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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blunt force led to deaths

Life in the
decorative lane
The house-hunting frenzy
is on, and many Iowa City
hot spots are lax on flashy Authorities are wrapping up their Examiners did not identify a
weapon involved in the slayings,
Family died from Sueppel slayings-suicide
décor — but it doesn’t but police have said two baseball blunt-force trauma timeline of events
have to be that way. Check investigation into the slaying of five bats may have been involved. Watch Daily Iowan TV at for more Police have released more times for
out how creative folk are “The injuries were consistent on the latest autopsy results
padding their pads with members of the Sueppel family. with … what Steven Sueppel for the Sueppel family.
the events on Sunday and Monday.
wonder. 80 Hours, 1C
By Kurtis Hiatt State Medical Examiner’s
had said and the evidence Picture of a killer
recovered, which involved the For more about what types of personality
LOOK AT OUR THE DAILY IOWAN Office reported Wednesday.
Husband and father Steven
ball bat,” Iowa City police Sgt. traits and experiences lead to mass
Troy Kelsay said. killings, 5A.
CALENDAR Steven Sueppel beat to Sueppel, who authorities say Authorities had also said at
death his wife and four they are sure is responsible for Eleanor, 3 — into the home’s
If all caps doesn’t work, it’s a press conference Tuesday garage in an attempt to
your loss — nothing will children, who died of numerous the slayings, also died of blunt- that Steven Sueppel initially
asphyxiate them with his
get your attention. For you injuries from blunt-force trau- force injuries he sustained took his children — Ethan, 10,
vehicle’s exhaust fumes.
lucky folk, check out the ma to their upper torsos and after he intentionally crashed Seth, 8, Mira, who would have
80 Hours calendar, 2C. heads, officials at the Iowa his minivan on I-80. turned 6 on Tuesday, and SEE INVESTIGATION, 3A
Roughly 8 p.m. Sunday
Friend visits the Sueppels at their 629
Barrington Road home, sees at least
one of the children alive.

11:30 p.m. Sunday

Steven Sueppel leaves voice mail at
his father’s and brother’s law firm;
tells them his family is “in heaven.”

3:45 a.m. to 4:01 a.m. Monday

Sueppel calls his home and Hills Bank
Ferentz anxious to and Trust, leaves voice messages.

move forward 6:31 a.m. Monday

Football coach Kirk Ferentz Sueppel calls 911 to tell authorities to
said he hopes the Hawkeyes immediately respond to his residence,
can move on from a tumul- then hangs up.
tuous off-season and shift
their focus toward spring
practice. Sports, 1B

One-hitters propel
softball sweep
The Iowa softball team used
a pair of remarkable pitching
performances to shut out
Northern Illinois. Sports, 1B 6:37 a.m. Monday
Sueppel intentionally crashes his
Who could ask for minivan on I-80, killing himself after
anything more? the vehicle is engulfed in flames.
The Iowa Legislature is 6:45 a.m. Monday
mulling two sunshine laws to
Authorities enter the Sueppel resi-
push for more transparency
dence and find Sheryl Sueppel and her
across the state. State, 5A Peter Klopfenstein/The Daily Iowan four children dead, all in different
Photographs of the Sueppel family are taped to a sign outside the Sueppel family home at 629 Barrington Road on Tuesday. On rooms of the house.
Costly keg cups Wednesday, state medical examiner officials said Sheryl Sueppel and her four children died from numerous blunt-force-trauma injuries.

