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50¢ daily Friday, July 9, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

LeBron’s decision
Icy treats help
Winners in free agency,
zoo animals in do Heat win on the court?
heat wave
COLUMBUS (AP) — A “I think whatever
major Ohio zoo is using
frozen treats, cool pools
happens, I don’t
and misting machines to think anyone
help its animals cope with
the current heat wave. is going to beat
The Columbus Zoo — the Lakers any-
home to celebrity zookeeper
Jack Hanna — was mak- way. When you
ing sure the animals were
comfortable on Thursday
look at what the
as the local temperature Lakers have, it’s
topped 90 degrees for the
fourth day in a row. James really hard to beat
Gorillas were given By BRIAN MAHONEY them. That team
popsicles made of frozen,
diluted juice while a machine
The Associated Press
is so good but if
fanned mist in their direc-
tion. Elephants played in
Another Big Three? they continue to
water at their compound,
Big deal.
The news that LeBron get better and
and when the polar bears
got too warm in the sun,
James is going to Miami to can stay healthy,
they had a 65-degree pool Stacy Taff photo join Dwyane Wade and Chris
Bosh will surely have some it’s not going to
and ice blocks filled with
matter who you

Wheat crop crashes

A farmer west of Delphos drives through wheat straw bales in his field Thursday. anointing the Heat as next
treats to help them cool off.
season’s favorites.
The zoo’s Lori Monska
says keepers throughout Don’t expect many bas- put together.”
the facility check on their ketball people to be among
animals frequently during
hot weather to make sure “It’s not over with,” New — Jim Boeheim
it’s not too much for them. BY MICHAEL FORD to not put out a full, healthy York coach Mike D’Antoni Syracuse coach
The Delphos Herald
“For many, this kernel. In some cases, a scab said. “Nothing’s over.”
BMV: Purple
year’s wheat crop
can cause some kernels to
be underdeveloped. In other
Miami has three of the
best players in the NBA but edented shopping season,
Heart widow When Mother Nature
decided the region needed was a pretty big cases, the scab can cause
nearly the entire head to be
it takes 12 to fill a roster. And
even if the trio keeps its word
where nine teams arrived in
July with at least $10 million,
can’t have plates a heavy dose of rainfall in disappointment underdeveloped,” he said. and takes less money than could become the norm for
allowed, there still won’t be teams who believe they can
Spring, corn and soybean
farmers faced planting chal- in terms of yield. “So, low yield coupled with
reductions in price from qual- much cash left for the Heat to build a powerhouse without
— The state is standing firm lenges. However, many of the The quality was ity lead to a pretty poor wheat have many good choices. having to stop in the draft.
against an 84-year-old Ohio same agriculture leaders also crop this year.” Certainly not enough to “I think you do have to
widow who’s unhappy about plant Winter Wheat, which also poor because Though there are feder- go sign their versions of Ron go for it, if that’s your plan,”
having to give up her special turned out significantly low
Purple Heart license plates.
of Wheat Head al subsidies to help farmers Artest and Lamar Odom, who said Orlando general manager
at harvest. Therefore, those navigate the ebbs and flows helped Los Angeles pull out Otis Smith, who may have no
Leticia Schmidt’s late in the ag community are hop- Scab, which is of nature, area wheat farmers Game 7 of the NBA finals longer constructed the best
husband was wounded in
World War II and earned
ing their other plants have a a disease that will have to look to the heav- over Boston and its Big Three team in Florida. “You have
good year. ens for a bailout. of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce to plan accordingly and you
two Purple Heart med- “Wheat harvest went caused the head “There is nothing avail- and Ray Allen while Kobe have to take a shot at it. The
als. The Bureau of Motor
Vehicles says it’s against the
quickly. We had excellent of the wheat to able in subsidies that I know Bryant was struggling.
“I think whatever happens,
worst thing that could happen
is he could say no and you
weather for it and it didn’t of; most of the wheat farmers
rules for a family member
to have the commemora- take long or take many wag- not put out a full, also farm corn and soybeans, I don’t think anyone is going clear some room to get some
tive Purple Heart plates, ons because yield was low.
On average over the last sev-
healthy kernel.” so they would really like to
have a good year with those
to beat the Lakers anyway,”
Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim
other people to fill.”
Once the euphoria from
so the woman from subur-
ban Dayton has been told eral years, we’ve had 70-72 — Andy Kleinschmidt, crops. We have a lot of poten- said. “When you look at what James’ announcement wears
she must replace hers with bushels per acre. This year, OSU-Extension, tial this year; some of them the Lakers have, it’s really off and the partying stops
standard tags next month. we’ll do well to be within 10 Van Wert County got too much water early but hard to beat them. That team on South Beach, filling the
Ohio Department of Public of that; many farmers will they can get a lot of recovery is so good but if they continue roster will be the next step.
Safety spokeswoman Julie tell you they didn’t average if we just get rain about once to get better and can stay The Celtics were able to sur-
Hints says only a vehicle 55,” Putnam County OSU So, all of the rain we had a week through the summer. healthy, it’s not going to mat- round Garnett, Pierce and
registered in the name of an Extension Educator Glen through the latter part of May So, that’s what we’re hoping ter who you put together.” Allen three years ago by
actual Purple Heart recipient Arnold said. and the first two weeks of for,” Arnold said. Still, the Heat now have finding veterans such as P.J.
may have the license plates. He explains that Spring June enabled these diseases He said his county will a chance to do it, all because Brown and Sam Cassell who
Schmidt says hers honor rainfall caused diseases which to grow and hurt the plants,” have a small portion of they took a chance in free were interested in signing on
her husband, Leland Schmidt, plagued wheat plants. he said. unused field this year because agency and it paid off. cheaply for a shot at a title
who died in 2005 at age 84. “The low yield was Wheat Head Scab also nine inches of rain in portions The best players almost and that’s likely what Miami
The couple’s daughter says because of the scab and leaf contributed to a low yield of May and June prevented never leave as free agents in will have to do now.
the BMV is being insensitive. diseases. Wheat Head Scab is in Van Wert County, Ohio planting. the NBA, where the league’s “I’d tell you what I would
a head disease but we also had State University Extension “We ended up with 5 per- collective bargaining agree- have done. My intention

Sports Stagonospora and Septoria.

When you have a really wet
growing season like we had,
Educator Andy Kleinschmidt
“For many, this year’s
cent or better that did not
get planted because it got
too late to plant; they would
ment allows them to receive
longer contracts with bigger
raises from their own clubs.
would be to go out and find
out who wants to win a cham-
pionship, a proven player at
Soccer camp Saturday diseases start at the bottom of wheat crop was a pretty big have taken out Preventative Yet the Heat persuaded the end of his career, wants
The St. John’s girls soccer the plant and work their way disappointment in terms of Planting insurance on those both James and Bosh to come to be on a championship team
team is hosting a soccer camp upward. As they get to the yield. The quality was also fields, which will sit idle until to South Florida, even though and would take the mini-
Saturday and July 17 at the flagleaf — the top leaf — and poor because of Wheat Head Fall and farmers can either it could mean leaving about mum,” said Knicks’ president
Delphos Annex soccer fields. the head itself, they sap the Scab, which is a disease that plant wheat or alfalfa for next $30 million on the table.
The time for 5- to 10-year- plant’s ability to make grain. caused the head of the wheat year,” he added. So perhaps this unprec- See JAMES, page 2
olds is 9-11 a.m.; for 11
years and up, 1-3 p.m.
Cost is $20 per person,
which includes a camp
Freshwater jellyfish ‘common but rare’
T-shirt. Please wear shin BY STACY TAFF are common but rare,” she
guards and cleats and bring The Delphos Herald said. “I asked him to explain
a water bottle and tennis that because it made no sense
shoes (we will move to the to me. He said they are com-
Annex if the weather is bad). MIDDLE POINT— When mon because we see them
Registration is 30 min- most people think of jelly- every once in a while and
utes prior to the camp fish, they usually picture we know what they are, but
start time both days. tropical bodies of salt water, they’re also rare because you
Contact Kristy Hasenkamp not ponds in rural Ohio sur- never know when or where
at (567) 204-2745 or coach- rounded by corn and bean they will pop up and they
hasenkamp@hotmail. fields. rarely, if ever, pop up in the
com with any questions. About six years ago when same place twice. This makes
Karla Hoying and her hus- them very hard to study as
Forecast band Robert dug their pond well, because once they hear
Mostly sunny on their property in Middle about a freshwater jellyfish
Saturday; high Point, they planned to accom- sighting, they are gone before
in mid 80s. modate goldfish and coy. anyone has a chance to get
See page 2. What they didn’t plan on was there.”
tiny jellyfish popping up lit- Freshwater jellyfish, tech-
erally out of nowhere. Karla Hoying of Middle nically called Craspedacusta
Index “When we put the pond in, Point found freshwater jelly sowerbyi, have a very short
fish in her koi pond about
Obituaries 2 we got 12 goldfish and five life cycle, progressing from
two weeks ago.
State/Local 3 koi fish,” said Karla Hoying, asexual polyps that lie in wait
Politics 4 an art teacher at the Marsh jellyfish swimming around.” until the body of water in
Community 5 Foundation. “That was all we Since that day, Hoying has which they rest becomes the
Sports 6 put in and every fish in there contacted various biology, right temperature, usually
Church 7 now is descended from those zoology and natural resource around 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Classifieds 8 fish. About two weeks ago, departments at universities to The polyps, which look like
one of my art students, Lee, find out how these fragile little hollow gelatinous bowl-
TV 9 who is 11 years old, said ‘you invertebrates came to be in ing pins, then develop buds
Stacy Taff photos
World News 10 have jellyfish in your pond.’ her 13 foot deep coy pond. which eventually separate Five-year-old Jon Bryceton Neer and 11-year-old
I said, ‘No I don’t,’ and he “I called Ohio State and and progress into the medu- Mackenzie Neer, Karla Hoying’s grandchildren, hold a jar
pointed them out and sure talked to a professor of natu- containing 10 freshwater jellyfish found in the koi pond
enough, there were these tiny ral resources and he said they See JELLY, page 2 behind them.
2 – The Herald Friday, July 9, 2010

For The Record

Iraq: Suicide bomber James The Daily
kills 6 in Baghdad Herald
(Continued from page 1) somebody.”
And if the Heat do escape
Donnie Walsh, whose team the East, the powerful 2-time Vol. 141 No. 22
was among those who lost out defending champion Lakers Nancy Spencer, editor
on James. could be waiting. Ray Geary, business manager
By BARBARA SURK in suicide bombings and road- end the four-months stalemate, Even with their new line- “They still have to put Don Hemple, advertising manager
The Associated Press side bombs targeting hundreds adding that clerics will provide up, the Heat won’t find it pieces around those guys and Tiffany Brantley,
of thousands of Shiite pilgrims guidance and advice if com- easy even to get out of the they’ll have a chance. They’ll circulation manager
BAGHDAD — A suicide who converged on the Iraqi cap- promise is not reached before Eastern Conference. The have a chance,” Smith added. William Kohl, general manager/
bomber drove an explosives- ital to commemorate the death July 14. Celtics’ Big Three is return- “Remember, I go back to the Eagle Print
laden car into an Iraqi army of a revered Shiite holy man, The political uncertainty is ing and has added Jermaine Laker days when they loaded
check point in western Baghdad, buried in Baghdad Kazimiyah providing the militants with The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
O’Neal. Chicago signed up all those guys over there 8000) is published daily except
killing six people and injuring neighborhood. greater opportunity to strike. Carlos Boozer to join its good but that doesn’t necessarily
20 this morning, officials said. The bloodshed comes at On Thursday, three separate Sundays and Holidays.
young core and Orlando will guarantee anything.” By carrier in Delphos and
Although violence in Iraq a time when Iraq’s nascent roadside bombings in eastern be tough again. In the most-hyped free
has subsided significantly in democracy is particularly vul- and northern Baghdad, left 14 area towns, or by rural motor
The Celtics believe they agency period the league has route where available $2.09 per
the past years, members of the nerable as officials jostle for people dead and at least 63 could still be the class of the ever seen, the Heat were the
security forces are still frequent- power while struggling to wounded, Iraqi hospital and week. By mail in Allen, Van
conference. clear winners. Wert, or Putnam County, $105
ly targeted by insurgents seek- ensure security and stability. police officials said. A car “I have a great deal of Time will tell if that will per year. Outside these counties
ing to stoke sectarian tensions. Four months after the March bomb in southern Baghdad respect for all those guys — make them winners on the $119 per year.
There are also concerns such 7 election produced no clear killed another person. all the top-notch free agents,” court. Entered in the post office
attacks could increase amid a winner, Iraq’s two main political The incidents followed a team president Danny Ainge “They have to fill out in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
political deadlock four months rivals — current Prime Minister particularly gruesome night in said. “Whatever happens, I their team. It’s definitely not Periodicals, postage paid at
after an inconclusive election Nouri al-Maliki and his main which nearly 60 people were know that it’s going to be a unbeatable or anything like Delphos, Ohio.
and just weeks before U.S. challenger Ayad Allawi, who killed in a series of attacks late challenge. The East is going that,” D’Antoni added. “It’ll No mail subscriptions will be
troops begin heading home. narrowly won the parliamen- Wednesday that marked the to be stronger. But I think set a high bar for the Eastern accepted in towns or villages
Police and hospital officials tary vote — are locked in a worst violence since late April. everybody that’s worth their Conference and we’ll chase where The Daily Herald paper
said three Iraqi soldiers and bitter power struggle. The deadliest was a suicide salt thinks they can beat them.” carriers or motor routes provide
three civilians were killed in A representative of Iraq’s bombing that killed 35 people
daily home delivery for $2.09
the early morning attack that Shiite religious establishment and wounded more than 100, per week.
occurred when the bomber urged the stubborn politicians when the bomber struck pil- 405 North Main St.
detonated a car bomb in the to agree on the make up of a grims as they were about to cross TELEPHONE 695-0015
predominantly Sunni neighbor- new government and its leader a bridge from the mostly Sunni (Continued from page 1) could’ve been carried in by Office Hours
hood of Ghazaliyah. before the July 14 constitution- neighborhood of Azamiyah into other fish, ducks or other birds 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
Officials said 20 people were ally mandated deadline. the predominantly Shiite area of sa stage where they become or by storms,” she continued. POSTMASTER:
also wounded in the blast and “The blocs should resolve the Kazimiyah. mature male and female fresh- “Another theory I learned from Send address changes
taken to Baghdad’s Yarmouk issues before the deadline,” said The deadlock between al- water jellyfish, generally harm- Peter Carrington at Michigan to THE DAILY HERALD,
hospital. The officials spoke on Mahdi al-Karbalaie, a represen- Maliki’s State of Law party and less to everything but their State is that they could have lain 405 N. Main St.
prey, organisms smaller than in the ground for centuries, pre- Delphos, Ohio 45833
condition of anonymity because tative of the most influential Allawi’s Iraqiya party prompt-
they are not authorized to speak Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah ed a visit last week by Vice the eye can see. served in the clay. If you know
to the media. Ali al-Sistani. Al-Karbalaie President Joe Biden, who tried “After they become fully anything about this area, you
Today’s attack comes after
almost 70 people were killed
called on Iraq’s rivals to show
“maturity and wisdom” and
to bring the parties together to
form a government.
grown, they swim around,
feeding, reproducing and lay-
probably know that Lake Erie
once came all the way up to this
ing eggs,” said Hoying. “The area, and then beyond it was ST. RITA’S
Suicide bombers kill more than 50 in Pakistan eggs settle into new polyps at
the bottom, but it’s very rare
the black swamp. I suppose it’s
possible they got here that way
A boy was born July 8
to Ashley Sites and Jeremy
By HABIB KHAN escaped unharmed. At least everywhere. I saw the injured for jellyfish to appear again in and were just waiting for the Stemen of Delphos.
and RIAZ KHAN one bomber was on a motor- crying for help,” security the same body of water because conditions to be right. They’re A girl was born July 8
The Associated Press cycle. official Esa Khan told The there are a lot of variables that very fragile, so the conditions to Eric and Erin Askins of
Nearby, officials were Associated Press in the main need to occur.” have to be just right.” Cloverdale.
KHAR, Pakistan — Two distributing wheelchairs to northwest city of Peshawar, “I was told they only show Since word got out about
suicide bombers struck out-
side a government office
disabled people and equip-
ment to poor farmers, said
where he helped escort some
of the wounded to a hospital.
up in still bodies of water,”
she continued. They also don’t
this strange phenomenon, the
Hoyings have been receiving
today in a tribal region where Mohmand’s chief administra- Abdul Wadood, 19, was appear in ponds that are older visits from curious people in Delphos Herald
Pakistan’s army has fought tor, Amjad Ali Khan. He said sitting in a vehicle nearby than ten years, which struck the area.
the Taliban, killing more than more than 50 people were when the attack happened. me as odd. I’d really like to “A lot of people are just as The high temperature
50 people and wounding more killed and more than 100 “I only heard the deafening find someone who knows more interested as we are and we’re Thursday in Delphos was
than 100, officials said. were wounded. blast and lost consciousness,” about them because I have so just trying to find out as much 91 and the low was 71. A
The attack, one of the One of the bombs appeared he said while being treated many questions.” as we can about them,” Hoying year ago today, the high was
deadliest in Pakistan this fairly small but the other for head and arm wounds in Also a mystery is how the said. “I think it’s important to 81 and the low was 60. The
year, indicated that militants was huge, and they went off Peshawar. “I found myself on polyps get to their unlikely let people know they’re here record high for today is 102,
remain a potent force in the within seconds of each other, a hospital bed after opening habitats in the first place. because there are people, sci- set in 1936 and the record low
country’s tribal belt border- Amjad Ali Khan told The my eyes. I think those who “We know they originated entists, who track this sort of of 56 was set in 1918.
ing Afghanistan despite army Associated Press. planned or carried out this in China, and that the first sight- thing. We have to enjoy them WEATHER FORECAST
offensives. Some 70 to 80 shops in attack are not humans.” ing of them outside of China while we can because history Tri-county
The U.S. has praised the area were damaged or Mohmand is one of sev- was in June of 1880 in a water tells us they probably won’t The Associated Press
Pakistan for taking on Islamist destroyed, Rasool Khan said. eral areas in Pakistan’s law- lily tank in some botanical gar- appear here again. One of the
extremists that use the trib- A prison building also was less tribal belt where Taliban dens near London, England,” professors I talked to said that TONIGHT: Partly cloudy
al region to plan attacks on damaged, and some 28 pris- and al-Qaida members are Hoying shared. “Then they seeing the freshwater jellyfish with a slight chance of show-
Western troops across the oners — ordinary criminals, believed to be hiding. The were seen in South America is a sign of good luck. I don’t ers and thunderstorms in the
border, but the militants have not militants — had appar- Pakistani army has carried and then to the U.S. The earli- know if that’s true, but I’ll evening; mostly clear after
often retaliated on Pakistani ently escaped, he said. out operations in Mohmand, est sighting of them in Ohio take it.” midnight. Lows in the mid
soil. Video footage from the but it has been unable to root was in 1926.” Anyone wishing to contact 60s. North winds 5 to 10 mph.
The bombers detonated area showed dozens of men out the militants. “The professor I talked Hoying can e-mail her at khoy- Chance of rain 20 percent.
their explosives near the searching through piles of Information from to at Ohio State said they SATURDAY: Mostly

