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List of experiments:

1. Determine the surface tension of a given liquid at room temp using stalgmometer
by drop number method.
2. Determine the surface tension of a given liquid by means of stalgmometer using
drop weight method.
3. To determine the viscosity of a given unknown liquid with respect to water, at
laboratory temperature, by viscometer.
4. To determine the pH of given samples using (1) universal indicator (2) pH paper, and (3)
digital pH meter.
5. To determine the quantity of dissolved oxygen present in the given sample(s) by using
modified Winklers (Azide modification) method.
6. To determine the amount of B.O.D. exerted by the given sample(s).
7. To determine the Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D.) for given sample.
8. To prepare (a) lyophilic sol; and (b) lyophobic sol.
9. To purify prepared sol by dialysis
10. To study the role of emulsifying agents in stabilizing the emulsions of different oils
11. To determine the enthalpy of neutralization of a strong acid ( HCl ) with a strong base (
NaOH ).
12. To determine the enthalpy of dissolution of copper sulphate/ potassium nitrate.
13. To determine the enthalpy change for the interaction between acetone and chloroform
(hydrogen bond formation).