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Hamlet Unit Test

Section 1 Multiple Choice (17)

Select the most correct answer for every question.

1. All of the following are true of soliloquies except

a) The character is alone onstage
b) To provide balance, every character is given at least one
c) It is an extended speech
d) The speech gives some insight into characters inner thoughts or
2. Excluding the Ghosts questionable testimony, when does the audience first
learn that Claudius is guilty?
a) He confesses his sins alone, onstage during a soliloquy
b) He admits to feeling guilty in an aside
c) He cant sit through the entire show that Hamlet puts on for the
d) As he dies Laertes tells everyone that Claudius is guilty
3. Who of the following is seen as Hamlets opposite, especially considering his
desire and willingness to seek vengeance when he has been wronged?
a) Claudius
b) Horatio
c) Laertes
d) Polonius
4. What reasons does Hamlet give for not committing suicide in the Act I, scene
ii soliloquy O. that this too too-solid flesh would melt and the act III, scene I
soliloquy To be, or not to be: That is the question?
a) Act I: God says it is a sin; Act III: I still need to avenge my fathers
b) Act I: God says it is a sin; Act III: We dont know what comes after
c) Act I: We dont know what comes after death; Act III God says it is a
d) Act I: I still need to avenge my fathers death; Act III God says it is a
5. What is Ophelia singing about when she exits in Act IV, scene v
a) A man who has died
b) A maid who has lost her virginity
c) The desire to commit suicide
d) Both A and B
6. What plan does Hamlet hatch during his second soliloquy, beginning O what
a rouge and peasant slave I am, (Act II, scene ii, lines 559-617)
a) He plans to finally ask Ophelia to marry him
b) He plans to sneak back to school at Wittenberg

c) He plans to kill Claudius immediately

d) He plans to see if Claudius is guilty by showing him a play
7. _______ said, Get thee to a nunnery to _______
a) Hamlet to Ophelia
b) Hamlet to Gertrude
c) Claudius to Laertes
d) Polonius to Ophelia
8. Hamlet does not kill Claudius while he is praying because
a) He is afraid Claudius has a weapon
b) He changes his mind
c) He does not want to send his soul to heaven
d) The ghost tells him not to
9. Who is still alive at the end of the play?
a) Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius
b) Horatio and Fortinbras
c) Fortinbras, Polonius and Horatio
d) Claudius and Laertes
10.Where does Polonius hide when Hamlet is talking to Gertrude?
a) Under a bed
b) Behind a tapestry
c) In a closet
d) Between two statues
11.Where does Claudius ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet?
a) Poland
b) Norway
c) Scotland
d) England

13) What is inside the letter Claudius gives to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

a) An order to have Hamlet arrested

b) A greeting to the King of England

c) A confession for the guilt of Hamlets fathers death

d) An order to have Hamlet executed

14) How do Claudius and Laertes plan to kill Hamlet?

a) Laertes will stab him in a duel

b) Claudius will give him a drink with poison

c) Laertes will poison the tip of his sword and stab Hamlet

d) A, B, & C

15) What is the imagery used when Ophelia goes mad?

a) Water

b) Flowers

c) Birds

d) Jewelry

16) When Laertes bursts into the Kings presence in Act IV, scene v, who does he
think is responsible for his fathers death?

a) Hamlet

b) Fortinbras

c) Gertrude

d) Claudius

17) Who tells Claudius and Laertes about the circumstances surrounding Ophelias

a) Horatio

b) Queen Gertrude

c) Marcellus

d) A messenger

Section 2 Matching (10)

Match the following characters to the acts they committed in the
play Hamlet. Note that some characters committed more than one

a) Kills Laertes and Polonius _________ 1. Fortinbras

b) Commits murder to be king of Denmark ________ 2 Claudius
c) Has Guildenstern and Rosencrantz killed ________ 3. Prince
d) Commits suicide by drowning ________
e) Seeks to avenge the death of the Old King of Hamlet
4. Gertrude
Norway ________
5. Ophelia

f) Kills Old King Norway ________

g) Enters an incestuous marriage, betraying a dead 6. King Hamlet
spouse _____ 7. Laertes
h) Seeks to take back his/her fathers land ________ 8. Polonius
i) Spies on Hamlet and reports to Claudius ________
j) Kills Hamlet to Avenge his/her father ________

Section 3 Quotations (15)

Select 3 of the following quotations. For each one you have selected,
on a separate piece of paper, write down the quotation number and
identify the following:
- Speaker (1)
- All members of the Audience (1)
- Identify the theme that is present within the quote. Explain
in detail how the theme is relevant to the selected
quotation. (3)

1) But my uncle-father and my aunt-mother are deceived

2) And that in way of caution I must tell you,

You do not understand yourself so clearly
As it behoves my daughter and your honour.

3) Seems, madam! Nay, it is; I know not seems.

Tis not alone my inky cloak, good mother,
Nor customary suits of solemn black,
Nor windy suspiration of forced breath,
No, not the fruitful river in the eye,
Nor the dejected haviour of the visage,
Together with all forms, modes, shapes of grief,
That can denote me truly; these indeed seem,
For they are actions that a man might play;

But I have that within which passeth show;

4) Conscience and grade, to the profoundest pit!

I dare damnation: to this point I stand,
That both the worlds I give to negligence,
Let come what comes; only Ill be revenged
Most thoroughly for my father.

5) Theres fennel for you, and columbines: theres

Rue for you; and heres some for me: we may call it
Herb-grace o Sundays: O, you must wear your rue
With a difference. Theres a daisy: I would give you
Some violets, but they withered all when my father died:
They say he made a good end,