For Lohan, the intense

Yakaghund village office yellow brick and mud rubble Mohmand is difficult to ver- sunny. Highs in the mid 80s.
of Rasool Khan, a dep- in search of survivors. ify independently because North winds 5 to 10 mph.
uty administrator of the “After the blast, I saw access to the area is heavily

scrutiny is just beginning

Mohmand tribal region who destruction. I saw bodies restricted. Mostly clear. Lows in the
Mel Gibson is focus of domestic violence inquiry lower 60s. Northwest winds
5 to 10 mph becoming south-
By ANTHONY in a possible domestic vio- the allegations that have been By ANTHONY Lohan will also have to check west after midnight.
McCARTNEY lence incident involving put forth will be thoroughly McCARTNEY into an inpatient rehab program
The Associated Press his ex-girlfriend earlier this investigated.” The Associated Press for three months and continue EXTENDED FORECAST
year, sheriff’s officials said The allegations are being seeing a probation officer after SUNDAY: Mostly
LOS ANGELES — Mel Thursday. handled by the same sher- LOS ANGELES — A slew that. sunny. Highs in the mid 80s.
Gibson is being investigated The Los Angeles County iff’s substation that handled of Lindsay Lohan’s recent drug She will also have to con- Southwest winds 5 to 10
Sheriff’s Department listed Gibson’s 2006 arrest on sus- tests were clean, but her finger- tinue random drug and alco- mph.
Van Wert Cinemas the actor-director as a potential picion of drunken driving. nails definitely are not. hol testing similar to the six SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly
July 9 thru July 15
suspect in the alleged attack The station in Agoura also The day after the actress screenings Lohan has under- cloudy. Lows in the upper
on Russian singer Oksana covers Malibu, where Gibson was sentenced to serve 90 days gone since missing a court date 60s.
Grigorieva at an undisclosed lives. in jail began with news outlets in late May. MONDAY, MONDAY
location in Malibu. The release states the inci- focused on the four-letter mes- The results of those tests NIGHT: Partly cloudy. A
The two have been dent occurred Jan. 6 and the sage painted on Lohan’s middle found no illicit drugs or alco- chance of showers and thun-
involved in a nasty custo- investigation is in a prelimi- fingers, which she prominently hol, according to a proba- derstorms. Highs in the mid
All shows before 6 pm dy dispute over their infant nary stage. displayed during Wednesday’s tion officer’s report released 80s. Lows in the mid 60s.
$4.50 - Adults $7.00 daughter — the subject of a A phone message left court hearing. The day ended Wednesday. The screenings Chance of rain 50 percent.
Kids & Seniors $4.50
confidential court case. for Alan Nierob, Gibson’s with the release of a court filing detected traces of the Adderall, TUESDAY: Partly sunny
COMING SOON: Sheriff’s spokesman Steve spokesman, was not immedi- that detailed what’s in Lohan’s which is used to treat attention with a chance of showers and
Sorcerer’s Apprentice - Salt Whitmore said detectives ately returned. medicine cabinet — a mix of hyperactivity disorder, and the thunderstorms. Highs in the
VAN-DEL DRIVE IN interviewed Grigorieva on The Academy Award win- legally prescribed antidepres- powerful painkiller Dilaudid, mid 80s. Chance of rain 40
Friday July 9 - Tuesday July 13 Monday. She has been the ner is no longer on probation sants, a powerful painkiller and which the report indicated was percent.
Screen 1-Toy Story-G only person interviewed so for the drunken driving case heartburn medication. for Lohan’s “dental pain.”
Twilight: Eclipse-PG13
Screen 2-Predators-R
far. and his conviction has been Neither Lohan’s manicure
nor her medicines led to her
It did not indicate how often
Lohan is taking the medica-
Whitmore declined to dis- expunged.
Knight and Day-PG13
close further details of the The actor has not pub- return to jail, but both revela- tions, but it stated she had valid Corn: $3.57
prescriptions for all of them. Wheat: $4.73
Screen 3-Air Bender-PG13
investigation or any potential licly discussed the breakup tions are hints of the intense
Grown Ups-PG13
scrutiny facing the starlet in the She told the officer she has been Beans: $10.12
Admission: $7.00 Adults - $3.50 Children evidence. with Grigorieva, 40. The
coming months. taking the medications “for as
Under 5 Free
“We’re in the process of former couple first revealed
Gates Open at 8:30-Showtime at dark
verifying, verifying, verify- their relationship shortly after In addition to jail time, long as she can remember.” OTTERY

Police say boy taken by


419-238-2100 ing,” Whitmore said. “All Gibson’s wife, Robyn, filed
for divorce last April. These Ohio lotteries were
drawn Thursday:
armed father found safe
Whitmore said it may take a
Sunday Menu month to conclude the investi-
gation. The results will then be
Mega Millions
Estimated jackpot: $43
Hrs. 6 a.m.-7:30 p.m. turned over to the district attor- TROY (AP) — from an Ohio apartment million

Balyeat’s ney’s office, which will decide Authorities say a 7-year- by his gun-carrying father Midday 3
whether to pursue charges. old boy who was taken following a homicide has 3-7-6

Coffee Shop
been found safe with rela- Midday 4
tives in Indiana. 4-5-4-4
Police in Troy in south- Pick 3
133 E. Main St., Van Wert, Ohio 419-238-1580 west Ohio say they are still 1-7-4
trying to find 50-year-old Pick 4
Standing Prime Rib of Beef ........... 12.25 $
Jeff Bedinger, who is sus-
Chopped Sirloin Loaf ........................ $6.75 pected in the Thursday Powerball
Fried Chicken ................................... $7.25 killing of the boy’s adult Estimated jackpot: $72
• Timely Delivery brother at the apartment million
Baked Virginia Ham.......................... $7.95 • Friendly Service the child shared with their Rolling Cash 5
Stewed Chicken w/Homemade Noodles ..... $6.95 mother. 06-12-19-27-31
• Exceptional Workmanship Police say the 22-year- Estimated jackpot:
Roast Young Tom Turkey ................ $7.00 old man who was killed $120,000
All White Meat ...................... $8.25
• Quality Granites was Bedinger’s stepson. Ten OH
The shooting happened 04-06-07-08-13-19-22-25-
Swiss Steak ...................................... $8.80
201 E. First Street at about 4 p.m. Detective 30-31-41-44-54-59-64-69-74-
Baked Pork Tenderloin ..................... $8.25 Capt. Chris Anderson says 75-76-80
We use only U.S.D.A choice beef. Delphos, Ohio 45833 the boy’s mother was out Ten OH Midday
All Sunday dinners include tomato juice or soup, choice of potato,
vegetable, salad and dessert. 419-695-5500 of the home prior to the 03-05-06-07-08-22-26-32-
T-Bone Steak served with choice of potato, salad and roll...... 9.95 shooting, “and arrived back 37-38-39-52-54-60-67-68-70-
to find this tragedy.” 71-75-79
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manager, Lima time, don’t think you’ll have to conduct your business in the have other questions regard- womanTrythis a time, andsummer.
Try our 30-minute circuit that works every major muscle
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leave Social Security behind great outdoors. See for yourself ing farm workers and Social
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too. Social Security will travel at Security, take a look at our
a time, and can burn up to 500 calories. All with a trainer to teach and motivate.
Have you ever considered a
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Whether you’re outside the more time outside If you’re a farm worker, it’s It’s available online at www. of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[ ]
of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 419-692-2388
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000

[ ]

The sun is out and there likely that you’re busy right 1875 E. Fifth Street
Local Address
Local Address
Local Address Local Address
Local Address
country for a week or a decade, Local Address
Delphos, OH 45833 Local Address
Local AddressLocal Address
Local Address

are a thousand and one things now. The spring planting season html. The booklet is available CURVES WORKS000-000-0000 WITH SILVER 000-000-0000
you may be unaware of how
You [ [
[ 000-000-0000 [
]000-000-0000 ]000-000-0000
]000-000-0000 ] Lo
000-000-0000 000-000-0000
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000-000-0000 000-000-0000
000-000-0000000-000-0000 000-000
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 419-692-2388
Address E. Fi
Local A
you could be doing outside. has ended, but the farm work in English andCURVES

[ ]
Local 1875 E.
Address Fifth
LocalE.StreetLocal Address
Address1875 Local Address
Local Fifth Local Address
Local Address Local
to reach Social Security in the WITH SILVER000-000-0000
Local Address Fifth Street
Local AddressLocal AddressLocal AddressLocal Address

can also request[a printed [ ] ]Local AddressLocal ] Address Local

Address Loca
19” to 52”
000-000-0000 000-000-0000
OH 000-000-0000 Local 000-000-0000
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 Local AddressLocal Address
000-000-0000 Local Address OH Local
Local Address Address
Local Address Local
Delphos, AO

[ copy
Delphos, 45833
Local Address
419-692-2388 Local
Local Address
000-000-0000 Address
Local Address Local
Local Address
000-000-0000 Address Local
Local Address
000-000-0000 Address
Local Address Local
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 419-692-2388
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000
The last thing you want to do has only begun. As you culti-
Local Address Local 1875
Address E.
Local Fifth
Local Address Local Address
event that you need to conduct
Local Address Local 1875
Address LocalE. Fifth
Local Address
Address Local
E. Fifth
Local Address
Address Street
Local Address Local Address

[ ]
1875 E. Fifth Street
Local Address
Local Address
Local Address Local Address
Local Address
Local Address
Address Local
Local Address Local
Address LocalAddress
OH Local
Address Address Local Address
Local 419-692-2388 Address Loca
Local OHLocal
Address 45833 Address Local
Delphos, Address
OH Local
45833 Address Local Address
is sit in traffic on your way to vate a bountiful harvest, we at by calling 1-800-772-1213
Local Address
Local Address
Local Address Local Address
Local Address
business with us while you’re 000-000-0000
Delphos, OH 45833
000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-0
away. Fortunately, in most cor- the Social Security office, or Social Security want to remind (TTY 1-800-325-0778). CURVES WORKS WITH SILVER SNEAKERS
Smoothing Local AddressTherapy Local Address 1875 Local E. Fifth
Address Street

[ ] “REAL” Stuff
to wait in line once you get all farmers to help cultivate If you run a farm and hire 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 Local000-000-0000 Local000-000-0000
ners of the world you can get CURVES WORKS WITH SILVER SNEAKERS
Local Address Address Delphos, Address
OH 45833 Loca
help from a federal benefit offi- there. From your doorstep to future retirement and disability agricultural workers, this book- Local Address * Less
Local Address Frizz
1875 *E.Less
Local Fifth
Address Curl
StreetLocal Address Local Address
“REAL” Dealer
the local office and back again, protection for any farm work- let is a must-read. But the most Local Address Local Address Delphos, Local Address OH 45833 Local Address AfterLocal Address
cer or other trained personnel.
The Department of State you could spend a lot of extra ers hired. Most farm workers important thing to remember Keratin
embassies and American con-
sulates abroad have personnel
time taking care of your Social
Security business. Or, you
are covered by Social Security,
but only if the employer reports
is what you probably know
better than anyone else: folks Complex
who are specially trained to
provide a full range of Social
could choose to visit our online
office at www.socialsecurity.
the wages — which is a legal
obligation. By reporting farm
reap only what they sow. Farm
workers won’t be able to reap
Treatment AM-FM-NOAA
Security services, including tak-
ing applications for all types of
gov and complete your Social
Security business in a matter
workers’ wages and paying
Social Security taxes, you can
the Social Security benefits they
are due unless their work and
benefits, processing applications of minutes with no commute help ensure they earn valuable wages are reported to us. Learn 419-62 color TABLE RADIO
for new or replacement Social whatsoever. Social Security retirement, dis- more about Social Security at
There are so many things ability, and survivors’ protec- * Price $300. includes $55.00 Free Product & Service
Security cards, and an array
of other Social Security busi- you can do at our online office. tion.
ness. Americans in American For example, you can apply
online for retirement benefits.
Farm owners also need to be
aware that if they don’t report
Samoa, British Virgin Islands,
Canada, and Puerto Rico may
obtain services directly from
Social Security field offices
Our web site makes it sim-
ple, allowing you to apply for
retirement benefits in as little
wages and pay the taxes due,
they are breaking the law and
could be subject to an IRS pen-
located there. In other territo-
ries or countries, contact your
as 15 minutes. In most cases,
once you fill out the applica-
alty. Some farmers try to ratio-
nalize that farm workers can Tough Choice Right? CALL US
local embassy or consulate to
find out which office to visit for
tion, you’re done. There are no
forms to sign and no documents
be considered independent con-
tractors, in which case the work- 419-695-1229
your Social Security needs. to submit. The direct link to er must pay self-employment WHY AM I SMILING?
But before visiting or mov- applying for benefits online is tax and the employer has no
ing abroad, remember that the
most convenient office may
tax obligation. But if people are
working under a farm owner’s NO DISCOUNT
be in your own home. Social
Security’s web site is a valu-
able resource for information.
Not ready to retire yet, or not
sure? We have online resources
that can help you plan ahead
direction and control, they can-
not be considered independent
contractors. They are employ-
$499 FOR
There are a number of services
and forms offered to people
or make your decision. Our
Retirement Estimator will allow
ees and their wages must be
reported to Social Security.
living outside the United States you to enter different scenarios Some farmers hire “crew HAZARD ALERT Digital Do All
on our international operations to come up with the retirement leaders” to manage their farm
SYSTEM 19” to 52”
site. You can find it at www.
plan best for you. You can find
it at
workers and to handle their
wage–reporting responsibili- DVD/VCR/DTV
estimator. ties. In these cases, the crew
While you’re online, you can
read more about our interna- Perhaps you need to file an leader is often considered the Recorder/Converter!!
“REAL” Dealer
tional services. Another helpful application for disability ben- “employer” of the farm work-
reference on moving out of the efits. A Disability Starter Kit er and has the responsibility 11230 ELIDA RD., DELPHOS
country is the online publica- explains the documentation and for submitting wage reports.
tion Your Payments While You information you’ll be required If you need more information 419-695-1229

Are Outside the United States, to provide on the application,
and includes checklists and
which is available at www. worksheets to help take the WEATHER ALERT
mystery out of applying. You
You also may want to visit can find the Disability Starter TABLE RADIO
our International Programs
web site, where you can learn
Kit at
disability on the left-hand side
about International Agreements of the page. LOOKING FOR SERVICE?
between Social Security sys- You can apply online for
tems, payments while you are
outside the United States, and
the Social Security systems of
Medicare, if you’re within four
months of your 65th birthday.
Most people, even those who
don’t plan to start getting retire- Tough Choice Right? CALL US

other nations. Just visit www. ment benefits right away, need
al. If you don’t have a computer
or prefer to do business over the
to apply for Medicare cover-
age at age 65. The application
phone, you’re always welcome takes as little as 10 minutes, WHY AM I SMILING?
to call Social Security at 1-800- from start to finish. Learn more A 32” DIGITAL TV
772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325- at NO DISCOUNT
0778). If you are in a foreign
country, you will need to pay There are other things you FOR
for the call because we do not can do online, such as apply for MAKES HERE!!
offer toll-free service for calls a replacement Medicare card, ANYONE SMILE!!
from outside the U.S. If you and request an SSA-1099 for
call, please do so during nor-
mal business hours for the U.S.
tax purposes. You can learn
about these and other online Digital Do All
Eastern Standard time.
Fortunately, in most corners
services at www.socialsecurity.
gov/onlineservices. So if you’d DVD/VCR/DTV
of the world you can get help like to soak up some sun this Recorder/Converter!!
My family
from a federal benefit officer summer, we suggest you take
or other specially trained per- your Social Security business

