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How to flex your

capacity like a
9 reasons why flexible
capacity is a better
approach for hybrid IT

August, 2016
Flexible whatnow?

Flexible capacity means

your on-premise capacity
scales to accommodate
your changing business
needs and workloads,
and yet you achieve this
without upfront investments
in hardware (pay as you

As with the cloud, the

concept allows you the
convenience to provision
capacity in a matter of
minutes. (Seriously it is
that fast.)

Read on to learn more.

1. You might think every app belongs in the cloud. But
some dont.
Its common to
choose the cloud
for its agility,
simplicity and pay-
per-use model. But
sometimes the
cloud can cause
you to inadvertently
compromise crucial
things like control,
security, latency
and sovereignty.
With flexible
capacity of on-
premise IT, you
have more control
over the choice of
where to put your

2. You can get a public cloud experience for on-
premises IT. Really.

Move from capital

No more guessing End undifferentiated
expense to variable Fast, easy development
capacity heavy lifting

Your datacenter / Third-party datacenter

private cloud Hybrid / public cloud
Control, Security, Sovereignty, Low
Speed, Agility, Simplicity, Cost flexibility

Flexible capacity gives you fast access to cloud and traditional IT resources as
your needs change along with all the benefits of both, achieving a more
balanced hybrid IT.

3. You dont have to be held down by the old rules of

Flexible capacity On-demand Avoid costly

to scale up or down availability when you over-provisioning
need it

Flexible capacity gives you the ability to provision capacity in minutes. The
business gets what it needs ASAP, and you dont have to chase funds to buy
capacity you wont need for months.

4. You can stop paying for what you arent using.

Flexible capacity enables you to escape the cycle of over-provisioning for growth
and pay for what you actually use.

5. You can evolve into a broker of IT services to the

Performance Price Availability

Manage cost Manage risks

Make right decisions for business

You are a broker, baby. Embrace it.

6. You can go from obstacle to hero.

Flexible capacity means youre always ready for the next thing. Like a hero.

7. You can do all this today.

Introducing HPE Flexible Capacity, a service of HPE Datacenter Care.

You get full HPE service and support (even more than what you pay for):

We will jointly Deliver and Monitor Datacenter We will bill you
determine your set up IT on and measure Care to get the monthly based
capacity needs site capacity used support you on actual use

8. You can deploy exactly what you need, when you
need it.

Choose from popular

Enterprise consulting
and multivendor support
Servers, storage,
networks, Converged
Systems and software
No up-front capital

9. You can flex your capacity like
a boss.

When is HPE Flexible Capacity right for you?

When large capital outlays and long
procurement cycles no longer fit your business
When you need to be ready for surges in
For data and workloads that should stay on-
premises, under your control
For workloads that could expand to public cloud
When you need better than best effort SLAs

Make the right choice - HPE Flexible Capacity
Elastic capacity and enterprise support
for Hybrid IT
Aligns costs with usage monthly via
advanced metering
Infrastructure capacity that never runs out
Scalable add capacity in minutes, not
Forecasted Local
months capacity Pay only for buffer
what you use1
Includes HPE Datacenter Care enterprise-
grade support
Applies to servers, software defined and
traditional storage, networks, converged
systems, and software
Business Application
Hybrid-ready with certain Microsoft Azure
services 1subject to a minimum commitment for hardware and software

HPE and multivendor support

No up-front capital requirements

Thank you
Learn how HPE Flexible Capacity makes
all this easier than youve ever imagined.