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Company Name / Hersteller Welders Name/ Schweier Test N / Probe N. Stamp N / Stempel N.
Enter Company Name Enter Welders Name Enter Test N Enter Welders ID
Using WPS N/ mit Schwei-Spezifikation N.Enter WPS UsedRevision N/ Ausgabe N
Enter Rev. of WPSDate / Datum Date WPQ Welded
The above welder is qualified for the following ranges / Der oben genannte Schweier ist qualifiziert fr folgende Bereiche
Welding Process / Schweiverfahren SMAW SMAW
Type / Typ
? Backing / Unterlage W ith / Mit W ithout / Ohne With
Select Product Form / Whle Art des Werkstoffes Plate
Select Type of Test / Whle Art der Prfung Groove P1-11, P34, P41-P47 &
BASE METALS (QW-403) / Grundwerkstoffe unassigned mat. of
? 1 to / zu 1 similar chem. comp.
P-Number / P-N
Thickness / Materialdicke
Groove / Fugennaht Test Coupon Thickness
Fillet / Kehlnaht Not Applicable
Pipe Diameter / Rohr Durchmesser 2 7/8" - (>73mm)
Groove / Fugennaht Not Applicable

Fillet / Kehlnaht Not Applicable All

FILLER METALS (QW-404) / Schweizusatzwerkstoffe
Specification / Spezifikation (SFA) Enter SFA
Class / Klasse (AWS) Enter AWS
F-Number / F- N F-N 1 With Backing F-N 1 With Backing
Consumable Insert / Aufschmelzender Einlegering Not Applicable
Not Applicable Not Appicable
Solid or Flux Cored / Massivdraht oder rohrfrmiger Draht(GTAW & PAW)
Deposited Weld Metal / Schweigut
Groove / Fugennaht Enter DWM Thickness Enter DWM Range

Fillet / Kehlnaht None All

POSITION (QW-405) / Lage
Groove Weld Test Position / Lage von Fugennaht Probestck 1G
Plate & Pipe > 24 / Blech und Rohr > 609mm F

Plate & Pipe <24 / Blech und Rohr < 609mm F

Fillet Weld Test Position / Lage von Kehlnaht Probestck Not Applicable F
Weld Progression / Schweinahtrichtung N/A Welded Flat No Vertical Welding
GAS BACKING (QW-408) / Gas
For GTAW, PAW and GMAW / Fr GTAW, PAW und GMAW Not Applicable Not Applicable
ELEC. CHARACTERISTICS(QW-409) / Elektrische Daten
Current / Strom Not Applicable Not Applicable

Polarity / Polaritt Not Applicable Not Applicable

Mode of Metal transfer / Schweigutbertragungsart Not Applicable Not Applicable
FOR OPERATORS (QW-360) / Fr Bediener
Visual Control / Visuelle Kontrolle Not Applicable Not Applicable

Automatic Arc Voltage Control System / lichtbogengesteuertes Drahteinschubgert Not Applicable Not Applicable
Automatic Joint Tracking / Nahtverfolgungssystem Not Applicable Not Applicable
Multiple or Single Pass (per Side) / Mehr - oder Einzellagetechnik Not Applicable Not Applicable
GUIDED BEND TEST RESULTS / Biegeversuchsergebnisse
Type and Figure / Typ und Zeichnung Results / Ergebnisse
Qualified by Welding PQR PQR N

VISUAL EXAMINATION / Sichtprfung (QW-302.4) Satifactory

RADIOGRAPHIC TEST RESULTS / Durchstrahlungsprfungs Not Apllicable
FILLET WELD TEST RESULTS / Kehlnahtprfungsergebnis
Fracture Test / Bruchzhigkeitsprfung Not Applicable
Lenght and % Defects / Lnge und % Fehler Not Applicable
Macro Test / Makrountersuchung Not Applicable
Fillet Size / Kehlnahtgrsse Not Applicable Convex Not Applicable Concave Not Applicable
Test conducted by / Prfung durchgefhrt von: Test Number / Prfungs N:
We certify that the statements made in this record are correct and that the test welds were prepared, welded and tested in accordance with Section IX of the ASME Code

Date / Datum By / Von: