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Elizabeth Lesmana Pualam


Representative of Multinational Companies in Israel

There are so many multinational companies in Israel because Israel

is a technologically advanced market economy, including rapidly
developing high-tech and service sectors, these are some lists of
MNC in Israel:

Google Sears
IBM Applied Materials
Microsoft Autodest
CA Technology Freescale
Motorola Synopsys
EMC2 Dell
Oracle Cadence
Broadcom Qualcomm
Marvel GE
RSA Philips
Alcatel-Lucent TimeWarner
Hewlet Packard SONY
Aol. eBay
SAP Analog Devices
CISCO Africa Israel Investment
Intel Allot Communication
GM Coca-Cola

Actually, there are 582 Multinational Company who run a great
business in Israel (

COMPARISON to another countries (still in

the Middle East)

From, I also found that United Arab

Emirates has 1180 Multinational Companies and Yemen has
598 Multinational Company.

From the number that I got from, Israel has

the smallest number of Multinational Company available in
that country. Yemen is just a little bit ahead from Israel. There
are some differences between Israel, UAE and Yemen such as
their GDP, traditions, rules and regulations, economic

The UAE has an open economy with a high per capita income
and a sizable annual trade surplus. Successful efforts at
economic diversification have reduced the portion of GDP
based on oil and gas output to 25%. The GDP of UAE is also
increasing [$260.8billion-2011, $252.5 billion-2010], the
increasing of GDP means that the country has more power.
This is what makes many multinational company attracted to
put their representative in UAE.

Despite the challenging global economic environment, Israels

economy has been on a path of recovery. And also the
economic freedom in Israel also less than UAE, economic
freedom of ones country also affect the MNC in ones country.

The number of MNC in Yemen and Israel is only a little bit

difference. The condition of Yemens economy is Yemens
economy confronts daunting challenges exacerbated by
ongoing political turmoil. The economic pain caused by rising
unemployment has been compounded by higher living costs,
weak monetary stability, and substantial levels of uncertainty.
Corruption remains widespread, unchecked by a weak judicial
system that is vulnerable to political influence.

Investing in Israel and Yemen are more risky than UAE, thats
why MNC in UAE are more. MNC always choose the countries
who have less risks and more profitable so that they can enter
the countrys market easier.