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Daily Planning

Teacher: Paola /Heiner Skill: Reading

Level: 9th
Year: 2015
Target content: Operations of Electrical Equipment
Objective: Student will be able to identify the diferent parts of diferent electrical appliance and their functions from
written texts.

Linguistic Objectives Mediation Strategies Evaluation of learning Timetable

Function Pre-Activity
Identify parts and relation
from text. Warm up
Students play Simon say,
guide by the teacher. Analysis of written, pictorial 1
Grammar Structure and oral information on
diferent topics to perform
Imperative verbs Presentation actions, follow
Turn it on/of Review of electrical
Press the button appliances. Teacher will 3
Plug in/out explain students orally and
Sequence adverbs: first, through some texts, parts and
second, then, later, after that, funtions of some common use
finally of electrical devices.

Vocabulary During Activity Demonstration of knowledge

of the language learned in
Blender Controlled Practice order to read texts and apply
Tablet information in a variety of
Juice Extractor Students order a text about ways (written, pictorial, etc. 3
Cofee Maker functions of a given electrical
Toaster oven device, in logical sequence.
Creative Practice

Students write the instructions
of uses of a given electrical

Presentation of written work

with illustrations and sets of
Post-Activity operational instructions.


Students answer questions of 5

a text about function and
parts of electrical appliance.


The teacher asses students

next class bring a brief
description of the function and
parts of their favorite
electrical device.
Cofe Maker
Juice Extractor


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