Spots still available for 419-695-1229

chamber golf outing didn’t subscribe to

The Delphos Herald!
Fun, friendly competition
with area business profession-
The Chamber would like
to thank Steyer, Huber and
als is in order for the 2010 Associates and Hickory
Chamber of Commerce Golf
How will they see my
Classic. It’s all happening on
July 14 at the newly improved
Sticks for their 19th Hole
Sponsorships and Willow
Bend Country Club for spon-

Hickory Sticks Golf Club. soring dinner.
With the outing just a Registrations will be
week away, spots are filling accepted through Tuesday.
up fast. The Golf Classic is Varying levels of sponsor-
only open to the first 144 ship, including hole sponsors
players, so don’t miss your and silent auction sponsor-

I want to be a subscriber!
chance to participate in one ships, are still available.
of Van Wert’s favorite golf Call the chamber today at
outings. 419-238-4390 or visit www.
Each year, the Golf Classic for
brings together area business more information.
professionals for 18 rounds
of competitive golf in a “best BY CARRIER BY MAIL BY MAIL
ball scramble” format.
Registration begins at
in Allen, Putnam Outside
9 a.m. with a shotgun start & Van Wert Counties These Counties
at 10:30 a.m. The day also
includes contests and prizes o $25 - 3 months o $30 - 3 months o $37 - 3 months
including the Hole-in-One
sponsored by Greve Chrysler, o $45 - 6 months o $56 - 6 months o $64 - 6 months
Fantasy Golf cards, Longest
Drive contest and a few o $83 - 1 year o $105 - 1 year o $119 - 1 year
other surprises. Willow Bend
Country Club will be provid-
ing tasty boxed lunches and a Name
delicious catered dinner.
“Registrations are roll- Address
ing in and we anticipate a
great turnout this year,” City Zip
Golf Committee Chair
Shonda Vorst said. “With the
improved course, great food,
and generous donations from Send payment to: The Delphos Herald
the Van Wert business com-
munity, the 2010 Golf Classic
promises to be one of the
405 N. Main St., Delphos, OH 45833
4 — The Herald Friday, July 9, 2010

“Quotations (such as have point and lack triteness) from the great old authors are an act
of filial reverence on the part of the quoter, and a blessing to a public grown superficial
and external.” — Louise Imogen Guiney, American poet and essayist (1861-1920)

Jobless claims fluctuate

as recovery slows down
By CHRISTOPHER in the week of June 19. Most lose benefits this month. The
S. RUGABER of them were cut off because tally of people continuing to
The Associated Press Congress has yet to extend claim benefits plunged to 4.4
federal jobless aid. million, the department said.
WASHINGTON — The Labor Department But that doesn’t include an
Applications for unemploy- estimates that about 1.7 mil- additional 4.6 million people
ment aid have been fluctu- lion have lost benefits as of who received extended ben-
ating from week to week, last week, after extended efits paid for by the federal
offering an uncertain view of unemployment insurance government in the week that
layoffs and the job market. expired in late May. Those ended June 19. That’s the lat-
First-time requests for job- numbers could reach 3.3 mil- est period for which data are
less aid dropped last week to lion by the end of the month available.
their lowest level since early if Congress doesn’t pass an Diane Swonk, chief econ-
May, the government said extension after it returns from omist at Mesirow Financial,
Thursday, erasing increases recess next week. said many people losing
made in the last two months. During the recession, extended unemployment
Still, economists say it’s Congress added up to 73 may seek aid through Social
hard to detect a trend in one weeks of extra benefits on Security, food stamps and
week of declines. Initial top of the 26 weeks typi- welfare.
claims have seesawed for cally provided by states. But Other economists noted
Gov. may run
several weeks and are not Senate Republicans have that the end of extended ben-
much lower than they were blocked efforts to continue efits could cut Americans’
for Byrd’s seat in January. those extra benefits, citing incomes by as much as $41
Elevated unemploy- concerns about the size of the billion, potentially reducing
One Year Ago CHARLESTON, W.Va. ment claims, along with last federal budget deficit. consumer spending in the
• From the time the village of Ottoville was built, its resi- (AP) — West Virginia Gov. month’s weak jobs report and Initial jobless claims fell coming months.
dents have prided themselves on what is widely regarded as its Joe Manchin said he’d con- a struggling housing mar- by 21,000 to a seasonally First-time jobless claims
most magnificent accomplishment: its house of worship. The sider running for the late U.S.
ket, have suggested that the adjusted 454,000, the Labor might have been higher if
current building of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Sen. Robert C. Byrd’s seat
recovery is slowing. Department said Thursday. General Motors had imple-
was dedicated in 1888: 40 years after the congregation formed. and asked the state’s top law-
yer Wednesday whether vot- “While the report is good The four-week average of mented its traditional summer
Every now and then, regular maintenance is needed. This is news, it would need to be claims dropped slightly shutdown. The automaker
currently the case with one of the church’s steeples. The con- ers can choose a successor in
November. followed up by several more to 466,000 last week. In a usually closes its factories
gregation has a long history of sacrifice to maintain a building weeks to suggest a pickup in healthy economic recovery for several weeks in July to
so special; the effort continues. Manchin requested an opin-
ion from Attorney General hiring,” Julia Coronado, an with rapid hiring, claims retool for new car models that
Darrell McGraw on whether economist at BNP Paribas, usually fall below 400,000. it introduces in the fall.
25 Years Ago — 1960 said in a note to clients. Claims are down from last Many autoworkers file
• Kruse Furniture softball team went undefeated (5-0) in the governor can declare a spe-
cial election for what remains Meanwhile, the total num- year’s peak of 651,000 in claims for unemployment
winning the Fourth of July tournament. Team members are ber of unemployed Americans March 2009 but are barely during that time. But the
Terry Wisher, Jerry Jackson, Kenneth Jackson, Kirk Looser, of the term, and whether it can
be set before 2012 when Byrd receiving benefits is dropping below early January’s level company has said this year
Tab Fischbach, John Ardner, Chuck Spieles, Dave Will, sharply because their aid is of 456,000. it will skip the shutdown,
Rick Reindel, Dan Pothast, Frank Miller, Dan Suever, Mike would have had to run again.
Manchin said he favors ending. About 350,000 peo- A bigger concern is the potentially lowering claims
Grubenhoff and Don Moreo. ple stopped receiving benefits number of people who may over the next several weeks.
• Six Ottawa residents will be among the exhibitors at the placing the seat on this fall’s
general election ballot.

Marine Corps general to take

July 14 Summer Spectrum at Ottawa Memorial Park. Mary “I think 2 1/2 years is entire-
Kaufman will be exhibiting in mixed medium. Janet Kleman ly too long,” Manchin said.
will be showing folk art and decorative painting. Photographers “Waiting that long doesn’t

control of Central Command

Todd Thompson and Dennis Beidle will have prints for sale. make any sense to me.”
Judith Ruen will present oil painting and Frances Bennett will McGraw said Wednesday
exhibit and demonstrate pastel, pen and ink and oil paintings that his office has begun
and the artistry of hand-painted china. researching the governor’s
• Ottoville Immaculate Conception Catholic Church will questions and hoped to respond By ANNE GEARAN and pick. On the one hand, Mattis Gen. Mike Hagee, said that
hold its annual festival July 21. Homestyle beef and chicken before Monday. ANNE FLAHERTY has significant ground combat the comments reflected the
dinners will be served. The festival also features rides, games Byrd was a Democrat, as The Associated Press experience and is considered “unfortunate and harsh reali-
and refreshments. A teen dance, featuring “Sound Wave,” will is Manchin, McGraw and an intellectual who grasps the ties of war” but that Mattis
be held in the park. West Virginia’s chief elec- WASHINGTON — nuances of fighting a compli- had been asked to watch his
tions officer, Secretary of Marine Corps Gen. James cated counterinsurgency. words in public.
50 Years Ago — 1960 State Natalie Tennant. But the Mattis has been picked to take But he is also known to Gates said Thursday that
• Fifty years ago last month when hitching rails instead of state overwhelmingly went for over U.S. Central Command, speak bluntly and off-the-cuff appropriate action was taken
parking meters lined Main Street and when neckties and hats Republican John McCain in the Pentagon announced on — much like Petraeus’ prede- at the time. He also said he
were “furnishings” to go with men’s suits, Syl., Leo, Joe and the 2008 presidential race, and Thursday. cessor Gen. McChrystal who raised the issue with Mattis
Theodore “Pete” Odenweller opened a business in Delphos a special election would put Mattis would replace Gen. was fired for speaking ill of when interviewing him for
that has remained in operation at the same location ever since. another Democratic Senate David Petraeus, who is now his civilian bosses. the job and was confident that
All of the original partners are deceased or retired now and seat in play this year as the in Afghanistan as the U.S. and In 2005, Mattis was chas- such statements would not be
the store is currently operated by George and Al Odenweller. party struggles to retain its NATO’s top military officer tised by his superiors for made in the future.
The observance of the golden anniversary of the business, majority. there. saying in a public speech in “I think the subsequent
the firm is sponsoring a special anniversary sale beginning Democrats have a 58-41 The shake-up comes as San Diego that it was “fun to five years have demonstrated
this week and continuing through next week. “Our principal edge, with Byrd’s seat vacant, the American public ques- shoot some people.” Mattis that the lesson was learned,”
concern,” the present partners told the Herald, “has been and but are expected to lose seats tions whether the fight in was a three-star general at the he said.
will continue to be keeping up to date and progressive with in November, typical for the Afghanistan can be won, and time, stationed in Quantico, Adm. Mike Mullen, chair-
quality merchandise and without losing sight of the principles president’s party in his first the Defense Department is Va., when he told an audience man of the Joint Chiefs
and old fashioned courtesy that we have observed for the past midterm elections. reeling from losing its top war that some Afghans deserved of Staff, said he has been
fifty years.” Manchin said he won’t commander — Gen. Stanley to die. impressed watching Mattis
arrange to have himself McChrystal. “Actually, it’s a lot of fun interact with NATO allies,
75 Years Ago — 1935 appointed to Byrd’s seat. But As head of Central to fight,” he said. “You know, most recently as Mattis served
• Mayor W. H. Taylor has issued a warning against young he had long been expected to Command, Mattis would it’s a hell of a hoot. . . . It’s as head of U.S. Joint Forces
people wearing bathing suits on the streets of the city. He calls run for it in 2012. Asked at a oversee U.S. military opera- fun to shoot some people. I’ll Command.
attention to the fact that this is against the law; that bathers Wednesday press conference tions in Afghanistan and be right upfront with you. I In 2004, Mattis’ Marine
if he would be a candidate in a Pakistan, as well as across the like brawling.” division led the assault on
over 12 years of age must not appear upon the public streets special election, he replied: “I
in bathing suits. Middle East, including Iraq He added, “You go into Fallujah and he played a key
would highly consider that.” and Iran. Afghanistan, you got guys role in helping Iraqi security
• Edward G. Odenweller has been re-elected as Grand Byrd, 92, was the longest-
Knight of the Ottoville Council, Knights of Columbus. The Defense Secretary Robert who slap women around for forces negotiate with insur-
serving senator in history Gates told reporters that he five years because they didn’t gents inside the city.
remaining officers are: Deputy Grand Knight, Anton Koester; when he died last week with
chancellor, Alphonse Brinkman; recorder, Ottmer Grubenhoff; was impressed with the gen- wear a veil. You know, guys His remarks at the time of
slightly more than 30 months eral’s “strategic insight and like that ain’t got no man- the battle suggest his think-
treasurer, Frank King; advocate, Henry Lehmkuhle; warden, left in his term.
Christ Koester; guards, Frank Heimich and Orlo Sawmiller; independent thinking.” hood left anyway. So it’s a ing is very much in line with
Conflicting state laws Mattis is a blunt-talking, hell of a lot of fun to shoot the counterinsurgency strat-
trustee, L. J. Wannemacher and financial secretary, Arnold and a 1994 state court ruling seasoned war veteran best them.” egy pursued by Petraeus and
Lauer. led Tennant to conclude that known for leading troops into His comments evoked McChrystal, which restricts
• A large attendance is anticipated for the regular meeting whomever Manchin appointed the bloody battle of Fallujah laughter and applause from military operations in order
of Commemorative Post, No. 268, American Legion. One of would not have to face vot- in Iraq in 2004. the audience. to win the support of the local
the matters of interest to the Legionnaires which is to be con- ers until 2012. She has since He is a bit of a surprising His boss at the time, population.
sidered at this meeting is that of representation at the annual joined the growing chorus
convention of the American Legion Department of Ohio which
is to be held at Dayton on Aug. 25-27.
seeking to put the seat on this
year’s ballot.
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito,
Steele shrugs off Afghan gaffe
the GOP’s top prospect for the By KRISTEN WYATT for his Afghanistan comment, for that. There are other ways
Moderately confused seat, added her voice to that
push Wednesday. With Capito
The Associated Press Steele affirmed his support for
the war effort and told the crowd
to engage in Afghanistan.”
“This was a war of Obama’s
already seeking a sixth U.S. G R E E N W O O D he is “foursquare, 1,000 percent choosing,” Steele said. “This
House term, campaign spokes- VILLAGE, Colo. — In his with these troops on the ground is not something the United
man Kent Gates said others first public remarks since his ... and that should’ve been very, States has actively prosecuted
asked her about running for widely condemned comments very clear.” or wanted to engage in.”
the Senate and she “will look on Afghanistan, Republican He also joked about his Since the remarks, Steele
at all options as they come.” Party chairman Michael Steele outspoken nature, referring to has drawn sharp criticism
Manchin said he will hold
said Thursday he “ain’t goin’ it as his “individuality.” from within the GOP, includ-
off on filling the vacancy until
anywhere” despite calls for That individuality, he said, ing calls for his resignation
McGraw issues an opinion, but
has already compiled a roster his resignation. “you know, from time to time from some prominent conser-
of potential choices. He told Steele’s appearance before gets me in a little trouble, but vatives. Responding to that, he
Associated Press that it does Colorado Republicans was that’s OK, we understand how issued a statement stressing his
not include first lady Gayle his first since he came under that works,” Steele said to support for U.S. troops but did
Manchin, who was rumored to fire last week from within the laughter from the volunteers. not acknowledge his factual
be on the short list. GOP for calling the nine-year- In his remarks captured error about a war launched by
While not offering specifics, old conflict in Afghanistan a July 1 on camera and post- former President George W.
Manchin said the names he’s mistaken “war of Obama’s ed online, Steele criticized Bush in response to the terror
considering have appeared in choosing.” The gaffe prompt- President Barack Obama and attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
media reports. Those include ed criticism of Steele’s leader- his handling of the Afghan Steele’s gaffe was not his
former state Democratic Party ship, and some calls to resign. war and suggested it can’t first. In the last year, he predict-
Chairman Nick Casey; his suc- “Every time something be won. Republican officials ed the GOP won’t win House
cessor, longtime Manchin aide happens, people say, ‘Oh, you later confirmed Steele made control this fall and criticized
Larry Puccio; Senate President should step down. You should the comments at a Connecticut fellow Republicans in a book
Earl Ray Tomblin; and veteran step down.’ The reality is, fundraiser, which was closed that party leaders didn’t know
Byrd staffer Anne Barth. that’s not happening, so stop to the news media. about until it was published.
What happens after the noise on that,” Steele told “If he’s such a student of Republican Rep. Mike
McGraw responds depends on about 100 volunteers and state history, has he not understood Coffman, who attended the
whether he says state law must GOP leaders. that, you know, that’s the one Colorado event Thursday,
be changed to allow a special Steele added that stepping thing you don’t do is engage was asked by reporters about
election. A special legislative down from his post is a bad in a land war in Afghanistan? Steele’s Afghanistan com-
session is already scheduled idea with November’s gen- All right? Because everyone ment and said, “I certainly
for July 19, and Manchin said eral election just a few months who’s tried, over a thousand wasn’t happy about it.” But
he would approach lawmakers away. “We have too much years of history, has failed,” after a private meeting with
about adding the issue to their work to do,” he said. Steele said in the remarks last Steele, Coffman said he sup-
agenda if necessary. Although he didn’t apologize week. “And there are reasons ports him staying in place. Friday, July 9, 2010 The Herald – 5

LANDMARK First Family
At the movies . . .
Caroline Kennedy Van Wert Cinemas American Mall Stadium 12

last to see Elvis as

10709 Lincoln Hwy. 2830 W. Elm St., Lima
Van Wert Friday thru Tuesday
Toy Story 3 (G) Fri.: 3:00/5:30/8:00; Despicable Me (PG)

he lay in coffin
Sat.-Sun.: 1:00/3:15/6:00/8:15; Mon.-Thurs.: 12:30/2:50/5:10/7:30/9:50
3:00/5:30/8:00 Despicable Me 3D (PG)
American Legion Grown Ups (PG-13) Fri.: 12:00/2:20/4:40/7:00/9:20
Delphos 3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00; Sat.-Sun.: Predators (R) 1:30/4:15/7:40/10:15
1:00/3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00; Mon.-Thurs.: The Last Airbender 3D (PG)
Here are some interesting • If you ever visit the 3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00 1:50/4:45/7:10/9:55
CALENDAR OF — and often — amazing facts
about our U.S. presidents and
City Tavern in Philadelphia,
try a beer. They still use the
Me (PG)Fri.:
The Last
Airbender (PG)

