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(Please make sure to send us your Application Form, including your CV in English, by March 12, end
of day)

1. To apply for the Roland Berger Case Study Challenge, please first
introduce yourself:

Name and Surname:

Please insert your

Phone Number: picture here


2. At Roland Berger, we look for strong personalities, true game-changers. Do

you think you have what it takes? Then tell us what makes you stand out,
and what are the qualities you think would make you an exceptional
consultant. (Please explain in 300 words or less, or through a 1 minute
presentation video of yourself; if you choose to answer by video, please provide
the link to your video in the box below)

3. As strategy consultants, our work has real impact. That's why we've been helping
shape the Romanian business environment for the past 25 years. Can you describe
a personal achievement which you are most proud of and its impact on those
around you? And if you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
(Please explain in 300 words or less)

4. Our colleagues rely on their business sense to advise top companies on key
strategic issues. Show us you have the same skills: choose an industry you are
familiar with and tell us who you think will be the top player in that industry in
Romania/ Bulgaria, five years from now. What should this player do to in the
meantime to ensure they reach this position? (Please explain in 400 words or less)

5. For some, strategy consulting is a life-long career; for others, just a stepping-stone
to success in other fields. What is your plan for the future? What do you plan to
achieve for yourself over the next five years? (Please explain in 300 words or less)

6. OPTIONAL QUESTION: Even exceptional individuals sometimes need support to

reach their full potential. If you will need a transport and/ or accommodation grant in
order to be able to attend the CSC, please explain your situation and why you
should receive the grant. (We provide a limited number of transport and/ or
accommodation grants to eligible candidates. In order to be fair to all candidates, please fill
in this question ONLY if you require a need-based grant.)

Please mention the type of grant required:

Travel only
Accommodation only
Both travel and accommodation

Please also fill in the following information:

1. How did you FIRST hear about the 2017 edition of the Roland Berger Case Study

Facebook University page

Facebook Friend's page
Facebook Advertising
University careers page or website
University notice board
University mailing
Jobs/ careers platform (please mention which):
Student association (please mention which):
Roland Berger website or Roland Berger Facebook page
Search engine (e.g. Google)
Friends / colleagues
Knew about the Roland Berger CSC from past years
Other (please specify):

2. Have you participated in other student events or do you plan to participate in the future?

Yes (please specify):


3. Have you heard of any other Roland Berger student initiatives?

Yes (please specify):


I do not wish to receive further communication concerning initiatives or events organized by Roland Berger

In case I am selected and participate in the event, I hereby agree that Roland Berger is allowed to make public
material from the event in which I have been captured on (video/photo), strictly with event promotion / marketing

In case I am selected, I hereby give my consent to Roland Berger's initiative to forward my contact
information to the other participants at the Roland Berger Case Study Challenge 2017

In case I am selected and participate in the event, I hereby give my consent to having my name
included in the list of participants which will be made public
*** Answers are required for all questions.

Good luck!

Roland Berger collects and processes your Personal Data to support general administration and
marketing initiatives, guaranteeing their confidentiality. In accordance with Law 677/2001, concerning
Personal Data Protection, we would like to inform you that the personal data obtained as a result of your
application will be incorporated into an automated file with personal data, where all security measures
have been implemented.

By filling in and sending this document to Roland Berger, the applicant is understood to have been
informed and consents to personal data collection, storage, processing and use within the provisions of
the previously mentioned law for as long as the company operates.