A loving, caring teacher

Much like bar owners, hosts Tuesday
of house parties could be Autopsies are performed on the six
liable for their intoxicated Sueppels, finished in the evening.
underage patrons’ actions.
State, 7A Wednesday
Authorities release the results of an
autopsy, showing Sheryl Sueppel and By Brian Stewart
Sheryl Sueppel’s teaching career was died of cancer during her
fourth-grade year, her teacher, her four children died of blunt-force
Sheryl Sueppel, was more trauma after being beat to death by
For photos, videos, audio, blogs, Students of Sheryl Sueppel defined by caring actions, both in the than supportive. Steven Sueppel.
and more, check us out online remember her as being an car- “She took me under her
at: ing teacher in the classroom classroom and after school hours. wing,” she said. “She did a
and a dedicated role model great job of informing other
Daily updates outside her school. Monday. Police said Sheryl to a later boyfriend with a dif-
kids in my class and made sure
Now check back at “I absolutely loved her,” former Sueppel’s husband, Steven ficult childhood. they were treating me OK.” during student Katie Snyder said. “I Sueppel, beat them to death “Her family really took him Sueppel remained after class
the day for the latest news thought she was one of the sweet- before killing himself. in by spending nights with with Winckler one day to help
on the UI and Iowa City. est ladies — one of my favorite Snyder, who was in one of him, having family dinners her write a poem after the loss
teachers in elementary school.” Sueppel’s fourth-grade classes with him, and really being a of her sister, which the teacher
Daily Iowan TV Iowa City police discovered at Penn Elementary in North second family to him,” she then framed with a photo of
To watch Daily Iowan TV, the bodies of Sheryl Sueppel Liberty, said Sheryl Sueppel’s said. “That shows how they Winckler and her sisters.
go online at and her four children in their kindness became evident were and how sweet she was.”
or tune into UITV. The home on the morning of when talking about her class When Emily Winckler’s sister SEE SUEPPEL, 3A
15-minute newscast is on

Loh named provost Surgeons:

Sunday through Thursday
at 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.,
with reruns at 12:30 and
1:30 a.m. and 7:45 and
8:45 a.m. the following day.

Today’s webcast

Links legal
• Kirk Ferentz’s press Wallace Loh Loh hopes to work with more with
conference • Born in China, raised in Peru
• Update on Sueppel deaths • Undergrad degree from undergraduate education at the UI.
• Best of Tom Brands Grinnell College in psychology
• Master’s in psychology from By Ashton Shurson of public service and psychology
WEATHER Cornell University THE DAILY IOWAN at Seattle University. By Zhi Xiong
• Ph.D. in Mason praised the entire
‘When they get to the
psychology Wallace Loh of Seattle pool of candidates but said
from the University has been appointed Loh’s ability to connect in a Some say kickbacks — illegal
bottom of the royalty
University of
the new UI provost and executive
vice president, UI President
meaningful way with different and synonymous with bribery agreements, they’ll find
groups on campus distin- — is a strong word.
• Law degree
Sally Mason announced guished him from the rest. She For several years, federal
they were totally legal
Blustery winds, Wednesday.
80% chance of rain, from Yale Loh, 63, will replace former
also said she enjoyed hearing
his “wonderful” stories about his
investigators have probed and without any issues.’
sleet, snow, etc. • Dean of the UI Provost Michael Hogan — whether companies that produce
first days in the United States
If Mother Nature had University of who left in September 2007 to artificial joints violated anti- — John Callaghan, consultant
and specifically at Grinnell
Washington Loh head the University of Connecti- kickback laws in their payments for DePuy Orthopaedics
a kitchen sink, she’d College, where he received a
to orthopedic surgeons. Recently,
throw that in, too. Law School new UI provost cut — and he will start Aug. 1. bachelor’s degree and an hon-
“It feels wonderful,” Loh they turned the spotlight on the
in 1990 orary Doctor of Laws. Hospital spokesman Tom
said. “I’m so thrilled and happy. surgeons who act as consultants

• Started as academic affairs In addition, Loh was the Moore said Joseph Buckwalter,
41 5C 28 -2 C
I feel honored.” director of policy for Washington and put the parts into patients. head of the Department of
vice chancellor and law professor The change in focus surprised
He was one of five finalists Gov. Gary Locke, the vice Orthopaedics and Rehabilita-
at the University of Colorado in
INDEX 1995
who interviewed for the posi- chancellor for academic affairs some at the UI, where three
faculty members in the
tion, had not heard of the new
tion. Mason flew out to Seattle and professor of law at the update until Monday.
Arts 1C Opinions 8A • Appointed the dean of the on March 22 to offer the job, orthopaedic-surgery depart-
Classifieds 4B Sports 1B College of Arts and Sciences in said Loh, who is the dean of ment have ties to several of the
Crossword 6B 1999 at Seattle University arts and sciences and professor SEE LOH, 4A five companies involved. SEE ORTHOPEDICS, 4A
The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, Iowa - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - 3A for more news


