frequency Mid Value of the F(x)
10-15 10 12.5 125
15-20 5 17.5 87.5
20-25 3 22.5 67.5
25-30 2 27.5 55
30-35 0 32.5 0

Arithmetic Mean = f (x)
i =1

= 335

= 16.75

Class Interval Frequency Less than cumulative
10-15 10 10
15-20 5 15
20-25 3 18
25-30 2 20
30-35 0 20

N = 20
N/2 = 10
i = 5
l = 10
F = 5
Fm = 2
Median = 1+ N - F xi

= 10 + (10 - 5) x 5
= 35
= 17.5
Mode = 3 Median - 2 Mean
= (3x 175) - 2 x 16.75
= 525 33.5
= 19
Arithmetic Mean = 16.75
Median = 17.5
Mode = 19

Class Interval Frequency
10-15 10
15-20 5
20-25 3
25-30 2
30-35 0


X Axis, 10 div. = 5 Score

Y Axis, 10 div = 1 Frequency



Axis Title 6

15-Oct 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35

Axis Title

Self Acceptance of Student Teacher Chart

Low acceptance Average acceptance High Acceptance

55% 35% 10%


Low acceptance
35% 55%
Average acceptance
High acceptance


Most of the samples reaches poor self acceptance. The result emphasis that
to take ourselves off the hook and gradually evolve to a state of unconditional self
acceptance, its crucial that we adopt an attitude of self pardon. Most of them have
below average self acceptance and average self acceptance. To became more self
accepting. We must start by telling ourselves that given all of our negatively biased
self referencing beliefs we have done the best we possibly could. Practicing these
habit really can boost our happiness.

To conclude only when we are able to give ourselves unqualified approval
by developing greater self- compassion and focusing much more on our positive
than negatives can be last forgive ourselves for our facults. No doubt we have
made mistakes. But, then so have everybody else. And in any case our identity is
hardly equal to our mistakes.
Its really about coming from a redically different place. If self- accepting is
to be earned a result of working hard on ourselves, then it is conditional always at
risk. The ongoing job of accepting ourselves can never be completed.
Though this true or false method we can see there is no people have good
self acceptance from 20 peoples with 34 questions only 2 people is above average
and 7 people are average most of the people (11) are below average.
Finally there is no reason we can decide right now to transform are
fundamental sense of who we are and we may need to remind ourselves that our
various weakness are part of what makes us human. If all our faults and failing
were suddenly to disappear. My pet theory is that we had instantly turn into white
light and disappear from the face of this planet.
Self acceptance begins with intention so we set an intention for ourselves.
Celebrate your strengths.
Forgive yourself because past regrets can prevent us from practicing self
Shush your inner critic.
Grieve the loss of unrealized dreams.
Perform charitable acts
Realize that acceptance is not resignation.
Speak to your highest self.