EVENTS their families. favorite recipe of Thomas

Jefferson to make
Mon.-Thurs.: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13) 12:40/
TODAY • When some- their brew. Twilight: Eclipse: Fri.: 3:00/5:30/8:30; /9:05/9:35/10:05/10:35
1-4 p.m. — Interfaith one writes a threat- Sat.-Sun.: 1:00/3:30/6:15/8:45; Mon.-Thurs.: Grown Ups (PG-13) 1:00/3:30/7:05/9:40
Thrift Store is open for shop- ening letter to • Ronald 3:00/5:30/8:30 Knight and Day (PG-13) 4:25/ 7:15/10:00
ping. the president, the Reagan wanted The Last Airbender (PG-13) Fri.: Toy Story 3 (G) 12:05/2:35/5:05
Secret Service are his son, Ron Jr., 3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00; Sat.-Sun.: Toy Story 3 3D 1:35/4:10/6:45/9:30
SATURDAY many times able to to stay enrolled 1:00/3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00; Mon.-Thurs.: The Karate Kid (2010) (PG) 12:15
8:30-11:30 a.m. — St. trace the ink. Most as a student at 3:00/5:00/7:00/9:00
John’s High School recycle, manufactures now Yale. However. The Van Del Drive-In
600 block of East Second put a tag in their Ron decided to go 19986 Lincoln Hwy., Middle Point
Street. ink which makes it against his dad’s Friday through Tuesday Eastgate Dollar Movies
9 a.m. - noon — Interfaith easier to track. If wishes and drop Screen 1 2100 Harding Hwy. Lima
Thrift Store is open for shop- this doesn’t work, out to become a Toy Story 3 (G) Friday-Thursday
ping. the letters are then Clarkson ballet dancer. A Twilight: Eclipse (PG-13) The A-Team (PG-13)
St. Vincent DePaul Society, scanned for DNA while later, report- Screen 2 1:30/4:30/7:30/10:00
located at the east edge of the and fingerprints. ers spotted him in an unem- Predators (R) Get Him to the Greek (R)
St. John’s High School park- ployment line trying to apply Knight and Day (PG-13) 1:15/4:15/7:15/9:30
ing lot, is open. The facil- • When Andrew Johnson for benefits. Screen 3 Marmaduke (PG) 1:00/3:00/4:50/7:00/9:00
ity can also be opened by became president, his daugh- Airbender (PG-13) Robin Hood (PG-13) 6:45/9:35
appointment by calling John ter Martha took action to • John Kennedy’s daugh- Grown Ups (PG-13) How to Train Your Dragon (PG)
Trentman at 419-692-7185. make the White House a ter, Caroline Kennedy, then Gates open at 7 p.m.; showtime at dark. 12:45/3:45
Cloverdale recycle at vil- more livable place. The East a 19-year-old reporter, was
lage park. Room was infested with lice one of the last to see Elvis
12:15 p.m. — Testing of from troops that had stayed Presley in his coffin. After
warning sirens by Delphos there during the war. In the more than 75,000 people CAMPUS NOTES
Smith makes
Fire and Rescue basement she faced a bigger went through Graceland to
7 p.m. — Bingo at St.
menace — rats. To try to get pay their respects, she was
John’s Little Theatre.

rid of them, she used large given a private viewing of
amounts of poison, traps and “The King.” She wrote an
1-4 p.m. — Putnam County then placed several cats in article that was published
Cedarville COLUMN
dean’s list
Announce you or your family member’s
Museum is open, 202 E. Main the rooms. Nothing seemed in Rolling Stone Magazine birthday in our Happy Birthday column.
St. Kalida. to work. On the second floor, where she described Elvis’s
there were mice but she could face as being very swollen Stephanie Smith of Delphos Complete the coupon below and return it to
not chase them out of the and his sideburns were down was named to the Cedarville The Delphos Herald newsroom,
MONDAY University Dean’s Honor List
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite house for one reason; her to his chin for the 2010 Spring Semester.
405 North Main St., Delphos, OH 45833.
at Delphos Senior Citizen father President Johnson felt You may contact syndicat- Please use the coupon also to make changes,
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. sorry for them and would put ed columnist Scott Clarkson Smith is a senior majoring
in Education with a 3.94 GPA. additions or to delete a name from the column.
6 p.m. — Middle Point out flour and water for them at clarksonforpresident@
Village Council meets to eat. She is the daughter of Wayne THE DELPHOS HERALD

Ethan Bortnick and his

7-9 p.m. — The Delphos and Lisa Smith. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLUMN
Canal Commission Annex
Museum, 241 N. Main St., Local students Name
will be open.
7 p.m. — Marion Township Musical Time Machine on Akron U Address

coming to the NPAC dean’s list

trustees at township house.
7:30 p.m. — American
Legion Auxiliary meets at the Name Birthday
American Legion hall, State Two local students, Meagan
Ethan Bortnick, at age with many well known art- Deitering of Spencerville and Name Birthday
Delphos Eagles Aerie 471 ten, is taking the entertain- ists as well as featured on Amanda Ream of Van Wert, Name Birthday
meets at the Eagles Lodge. ment world by storm with an many television programs. qualified for the dean’s list for
Middle Point council meets amazing talent well Bortnick will be in the 2010 Spring Semester at Name Birthday
at town hall. beyond his years. Van Wert at 7:30 The University of Akron.
8 p.m. — Delphos City The young pianist p.m. on Oct. 5 for These students maintained Telephone (for verification)
Schools Board of Education and composer seam- an energetic evening a 3.25 GPA or higher for the Check one:
meets at the administration lessly brings to life at the Niswonger semester.
office. some of music’s Performing Arts º Please add to birthday list
Delphos Knights of most well known Center of Northwest EVERYBODY’S º Please delete
Please from birthday list
Columbus meet at the K of classics and biggest Ohio. SHOPPING HERALD º make change on birthday list
C hall. hits from every era Acclaimed as one CLASSIFIEDS
and genre, entertain- of the youngest phi- CALL 419-695-0015
TUESDAY ing crowds with a lanthropists in the
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite repertoire that spans Bortnick
world, raising mil-
at Delphos Senior Citizen
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. from Bach and Mozart to lions of dollars for charity,
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers disco, jazz, pop and rock at only three years old Ethan
meets at Trinity United songs. He has performed began playing a keyboard
Methodist Church, 211 E. and at age five he was com-
Third St. posing music. He is a child
Delphos Fire Association prodigy pianist, composer,
Steak Feed at the clubhouse songwriter, actor, and musi-
in Leisure Park. The public cian and can play almost any
is invited. song by ear. Bortnick has
6:30 p.m. — Delphos launched his own PBS spe-
Lions Club, Eagles Lodge, cial this summer. It will be a
1600 E. Fifth St. great night full of music and
7 p.m. — Delphos City humor.
Council meets at the munici- Tickets go on sale at the
pal building, 608 N. Canal
NPAC Tuesday, July 6th at
7:30 p.m. — Ottoville noon. Tickets can be pur-
Emergency Medical Service chased at
members meet at the munici- Happy Birthday or at the box office at 10700
pal building. SR 118 S., Van Wert, Ohio


Ottoville VFW Auxiliary July 10 between noon and 4 pm,
members meet at the hall. Natalie Rose Miller Tuesday through Friday.
Fort Jennings Local School
District board members meet
at the high school library.
Alcoholics Anonymous, STOCKS
Quotes of local interest supplied by
First Presbyterian Church,
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
310 W. Second St. Close of business July 8, 2010
8:30 p.m. — Elida vil-
lage council meets at the town Description Last Price Change

August 5-7, 2010
9 a.m. - noon — Putnam AUTOZONE INC. 198.10 +0.99
County Museum is open, 202 BUNGE LTD 53.18 +1.00
E. Main St. Kalida. EATON CORP.
Place your ad in the Delphos Herald by July 28 and your location
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite DOMINION RES INC 40.75 +0.57 will appear on our Delphos Community Garage Sale Map that
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Center, 301 Suthoff Street. CVS CAREMARK CRP 29.43 +0.30 will be available at local businesses, the Chamber and the
11:45 a.m. — Rotary Club CITIGROUP INC 3.97 +0.07
meets at the Eagles Lodge, FIRST DEFIANCE 9.17 +0.47 Delphos Herald office starting August 5th.
1600 E. Fifth St. FST FIN BNCP 15.18 +0.29
4 p.m. — Delphos Public FORD MOTOR CO
OPTION 1 - $21 OPTION 2 - $26 OPTION 3 - $30
Library board members meet
at the library conference
6 p.m. — Shepherds of HONDA MOTOR CO 29.79 +0.33 *LOCATED ON *LOCATED ON *LOCATED ON
St. John’s Chapel. JOHNSON&JOHNSON 61.38 +0.77
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. JPMORGAN CHASE
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John’s Little Theatre. LOWES COMPANIES
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there are any corrections VERIZON COMMS 26.78 +0.26 405 N. MAIN ST., DELPHOS, OHIO 45833
or additions to the Coming
Events column.
WAL-MART STORES 49.18 +0.26
6 – The Herald Friday, July 9, 2010

LIMA JUNIOR GOLF Small group of World Cup
McDonald’s Junior Series
Reinecke Lincoln Mercury Open
- Colonial Golfers Club/Par 72
Notes: 105 kids; 50 in the boys 16-18
and Ben Walter 39-40-79; 6. (tie) Martin
Holdren 41-39-80 and Matt Holt 40-40-80;
7. Dalton Buffenbarger, 43-38-81; 8. Zalin
Hendrickson 39-43-82 and Josh Klaus
champs ready to open door
division. 40-42-82; 9. (tie) Paul Carmean 43-40-83,
BOYS 12-13 Kyle Evers 42-41-83 and Landan Stahler By NANCY ARMOUR South Americans and hope it back. Germany seemed to the quarterfinals after both
1. Xavier Francis (Lima) 37; 2. 36-47-83; 10. (tie) Cody Ciminillo 44-40-84, The Associated Press about the teams from Africa, be the class of the World teams missed penalty kicks.
Brandon Hernandez (Van Wert) 40; 2. Trevor Crites 45-39-84, Zach Krick 41-43- the final will be a Europeans- Cup after routing England It has seven goals in its six
Wesley Markward 40 (Hernandez defeat- 84 and Jacob Miller 42-42-84; 11. (tie) JOHANNESBURG — only party for a second and Argentina by a com- games, and Villa has been
ed Markward in a playoff for 2nd place); Lance Clark 42-43-85, Ian Haidle 38-47-
3. Alex Britton 41; 4. Grant Ricketts 42; 85, Brandyn Heitman 41-44-85, Corey The World Cup champions straight World Cup. And few bined 8-1 in the knockout responsible for all but two
5. Joshah Rager 43; 6. Zach Erhart 45; 7. Maxwell 42-43-85 and Zach Weber 44-41- are an illustrious and exclu- should really be surprised rounds. But the Germans had of them.
Jordan Dodds 46; 8. (tie) Ross Pulfer and 85; 12. (tie) Tyler Bergman 44-42-86 and sive bunch. Only that it’s come down only a handful of chances in The Netherlands has squan-
James Riepenhoff 47; 9. James Ebeling Kyle Karhoff 44-42-86; 13. Brey Buetner
and Westin Young 48; 10. (tie) Jacob 45-42-87; 14. Adam Bornhorst 46-42- seven countries to Spain and the Wednesday night’s semifinal dered all kinds of chances in
Judy and Johnny Rudolph 49; 11. David 88 and Ross Jenkins 44-44-88; 15. (tie) belong and just Netherlands. loss and looked out of sync front of its net, often win-
Jenkins 51; 12. (tie) Ryan Smelewski and Mathew Cucciarre 50-39-89, Joel Miller twice in the last Spain is, of all night. ning by just a goal. It beat
Adam Vieira 54; 13. Spencer Collins 66. 44-45-89 and Nathan Smith, 44-45-89; 16. 40 years have course, the reigning “I am sure the Spanish Uruguay 3-2 in the semifinals
BOYS 14-15 Bradley Pickford 47-43-90; 17. (tie) Cody
1. Blaine Ricketts (Belle Center) Kundert 46-45-91 and Mathew Watkins they welcomed European cham- can win any game,” Germany but the game was in doubt
41-36-77; 2. Grady Gudakunst (Elida) 46-45-91; 18. (tie) Joel Hemmelgarn anyone new. pion, the game’s coach Joachim Loew said, far longer than it should have
38-39-77 (Ricketts defeated Gudakunst 45-47-92 and Brandt Taylor 47-45-92; 19. Well, start second-biggest title “because they are dominant been. Perhaps the best thing
in a 2-hole playoff for 1st place); 3. (tie) (tie) Calvin Milligan 50-43-93, Max Pulfer
Jordan Bollenbacher 37-41-78 and Brian 44-49-93 and Travis Reynolds 46-47-93; making way. On after the World and it’s hard to contain their you can say about the Dutch
Schatzer 37-41-78; 4. (tie) Jacob Brake 20. Tyler Rambin 46-49-95; 21. Anthony Sunday, there’s Cup. It’s lost just attack.” is they’ve had one heck of
40-39-79, Austin Goodridge 41-38-79 and Schmidt 47-51-98; 22. Reed Bok 53-49- going to be anoth- two matches since The Dutch aren’t exactly a party in South Africa. No
Tim Levers 41-38-79; 5. Zachary Jamal 103; 23. Matthew Waldick 49-53-103; 24. er name on that November 2006 slouches, though. They won matter where they’ve played,
44-38-82; 6. Evan Crites 44-39-83; 7. (tie) (tie) Grant Flanigan 53-52-105 and Zac
Connor Bornhorst 42-42-84 and Freddie Kuhlman 54-51-105; 25. Jordan Barlage list. and its playing style bears all eight of their qualifying an Oranje Crush of fans has
Purdy 40-44-84; 8. Josh Tumbusch 44-46- 58-48-106; 26. Dean Bott 49-59-108; 27. Spain and the Netherlands a striking resemblance to matches and are perfect in followed.
90; 9. Evan Nartker 46-45-91; 10. Lucas Anthony Teman 67-65-132. are each seeking their first Barcelona, which has run South Africa, too. Not since “We have been messy,”
Herrmann 47-47-94; 11. (tie) Joshua GIRLS 15 & UNDER
Dodds 48-50-98 and Adam Jurczyk 1. Shelby Kohler (Wapakoneta) 58; 2. title in the World Cup final at roughshod on just about Pele’s brilliant Brazil squad Van Marwijk said. “We’ve
52-46-98; 12. (tie) Tyler Deters 54-49-103 Sydney Hooks (Lima) 60; 3. Nicole Joseph Soccer City. The Dutch have everyone the last few years. in 1970 has a squad had a had spells with brilliant
and Michael Omlor 53-50-103; 13. Tyler 60; 4. Jenna Moots 60. had two cracks at it already, When it’s on, Spain is chance at winning the World attacks, yet we forgot to
Goodlin 63-44-107; 14. Teague McNett, GIRLS 16-18 earning that dreaded “best awe-inspiring. Its backline Cup with an unblemished score. That though, can
60-66-126. 1. Sheridan Balyeat (Lima) 39-38-77;
BOYS 16-18 2. Emily Crow (Lima) 43-38-81; 3. (tie) team never to have won the of Carles Puyol, Gerard record. change within a match.”
1. Wil Fridley (Sidney) 38-36-74; Abbey Martin 45-39-84 and Deanna Ray World Cup” title after coming Pique, Sergio Ramos and “We play well,” And all that really mat-
2. Austin Clarkson (Delphos) 35-39-74 41-43-84; 4. Shelby Warner 42-43-85; 5. up short in 1974 and again Joan Capdevila is more like Netherlands coach Bert Van ters is, whenever they’ve
(Fridley birdies the first playoff hole to Kristina Kessen 43-43-86; 6. (tie) Amanda
take 1st place); 3. Christian Koch 36-41- Sanko 46-43-89 and Lesli Stolly 46-43-89; four years later. Spain has had a wall — and just try getting Marwijk said. “Spain plays needed them, Spain and the
77; 4. Brandon French 37-41-78 and 7. Courtney Knippen 49-41-90; 8. Jordin its own issues, underachiev- anything by goalkeeper Iker well but they are more attrac- Netherlands have found ways
Brad Shaffer 37-41-78; 5. (tie) Phillip Moots 51-48-99; 9. Michelle Scholz 51-53- ing at major tournaments for Casillas. Any team would tive and this is where we to score the big goals.
Gabel 41-38-79, Ben Thieman 40-39-79 104; 10. Sarah Scheiwiller 59-48-107. 44 long years before winning be thrilled to have any one want to get, too.” After falling behind to
the European title two years of Villa, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Neither has looked partic- Brazil in the quarterfinals,
MLB ago.
“The group deserves this
but we want more,” sublime
Andres Iniesta, Fernando
Torres or Cesc Fabregas, let
alone all of them.
ularly flashy here. At times,
in fact, both Spain and the
Netherlands have been down-
little Wesley Sneijder came
up big with two goals to
shock the 5-time World Cup
National League San Diego (Richard 6-4) at Colorado
At A Glance (Francis 2-3), 3:10 p.m. Spanish striker David Villa Opponents know Spain’s right tough to watch. One champions. In the 3-2 win
Florida (Undecided) at Arizona (Enright said. “We are happy to be in game is based on possession of Spain’s two losses came over Uruguay in the semi-
By The Associated Press 1-1), 4:10 p.m.
East Division Chicago Cubs (Silva 9-2) at L.A. Dodgers the final, that was our objec- and flow; good luck trying to in the group-stage opener to finals, Sneijder and Arjen
W L Pct GB (Padilla 3-2), 8:05 p.m. tive. But now we want to be disrupt that. When someone Switzerland — Switzerland! Robben broke through a sti-
Atlanta 50 35 .588 — champions.” does, the Spanish are like a — and it needed a late Villa fling defense to score three
New York 47 38 .553 3 ------ For all the hype over the swarm of bees until they get goal to get past Paraguay in minutes apart.
Philadelphia 44 40 .524 5 1/2 American League