Report: Sueppel killed family

INVESTIGATION said he didn’t know when
authorities would close the
asphyxiation from a vehicle’s
exhaust fumes.
to his home before disconnect-
ing. By 6:37 a.m., according to
Steven Sueppel said his family
was “in heaven.”
not guilty to the charges, he
also allegedly admitted to
CONTINUED FROM 1A investigation. That failed, and the children an Iowa State Patrol crash Police said Sueppel apolo- stealing $219,000, using most
Authorities have pieced were then killed separately in report, Steven Sueppel gized many times in his mes- of it to buy cocaine, an investi-
But examiners said Wednes- together a general sequence of bedrooms and a “toy room” in slammed his minivan into a sages, voicing despair about his gator has reported.
day that carbon-monoxide events — though exact times the house. Officers who entered sign post on I-80. legal troubles and embarrass- Funeral services for all six
poisoning and asphyxiation did are largely unknown — through the home at 6:45 a.m. Monday Between Sunday and Mon- ment of losing his job as a vice Sueppels are scheduled for 10
not contribute to the deaths. voice-mail messages and a found the bodies. day, he also left numerous short president at Hills Bank & a.m. Saturday at St. Mary’s
Now, authorities are “wrap- lengthy, handwritten letter After the killings, Steven voice mails at Meardon, Suep- Trust. Catholic Church, 302 E. Jefferson
ping up loose ends” in their Steven Sueppel left for family Sueppel drove to the Iowa River pel, & Downer — a law firm at Sueppel had been accused of St. A vigil service is scheduled
investigation, Kelsay said, on a kitchen table: at Lower City Park to try to which Sueppel’s father and embezzlement and money at the same church at 7:30 p.m.
adding officers are no longer Steven Sueppel killed wife drown himself but was “not able brother work — his former laundering. A federal grand on Friday. Friends can call after
holding the crime scene at Sheryl Sueppel first in their to sink,” authorities have employer, Hills Bank & Trust, jury in Davenport indicted 3 p.m. on that day.
the Sueppels’ home, 629 Bar- master bedroom, then took his learned. and his home between 11:30 him Feb. 12, and he was to DI reporter Olivia Moran contributed
rington Road. They have not, children into his home’s At 6:31 a.m. Monday, Steven p.m. Sunday and 4:01 a.m. Mon- stand trial April 21 for report- to this report.
however, finished looking at garage to kill them and com- Sueppel called 911 to tell day. edly embezzling nearly E-mail DI reporter Kurtis Hiatt at:
the Sueppels’ minivan. He mit suicide, probably by authorities to “go … immediately” In a call to the law firm, $560,000. While he pleaded

Shuttle Endeavour returns

‘She was always there ‘She was a very
to talk to; she was sweet lady, very patient.
very caring.’ She didn’t deserve this.’
— Emily Winckler, — Jodie Schreiber, latest additions, with a mass of whether it can keep the year’s
former student former student The shuttle makes a rare nighttime nearly 600,000 pounds. launches on track. Space shut-

Ten more shuttle flights to tles are supposed to soar four
landing after a brief weather delay. the space station — spread over
the next two years — will round
more times in 2008, which
would mean six missions for
By Marcia Dunn It was only the 22nd space out the numbers. NASA hopes the year, a flight rate not seen
shuttle landing in darkness. to have its share of the orbiting since 2001.

