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Jason Zong

Finance Professional, seeking a Financial Analyst opportunity


Jason is an enthusiastic and exceptional financial professional with dedicated knowledge in financial analysis,
budgeting, accounting, forecasting, evaluation and planning. Strongly capable and proficient in building
tools and financial models that will convey an easy-understanding information and enhance the institutional
decisions especially. Outstanding problem solving skills with minimal supervision in the working environment
and settings. Processes and run several databases to generate comprehensive financial reports for management
teams. Willing to accept new things and learn concepts quickly. Moderate and gentle to get along with.
Communicates thoughts and ideas effectively and explicitly.

-Excellent technical skills with MS Excel, Access, Outlook, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, Microstrategy, WebNow6, R
project, Solver, Bloomberg, SAP, Oracle, SAS, JMP, VBA, DPL, CRM, SQL, QuickBooks, Tax Act etc.
-Statistical analysis, financial modeling & forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, project valuation
-Corporate finance, variance analysis, cost accounting, account reconciliation, process improvement
-Language: Native in Mandarin Chinese, fluent in Cantonese, proficient in English
-Keen and eager to adapt fresh notions
-Detail-oriented team player with a concentration of united corporate picture.

Coordinator, Marketing & Distribution Finance at Relativity EuropaCorp Distribution
July 2016 - Present (8 months)
Create and track purchase orders, invoices, journal entries & credits related to M&D budgets in two
different accounting systems Dynamics AX (Relativity) and Dynamics NAV (EuropaCorp), archive
submitted files
Reconcile parent company credit cards specific to Marketing and Distribution Departments; process CC
authorization and book the expenses in the accounting system
Audit budgets, purchase orders and invoices; coordinate with A/P and Director on all rush invoice requests/
Issue the pay stubs for filing 1099 tax forms
Run reports for cash, aging, open POs, budget updates and weekly cash flow
Build expense reports as needed for Director and parent company finance needs

Lead the accounts payable task to ensure the payment punctuality and accuracy

Senior Financial Analyst (Contract) at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies

May 2016 - June 2016 (2 months)
Provided support to management on strategic planning, budgeting and operations planning, performance
monitoring over 1,000 licensees and variance analysis over 15 line of business and over 400 intellectual
Performed statistical research; Interpret data, emphasizing historical results, trends, and support business

Financial Analyst (Contract) at Ingredient Alliance Inc.

April 2016 - April 2016 (1 month)
Helped build the pricing list model for individual customer and the sales projections model over three-year
Created company presentations in PowerPoint corresponds both investor and customer versions
Led the sales projections based on the marketing insights and incorporated the meaningful scenarios in the
model reflects on each customer.
Developed the supply chain financing model for loan application and third party documentation

Analyst FP&A at DineEquity

February 2016 - April 2016 (3 months)
Consulted with business leaders across departments to define financial reporting/analysis needs, gathered
data, conducted research and analysis, and prepared reports as appropriate to fulfill the business need
Analyzed and evaluated corporate, business unit, department and/or product line financial data and operating
results by using the combination of various technical tools and data warehouse
Assembled financial and statistical data by using Adobe Acrobat to generate the monthly financial
highlights and keep the organization posted on the company financial performance
Participated in special financial and business related studies as needed to support organizational objectives
such as monthly forecasts, variance management, General Ledger compilation and data validation
Prepared assembly reports including ad hoc reports, unique needs, special queries and data analysis upon the
requests from management team along with the interpretation of information
Improved financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending
actions to management; proposing changes in methods and materials based on underlying business drivers
and key metrics
Assisted with cross functional planning processes as they relate to financial analysis and reporting including
P&L, key performance indicators, G&A, national advertising fund, long term incentive program, stock based
compensation, miscellaneous expenses and variance explanations
Updated databases and provided support to other business users in retrieving data/running reports from
Hyperion and PeopleSoft

Built models to facilitate data compilation, financial analysis, reporting and forecasting; Increased
productivity by developing semi-autonomous budgeting/forecasting tools through implementing Macro and
combined formulas

Financial Analyst (Contract) at Hulu

October 2015 - November 2015 (2 months)
Assisted in all aspects of the annual planning process from supporting the rollout of the annual planning
applications and working with the field to support plan submissions
Developed and managed reports for forecasting, sales trends, and financial results analysis and collaborate
with Sales customers to monitor budget adherence and ensure proper financial decisions
Utilized Oracle financial system information to develop and communicate value-added reporting tools
Aided in the development and execution of the annual budget and quarterly forecasts for global sales
functions, focusing on the underlying business drivers, key financial and operating metrics, and relative
sensitivity analysis
Efficiently compiled, organized and analyzed complex financial information and raw data; interpreted data
to explain past financial performance and projected future results
Made recommendations for changes in order to create savings or more effective use of dollars
Managed requests for budget changes, updated budget records if the changes are approved
Advised both department and executive management of budget status on a scheduled basis.
Performed budget execution and administration work involving the monitoring of current year and prior year
obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of a budget with difference sources and types of funding
Planned, performed budget formulation, justification of work involving preparation of detailed analysis of
annual and or multi-year budget estimates for assigned organization/programs into a consolidated budget
Served as the point of contact on the use of budget automated data management systems. Provided advice,
assistance, and guidance on budgeting and related information
Established and implemented the standard monthly payroll procedures and prepared long term incentive
plans for branch offices

Financial Advisor Intern at DaVinci Financial & Insurance Associates

March 2014 - June 2014 (4 months)
Communicated with +1,000 customers to update timely information regarding the change of policies and
Incorporated 300 clients files into ERP system and processed 120 elaborate contracts for new clients
with policy over $200,000 monthly and timely updated information regarding the change of policies for
Expedited the overall working efficiency through appropriate coordination and collaborative efforts with
colleagues on file compilation and flow, resulting in 700 projected additional customers per year

Facilitated the senior financial advisor with web-meeting setups and integration of meeting notes to deliver
the service on the timely basis
Optimized departmental productivity by delivering hands-on training to personnel in various technologies
including MS offices and ERP

Financial Analyst at China Minsheng Banking

March 2013 - December 2013 (10 months)
Monitored the $10 million loan outstanding and performed ad hoc analyses on the regular basis to track the
performance of collateralized loans
Generated the periodic financial performance reports with the variance explanations and recommendations to
the management team for making sound decisions
Ran the liability check and notified the department head to rollover the debt instruments
Coordinated inter-bank activities to determine the cash position, significantly reduced the amount of bad
debtor by implementing and standardizing the sophisticated financial reviews
Worked directly with Sales Representatives, gathering information, analyzing data, and making
recommendations for the general manager to improve performance, resulted in $5 million additional deposits
by leveraging SAP, ERP and SAS
Assessed the local business market position and industry dynamics so as to optimally execute strategies
among the wholesale chain
Achieved the highest increase of $1.5 million in clients deposits and was praised as a benchmark for the
Streamlined the loan application and the approval process with improvement on the working efficiency
Coached entry level commercial bankers on the skills of communication, relationship management and
software application

Statistics & Finance Tutor at Southern Illinois University

January 2011 - December 2012 (2 years)
Taught and helped clarify concepts, misunderstandings and practice problems for approximately two
hundred students each semester
Coached students one on one in learning skills and problem solving skills which improved their academic
credits by 10% over the course
Improved academic environment and motivated students to fully participate in group studies with a jump of
letter grade in return
Adjusted and modified the tutoring center's schedule and facilities in terms of making student feel
comfortable in fully equipped atmosphere and encouraging students to utilize resources available on site with
average 5 additional signed in weekly
Devised methodology regarding teaching aids and learning materials after identifying unfavorable academic