Lang proves Oakmont can give up low scores

Florida 40 45 .471 10 East Division
Washington 38 48 .442 12 1/2 W L Pct GB
Central Division New York 54 31 .635 —
W L Pct GB Tampa Bay 52 33 .612 2
Cincinnati 49 38 .563 — Boston 49 36 .576 5
St. Louis 45 40 .529 3 Toronto 43 43 .500 11 1/2 By ALAN ROBINSON yawn-producing 7 a.m. EDT encouraged her during her to par during a tournament-
Chicago 38 48 .442 10 1/2 Baltimore 26 59 .306 28 The Associated Press as part of the first threesome career and watched Thursday’s ruining stretch from No. 14-17
Milwaukee 37 49 .430 11 1/2 Central Division on the course, were alone at round on TV. that occurred on her front nine
Houston 35 51 .407 13 1/2 W L Pct GB
Pittsburgh 30 55 .353 18 Detroit 46 37 .554 — OAKMONT, Pa. — even-par 71. She’s already been alerted and included a trio of 3-putt
West Division Chicago 46 38 .548 1/2 Temperatures were in the 90s. Cristie Kerr, America’s to this: Els won his first major, holes. She found herself pitch-
W L Pct GB Minnesota 45 40 .529 2 Michelle Wie was in the 80s. first world No. 1-ranked golf- the 1994 U.S. Open, on this ing awkwardly out of sidehill
San Diego 50 35 .588 — Kansas City 39 46 .459 8 On a demanding day when er following her monumen- very same Oakmont course. lies in deep bunkers and trying
Colorado 47 38 .553 3 Cleveland 33 52 .388 14
Los Angeles 47 38 .553 3 West Division tough old Oakmont Country tal 12-shot win at the LPGA Shean gripped hands with to control putts that threatened
San Francisco 45 40 .529 5 W L Pct GB Club illustrated again that Championship two weeks her caddie, Chandler Rackley, to slide off greens, as did
Arizona 33 53 .384 17 1/2 Texas 50 35 .588 — playing par golf can be ago, was among a several times before diffi- many others in the 156-golfer
Los Angeles 46 42 .523 5 1/2 an achievement, only more-than-crowded cult shots and it’s because field that includes everyone in
Thursday’s Games Oakland 41 45 .477 9 1/2
Houston 2, Pittsburgh 0 Seattle 34 51 .400 16 Brittany Lang was in group of 14 at 1-over the two have more than a the world Top 20.
San Francisco 9, Milwaukee 3 the 60s. 72. She was glad to be working relationship. They’re John Deere Classic
Colorado 4, St. Louis 2 Thursday’s Games Lang withstood there, too. boyfriend and girlfriend and SILVIS, Ill. — Paul Goydos became
Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 3, 12 innings Chicago White Sox 1, L.A. Angels 0 Oakmont’s slick, sun- “I think that’s a Shean said having him nearby the fourth golfer in PGA Tour history to
San Diego 7, Washington 1 Toronto 8, Minnesota 1 shoot a 59.
Arizona 10, Florida 4 Tampa Bay 5, Cleveland 2 browned greens and pretty good start for means she’s “having the best Goydos put together his 12-under,
L.A. Dodgers 3, Chicago Cubs 2 Baltimore 6, Texas 4 the unrelenting heat to me,” said Kerr, who time of my life out there.” bogey-free round on the opening day. He
Friday’s Games N.Y. Yankees 3, Seattle 1 shoot a 2-under 69 on Thursday bogeyed the first two holes She also loved shooting a made the turn at 4-under, birdied all but
Cincinnati (Leake 6-1) at Philadelphia Friday’s Games one hole on the back nine at the 7,257-
(Blanton 3-5), 7:05 p.m. Minnesota (Liriano 6-6) at Detroit and take a one-shot lead over but came back almost imme- 70 at Oakmont, even if she yard TPC Deere Run course and capped
San Francisco (Cain 6-7) at Washington (Verlander 10-5), 7:05 p.m. 2008 champion Inbee Park, diately with two birdies. lost the lead that Lang would Thursday’s sizzling round by knocking in
(Strasburg 2-2), 7:05 p.m. Boston (Lester 10-3) at Toronto amateur Kelli Shean and three Kerr, the first American soon take with a bogey 6 on a 7-foot birdie putt on the par-4 18th.
Atlanta (Hanson 8-5) at N.Y. Mets (Dickey (R.Romero 6-5), 7:07 p.m. others in the first round of the to be top-ranked since the the par-5 No. 9, her finishing It’s the first 59 on the tour since David
6-1), 7:10 p.m. Cleveland (Carmona 7-7) at Tampa Bay Duval went that low in a memorable final
St. Louis (Wainwright 12-5) at Houston (J.Shields 7-8), 7:10 p.m. U.S. Women’s Open. world rankings were adopt- hole. round at the 1999 Bob Hope Classic.
(Norris 2-5), 8:05 p.m. Baltimore (Matusz 3-9) at Texas (Feldman “You said it couldn’t be ed, admittedly spent nearly a Shean yanked her drive Duval also was playing in the Deere
Pittsburgh (Maholm 5-7) at Milwaukee 5-8), 8:05 p.m. done but on any golf course week settling down emotion- inches away from some fescue Classic, beginning his round in the after-
(D.Davis 1-4), 8:10 p.m. Kansas City (Chen 5-2) at Chicago White you can shoot a low number,” ally following one of the most that separates fairways and noon. The other 59s were by Al Geiberger
San Diego (Correia 5-6) at Colorado (De Sox (Buehrle 7-7), 8:10 p.m. in 1977 and Chip Beck in 1991.
La Rosa 3-1), 9:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (Pineiro 9-6) at Oakland Lang said. “If you’re hitting dominating performances in was forced to chip out. Her Defending champion Steve Stricker
Florida (Nolasco 8-6) at Arizona (Haren (Mazzaro 4-2), 10:05 p.m. the ball good, you can for women’s golf history. approach landed about 120 shot a 60, making for the two lowest
7-6), 9:40 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (P.Hughes 10-2) at Seattle sure shoot a low score out Lang hasn’t needed five feet away on the huge green scores ever in a single round at a PGA
Chicago Cubs (Lilly 3-7) at L.A. Dodgers (Cl.Lee 8-3), 10:10 p.m. event. And he just missed tying Goydos
(Billingsley 6-4), 10:10 p.m. Saturday’s Games
here. But if you’re not on years to convince herself she that also contains Oakmont’s on the last hole.
Saturday’s Games Boston (Lackey 9-4) at Toronto (Morrow your game you can shoot a could contend again at the practice green, and she three- Michael Letzig, Matt Jones, Aaron
Atlanta (T.Hudson 8-4) at N.Y. Mets 5-6), 1:07 p.m. big one.” Women’s Open, which she putted. Baddeley and James Nitties all finished
(Pelfrey 10-3), 4:10 p.m. Minnesota (Blackburn 7-6) at Detroit Rolling in a 40-foot putt on threatened to win as an ama- Shean’s only previous at 7-under 64. Jay Williamson, Daniel
Chicago Cubs (Gorzelanny 3-5) at L.A. (Bonderman 4-6), 4:10 p.m. Chopra, Scott McCarron and Charley
Dodgers (Ely 4-6), 4:10 p.m. Kansas City (Bannister 7-6) at Chicago
the 442-yard No. 15 to seize a teur in 2005. She wound up LPGA-level tournament Hoffman had 65s.
Cincinnati (Tr.Wood 0-0) at Philadelphia White Sox (Floyd 4-7), 7:05 p.m. 2-shot lead before giving up a tied for second with fellow appearance was a 27th-place tie Scottish Open
(Halladay 10-7), 7:05 p.m. Cleveland (Laffey 1-2) at Tampa Bay stroke at difficult No. 18, Lang amateur-at-the-time Morgan at the P&G Beauty Northwest LUSS, Scotland — Darren Clarke
San Francisco (J.Sanchez 7-6) at (Garza 9-5), 7:10 p.m. managed to shoot the round of Pressel, two shots behind win- Arkansas Championship last upstaged fellow Northern Irishman
Washington (Stammen 2-3), 7:05 p.m. Baltimore (Tillman 0-3) at Texas (O.Beltre Graeme McDowell with a 6-under 65 to
St. Louis (Suppan 0-4) at Houston (Myers 0-1), 8:05 p.m.
the day at a time of the day ner Birdie Kim. year. take a 1-shot lead after the first round.
5-6), 7:05 p.m. L.A. Angels (Kazmir 7-8) at Oakland — late afternoon and early Lang has twice been a run- For one-time wunderkind McDowell, returning to tournament
Pittsburgh (Karstens 2-3) at Milwaukee (Sheets 3-8), 9:05 p.m. evening — when Oakmont’s ner-up on the LPGA Tour and Wie (11-over 82) and return- golf and his European Tour roots for
the first time since his win at the U.S.
(Bush 3-6), 7:10 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (Vazquez 7-7) at Seattle greens were chewed up and as has more than $2 million in ing champion Eun-Hee Ji Open, shot a 71 on a blustery day at
Florida (N.Robertson 6-6) at Arizona (F.Hernandez 6-5), 10:10 p.m.
(I.Kennedy 3-7), 8:10 p.m. Sunday’s Games unpredictable than ever. winnings. What she wants is (6-over 77), it was a day of Loch Lomond.
San Diego (LeBlanc 4-6) at Colorado Minnesota (Pavano 9-6) at Detroit Shean, a South Africa a win and what better tourna- misery. McDowell birdied his final two holes to
(Hammel 6-3), 8:10 p.m. (A.Oliver 0-2), 1:05 p.m. native who was pushed to ment than this one? Wie, the world No. finish alongside Phil Mickelson, who was
Sunday’s Games Boston (Matsuzaka 5-3) at Toronto making his first appearance in Europe
become a world-class golfer Shean, a University of 10-ranked golfer and the since winning the Masters in April.
Atlanta (D.Lowe 9-7) at N.Y. Mets (Litsch 0-3), 1:07 p.m.
(J.Santana 6-5), 1:10 p.m. Cleveland (Masterson 3-8) at Tampa Bay by idol Ernie Els, and South Arkansas golfer, might be LPGA Tour’s longest driver, One shot behind Clarke were
Cincinnati (Maloney 0-1) at Philadelphia (Niemann 7-2), 1:40 p.m. Korea’s Park were joined drawing some inspiration didn’t alter her aggressive England’s Graeme Storm and Italy’s
Edoardo Molinari, who both shot 66 in
(Hamels 6-7), 1:35 p.m. Kansas City (Greinke 5-8) at Chicago at 1-under 70 by two other from Lang’s 2005 near-miss style on a course that demands milder morning weather, and Irishman
San Francisco (Bumgarner 1-2) at White Sox (D.Hudson 0-0), 2:05 p.m. Korean golfers, M.J. Hur and as an amateur. patience and persistence. She
Washington (L.Hernandez 6-4), 1:35 Baltimore (Arrieta 2-2) at Texas (C.Wilson Damien McGrane.
p.m. 7-4), 3:05 p.m. Amy Yang. The 22-year-old’s career paid the price with her worst John Daly, who won the British Open
St. Louis (Hawksworth 2-5) at Houston L.A. Angels (Jer.Weaver 8-4) at Oakland Sakura Yokomine of developed after she enrolled round since an 84 at the Evian in 1995, was just two shots off the lead
after a 67. In the group of six players
(W.Rodriguez 6-10), 2:05 p.m. (Cahill 8-3), 4:05 p.m. Japan and Scotland’s Mhairi in a junior program sponsored Masters in 2007. alongside Daly at 4 under was Japanese
Pittsburgh (B.Lincoln 1-3) at Milwaukee N.Y. Yankees (Sabathia 11-3) at Seattle McKay, who teed off at a by Els, who has repeatedly Wie dropped seven shots teenager Ryo Ishikawa.
(Wolf 6-8), 2:10 p.m. (Rowland-Smith 1-8), 4:10 p.m.

AL Capsules Lyle Overbay also went deep for the Blue SEATTLE — Alex Rodriguez had a two- and drove in four runs, and rookie Buster two walks, with eight strikeouts. Johnson had three RBIs, including a
By The Associated Press Jays, who hit 10 homers in the three-game run single in the ninth inning to give the Posey homered as San Francisco’s bullpen He hit his first career homer off Luis two-run triple in Arizona’s five-run fifth fourth
CHICAGO — John Danks held Los series and lead the majors with 130. Bautista Yankees their first lead, and Mariano Rivera held on to complete a four-game sweep. Atilano (6-6) in the fourth inning, then singled inning against Florida’s Anibal Sanchez.
Angeles hitless for six innings before finishing leads the majors with 23 homers and eight closed out the victory. Andres Torres homered in the eighth and scored in the seventh. Cole Gillespie added a two-run double in
with a two-hitter Thursday, and Chicago won Blue Jays have at least 10 home runs before The Yankees won their sixth straight and Posey homered for the fourth time in the San Diego’s Chris Denorfia homered the fourth.
1-0 for a four-game sweep and its 22nd victory the All-Star break, a club first. overall and season-best fifth in a row away series in the ninth. The Giants outscored the for the second consecutive game, Chase Parra had three singles and a double
in 27 games. Cecil (8-5) won for the first time since from home behind Andy Pettitte. Brewers 36-7 in this series for their first four- Headley hit a two-run shot and Jerry Hairston and scored twice. Stephen Drew tripled and
Danks (8-7) gave up a leadoff single to June 10 at Tampa Bay, allowing one run and After Derek Jeter’s one-out walk in the game sweep in Milwaukee. Jr. went deep in the ninth. scored three times.
Reggie Willits in the seventh. After yielding four hits in seven innings. The Blue Jays won ninth, Nick Swisher had his fourth hit, a Huff drove in runs with a single in the first, Atilano went 5 1-3 innings, giving up eight Brett Hayes hit his first home run of the
another single, he pitched out of trouble and consecutive games for the first time since June double that sent Jeter to third. After an out, a two-run homer in the third and a sacrifice fly hits and four runs. He has lost five of his past season for Florida, a two-run shot off starter
got his first major league shutout. 18-19 against San Francisco. Rodriguez fought off David Aardsma’s fastball in the fourth off Brewers starter Manny Parra six decisions. Rodrigo Lopez in the seventh inning.
Chicago won its fifth straight and moved Minnesota lost for the 11th time in 16 and pushed it through the right side of the (3-6) as the Giants built a 6-0 lead. Phillies 4, Reds 3, 12 innings Lopez (5-7) allowed four runs, three
within one-half game of Detroit for first place games. infield to give New York a 3-1 lead. Dan Runzler (3-0) earned the win getting PHILADELPHIA — Brian Schneider hit a earned, and five hits in seven innings for his
in the AL Central. Scott Baker (7-8), who allowed five runs It was only the second time Rodriguez out of a bases-loaded jam in the sixth. game-ending homer in the bottom of the 12th third victory in four starts.
Ervin Santana (8-7) gave up three hits and seven hits, walked none and struck out got a hit off Aardsma (0-6). The other was a Astros 2, Pirates 0 inning, giving Philadelphia a victory over the Sanchez (7-6) lasted four innings-plus,
over eight innings. four in six innings. decisive homer in the eighth inning a week ago HOUSTON — Roy Oswalt allowed only NL Central-leading Cincinnati. allowing six runs, five earned, and nine hits.
Rays 5, Indians 2 Orioles 6, Rangers 4 at Yankee Stadium. a first-inning single to Neil Walker, and Lance Shane Victorino had a solo homer for the Dodgers 3, Cubs 2
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Carl ARLINGTON, Texas — Craig Tatum drew Pettitte (11-2) won his third straight deci- Berkman provided the power with two home struggling Phillies, who had lost seven of 10. LOS ANGELES — Rafael Furcal hit a go-
Crawford hit two two-run homers and Wade a bases-loaded walk in the eighth inning to sion, pitching into the eighth and giving up one runs as Houston completed a three-game They overcame another blown save by Brad ahead, two-run homer in the seventh inning to
Davis stopped his six-game winless streak. force in the go-ahead run and Scott Moore and run. He yielded five hits and struck out nine. sweep. Lidge to win this one. lift Clayton Kershaw and Los Angeles.
Tampa Bay went ahead 2-1 on Crawford’s Felix Pie homered for Baltimore, which rallied Oswalt’s seventh career shutout and Joey Votto hit his league-leading 22nd Kershaw (9-4) struck out a season-high
two-run shot in the first inning. His second two- from a four-run deficit. NL Capsules 19th complete game finished the Astros’ third homer hours after the Reds first baseman was 12 and walked none in eight innings. The left-
run drive and Carlos Pena’s solo homer made Baltimore loaded the bases in a three-run DENVER — Ubaldo Jimenez became sweep of the season — second over the named to the All-Star team. hander allowed two runs and seven hits for his
it 5-2 in the third. eighth against Frank Francisco (6-4). Darren the first pitcher to reach 15 wins before the Pirates, the only team in the NL Central with The Reds had won a franchise-best nine second straight win.
Davis (6-9) gave up two runs and four hits Oliver relieved and hit Pie with a pitch to force All-Star break in 10 years and Colorado beat a worse record than Houston. His last shutout straight extra-inning road games dating to Jonathan Broxton pitched a scoreless
in seven innings. He had gone 0-5 in six starts in a run and tie it at 4. Oliver then walked St. Louis 4-2 on Thursday. came in September 2008 against Pittsburgh June 2009. ninth for his 19th save.
since beating Chicago on May 29. Tatum to force in pinch-runner Cesar Izturis, Jason Giambi went 4 for 4 with two and his previous complete game was against Schneider connected off Jordan Smith The loss snapped the Cubs’ three-game
Tampa Bay has won six straight and is giving Baltimore a 5-4 lead. RBIs and Dexter Fowler had two hits for the the Dodgers last July. (2-2) with one out. winning streak, while the Dodgers won for the
7-1 in July. The Rays were 11-14 in June. Julio Lugo’s RBI single off Darren O’Day Rockies, who swept the three-game series. The win breaks a career-long, six-game Nelson Figueroa (2-1) pitched two perfect fourth time in six games.
Michael Brantley hit his first major league made it 6-4. Huston Street worked the ninth for his home losing streak for Oswalt (6-10), who innings to earn the win. Furcal had three hits and got hit by a
homer for the Indians, who have lost 23 of Francisco failed to retire any of the three third save. requested a trade from the team earlier this There were two outs in the ninth when pitch.
their last 35 road games. Jake Westbrook batters he faced, giving up two earned runs Jon Jay doubled twice for the Cardinals. season. He struck out eight and walked two the Reds tied it at 3 on pinch-hitter Miguel His 15th homer came on the first pitch
(5-5) allowed five runs and eight hits over and one hit. Jimenez (15-1) was dominant over eight for his first victory at Minute Maid Park since Cairo’s RBI double off Lidge. from Randy Wells (4-7) and gave the Dodgers
six innings. Josh Hamilton had a homer and two innings, allowing one run and three hits. He April 23. Diamondbacks 10, Marlins 4 a 3-2 lead. Russell Martin, who led off with a
Dan Wheeler pitched 1 2-3 innings for his doubles to extend his home hitting streak to struck out six and walked one. Padres 7, Nationals 1 PHOENIX — Kelly Johnson and Gerardo single, also scored.
first save., Blue Jays 8, Twins 1 28 games. Chris Carpenter (9-3) gave up nine WASHINGTON — Mat Latos threw seven Parra matched their career-highs with four Wells gave up three runs and six hits in
TORONTO — Jose Bautista hit one of David Hernandez (4-7) tossed 1 1-3 shut- hits, struck out three and walked two in six shutout innings and had two hits, including hits apiece and Arizona snapped a five-game seven innings, struck out seven and walked
Toronto’s five homers and Brett Cecil snapped out innings for the win and Alfredo Simon got innings. one of San Diego’s four homers. losing streak in front of 16,664, the smallest one.
a four-start winless skid. three outs for his 11th save. Giants 9, Brewers 3 Latos (10-4) won his career-high fifth home crowd in the Diamondbacks’ 13-year Alfonso Soriano hit his 15th homer for
Fred Lewis, Adam Lind, Jose Molina and Yankees 3, Mariners 1 MILWAUKEE — Aubrey Huff homered consecutive decision. He gave up five hits and history. Chicago.
Friday, July 9, 2010 The Herald —7

