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Calling all singles! Where are you in your search for the perfect mate? Are you
passionate about the dating scene? How many times have you been down the Road
of Love only to find that your romantic partner did not meet your needs? Regardless
of who initiated the breakup, pain and grieving are part of the cycle. Memories keep
emotions at the raw state. The flames fizzled and you are without a mate. If you
thought your new partner was your soul mate, its time to face the issues and figure
out what happened on your love journey.

How would you know if you are likely to meet someone just by looking at your
astrology chart? Your astrology chart holds valuable information about your love life.
Well, the planets keep moving by sign and degree. These movements are called
transits. If a currently moving planet contacts one of your natal personal planets,
your timing may be right for starting a new relationship. Look for activity in both
charts to move this relationship along.

Before you swear off another relationship, know that you are not alone. Countless
individuals find themselves recovering from broken relationships. The key is inner
healing. That means asking tough questions about the quality of the fated
relationship. If you dont deal with the issues, youll keep making the same mistakes
and attracting similar partners.


After you have released your anxiety over past or present partnership experiences,
address your current state of reality. Are you over the old partner? If not, you may
have blocks to attracting a new mate. Next, deal with trust issues. Start with
yourself. Without it, your search is flawed. Once you feel open to romance, do key
inner work to help you identify suitable partners. First, think about who you are as a
unique being and what would make you happy in a relationship. The following self-
assessment test should help you make better choices for yourself. Take your timeit
is worth the investment.

What type of partner have I attracted in the past?

Make a list of positive qualities or experiences.

Make a list of undesirable qualities or experiences.

What type of partner would meet my needs?

Describe your top ten preferences in terms of qualities in a mate. Dont stop if you
can think of more than ten.

List favorite activities you like to share with a partner.

Where do I usually meet potential partners?

Am I satisfied that individuals I might have compatibility with are to be found in
these places?

What worked in the past?

What did not work?

Am I willing to change set patterns and old habits to open up my field of contact?

What are my goals, values and expectations in a relationship?

Name one change that took place in your life in the last month.

What are you willing to change in the months ahead to improve the quality of your

Think of these questions as trigger tools that get you started in your goal to make
things happen. You will need to change your routines. That means getting off the
couch and exploring new social outlets.

The Ultimate Quest

Once you make a decision to find your ideal partner, also called a soul mate, your
success depends on how ready you are to take a risk. You may be thinking, Do I get
a guarantee for lifetime happiness with the new person I am about to date? After
all, I did the work. The answer, of course, is NO. You are going to explore this
relationship once it opens up. Deep inside you will know whether you are ready. Let
your quest be an adventure as you start looking for signs, developing awareness and
noticing your feelings. Some of the signs to look for are: a sense of love at first sight,
a feeling that you have been with this person before, a sense that you deeply
understand each other even though you just met, a pull of destiny regarding the
relationship and an awareness that this is the person you have dreamed about and
wanted in your life. Remember, too, to look for connections or activity in your birth
chart and that of your potential partner.

The Astrological Factor

Perhaps you have thought about checking Sun sign compatibility with that of your
significant other. If this term is new to you, it simply means that your astrology sign
seems to work well with your partners. Signs in the fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and
air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) elements relate favorably to one another as do the
earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) with water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Understanding Sun sign compatibility gives you a head start, but is seldom enough
proof that a relationship is solid. Your astrological chart reflects your blueprint for
this lifetime. It presents a true picture of your emotional needs, passions and
feelings through the expression of your personal planets, the Sun, the Moon,
Venus and Mars. Those planets are compared with a prospective partners planets to
give you insight into the relationships future. This process is much more involved
than our article covers, but it is a vital part of your love assessment if you want to
know more about your mutual connections. I highly recommend a compatibility
consultation when your relationship takes off.