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Pigs & Pig Launcher
Full range available

Savcor supply a wide range of pipeline pigs, launchers, filter &

receiver units. Further types are available other than listed

Cup type modular Pigs fitted with Plough Blades like those
shown at left are used in Crude Oil Pipelines for the
effective removal of Wax from the walls of the pipeline

Modular Pigs, Savcor also supplies Light, Medium and High

density Foam Pipeline Pigs. These pigs can be supplied
with a number of different coatings and accessories such
as Wire Brushes, Carborundum Coatings High Tensile
Steel Studs and other specialty coatings.

A large range of specialist Cleaning Pigs to suit most

applications is readily available. Circular Wire Brushes are
still widely used; however once they lose contact with the
wall of the pipe they become ineffective. Spring Loaded
W ire Brushes like those shown below are far more effective
and offer superior service life due to the fact that the brush
is continually in touch with the walls of the pipe. Power
Brush Foam Pigs are also used in construction of pipelines
for heavy duty cleaning.

Cup Pigs and Bi-directional Disc Pigs can also be fitted with
additional features such as By-pass Ports. This feature is
usually fitted to pigs where there is a possibility of sand
and/or other debris compacting ahead of the pig which may
cause the pig to become lodged in the line. The amount of
by-pass required can be adjusted by removing and/or
replacing the blind plugs in the forward by-pass ports. In
addition Jetting Nozzles can be fitted to maintain turbulent
flow in front of the pig.

Savcor supply a range of special application Pigs such as

the Magnetic Pig at left which attracts ferrous debris via
sensitive Magnets fitted to the front of the pig or, around the
centre of the body.

Savcor supply Gas Particulate Filters, Coalescing Filters,

Filter Separators and specialty application Liquid Filters.

Filtration Range:
1. Modular Pigs Low, medium,& high
Particulate Filters: 500 Micron down to 0.1 Micron
density foam
Coalescing Filters: 20 Micron down to 0.1 Micron
2. Cup Pigs and Bi-directional Disc Pigs
Separating Filters: 20 Micron down to 0.1 Micron
3. Filters, Coalescers & Filter
Pressure Range:
ANSI 150lb through to ANSI 2500lb


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All written data and statements herein are provided in good faith and believed to be reliable and appropriate at the time of drafting this
document. However it is given without implied or express guarantee. Potential uses are urged to trial and /or conduct conformity test of
the product to deem its suitable in application for a particular end use prior to purchase.