Credit Analyst Intern (Full-Time) at Changshu Rural Commercial Bank

June 2012 - August 2012 (3 months)
Imported average 5 reporting forms daily including balance sheets, income statements and statement of cash
Initiated loan contracts for approved customers and filed reports and documents in the banking database for
Inputted 5 customers financial information daily into SAP software and monitored their accounts activities
over the period
Performed financial statement analysis, reported key findings include benchmark analyses and ratio analyses
by applying Altman's Z-score and other measurement indexes to senior analyst for further determination

Sales Consultant Intern (Full-Time) at Huaxing Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd
June 2011 - August 2011 (3 months)
Upgraded the length of purchasing process by 10% to improve trading efficiency and effectiveness
Dissected 100 customers needs monthly including purchasing preferences and retaining value after
registration and cataloged them into database for future references and promotions
Managed information and gathered requests from customers and maintained good customer relationships
Conducted the probability analysis based on the demographic allocation in order to promote sales and

E2B (Company Evaluation - Intueor Consulting Inc.)
March 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong, Phillip Zeng, Raghu Kandaswamy, Christina Chen, Eva Yang
A thorough evaluation includes financial statement analysis, working capital management, cash budgeting,
cash flow, valuation of privately held business and financial forecasting is presented in front of the company
Discussed its strategy for success and, most importantly, the sustainability of profits generated by the
strategy. Discovered the potential risk to this strategy
Used the basic Du Pond model and show whether the business strategy is reflected in the ratio
Used the Du Pond model as foundation to compute the remaining operating activity ratios and made
suggestions as to how the firm can either improve profitability or efficiency
Computed the liquidity and working capital ratios to evaluate the working capital management of the
Used the working capital ratio as a foundation to lead into the interpretation of Statement of Cash Flow
Computed the default ratios we learned in class to access firm's credit risk
Used the equity multiples and value multiples of both private and public companies for valuation
Made recommendations for the firm to grow their business regarding the new business opportunities,
unexplored parts of their own business, etc.

Analyzed financial metrics and providing ongoing business performance analyses for business owner
Simulation (Delphi Printers & Peripherals, a small electronics and computer peripheral manufacturer)
March 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong, Phillip Zeng, Neil Nigam
As a senior project manager, I have been tasked with assembling and directing a product design team to
develop a new and innovative consumer printer.
Selected the project scope given four possible product with different level of complexity to start off the
entire process
Forecasted the appropriate length of completion schedule based on the project scope and situation
Leveraged the limited resources and limited budget to approach the launch process with modification
allowed weekly
Decided the necessary meetings weekly to have impacts on team morale, productivity and skill level
Assessed the performance given the result and resolved the discrepancies and inefficient resource
management to improve the overall operation
Processed necessary journal entries and accrual transactions for assigned functional areas
Built various analyses, incorporating data-based results compared with forecasts and developing
performance metrics and new business initiatives; prepared and update month-end financial management
Drove continuous process improvements and best practices to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency
of the planning and reporting processes; made recommendations for appropriate actions based on risk and
Performed key financial analysis to provide proposals for use in key business decisions; prepared financial
planning, reports of key performance indicators, ad hoc analysis reports, economic valuations and cost/
benefit information
Analyzed functional spending trends and identify the primary drivers of the variances to forecast, plan and
prior periods
Created and analyzed financial statements and other financial documents to aide management in decision
making process
Ceridium Communications (Forecasting Financial Statements)
March 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong
Developed annual budgeting and forecasting process while developing forecasting models in Excel
Developed and maintain operating and forecast models; continually improved processes to support business
Performed financial analysis of the entire business which will include analyzing revenue, expenses, cash
flow and the balance sheet
Developed and executed long-term financial plans and scenario-based financial projections using data from
marketing, operations, sales and product teams; supported for ongoing and ad-hoc reporting requirements
Harvard Business Online Finance Simulation: M&A in Wine Country