Faith, law and the ‘good death’

As the end of his life drew near, Pope Pius assisted suicide. While this decade has seen Thus, people are living longer, which also
XII began addressing complex medical ques- TERRY MATTINGLY a “perfect storm” of conflicts about a “right means they are more likely to face lengthy
tions that were personal, theological, practical to die,” it is essential that citizens, clergy and battles with cancer and neurological condi-
and scientific, all at the same time.
For example, how far could doctors go to On public officials study the history of euthanasia
before making policy decisions that will touch
tions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
relieve a dying patient’s pain?
Months before his death in 1958, the pope
wrote: “Is the suppression of pain and con-
Religion millions of lives in the future, he said.
“There are deep moral and religious issues
at stake in debates about physician-assisted
Rising health-care costs have also affected
“quality of life” debates. After all, as President
Barack Obama told The New York Times, the
sciousness by means of narcotics (when it is suicide, which is why religious believers have “chronically ill and those toward the end of
demanded by a medical indication) permitted, always been involved,” said Dowbiggin. “But their lives are accounting for potentially 80
by religion and morality, to the patient and necessary to make extraordinary efforts to re- what we are hearing today are prominent percent of the total health-care bill out here.”
the doctor (even at the approach of death and suscitate patients. voices that say that religious people must keep The stakes are rising.
when one foresees that the administration of The pope concluded that if it “appears that their ideas to themselves, because religion is a Meanwhile, the Hemlock Society has
narcotics will shorten life)?” His answer was the attempt at resuscitation constitutes ... such private thing -- period -- and must not affect evolved into End of Life Choices, an organi-
“yes,” if that was what it took to truly relieve a burden for the family that one cannot in all public life. If that idea is accepted, that’s a ma- zation that merged with Compassion in Dying
suffering. conscience impose it upon them, they can law- jor step toward the acceptance of physician- to form Compassion & Choices. Physician-as-
Pius also knew that doctors were pondering fully insist that the doctor should discontinue assisted suicide.” sisted suicide became the “right to die,” which
ways to apply ancient truths to issues raised these attempts, and the doctor can lawfully The word “euthanasia” comes from two has now evolved into calls for a legal “self-
by new technologies, said Ian Dowbiggin, comply. There is not involved here a case of Greek words that simply mean “good death,” deliverance” option.
author of “Life, Death, God and Medicine: A direct disposal of the life of the patient, nor noted the historian. For centuries, Catholics If religious leaders want to keep taking part
Concise History of Euthanasia.” The historian of euthanasia in any way: this would never be and others have argued that a “good death” is in these policy discussions, said Dowbiggin,
from the University of Prince Edward Island licit. Even when it causes the arrest of circula- one that is as pain-free and dignified as pos- “they must have something positive to say. It
spoke to media professionals gathered at this tion, the interruption of attempts at resuscita- sible. Thus, religious groups have been at the is not enough to just keep saying ‘no.’ ... They
week’s G8 “World Religions Summit” at the tion is never more than an indirect cause of the forefront of efforts to offer in-home hospice need a vision of what the ‘good death’ looks
University of Winnipeg. cessation of life.” care. like. They need to say that this is the goal of
Many of these puzzles remain, which is Dowbiggin stressed that Pius was already However, several trends have aided efforts all end-of-life care -- people making informed
why ethicists still study another 1957 address engaging complex issues that continue to im- to legalize physician-assisted suicide, espe- moral decisions about hospice and other forms
by Pius to the International Congress of Anes- pact debates -- in Canada, the United States cially scientific advances that have increased of care that are right for themselves and for
thesiologists, in which he asked when it was and elsewhere -- about legalizing physician- the “graying of America,” said Dowbiggin. their families.”

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Nurseries, Sunday school rooms. OF THE NAZARENE FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH SWAT, Nursery; Single; 10:30 a.m.
Worship, Nursery, Children’s Church, 7359 St. Rt. 109 New Cleveland
317 West North St. - 419-296-2561 4750 East Road, Elida Saturday Mass - 7:00 p.m.
Pastor Tom Shobe Pastor - Brian McManus Discipleship class; Noon - Lunch
TRINITY UNITED Break; 2:00 p.m. Service for men Sunday Mass - 8:30 a.m.
9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 Sunday – 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
METHODIST CHURCH 10:30 a.m. Worship, nursery avail- at Van Wert Correctional Fac.; 3:00
211 E. Third St., Delphos a.m. Morning Worship; 7:00 p.m. p.m. Service for women at Van Wert
Wednesday Service able. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION
Rev. David Howell, Pastor Wednesday – 6:30 p.m. Youth Correctional Fac., Service at Paulding CATHOLIC CHURCH
Week of July 11, 2010 Prayer, Bible Study; 7:00 p.m. Adult jail Ottoville
Sunday - 8:15 a.m. Worship Service/ TRINITY UNITED METHODIST Tuesday - 1:00 p.m. - Share, Care,
Prayer and Bible Study; 8:00 p.m. - Rev. John Stites
Communion; 9:30 a.m. Church School; Corner of Fourth & Main, Spencerville Prayer Group in Fireside Room;
Choir. Mass schedule: Saturday - 4 p.m.;
10:30 a.m. Worship Service/Communion; Phone 419-647-5321 10-noon - Banquet Table Food Sunday - 10:30 a.m.
Rev. Jan Johnson, Pastor
11:30 a.m. Radio Worship on WDOH;
6:00 p.m.-8:45 p.m. Vacation Bible Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; Van WErt County Pantry; 6:30 p.m. Quilting Friends
in Fellowship Hall; 7 p.m. B.R.E.A.L. ST. BARBARA CHURCH
School 10:30 a.m. Worship service. Women’s group in Room 108. 160 Main St., Cloverdale 45827
Monday - 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Summer Wednesday - 6:30 p.m. Small 419-488-2391
Office Hours; 1:00 p.m. Thrift Shop; 6:00 groups, Discipleship Series in sanc- Fr. John Stites
p.m. - 8:45 p.m. Vacation Bible School UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 10686 Van Wert-Decatur Rd. tuary, Christian Life Club, Nursery,
Van Wert, Ohio Mass schedule: Saturday 5:30 p.m.,
Tuesday- 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Spencerville Preschool; 7 p.m. R.O.C.K. Youth; 8 Sunday 8:00 a.m.
Summer Office Hours; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 Rev. Ron Shifley, Pastor 419-238-9426 p.m. Worship Team rehearsal.
p.m. Summer Speech Therapy; 6:00 p.m. Sunday– 9:30 a.m. Church School; Rev. Clark Williman. Pastor Thursday - 4-5:30 p.m. Banquet
- 8:45 p.m. Vacation Bible School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service. Sunday, July 11th Table Food Pantry. ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH
Wednesday - 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Sunday - 8:45 am - Friends and 135 N. Water St., Ft. Jennings
Summer Office Hours; 6:00 pm. - 8:45 AGAPE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES Family Social Time; 9:00 am Sunday Rev. Joe Przybysz
p.m. Vacation Bible School 9250 Armstrong Road, Spencerville School; 9:45 am Friends and Family FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Phone: 419-286-2132
Thursday - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Social Time; 9:55 am - Prayer at the 13887 Jennings Rd., Van Wert Mass schedule: Saturday 5 p.m.;
Pastors Phil & Deb Lee Sunday 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
Summer Office Hours; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 Altar; 10:00 am Worship Service Ph. 419-238-0333
Sunday - 10:00 a.m. Worship service. Children’s Storyline: 419-238-2201
p.m. Summer Speech Therapy; 6:00 p.m. Monday - 7pm Calvary Softball
Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. Bible Game vs. 1st Baptist, Smiley Park, Email:
- 8:45 p.m. Vacation Bible School ST. MICHAEL CHURCH
Friday - 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Summer Study Field #2 Pastor Steven A. Robinson Kalida
Office Hours; 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m Tuesday - 9:30 am Hearth and Sunday– 9:30 a.m. Sunday School Fr. Mark Hoying
Supper’s on Us; 8:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Home for all ages; 10:30 a.m. Family Worship Saturday – 4:30 p.m. Mass.
Vacation Bible School Pool Party Wednesday - 1:30 pm Adult Prayer Hour; 6:30 p.m. Evening Bible Hour. Sunday – 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.
Saturday - 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Jr. & Wednesday - 6:30 p.m. Word of Life Masses.
Sr. High Canoe Trip Student Ministries; 6:45 p.m. AWANA; Weekdays: Masses on Mon., Tues.,

We thank the sponsors of this page and ask you to please support them. Wed. and Friday at 8:00 am; Thurs.
7:30 p.m.

130 N. MAIN ST.

n ’ s & SCHIER
419-692-0861 Professional Parts People


h m HOME

11260 Elida Road L e •CARPET
209 W. 3rd St.
234 N. Canal St.
701 Ambrose Drive
DELPHOS, OH 45833 Delphos, Ohio 45833 Delphos, O.
Ph. 692-0055 Daily 9-5:30 Delphos, O.
Sat. 9-4, Sun. 12-4 419-692-8055 Ph. 692-1010
Toll Free 1-800-589-7876
8 – The Herald Friday, July 9, 2010

340 Garage Sales 751 Resort & Vac. Today’s Crossword Puzzle
The Daily Herald
1 Also starring 1 Stir-fryer
Fort Jennings LAKE of the Woods 5 Wealthy one 2 Likable prez?
Thur. - Sat 9-6 (Rose) MI. 40’ lake front 8 Exotic island 3 Endeavor
12 Gumbo 4 Sultan’s menage
To place an ad call: 419-695-0015
Toys and games, Com- w/boat dock 5 BDRM. Full
puter items and desk, bath. (419)605-8751 Seri- 13 401(k) cousin 5 Ms. Foch
books, household items, ous offers only. 14 Actor — Montand 6 Assn.
weight equipment 15 Pocket items (2 wds.) 7 Lake fish
17 Clap of thunder 8 Skipped
800 House For Sale 18 That nina 9 Claims
010 Announcements 080 Help Wanted 120 Financial 300 Household Goods 410 S. Franklin
7/8, 11-8pm
19 Meager 10 Minimum
746 SKINNER St., Del- 21 Result of action 11 The Emerald —
7/9, 9-?
phos, $0 Down, $0 Clos- 24 Kind of prof. 16 What “vidi” means (2
ADVERTISERS: YOU can EXPERIENCED STNA’S IS IT A SCAM? The Del- FURNITURE SALE Large garage sale. 25 Prior to wds.)
place a 25 word classified F/T and P/T phos Herald urges our 2 recliners, 1 big man and Something for everyone! ing Cost, New Appliances, 26 Ankle opposites 20 Butter unit
ad in more than 100 news- ALL shifts available readers to contact The swivel rocker recliner. 1 and Home Warranty. A big 30 Mild onion 21 Brown seaweed
papers with over one and Apply in person Better Business Bureau, plaid sofa bed. All good 4 bed, 2 bath home with 32 Lennon’s wife 22 Linoleum measurement
a half million total circula- 8:00am to 4:00pm (419) 223-7010 or condition. 419-235-3543 an att. garage. Call 33 Recedes 23 Movie spool
522 S. Pierce 419-586-8220 creative- 37 Sanskrit dialect 27 Send packing
tion across Ohio for $295. Monday through Friday 1-800-462-0468, before
It's place one Vancrest of Delphos, entering into any agree- NEW, QUEEN plush top Sat. Only 9-2 38 City, informally 28 Concerning (2 wds.)
order and pay with one 1425 East Fifth St. ment involving financing, mattress, never used, still Baby items, furniture, de- 39 Membership fees 29 Weeps
check through Ohio Delphos business opportunities, or sealed in original wrapper. cor, tools, clothes. Most IMMEDIATE 40 Most recent 31 Metric unit of mass
Scan-Ohio Statewide No phone calls please work at home opportuni- $75.00. (260)220-1596. everything 50 cents to a POSSESSION 43 Permit 34 Male elephant
dollar. All must go. Mov- 3 BR country ranch house. 44 Temper 35 Sugar source
Classified Advertising Net- EOE ties. The BBB will assist 46 Latches 36 Former JFK arrivals
ing. (419)296-6328
work. The Delphos Herald
advertising dept. can set OTR SEMI DRIVER
in the investigation of
these businesses. (This 310 TV, Radio, 48 Indian river
50 Sixth sense
41 Fruity drink
42 Cough syrup meas.
this up for you. No other NEEDED notice provided as a cus- Recording 608 S. Bredeick St. OPEN HOUSE
51 Qatar ruler 44 Actress — Van Doren
1480 Marsh Ave.- Delphos
classified ad buy is sim- Benefits: Vacation, tomer service by The Del- HOHENBRINK TV 3 -Family Garage Sale
Sunday, July 11 52 Hot and humid 45 In reserve (2 wds.)
pler or more cost effective. Holiday pay, 401k. Home phos Herald.) Has great buys on used Fri, July 9, 9-6
57 Transparent mineral 47 Have one’s say
Call 419-695-0015, ext weekends & most nights. TV’s and VCR’s. Sat, July 10, 8:30-4:00 58 Author — Rand 48 Opal and topaz
138. Call Ulm!s Inc. 11230 Elida Rd, Delphos Home furnishings, tools, Price Reduced! 59 Mad emperor 49 Linger
Visit 60 Look like 50 Untold centuries
290 Wanted to Buy
419-692-3951 419-695-1229 washer and dryer, boys,
men’s, and ladies clothing, for details 61 Of course! 53 Blended whiskey
340 Garage Sales
toys, and many misc. 62 Cartoon cries 54 Third letter
for apartments. Must be
items. 810 Auto Repairs/ 55 Ozarks st.
56 — Angeles
able to work flexible hours.
Send replies to Box 135 Raines Parts/Acc.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Table or floor.
Come to our store.
c/o Delphos Herald, 405
N. Main St., Delphos, OH
Jewelry 1003 N. Main
Friday, July 9, 9am-? GARAGE SALE Midwest Ohio 12 13 14
Hohenbrink TV. 45833 Cash for Gold No Pre-sales
Craftsman lawn sweeper,
JULY 9 & 10
9am to 6pm Auto Parts
419-695-1229 Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry,
Would you like to be an recliner, furniture items, 264 Auglaize in Ottoville 15 16 17
Silver coins, Silverware, Pocket Specialist
080 Help Wanted
in-home child care pro - rugs, bedding, ladies
vider? Let us help. Call Watches, Diamonds. clothing. Some new! Chairs, tables, angels, silk Windshields Installed, New 18 19 20
YWCA Child Care Re - 2330 Shawnee Rd. flowers, Women size 16 Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors,
2 PEOPLE Needed source and Referral at: Lima 1105 MARSH Ave clothes including medical
Hoods, Radiators 21 22 23 24
1-800-992-2916 or (419) 229-2899 (Ricker Ave) scrubs, coats, bikes, yard
1 must know about dry- 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima
(419)225-5465. Fri. 9-4 tools, kitchen items, xmas
wall, carpeting, painting. 1 Sat. 9-2 25 26 27 28 29
will help out.
Clothes, toys, Home &
decor, antiques, yard or-
naments, canning jars,
Place Your 300 Household Goods
(863)513-0035 Garden items, books, Lots 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
punch bowl.
of Misc.
840 Mobile Homes
Ad Today BUNK
37 38 39
decorator, Part-time hours GUY GARAGE SALE
BEDS, or can be Sat. 7/10, 8am-7pm
will vary. In Van Wert. set apart as two twin beds. 14873 LANDECK Rd. RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 40 41 42 43
419 695-0015
Please send resume and Thur, Fri, Sat. -9-4 Sun. 7/11, 12-5pm
Mattresses included. Ex- 23745 Road 32 bedroom, 1 bath mobile
references to: cellent condition. $200 Lots of girls clothes & (South of the SR 114 & home. 419-692-3951. 44 45 46 47
obo. Call 419-659-5507. baby items.

