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Selecting a Catnic Lintel

What you need to know

STEP 1 Wall Construction STEP 2 Structural Opening
What is the wall construction? How wide is the structural opening?
Cavity wall a) Measure the size of the structural opening
Timber frame i.e. the open space between the walls
External solid wall where the door/window frame is fitted
Internal partition or load bearing wall b) Add 150mm minimum to each end

You need to know: 150mm 150mm

minimum minimum
a) Outer leaf
eg. 102mm
b) Cavity
Structural opening
eg. 60mm or clearspan

c) Inner leaf eg. 1800mm

eg. 100mm 102mm mm 100mm
Length of lintel = 150mm+1800mm+150mm = 2100mm
Outer Inner
Leaf Leaf

STEP 3 Load on Lintel STEP 4 Select your Lintel

What load is to be supported by the lintel? Once you have:
Types of load include: a) Outer leaf eg. 102mm
b) Cavity eg. 60mm
Roof trusses
c) Inner leaf eg. 100mm
Floor joists
d) Lintel length eg. 2100mm
e) Load eg. 15kN
Combination of the above
You can choose what type of lintel to use:

Cougar Open Back Classic Combined Box CXL Fabricated Lintel

or clearspan

If you are unsure of the imposed load, call

Catnic Technical Services on: 029 2033 7900 Timber Frame Internal Solid Wall External Solid Wall

For further information or advice, please refer to the Catnic Lintel Technical Guide, or contact Catnic Technical Services.

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