recall teacher
Fewer than one-fifth of all mis- outpost finished in 2010 and its Up on the space station,
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — sions have ended at nighttime; three shuttles retired, so it can meanwhile, the three occu-
Space shuttle Endeavour and its the last one was in 2006. focus on human expeditions to pants are gearing up for next
crew of seven returned to Earth Endeavour blasted off March the moon. week’s arrival of the European
on Wednesday, making a rare 11 — also in darkness — on an “This has been a two-week Space Agency’s supply ship,
“When [the girl who became] nighttime touchdown to wrap up ambitious, intense space-sta- adventure,” said Gorie’s copilot, Jules Verne. The unmanned
SUEPPEL my best friend Sarah first came
“a two-week adventure” at the tion construction mission that Gregory Johnson, before land- cargo carrier — the first of its
CONTINUED FROM 1A international space station. had even its commander won- ing. “It’s been a pleasure and an kind — rocketed away from
to Penn as a student, Mrs. Suep- The shuttle swooped through dering at times how everything honor to be on it.” French Guiana this month
pel had me help her and show the darkness and landed on
“She was always there to talk would go. Discovery is scheduled to fly with a load of food, water, and
her around,” former student NASA’s illuminated runway at In the end, Gorie and his
to; she was very caring,” Winck- to the space station in late May, clothes.
Jodie Schreiber said. “She pret- 8:39 p.m., an hour after sunset. multinational crew accom- carrying up Japan’s enormous Less than a week after that,
ler said, noting that Sueppel
ty much introduced me to my “Welcome home, Endeavour,” plished everything they set out Kibo lab. The fuel tank for that on April 8, the Russians will
also took her out to lunch after
best friend.” Mission Control radioed. “Con- to do during their voyage, mission arrived at Kennedy launch a fresh space-station
the family tragedy. grats to the entire crew.”
Schreiber noted that Sueppel which spanned 16 days and 6.5 Space Center on Wednesday, crew from Kazakhstan.
Winckler, now majoring in Replied Endeavour’s com-
often helped her with school- million miles. The astronauts later than planned, and Griffin NASA couldn’t be more
elementary education at the mander, Dominic Gorie: “It was
work Schreiber struggled to installed the first piece of said that almost certainly will pleased with this space station
University of Northern Iowa, a super-rewarding mission, Japan’s Kibo lab, put together a
complete. mean a launch delay of at least traffic jam.
said Sueppel affected her deci- exciting from the start to the giant Canadian robot named a few days. Returning aboard Endeav-
sion to become an educator. “She was a very sweet lady,
ending.” Dextre, tested a shuttle repair Subsequent fuel tanks also our was French Air Force Gen.
“What she did for me, I want very patient,” she said. “She did- The shuttle’s homecoming technique, and more. could get backed up because of Leopold Eyharts, who spent 1
to do for kids, too,” she said. n’t deserve this.” was a bit delayed. NASA Administrator all the design changes necessi- 1/2 months aboard the space
Outside of the classroom, Winckler said the news of Endeavour was supposed to Michael Griffin said he told tated by the 2003 Columbia station, and Japanese astro-
Sueppel was a mother to four Sueppel’s death left her land before sunset, but at virtu- Gorie after touchdown that “he disaster. naut Takao Doi, who accompa-
children, all adopted from “shocked” and “very tearful.” ally the last minute, clouds had really flown two missions NASA expects to have a bet- nied his country’s space station
South Korea. Winckler said She created a Facebook group moved in. As the astronauts in one for us.” ter idea in another month contribution to orbit.
staff at Sueppel’s school threw for Sueppel’s past students — a took an extra swing around the “I can’t imagine that the mis-
parties to welcome the children place she said they can share planet, the sky cleared enough sion could have gone any bet-
to Iowa City and the Sueppel their memories and sorrows to satisfy flight controllers and ter, and they made it look easy,”
family. with others now living across — after asking Gorie for his Griffin said.
In addition to teaching at opinion — they gave him the The space station is now 70
the country.
Penn, Sueppel, a City High and green light to head home. percent complete, thanks to the
“It hurt a lot knowing that
UI graduate, taught at Wick- she was there for me in my time
ham Elementary during her 10 of need, and not only can I not
years with the Iowa City School be there for her in her time of
District. need, not even her family can,”
Students said Sueppel was a she said. “It was unbelievable.”
devoted teacher, who looked for E-mail DI reporter Brian Stewart at:
the best in each student.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Man charged in death Doubt

cast on
A day after discovering Jerome August ‘Patrick’ McEwen dead in his home, police
arrest 21-year-old Curtis John Fry and charge him with second-degree murder.
By Samantha Miller