SR 66 junction, North of
Ottoville). 890 Autos for Sale 48 49 50

OPEN Four wheeler, canoe &

realty llc
row boat, car audio, elec- 51 52 53 54 55 56

HOUSE tric guitar & amp, tire set,

fireplace insert, band saw,
Taking care of 57 58 59
“Put your dreams in our hands” sportsman items, lawn
202 N. Washington Street Office: 419-692-2249 Sun. 12-6
Delphos, OH 45833 Fax: 419-692-2205
Schrader Realty is pleased to
equipment, utility trailers,
1 bottom plow. your vehicle 60 61 62

announce 19206 State Rd, Delphos MOVING SALE has its rewards.
Judy (Wannemacher) Bosch $0 Down, $0 Closing Cost, New Appliances and Home
Warranty, great country 4 bed, 2 bath home with multiple
Fit female questions
as the newest member to our staff! 624 E. Fifth St.
Judy can be reached at decks, a large master suite, Jacuzzi tub and french doors, a Fri. & Sat July 9 & 10
419-230-1983 full basement.
Call 10am-6pm
She may also be contacted via
email at:
or thru our website at
power tools Home decor,
MEMBER: 912 345 678
(800) 589-7876
shortness of breath household, linens, lug - D E A R Dr. Peter H. Gott, M.D.
gage, clothing, and more. Owner Advantage is our
Cash only.
way of rewarding you for I am
1006 Ft. Jennings Rd. H O M E F O R SALE bringing your vehicle in for concerned
Delphos service. You’re rewarded a b o u t
409 E. 5th
304 S. PIERCE ST., DELPHOS Thurs. 5-8pm for each visit. Membership blocked
Fri. 8am-5pm is easy – ask your Service arteries. I

Charming Amenities Sat. 8am-12noon Advisor for details! am 60 years
Comfortable Boy’s infant-men/women old, 5-feet-
Excellent Condition
Beautiful Woodwork
plus clothes, Play Station,
twin bed frame, stove,
A/C, new steel garage
RAABE 11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
weigh 115

pounds. I exercise three times a week, do 400 stairs a

Corner Lot shelving, bike trailer, NAS- M 7:30-8 ; T..-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2
CAR, roller blades, bikes, day, and walk two miles. My total cholesterol is 180, and
3 bedrm., 2 ½ bath, brick ranch home on lg lot. Lg great 419-692-0055 the good/bad ratios are within good limits. I don’t have
toys, and more!
rm, plenty of closets. Must see, asking $190,000.
If interested call 419-695-1706 Over 85
any problems with my blood pressure. I have an annual

Additional info at 419-695-4640 For showing by appointment SUPER SUMMER serving you physical exam and blood workups.
Garage Sale! However, lately, when doing my stairs, I experience
4444 Old Delphos Rd. occasional shortness of breath. I have a family history

Elida of stroke through my mother and father. Could I possibly
Friday & Saturday have some type of blockage, even though all signs and
July 9 & 10 1978 JEEP CJ5
Fiberglass body, Snow tests appear normal? Should I request a stress test at
Tons of name brand plow, runs great $5800. my next physical?
clothes for kids, teens, (419)231-1370 DEAR READER: Yes, you should. While you don’t
and adults. Ladies shoes mention your diet, I can only assume it is a healthful
& handbags, housewares, 1974 CHEVY Pick-up one. Otherwise, it’s likely that your HDL, LDL and total
New 350 engine, new 400
books & electronics! cholesterol levels would be out of the normal range. You
transmission, new tires,
runs great $2900. Call mention routine exams and lab work but don’t indicate
•THE FIRST Presbyterian 419-231-1370 that you have ever had a baseline EKG. You exercise
Church of Van Wert, lo- extensively but have a positive family history that could
cated on the corner of Free & Low Price
Construction Hauling Crawford Street and 920 Merchandise be of concern. And you are 60. My guess is that you
HERRON SPEARS Washington Street (Route
are a young 60, but because you even question the
possibility of blocked arteries, you should request a
127S) will be renting 3 BOTTLE Fed kittens,
CONSTRUCTION Want to get rid of: stress test. Your physician should order one because of
POHLMAN 10’x20’ spaces for $20 for
the Route 30/Route 127
box trained, litter trained,
your age and the shortness of breath.
419-692-2329 BUILDERS • Appliances • Grills Total Lawncare & Snow Removal and ready to go. Phone:
• Kitchen and Bath- • Lawn Mowers • A/C Units 22 Years Experience • Insured Garage Sale August 5th, 419-339-4884 A final possibility is that your problem is arising directly
room Remodeling
• ANY Scrap Metals Commercial & Residential
6th, 7th. Call from your lungs. Request a chest X-ray and evaluation
• Roofing BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK • and/or Batteries?
419-495-2628 or FREE BLACK kittens, 1 for possible pulmonary disease.
419-238-3643 long haired female, 2 short
• Siding SERVICE
•LAWN MOWING• To provide related information, I am sending you a
haired males, abandoned
FREE ESTIMATES •FERTILIZATION• copy of my Health Report “Coronary Artery Disease.”
501 Misc. for Sale
• Replacement FULLY INSURED We Will Pick It Up short haired gray mother
•WEED CONTROL named Gracie, very lov- Other readers who would like a copy should send a self-
Windows Mark Pohlman
FREE PROGRAMS ing. (419)692-2720 addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check
• Garages 419-339-9084 or money order to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe,
• Plumbing and cell 419-233-9460 419-852-6086 EDGING $100. Delta bench band FREE: KITTENS & also a OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print an
few adult cats
Electrical Service saw $75. 5th wheel hitch order form off my website at
Home Improvement
•MULCHING & MULCH (419)695-3403
for both new and $150. Goose neck trailer
existing homes hitch $150. Litehouse gas
•SHRUB INSTALLATION, pool heater $500. Iron
• Drywall POURED
Give Us A Call Year Round For
All Of Your Home Improvement CONCRETE WALLS Hohlbein’s TRIMMING & REMOVAL
Lindell Spears
baby bed $300. 4 car dol-
lies $100. Call
Federal Home Loan Mortgage A. Schroeder, Lot 1447 A., Ottawa,
Needs Both Large And Small
& Commercial Home 419-695-8516
Corp., S 3 Q SE .84 acres, Ottawa
TWP., to Dennis S. Schroeder and
to Jeffrey J. Schroeder.
Jeffrey J. Schroeder, Lot 1447A,
Chris Herron • Agricultural Needs
• All Concrete Work Improvement 550 Pets & Supplies Cheryl A. Schroeder. Ottawa, to Richard L. Schroeder, LE,
Mark Pohlman
Windows, Doors, Scott G. Kuhlman and Kendra M. and Martha A. Schroeder, LE.
cell 419-233-9460 Siding, Roofing, Transmission Terrier puppies available Kuhlman, Lot 1306B, Ottawa, to Rick Elaine M. Balbaugh, fka, Elaine M.
Jim Irwin Sunrooms, soon. 4 males born May 7.
Tails and dewclaws done,
A. Buchholz, TR.
William Paul Brecht, dec, Lot 48,
Vorst and Dennis Balbaugh, Lot 983,
Remodeling Kitchens & Bathroom Ottawa, to Jennifer L. Recker.
& Repair Joe Miller Remodeling,
Pole Buildings,
Geise excellent health guaran-
teed. Own both parents,
North Creek, to William Paul Brecht
William F. Goecke and Joyce T.
Goecke, Lot 166, .023 acre, Glandorf,
Transmission, Inc. family raised. Perfect
Roofing Specials
FREE SEAMLESS GUTTERS Construction Garages
• automatic transmission
Ronald T. Ruhe, Lisa M. Bockrath,
Esther A. Ruhe and Joseph Bockrath,
to Craig A. Schroeder and Robin R.
Experienced Amish Carpentry 30% • standard transmission
• differentials
Lot 7, Countrywood Estates, Ottawa, Jeanie K. Rader, Joni M. Prowant
419-230-9231 Roofing, TAX REBATE • transfer case and Lot 8, Countrywood Estates, Swager, aka, Joni M. Swager, Kevin
OR 419-647-2104
pole barns, garages or
any construction needs.
ON WINDOWS • brakes & tune up 590 House For Rent Ottawa, to Justin William Schroeder Rader and Loren Swager, S 34 Q NE
2 miles north of Ottoville and Michelle Lynette Siefker. 2.199 acres, Monroe TWP., to Jayne
567-644-6030 Ph. 419-339-4938 2 BDRM, 1 1/2 BA, At- William Klear, Jr., and Alice M.
Cell 419-453-3620 S. Prowant.
or 419-230-8128 tached garage. Available
Klear, S 8 Q NW, Palmer TWP., and
soon. 419-692-3951 Joni M. Swager, Jayne S. Prowant
S 8 Q NW .17 acre, Palmer TWP.,
Tree Service and Loren B. Swager, S 1 Q NW,
“Nikki’s Cakes” 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE
Menno Schwartz
DK Contractor Small 2 bedroom, close to to Kurt A. Ellerbrock and Stefanie L.
Perry TWP., to Jeanie K. Rader and
Stadium Park, CA, 2-car
Beautifully decorated super moist Kevin N. Rader.
cakes & fresh baked cookies for
any occasion Construction
Home Improvement
Roofing, shingles, TEMAN’S garage with carport.
$500/mo.+ deposit. Call
Richard L. Schroeder and Martha
Gerald L. Miller, Constance M.
Order ANY sheet cake - Get edible ALL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION
EDPM, TPO Membrane, OUR TREE 419-695-3594
Answer to Puzzle Miller, aka, Connie M. Miller, S 7 Q
Image picture FREE Siding & Soffit, SERVICE NE, Union TWP., to Todd C. Miller
419-232-2600 Residential & Commercial • Trimming • Topping • Thinning and Traci J. Miller.
Call Nikki 419-605-7326 Licensed & Insured • Deadwooding W I TH NOB BA L I
Most Coco LLC, S 35 Q NE 1.515
419-695-0744 FREE ESTIMATES
Roofing - Siding - Garages -
FREE ESTIMATES Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal
Since 1973
600 Apts. for Rent OKRA I RA YV E S acres, Pleasant TWP., to Adam
Cell 419-203-4784 Pole Barns - Room Additions -
Repair - Frame New Homes 419-586-1292 419-692-7261 KEYR I NGS PE A L N. Schroeder and Elizabeth M.
Bill Teman 419-302-2981
1100 MARSH Ave.
2 BR brick ranch, all appli- ESA S PAR S E Schroeder.
Car Care Electricians Lawn Care Ernie Teman 419-230-4890
ances, gas heat, C/A, ga- K ARMA ASS T Elizabeth D. Branham, LE, Lot
rage with opener.
E R E WR I S TS 207, Dupont, Lot 208, Dupont, Lot
$550/mo. Lease, deposit
209, Dupont, Lot 212, Dupont, Lot
MULCH Immediate occupancy. L EEK ONO EB B S 213, Dupont, and Lot 214, Dupont, to
22.95* ELECTRICIAN NEEDS 419-453-3290
PA L I URB DU E S Roy Branham.
*up to 5 quarts oil

620 Duplex For Rent L ATES T L E T Ruth M. Beining, TR, and Beining
C OMMERCIAL 419-339-6800 MOOD BOL T S Family Trust, S 10 Q NW 78.28
CAR CARE WIRING On S.R. 309 in Elida
• Trimming & Removal
• 24 Hour Service • Fully Insured TWO BEDROOM in Ft. GANGES E SP acres, Monterey TWP, S 14 Q SE
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS WELDING Jennings. Stove & Refrig-
EM I R TRO P I C A L 34.0 acres, Monterey TWP., S 19 NE
Ph. 419-692-5801
ED PAXTON KEVIN M. MOORE erator furnished. W/D
15.828 acres, Monterey TWP., and S
Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 hookup CA, garage NO M I CA AYN NE RO
419-692-5193 Delivery Available (419) 235-8051 Pets. Lease & Deposit.
419-453-3597 SEEM YES EE KS
22 Q NE 80.0 acres, Monterey TWP.,
to Ruth M. Beining, TR. Friday, July 9, 2010 The Herald – 9

Mom’s ‘friend’ Tomorrow’s


isn’t leaving By Bernice Bede Osol

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swallow the bitter pill and put