July 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong
Three wine companies in the simulation with merger and acquisition incentives towards the ideal target
Performed the valuation of other two companies both in stand alone approach and with synergy setting
operating assumptions and Pro-Forma Consolidated Statements to arrive the appropriate intrinsic stock price
Performed the valuation of own company with confidential information to determine the Zone Of Possible
Set the reservation prices for the other two companies to initiate price offers and stock exchange ratios
Negotiated with other players in the industry to reach the consensus on the deal across the beneficial impacts
and status
Achieved the top three score in the class reflected by the increased amount of stock price after the deal
Proposed Acquisition (Amazon acquires Netflix)
July 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong, Joe Yuzhou Huan, Alexa Halloran, Nicole Lapczynski, Arian Behboodi
Picked a possible bidder and target and justified why this target is attractive acquisition for the bidder
Analyzed the kind of merger and takeover, strategic rationale, possibile synergies, market value and
reasonable purchase price (how much of the premium) of Netflix
Tackled both DCF and relative valuation approaches to be better and more precise arrive the stock price
Determined the appropriate cost (discount rate) of the deal and the available resources to close the
Examined the influence of fit in with the acquirers overall strategic vision after acquisition
Managed and supported financial due diligence efforts for potential acquisitions; compiled financial due
diligence requests, managed and reviewed financial due diligence responses, and highlighted key financial
issues identified in due diligence process
Created and managed updates to complex financial corporate model for monthly short-range plan and annual
long-range plan; performed scenario analysis using model in support of executive decisions
Designed and implemented processes related to business modeling, economic analysis, and due diligence for
Disclosed challenges may arise (reaction from competition, fit into current corporate culture, integration with
existing facilities/markets, etc., selling off parts of the target that dont fit, etc.)
Logistics Decision
July 2015 to Present
Members:Jason Zong, Prasad k, Laura Hendro, Omar Baghlaf
Picked a company and identified the possible expansion opportunities and streamlining through feasible
Decomposed the corporate strategy to be better understand and recognize the company advantages and
interested fields for implementing the decision making process
Formulated Logistics Decision Model (alternatives, goals, measures) to construct the metrix for the
subsequent valuation ease

Developped model (utility functions, weights) at the decision maker's preference to assess the alternatives
Performed the sensitivity analysis to adjust the several key factors in the reasonable range and analyze the
variaces that affect the outcomes

Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management
Master's Degree, Applied Finance, 2014 - 2015
Grade: GPA: 3.55
Activities and Societies: Asian Business Club (VP of Operation) Finance Club (Associate of CFA study group)
Graziadio Student Ambassador Chinese Students & Scholars Association (Treasurer)
University of California, Irvine
Accelerated Certificate Program, Business Administration and Management, General, 2014 - 2014
Grade: GPA: 3.98/4.0
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Bachelor's Degree, Accounting and Finance, 2008 - 2012
Grade: 3.74/4.0
Activities and Societies: Ascend Case Competition at Deloitte in Chicago A Finance & Statistics Tutor at
College of Business

Chinese Student Scholars Association
Vice President
January 2012 to December 2012
Outreached and connecting directly with Chinese embassy in Chicago
Obtained sponsorship through networking and interacting in order to plan and execute events
Initiated fundraising through alumni connections and sales of special goods
Sought the better cooperation with other students clubs to embrace campus life and community services
Financial Management Association
Vice President
January 2012 to December 2012
Recruited new members through promotion of organization and business activities
Assisted president handle business events planning and settings
Advised students with a marvelous academic path to succeed and recommended class selections in related
field study
Collaborated with faculties upon the course of action for recruiting new business students
Saluki Student Investment Fund
Stock Analyst
August 2011 to December 2012
Researched 6 companies in the Energy & Utility industry for team to make purchase decision
Conducted evaluation of 6 stocks through multiple stage of financial analyses