Two new studies examining

biofuels, a popular energy alter-
Bluder notches native to fossil fuels, find that
win No. 500 the supposedly eco-friendly
energy source may actually be
Lisa Bluder earns her 500th detrimental to the environ-
career win, and the ment, causing some to take a
Hawkeyes win their second look at the struggling
eighth-straight game for sole 2007 U.S. Farm Bill.
possession of first place in The studies, both published
the Big Ten. Sports, 1B in this month’s Science, report
that the destruction of some
Guard unit lands — such as rain forests,
savanna, and grasslands — in
receives federal order to produce cropland for
biofuels, causes more green-
funds house gases than it reduces by
Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, displacing fossil fuels.
and Rep. Dave Loebsack, By using the renewable ener-
D-Iowa, present $13 million gy source — a highly touted com-
to build a new readiness ponent in the congressionally
center for a local National approved but executively stalled
Guard unit. State, 2A Farm Bill — more harm than
good is inflicted upon the envi-
ronment, the studies conclude.
Identification, “Biofuels are a potential low-
please carbon energy source, but
whether biofuels offer carbon
A local man is charged with saving depends on how they are
producing and distributing produced,” reported one of the
fake IDs, along with studies, titled “Land Clearing
attempting to grow Chris Vanderwall/The Daily Iowan and Biofuel Carbon Debt.”
psychedelic mushrooms. UI civil-environmental engi-
City, 5A The apartment of Jerome August “Patrick” McEwen, 513 S. Van Buren St., is shown on Sunday. Police say it was the scene of a homicide
on Feb. 7 and that McEwen’s door showed signs of forced entry. neering Professor Jerald
Schnoor said this study takes a
new perspective by examining
Advanced By Olivia Moran “I never ever could picture IC homicide the role the land selected to har-
placement, and Kurtis Hiatt him being a violent person. Peri-
od,” Davis said. “He’s just that
Timeline Watch Daily Iowan TV at vest biofuels plays — specifically,
THE DAILY IOWAN Feb. 7 for more on
how it was previously utilized.
reduced cost Brent Davis knows exactly
likable type of person. That 1:15-2:30 a.m. — Curtis Fry
the homicide of Jerome August
“Patrick” McEwen. “If the converted land from went
laughable type of guy who can reported missing by his brother
Some lawmakers want all what everyone is thinking from already being put to good use
get along with anybody.” 1:30-2 a.m. — Patrick
Iowa high schools to offer about his cousin after he report- to an intensive use for ethanol pro-
advanced-placement courses edly beat a 75-year-old man to The alleged homicide McEwen’s neighbor says she duction, there may be negative
and for the state to reduce heard noises in the building implications for net greenhouse
death: He Iowa City police arrested
or eliminate their fees. 1:30-3 a.m. — Fry allegedly production,” Schnoor said.
should be Curtis Fry the afternoon of Feb.
State, 6A calls an acquaintance and says
locked up. 8 for reportedly beating to death
he feared McEwen was dying SEE ETHANOL, 3A
“ ‘[He] deserves Jerome August “Patrick”
3:44 p.m. — Iowa City police
Va va voom

to go down for a McEwen at his residence, 513 S. find McEwen dead at his resi-
DI reporter Louis Virtel long, long time,’ ” Van Buren St. Apt. 1. dence
reviews Robert Wilson’s Davis said. “I Lauren Nestor, a UI senior, Feb. 8
much talked-about art know people are lives in an apartment near 5:48 p.m. — Police announce
McEwen’s. Around 1:30 or 2

exhibit. Arts & Culture, 11A thinking that, that Fry has been charged with
but knowing Fry a.m. on Feb. 7, she said, she was second-degree murder
him, I don’t feel charged about to go to sleep when she 7 p.m. — Fry’s bond is set at
that way at all.” heard noises in the building. $1 million “You kind of get used to

