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Siemens Power Technologies International

Meet the PTI Team

2016 U.S. PSS User Technical Conference Orlando, Florida

Martin Shalhoub General Manager of Siemens PTI

Mr. Shalhoub is Vice President and General Manager of Siemens PTI/PACE Global with-
in the Digital Grid division. Mr. Shalhoub has nearly 18 years of experience primarily in
the Power and Energy industry with General Electric, ABB and now Siemens. He has
held progressive levels of leadership in Sales/Marketing and Project Management func-
tions within Power Generation, (Thermal and Renewables), Power Systems Consult-
ing, (Consulting, Software and Education), and, Transmission and Distribution solu-
tions. Mr. Shalhoub is passionate about growing the Siemens PTI/PACE Global busi-
ness through partnership and innovation in this transformational time within our

Peter Lafors Director of Software

Mr. Lafors has over 25 years of experience working within the power system industry.
Since joining Siemens in 1992, he has worked various progressive engineering and
management positions including but not limited to Energy Management System
Software R&D and Delivery, Senior Operations Manager for Substation Protection and
Automation Systems, and now Director of Siemens PTI Software. In his current role, he
is responsible for P&L of the software portfolio, managing all aspects of the product
lifecycle, implementing Sales strategy and Sales support, reassuring customer service
and support, and supporting all related marketing activities.

Fahrudin Mekic Director of Sales

Mr. Mekic possesses 19 years of experience in the electric utility industry. He has pub-
lished dozens of technical papers in the areas of power system protection, control and
reliability. Since 1996, Mr. Mekic has worked various engineering and management
positions at ABB Inc. In 2016, he accepted his current role as director and is responsi-
ble for setting and driving the growth for Siemens PTI.
Meet the Team | User Technical Conference

Michael Loiacono Manager of Portfolio Strategy

Dr. Loiacono is an entrepreneurial product management and marketing leader with a
unique combination of technical prowess, business acumen, analytical frameworks,
and customer-facing experience. In his 13 years with Siemens, Dr. Loiacono has
successfully started, run, and grown a number of businesses and products spanning
multiple industries, including: Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare, and
Telecommunications. He has a strong reputation for launching new offerings,
growing existing product lines, and improving organizational processes across
product management, marketing, and sales.

Joe Hood Technical Portfolio Manager

Since joining in 2012, Joe has been involved in dynamics model development for
equipment manufacturers, transient stability analysis for transfer studies, and
congestion analysis for wind farm integration. Furthermore, his strong programming
and automation skills allow him to work especially efficiently for customers - through
automation, efficient data mining and innovative approaches to visualizing complex

Michael Ward Senior Staff Engineer

Mr. Ward has over 19 years of experience developing software. Since 2004, he has led
the development of PSSMOD, a web-based software application used for data
management in transmission planning. Mr. Ward has been involved in all phases of
product development including requirements engineering, design, implementation,
testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Jay Sentil Senior Staff Engineer

Dr. Senthil has over 20 years of experience in developing production grade software
tools including PSSE and EMTP-type programs. He is an expert in various aspects of
power system analysis, modeling, and simulation. He has played a major role in the
development of several specialized equipment models, for dynamic simulation. Many
of the specialized models he has developed are now part of the PSSE dynamic model
library. Dr. Senthil has published over 25 papers in various journals and conference
proceedings. He is active in numerous working groups of the IEEE, and other industry
task forces. He has also developed and taught numerous Siemens PTI courses to
power system engineers.
Meet the Team | User Technical Conference

Greg Mahlum Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Mahlum has over eight years of experience developing software tools in the
PSSE product suite, and academic training in both electric power and computer en-
gineering. He has responsibility for many aspects of PSSEs GUI, including layout and
architecture, diagram maintenance and improvements, file management, and utility
program development and integration. Mr. Mahlum has made significant contribu-
tions to the node breaker user interface including layout and manipulation tools. He
has also made significant contributions behind the scenes, streamlining and optimiz-
ing processes and integrations within PSSE. Additionally, Mr. Mahlum provides cus-
tomer support for interface and diagram related customer issues.

Ravi Mantha Senior Staff Software Engineer

Mr. Mantha has over 25 years of experience working within the power system indus-
try with a strong background in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions (SCADA)
and Energy Management Systems (EMS). Since joining Siemens in 2005, he has
worked in various engineering positions contributing to the design and development
of PTI software suite (PSSODMS, PSSMOD, PSSE Model Management). In his cur-
rent role as Senior Staff Software Engineer, he is responsible for, PSSMOD File Build-
er and Topology Processor upgrade.

Masoom Chowdhury Consultant

Mr. Chowdhury joined Siemens PTI in 2015 after earning his MS in Electrical Engi-
neering from Clarkson University. Mr. Chowdhurys graduate research at Clarkson
University has given him a strong background in modeling and analysis of power dis-
tribution systems, including grid integrated photovoltaic development. Mr.
Chowdhury has experience in load flow analysis, steady state analysis, and voltage
flicker analysis. Additionally, Mr. Chowdhury has four years of teaching experience at
the American International University-Bangladesh, where he taught electrical and
electronic engineering courses. Since joining Siemens PTI, he has been involved with
a microgrid performance and integration project, and a distribution system modeling
and planning study. He is an instructor at Siemens Power Academy for distribution
system engineering course. Beside his consulting study he is also been involved in
Siemens software department in three areas which includes the responsibility of beta
testing, idea management and requirements engineering.