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Statement of Purpose

(You may wish to talk about your background, significant events, accomplishments,
experience at your workplace, extracurricular activities, relationships with friends and
family, career plans and how MBA fits into your dreams and ambitions. Please make sure
that your essay forms a coherent whole.)

Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs
riot there undigested, all your life Swami Vivekananda.

I completely agree with Swamiji that education should not be confined to ingestion of
theories alone. Rather I believe it should equip a person with a logical approach to problem
solving enabling him to cope up with the decision making problems where right choices
taken at right phase of life is all that matter. With my technical education in commerce, I
have entered a phase where managerial education will steer my life to holistic development.
And I envisage a premiere institute like UBS Mumbai as the ideal platform for that.

Born in a middle class family in Kolkata, my formative years were spent in the perfect
environment where moral and family values were honored over everything else. With both
my parents working, they knew the importance of leadership skills in the corporate and
hence provided me opportunities to exhibit it. They always encouraged me to take decisions
on my own and be accountable for it. With my father also pursuing professional singing
career, I had the opportunity to accompany him to different places for different events and
interact with different sets of people. I got my hands-on learning experience in managing a
business from these events and that was the main factor for me deciding to pursue the
undergraduate level course in commerce. This gave me an exposure to the real world
business models and an understanding of how it runs. In course of interaction with the
clients and vendors, I learnt the importance of communication and above all managerial
skills going forward.

Massive involvement in helping out my father in these shows/ events has hampered my
grades a bit. But I have always valued the long term gains in learning from practical
experience rather than short term gains of getting some good grades. Hence I ventured into
extra-curricular fields like creative writing and dramatics. I even served two years as an NCC
cadet. In college, I led the literary society managing a group of members and successfully
organized different literary events including the publication of the annual magazine. Thus
the vision of holistic development, which I have valued highly throughout my life lies with
gaining managerial education which would further complement my technical skills in
commerce and enable me take leadership positions in the corporate workforce. Further the
MBA programme at UBS, with its excellent infrastructure and highly experienced faculty
would help me gain some valuable insights which would help me in upcoming stages of life. I
look forward to leverage this golden opportunity.