Curtis John Fry, 21, of Wilton,
Iowa, was charged Feb. 8 with things like that,” Nestor said,
a thyroid-cartilage fracture,
For photos, videos, audio, blogs, second-degree murder. As of adding that it wasn’t until the
afternoon of Feb. 7 that a neigh- bleeding in the brain, a frac-
and more, check us out online Sunday, he was still being held
tured left rib, and “apparent

more $
at: at Johnson County Jail on a $1 bor came to tell Nestor some-
thing was wrong. defensive wounds to his hand,”
million cash-only bond.
police reported.
Daily updates Davis’s aunt and uncle are Nestor followed her neighbor
Nestor and her neighbor
Fry’s parents, Cathy and Jim to McEwen’s apartment, where
Now check back at called police, who responded
Fry. Davis, 28, of Bettendorf, she found him dead. Autopsy during around 3:44 p.m. Feb. 7.
said he’s known Curtis Fry his results later determined that he
the day for the latest news By Kelli Shaffner
on the UI and Iowa City. whole life, and sees him about had died because of numerous
three or four times a year. blunt-force fractures in his face, SEE HOMICIDE, 4A THE DAILY IOWAN

Daily Iowan TV Iowa City schools will likely

Man arrested in Jema attack

To watch Daily Iowan TV, see a 4 percent increase in edu-
go online at cation funding after the Iowa
or tune into UITV. The Senate passed a $112.6 million
15-minute newscast is on measure.
Sunday through Thursday Toni Cilek, the Iowa City
at 9:30 and 10:30 p.m., School Board president, said
with reruns at 12:30 and The accused has an prior criminal record, and he is being held the funding, which amount to
1:30 a.m. and 7:45 and an additional $222 per student,
8:45 a.m. the following day. at Johnson County Jail on a bond of more than $1.5 million. were what local officials expect-
ed. The money will be used
Today’s webcast By Kurtis Hiatt samples linked Matthews to the Upon returning to Jema Court, durng the 2009-10 school year.
THE DAILY IOWAN crime scene, Iowa City police Micah Sherif the woman tried to flee, running “We know [the Legislature]
• Iowa City homicide
• DI 80 Hours Editor Paul Authorities arrested a man
Sgt. Troy Kelsay said.
As of Sunday, Matthews was
Matthews through the garage and into her
home. Matthews followed, kick-
had a tight budget, so we’re
The charges: thankful that it provided our
Sorenson’s movie review Feb. 9 after an eight-month being held at Johnson County ing the door open and catching budget,” she said. “We’re
• Courtside investigation, alleging that he • First-degree
Jail on a $1.5 million bond. the woman as she tried to escape pleased that it followed through
broke into an Iowa City resi- kidnapping,
Authorities reportedly were Class A felony, up the stairs, and ordered her to a and that we have an increase.”
WEATHER dence in June 2007 and kid- able to piece together a detailed punishable by bedroom with him. The increased funds won’t be
napped, beat, and sexually series of events from June 5, The woman refused, and enough to boost Iowa out of its
life in prison if
assaulted a 50-year-old woman. 2007, when Matthews allegedly Matthews “pistol-whipped her teacher-salary slump, said Mar-
Micah Sherif Matthews, 32, forced entry into the residence across the face,” fracturing garet Buckton, an associate
• First-degree
address unknown, faces three on Jema Court, armed with a three facial bones and causing executive director of public pol-
sexual abuse,
felonies in the alleged incident, handgun, and woke the woman the woman to fall onto a piece of icy for the Iowa Association of
Class A felony, punishable by
first-degree kidnapping, first- around 4 a.m., demanding life in prison if convicted furniture in her front room. School Boards. The state gov-
Cloudy, windy, 90% degree sexual abuse, and first- money. • First-degree burglary, Class B Matthews sexually assaulted ernment would need to increase
chance of snow; wind-chill degree burglary, police reported. According to police: felony, punishable by up to 25 the woman where she fell and the Iowa City budget by 6 per-
fun in the morning and at Iowa City police arrested The woman told Matthews later fled. cent for two or three years.
years in prison
Matthews — who was already she had “very little cash” in her The woman called 911 at 6:21 But Sen. Brian Schoenjahn,