Dear Annie: My hus- brother is simply biding his past mistakes behind you as soon as
band, my son and I live time. you can so that you can move forward
on a clean slate in the year ahead. Set
with my mother-in-law. Many 18-year-olds aren’t positive goals that you’re capable of
She’s been divorced for ready to date, and a guy achieving, and the months that follow
nine years. I know Mom who is “a bit nerdy” may will be good.
CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
deserves companionship, have difficulty approach- When it comes to achieving success
but one night last month, ing and attracting girls and at work, timing is a factor that will
she went out with the girls may be too embarrassed to either make or break you. Being anx-
ious may get you to act prematurely
and decided to bring a guy discuss it with his family. while doubts might cause you to drag
home. We thought it was These guys often do bet- your feet.
going to be a one-night ter socially when they are LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Little
is learned when you monopolize con-
stand, but “Stan” hasn’t left in college. We suggest you versations, so in order to expand your
since that night. occasionally offer him some knowledge of a difficult situation, be
Stan is only pointers to help a good listener. It’ll give you a bet-
two years older him be more con- ter understanding of the problem at
than my husband. fident. Otherwise, VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Ei-
He’s been eat- just be his friend. ther don’t go shopping just now or if
ing our food and If he needs to talk, you do, at least put a limit on your
spending. Your natural tendency will
using our toilet- he’ll come to you. be to buy everything that looks good,
ries and seems Dear Annie: with little concern for the bills.
to have made This is in response LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Be
careful not to outsmart yourself in
himself quite to “Devastated and
comfortable. I’m Frustrated.” When
trying to get the best of a deal. Instead
of using tricky tactics, be forthright BEETLE BAILEY
a stay-at-home our son married 32 and demand your honest share of a
collective endeavor.
mom, and while years ago, our fam- SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - A
my husband and ily welcomed his responsibility that has always been
his mother are at Annie’s Mailbox wife with genuine yours might be temporarily given to
another. Unfortunately, if the person
work, Stan hangs love, but it soon isn’t equipped to handle it, it will
around making became apparent only make greater work for you later.
moves on me. I’ve told my that she wanted little to do SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec.
husband, but he refuses to with us. After our grand- 21) - If a disagreement arises between
you and another, it would be best not
believe the guy is hitting sons were born, contact to discuss it in front of the others. It
on me. became even less frequent. might cause people to take sides and
Stan is also sneaky. The They moved far away. The make matters worse, not better.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
other day, I caught him grandsons visited us with- - Unfortunately, you could have a ten-
siphoning gas from my hus- out their parents twice in dency to worry about things that will
band’s hobby hotrod in the 12 years. never happen. By expecting negative
garage. I know he is tak- Their last visit ended
results, you can be sure you will find SNUFFY SMITH
a way to make them occur.
ing advantage of us. My when I asked my son if AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
mother-in-law insists he’s his kids could visit their - Unless you’ve learned from the
past and know how to offset things, a
harmless. What do I do? great-grandma in the nurs- painful situation will arise again. Pay
I’m tired of keeping my ing home. He exploded attention this time, so you’ll never
mouth shut. -- Annoyed and stormed out, and we have to repeat it again.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -
and Ignored haven’t seen them since. If you find yourself stuck in a bum
Dear Annoyed: Why are They told the boys and his deal, don’t try to amend it by pouring
you keeping your mouth in-laws that I kicked them good money after bad. If you’re not
shut? You have a child liv- out of our house. That was prudent in the management of your
funds, all that’s left is foolishness.
ing with you, and he should 20 years ago. ARIES (March 21-April 19) - It
not be subjected to any of We assume our son is still won’t do you any good to try to use
this nonsense. Have your alive. We pray for his fam- force to overcome any opposition
you are likely to experience. The best
husband tell his mother that ily every day, asking God way to combat it is to appease the re-
this is an unhealthy arrange- to change their hearts. I am sistance with compromise. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
ment for everyone, particu- 74, and my husband is 77. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - In
attempting to do things perfectly, you
larly her grandson, and that We hope to see them again could end up doing things the hard
you want Stan out. The lon- before we die. -- Another way. Instead, put your imagination to
ger he stays, the harder it Devastated Grandma work to find methods or procedures
that would be less drastic.
will be. If she refuses, we Dear Grandma: How GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - It
hope you will start saving heartbreaking for all con- isn’t likely you’ll be able to get all
your money. Your family cerned. We can only hope your work obligations off of your
mind, if you forsake them in order to
needs its own space. and pray that your son sees engage in some kind of pleasurable
Dear Annie: My younger this letter and picks up the outlet with friends. You won’t have
brother just celebrated his phone. much fun.
18th birthday. He’s smart, Annie’s Mailbox is writ- Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

personable and a decent-

looking guy, although a bit
nerdy. My concern is that BORN LOSER
he’s never had a girlfriend
or even indicated any inter-
est in the opposite sex. He
says he is dedicated to his
schoolwork, so we seldom,
if ever, bring up the topic.
What I fear is that he may
be secretly gay and afraid to
come out. I’d accept my
brother regardless of his
orientation, but I worry he
may have some anxiety. Is
it unusual for someone his
age to have no interest in FRANK & ERNEST
either gender? Should I be
worried? -- B.C.
Dear B.C.: You are
making a lot of assump-
tions that seem unwarrant-
ed. Yes, your brother could
be secretly gay, and there
is also a small percentage
of the population that is
asexual -- not interested at
all. But we suspect your

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10 – The Herald Friday, July 9, 2010

Spy swap with Russia gives agents new life

By CALVIN WOODWARD access to two former Russian intelligence turn the page quickly on their episode and asserts his innocence despite the confession,
The Associated Press colonels who had been convicted in their improve relations. was thought to have been flown to Vienna.
home country of compromising dozens of In an elaborately drawn round of dealmak- In the U.S., the 10 suburbanites pleaded
WASHINGTON — Their U.S. ring dis- valuable Soviet-era and Russian agents oper- ing, of a kind familiar from the days of U.S.- guilty in a Manhattan courtroom to conspira-
mantled, 10 Russian secret agents are on their ating in the West. Two others also convicted Soviet brinkmanship and crisis diplomacy, cy to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign
way to a new life under Moscow’s wing in a of betraying Moscow were wrapped into the U.S. officials met in Russia on Monday with country. An 11th defendant was a fugitive
swiftly brokered trade also freeing four men deal. the convicted spies and offered them a chance after he fled authorities in Cyprus following
imprisoned for spying at the highest levels for One ex-colonel, Alexander Zaporozhsky, for freedom if they left their country. his release on bail.
the West. may have exposed information leading to the Russian officials in the U.S. held similar The defendants — led into court in hand-
Both countries won admissions of crimes capture of Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, meetings with the agents captured by the cuffs, some in prison smocks and some wear-
from the subjects of the exchange — guilty two of the most damaging spies ever caught FBI. ing T-shirts and jeans — provided almost no
pleas in the U.S. and signed confessions in in the U.S. Captives in both countries were assembled information about what kind of spying they
Russia — and set in motion the largest known U.S. officials said several of the four freed from far-flung locations — the Russian agents actually did for Russia. Asked to describe
swap since the era of Cold War spycraft. by Russia were ailing, and cited humanitarian urgently brought to New York to enter guilty their crimes, each acknowledged having
The Russian agents were deported concerns in part for arranging the swap in pleas and prepare for deportation. worked for Russia secretly, sometimes under
Thursday night. The lawyer for one of them, a hurry. They said no substantial benefit to “The network of unlawful agents operat- an assumed identity, without registering as a
Vicky Pelaez, said the Russian government national security was seen from keeping the ing inside the United States has been dis- foreign agent.
offered her $2,000 a month for life, housing captured agents in prison for years. Former mantled,” State Department spokesman Mark One, Andrey Bezrukov, smiled and waved
and help with her children — rather than the intelligence operatives agreed. Toner said. “No significant national security to a supporter in the audience and had an
years behind bars she could have faced in the “This sends a powerful signal to people benefit would be gained from the prolonged animated conversation with another, Elena
U.S. The lawyer said Pelaez wanted to return who cooperate with us that we will stay incarceration in the United States of these 10 Vavilova. Vladimir and Lydia Guryev, who
to her native Peru instead. loyal to you,” said former CIA officer Peter unlawful agents.” lived in the U.S. as a couple under the aliases
The 10 had blended into American subur- Earnest. “Even if you have been in jail for Another piece fell into place Thursday Richard and Cynthia Murphy, sat side by side
bia, even with thick Russian accents in some years, we will not forget you.” when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev but didn’t speak.
cases, and had been under watch for up to a He said the U.S. gave up 10 “fairly light- signed a decree pardoning the four after offi- Anna Chapman, whose sultry photos
decade by the FBI. Their access to top U.S. weight operatives” and “in return, we are cials obtained their confessions. gleaned from social-networking sites made
national security secrets appeared spotty at getting four people who were actually con- The Kremlin identified the four as her a tabloid sensation, pulled back her mane
best, although the extent of what they knew victed of spying for the U.S. and Britain, by Zaporozhsky, Gennady Vasilenko, Sergei of red hair as she glanced around the court-
and passed on is not publicly known. Russia.” Skripal and Igor Sutyagin. Among them, room. A burly deputy U.S. marshal hovered
In contrast, the U.S. won freedom for and The U.S. and Russia were acting, too, to Sutyagin, an arms control researcher who behind her.

Officer convicted Missing boy’s dad says he suspects stepmom

in train station killing
By TIM FOUGHT and NIGEL DUARA investigation on her. They distributed fliers asking for informa-
The Associated Press tion on her whereabouts the day the boy vanished.
A call to Terri Horman’s lawyer was not immediately
By GREG RISLING and TERRY COLLINS PORTLAND, Ore. — The father of a 7-year-old Portland returned Thursday.
The Associated Press boy missing for more than a month told a judge he believes the Police have said she was the last known person to see the
boy’s stepmother is involved in the disappearance, according to boy. She told police she left him at his school, about two miles
OAKLAND, Calif. — Violent protests erupted in Oakland a court document released Thursday. away from their home, after an early morning science fair.
with stores damaged and dozens arrested after a Los Angeles The father, Kaine Horman, also said in his request for a A former teacher and ex-bodybuilder, Terri Horman had
jury convicted a white former transit officer of involuntary man- restraining order against Terri Moulton Horman that investiga- become increasingly isolated from family members.
slaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. tors told him that he had been the target of a murder plot by his Late last month, Kaine Horman moved out of the couple’s
Prosecutors had wanted Johannes Mehserle convicted of wife in late 2009. home in the countryside west of downtown Portland, filed for
murdering 22-year-old Oscar Grant. So Thursday’s lesser ver- The decision to obtain a restraining order late last month divorce and got the restraining order against his wife — includ-
dict raised concerns of a repeat of the rioting stemming from the “was based on a lot of information provided by law enforce- ing a provision that she not have access to firearms or ammuni-
shooting on New Year’s Day in 2009 on an Oakland train plat- ment,” Kaine Horman said Thursday. He declined to elaborate. tion.
form. The trial was moved to Los Angeles following the riots. Before Kyron Horman’s disappearance on June 4, Kaine That restraining order was unsealed by a judge on Thursday,
Police in riot gear Thursday had maintained a watchful eye Horman said his relationship with his wife was “a nice clean following requests by a coalition of news organizations, includ-
over a crowd of protesters as emotions ran high with about 500 slate, as far as I can tell.” ing The Associated Press, that it be made public.
people marching in the street. Members of a crowd near City The court documents appeared to confirm a report Sunday The order contained the first publicly released suspicion by
Hall moaned and cursed when they heard the verdict. by The Oregonian newspaper about allegations that Terri Kaine Horman that his wife was connected to Kyron Horman’s
Sporadic violence later broke out and police made at least 50 Horman had sought to have someone kill her husband several disappearance.
arrests throughout the night. months before the boy’s disappearance. “I believe respondent is involved in the disappearance of my
At least a dozen businesses were damaged, including a looted Desiree Young, the boy’s biological mother, said Thursday son Kyron who has been missing since June 4, 2010,” Kaine
Foot Locker store and a ransacked jewelry store, police said. at a news conference that she suspected Terri Horman’s Horman’s petition reads. “I also recently learned that respon-
Protesters also smashed the windows of a bank, set fires in sev- involvement soon after the boy was reported missing. dent attempted to hire someone to murder me. The police have
eral trash bins, and detonated a small incendiary device near a “I’ve known her a long time,” Young said. “I know she’s provided me with probable cause to believe the above two state-
police station that caused no damage. lying.” ments to be true.”
“This city is not the wild, wild west,” said Oakland Police Investigators have not named Terri Horman as suspect or a His statement contained no details on how Terri Horman
Chief Anthony Batts. “This city will not tolerate this sort of person of interest, but in recent weeks they have focused their might be involved in the boy’s disappearance.
Though police did not release a damage estimate, the pro- Presbyterians undecided over gays DOJ reviews Mass. rulings
on fed gay marriage ban
testing appeared to be much less severe than the rioting that hit By PATRICK CONDON
Oakland after Grant was shot. The Associated Press
Even though the protests wound down late Thursday, Batts
expected the number of arrests to double overnight. MINNEAPOLIS — A split decision from Presbyterian By DENISE LAVOIE
During the trial, prosecutors said the 28-year-old Mehserle leaders on two gay-friendly measures guarantees even more The Associated Press
became angry at the 22-year-old Grant for resisting arrest. He debate among the U.S. church’s members on an issue they’ve
was shot in the back while he lay face-down. Mehserle claims been divided over for years. BOSTON — A judge’s rulings in Massachusetts that the federal
he mistakenly drew his gun instead of his Taser. Delegates to the Presbyterian church’s convention in law banning gay marriage is unconstitutional could have implica-
The jury had a choice between second-degree murder and Minneapolis voted Thursday for a more liberal policy on gay tions far beyond the state if they’re upheld by a higher court after an
lesser charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. The clergy but decided not to redefine marriage in their church appeal by the Obama administration, legal experts say.
jury found that Mehserle didn’t mean to kill Grant, but that his constitution to include same-sex couples. Approval of both U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro said the law, the Defense of
behavior was still so negligent that it was criminal. Involuntary measures could have made the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Marriage Act, interferes with the right of a state to define marriage
manslaughter convictions carry a sentence of two to four years. one of the most gay-friendly major Christian churches in the and therefore denies married gay couples some federal benefits.
During the trial, Wanda Johnson sat most days in the second U.S. He ruled Thursday in favor of gay couples’ rights in two separate
row of a Los Angeles courtroom less than 30 feet from the man Several major Christian denominations have voted in recent challenges to DOMA, which the administration of President Barack
who killed her son. She hoped and prayed the justice system years to allow non-celibate gays to serve as clergy if they are Obama has argued for repealing.
wouldn’t fail her. in committed relationships. Among them are the Evangelical The rulings apply to Massachusetts, but if a higher court with
After the jury’s finding, Johnson denounced the verdict and Lutheran Church in America, the Episcopal Church USA and a broader jurisdiction were to hear an appeal and agree with the
let loose emotions that had been mostly bottled up during the the United Church of Christ. judge’s rulings, their impact would spread, said Boston College
three-week trial. Fewer major U.S. denominations have taken the step of professor Kent Greenfield, a constitutional law expert. The rulings
“My son was murdered! He was murdered! He was mur- fully endorsing gay marriage. Only two, the United Church of might encourage other attorneys general who oppose DOMA to sue
dered,” she said outside the courthouse. Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association have explic- to try to knock it down, he said.
As Mehserle was placed in handcuffs and taken away, he itly allowed it. “One thing that’s going to be really interesting to watch is
turned to his family and mouthed, “I love you guys.” Delegates at the Presbyterian assembly also shelved a whether the Obama administration appeals or not,” he said.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a statement urg- separate measure that would have removed the threat of pun- An appeal would be considered by the First Circuit, which also
ing Californians to remain calm and not resort to violence. ishment for clergy who perform same-sex marriages in states includes Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.
Schwarzenegger said he had informed Oakland Mayor Ron where it’s legal. The Department of Justice didn’t immediately say whether
Dellums the state was well prepared to assist in maintaining Even the more liberal stance on gay clergy faces more it would appeal; it was reviewing the judge’s decisions, spokes-
order. debate before it can become church policy. A majority of the woman Tracy Schmaler said.
church’s 173 U.S. presbyteries must approve it. Two years Massachusetts had argued the law denied benefits such as
Place a Classified Ad ago — after years of efforts by supporters — a similar measure Medicaid to gay married couples in the state, where same-sex
was sent out to presbyteries but died when 94 of them voted unions have been legal since 2004.
TODAY! against it. The judge agreed and said the law forces Massachusetts to dis-
criminate against its own citizens to be eligible for federal funding
Call 419-695-0015 to place
your ad! Both of Thursday’s votes were close. Fifty-one percent of
delegates voted to shelve the proposal to redefine marriage as in federal-state partnerships.
being between “two people” instead of between “a man and a The act “plainly encroaches” upon the right of the state to deter-
woman,” just hours after 53 percent of them voted to allow non- mine marriage, the judge said in his ruling on a lawsuit filed by state
celibate gays in committed relationships to serve as clergy. Attorney General Martha Coakley. In a ruling in a separate case filed
There is a slight possibility the delegates could take up the by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, or GLAD, the judge said
marriage proposal again today — if someone who voted to the act violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.
The Delphos Herald hold off on the matter moves to reconsider it, and supporters
muster enough votes to approve another debate.
Pope names official to run Legionaries
Workin’ Family Shelving the marriage matter means church committees will
spend the next two years reviewing the issue. The Associated Press
Supporters say Presbyterians have spent enough time mull-
ing it over. VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI today named a
Workin’ Family senior Vatican official to run the scandal-plagued Legionaries
of Christ after an eight-month investigation of the order.
The Vatican announcement said Archbishop Velasio De
Paolis, an Italian who heads the Holy See’s financial office,
Deal will serve as papal delegate for the Legionaries.
It is the latest in a series of moves aimed at shoring up the
Deal church amid a worldwide clerical sex abuse scandal.
Answers to Thursday’s questions:
An unidentified St. Louis doctor developed peanut The order has been scarred by revelations that its late
1 Large 2 Item Pizza butter in 1890 for patients requiring an easily digested founder sexually abused seminarians and fathered at least one
1 Large 2 Item Pizza child.
form of protein.
2 Chef
Chef Salads
Salads The largest fruit crop on earth is grapes, followed
It is not immediately known what will happen with the
cleric current running the order, the Rev. Alvaro Corcuera
by bananas. Martinez del Rio. He met with Benedict last month.
4 Cheesy Breadsticks Today’s questions: The investigation of the order showed that the Legionaries
$19.99 Who introduced standardized level measurements to needed to be deeply re-evaluated and purified to survive, given
$19.99 recipes? the enormous influence on it by its disgraced founder, the Rev.
Why did candy maker Milton S. Hershey switch Marciel Maciel, according to a Vatican report in May.
New Summer Hours! from making caramels to chocolates in 1903? It said Maciel, who died in 2008 and had been supported
New Summer Hours! Answers in Saturday’s Herald.
Today’s words:
by the late Pope John Paul II, had created a “system of power”
built on obedience and deceit that allowed him to live a double
Bauchle: anything worn out life with abuse going unchecked.
Quaternary: a group of four The Vatican continues to grapple with abuse allegations,
The Outstanding National Debt as of this morning which began in North America but recently have spread across
was $13,184,105,016,326. Europe.
The estimated population of the United States is It is expected to soon release a document codifying instruc-
308,702,512, so each citizen’s share of this debt is tions on dealing with pedophile priests. It is expected to also
$42,708. crack down on priests who prey on mentally impaired adults,
The National Debt has continued to increase an aver- sanctioning them with the same set of punishments meted out
age of $4.12 billion per day since Sept. 28, 2007. for clerics who rape and molest children, The Associated Press
662 Elida Ave., Delphos has learned.