Synthesized and concluded relevant information into an organized PowerPoint for presentation
Finalized the financial models for future convenience of evaluation on essence the various stock data inputs
Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders
Case Competition Member
August 2011 to December 2012
Led fundraising events through bakery sales and inspired memberships in relation of its culture and goals in
Joined in business workshop about interview techniques and ensured the effective communication properly
take place
Participated and collaborated in LATC Capital case competition project, and networked with current
employees at Deloitte
Asian Business Club
Vice President of Operation
January 2015 to Present
Recruited new members on campus with a wide range of academic and demographic background
Coordinated the scheduled events and transfer notification message of the date onto the official calendar
Created a event flowchart for volunteer to serve and prepare in an efficient process and oversaw the order of
Graziadio Student Ambassador
August 2014 to Present
Supported Graziadios Student Recruitment office by engaging with prospective students and helping to
recruit distinguished and qualified students.
Assisted and represented the forum and school fair representation for guests and perspective people
Hosted the open houses on campus for visiting admission candidates and participated as panel member
Chinese Students & Scholars Association
Vice President of Treasurer
August 2014 to Present
Oversaw the general account on the event and reimbursement activity driven tasks and reconciled subsidiary
accounts on the timely basis.
Conducted the budgetary analysis for the upcoming events to efficiently support the fund requirements
Reconciled and Balanced the journal entries
Filed and report the consolidated cash flows on approved events in monthly board meeting.
Forecasted the future fund needed to support the scheduled workshops, orientations and partnering events.
Analyzed the cost variances and resolved accounting discrepancies and irregularities.

Honors and Awards

Superior Scholastic Achievement

Maintain a 4.0 GPA in the year
Deans list honors
December 2012
Had outstanding GPAs in 6 semesters
Outstanding Achievement Finite Math
Finished the course with a perfect A score
Outstanding Performance in Economics courses
Finished the course with a perfect A score
Outstanding Achievement College Algebra
Finished the course with a perfect A score
Outstanding Student Performance
UCI Extension
June 2014
Had remarkable GPAs in all courses

Skills & Expertise

Financial Analysis
Financial Modeling
Strategic Planning
Microsoft Excel
Financial Planning
Financial Accounting
Financial Reporting
Corporate Finance
Strategic Financial Planning
Investment Banking
Microsoft Word
Managerial Finance

Customer Service
Financial Risk
Credit Analysis
Credit Risk
Microsoft Office
Project Management
Portfolio Management
Financial Forecasting
Process Improvement
Financial Services
Quantitative Finance
Personal Finance
Leveraged Finance
Visual Basic Application
The R Project
Capital Markets
Working Capital Management
Cost Accounting
Due Diligence
Business Valuation
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Variance Analysis
Account Reconciliation
Revenue Recognition
General Ledger
Oracle Financials

Master's Degree, Applied Finance
Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio
School of Business and Management
Business Analysis Using Financial Statements ACCT 632
Valuation of Real Options DESC 621
Capital Markets FINC 621
Valuation & Corporate Combinations FINC 668
Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis DESC 637
Accounting for Working Capital ACCT 633
Personal and Leadership Development Workshop BSCI 650

Strategic Issues in Finance FINC 620
The Global Economic Environment ECNM 648
E2B Accounting ACCT 605
Advanced Cost Accounting ACCT 612
Advanced Statistical Models for Business DESC 620
Financial Modeling FINC 638
Financial Accounting ACCT 591
Microeconomic Analysis ECNM 592
Applied Data Analysis DESC 593
Cost Accounting ACCT 602
Managerial Economics ECNM 602
Macroeconomic Analysis ECNM 612
Financial Management FINC 614
Advanced Financial Accounting ACCT 601
Quantitative Business Analysis DESC 603

Accelerated Certificate Program, Business

Administration and Management, General
University of California, Irvine
Essentials of Management MGMT X490
Communication in Business Environment MGMT X497
Finance for Non-Financial Business Person MGMT X434
Integrated Marketing Strategies for Todays Business MGMT X488
Strategic Planning MGMT X494
Entrepreneurship MGMT X494

Bachelor's Degree, Accounting and Finance

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Forecast & Capital Budgeting FIN 463
Management of Financial Institution FIN 449
Security Valuation FIN 469
Working Capital Management FIN 462
Administrative Policy MGMT 481
Accounting Systems Operations ACCT 360
Introduction to Tax ACCT 341
Management of Business Finance FIN 361
Financial Market FIN 341
Investments FIN 331
Computer Information Systems MGMT 345

Introduction to Management MGMT 304
Cost Accounting (undergraduate) ACCT 331
Introduction to Finance FIN 330
Production Operation Management MGMT 318
Marketing Management MGMT 304
Business Data Analysis MGMT 208
Legal & Social Environement FIN 270
Accounting Managerial II ACCT 230
Accounting Financial I ACCT 220
Computing: Business Administration ISAT 229
Main Street to Wall Street BUS 123

Volunteer Experience
Volunteer at Chinese Career Center Inc.
July 2015 - Present
Helped Los Angeles Regional Food Bank sort donated foods and goods and assembled identical and similar
categories into the same distribution boxes for deliveries
Assigned volunteers into sub groups to work on the small counters and instructed them a better collaborative
Improved the efficiency and volunteer experience through synergetic teamwork spirit, relevant amount of
work and interpersonal characteristic

Conference Volunteer at Growth Capital Institute

April 2015 - Present
Helped settle up the conference arrangement and assure the technical appliance work properly and the
dinning service was offered punctually and correctly
Assisted the speakers and event organizer with PowerPoint looping and facilitated the necessary needs as
the conference moves on
Timed the speech and sections flows as the original plan scheduled
Networked as an intermediary between venture capitalist and investor to deliver the timely information and

Conference Coordinator at Los Angeles Venture Association

November 2014 - January 2015
Helped the venue arrangement and conference settings before the registration and sign-in
Collected business documents and sorted in the preset orders at supervisor's requests
Assisted the speakers and guests at the gate and guided them with handy instructions nd materials
Monitored the event flow and provided instant help as needs to create hassle-free experience for participants

International Student & Scholars Volunteer at Southern Illinois University
January 2011 - December 2012
Implemented the efficient process floating through 7 administration offices
Communicated with 20 students come from different countries by leveraging language skills
Fulfilled students needs and provided the most comfortable services for 10 students
Brought new students on city tour and campus tour to have a sense of the life and culture surround

Financial forecasting, Financial budgeting, Financial accounting, Variance analysis, Validation, Valuation,
Error checking, Macro development, Investment Banking, Real Estate investment, Financial Modeling,
Corporate finance, Credit risk, Risk assessment, Working capital management, Cost accounting, Financial
management, Strategic planning, process improvement, teamwork,

English (Full professional proficiency)
Chinese (Native or bilingual proficiency)
Cantonese (Professional working proficiency)
Shanghainese (Professional working proficiency)
Korean (Elementary proficiency)

Jason Zong
Finance Professional, seeking a Financial Analyst opportunity

2 person has recommended Jason

"Jiachen is a motivated individual with good analytical skills. He is energetic and takes initiative. "

Ken Ko, Associate Professor, Pepperdine University, taught Jason at Pepperdine University, The George
L. Graziadio School of Business and Management

"Jason was a very hard-working unpaid intern at our firm. He is always curious to know more. I gave Jason
some tasks to complete and he would do them without question. He even came up with different other
solutions that could possibly work. That application of critical thinking skills was the character attribute that
stuck out the most. If Jason is on your short list of people you are looking to bring on board to your company,
then take this recommendation into consideration because he is an outstanding candidate. He will not let you

Denson Kaiklian, managed Jason at University of California, Irvine

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