14 -10 C 7 -14 C in Johnson County Jail for an home, police reports said. a.m. — more than two hours D-Arlington, the chairman of
unrelated charged of violating a Matthews then forced the to make a withdrawal at the after Matthews first entered the Education Committee, said
ATM, police said Matthews told
INDEX domestic-abuse protective order
— after a joint investigation by
woman to drive him to the UI
Community Credit Union on her he would sexually assault
her home. She was taken to the
UI Hospitals and Clinics for
the 4 percent increase for ele-
mentary and secondary schools
Arts 11A Opinions 10A officers and the Iowa Division of Mormon Trek Boulevard to her if she didn’t give him money, “numerous injuries.” is the best lawmakers could do.
Classifieds 4B Sports 1B Criminal Investigation, where withdraw cash. then forced her to drive him
Crossword 6B two “very important” DNA When the woman was unable back to her residence. SEE MATTHEWS, 3A SEE EDUCATION, 3A
4A - The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, Iowa - Monday, February 11, 2008

News for more news

Homicide shocks neighbor

HOMICIDE website states.
CONTINUED FROM 1A Jerome August A family blog shows that
Curtis Fry was actively
“It was obvious it was too
‘Patrick’ McEwen involved mentoring the ranch’s
Funeral Services residents. When the family let
late,” she said, noting that go of a boy after only eight
Where: Agudas Achim
McEwen had no pulse. months, his mother wrote,
Congregation, 602 E.
A subsequent investigation “Curtis said [to the boy], ‘You
Washington St., burial at
by the Iowa City police and hurt me bad it really hurt me
Agudas Achim Cemetary
Iowa Division of Criminal but … I forgive you, and I love
When: 11 a.m. today
Investigation revealed that ya, man.’ ”
Lensing Funeral and
McEwen’s door showed signs of Fry attended St. Ambrose
Cremation Service is handling
forced entry. Authorities discov- University in Davenport. A
ered what they believe to be football roster from 2005 shows
Curtis Fry’s wallet, jacket, and Fry was a defensive back as a
a pair of blood-stained jeans in McEwen had nurses visit to Contributed photo by Wilton Junior-Senior High School yearbook
McEwen’s bedroom and around help take care of him, but He dropped out after first Curtis Fry played right field for Wilton High’s 2005 state champion
the crime scene. Nestor said she often asked semester of freshman year, an baseball team, which finished 42-0.
Police said Fry called an him if he needed anything and acquaintance at the school said.
acquaintance between 1:30 remembered helping him in In August 2007, Fry began
a.m. and 3 a.m. on Feb. 7, telling April 2006 during the tornado. working outside the family’s
the acquaintance he “hit ‘a guy’ Nestor said McEwen would ranch but continued to reside
who was ‘freaking him out often leave his door open to there and occasionally milked
because he was gurgling,’ and hear what was going on around cows, the blog said.
Fry thought the ‘guy was dying,’ the apartment building. On Feb. 9, family members
” reports said. “I just liked living across declined comment.
“The injuries discovered dur- from him,” she said. “He was
ing McEwen’s autopsy could different than living by … col- ‘A good Catholic boy’
cause the victim to make a gur- lege students.” The night of McEwen’s death
gling sound as he was dying,” was also Curtis Fry’s 21st birth-
police reported. Growing up in Wilton day. Iowa City police Sgt. Troy
Fry’s brother reported Fry Curtis Fry attended Wilton Kelsay said whether alcohol was
missing to the police twice on Jurnior/Senior High and played involved “is a logical question.”
Feb. 7 in the area of South Van football, baseball, and golf. One of Fry’s acquaintances
Buren Street, once at 1:15 a.m. “He was the jock type,” Davis from St. Ambrose — who said
and again at 2:30 a.m. Fry’s said. “If you were to find people she socialized with Fry a few
brother eventually found Fry, he graduated with, they would times — said she didn’t remem-
who, police said, was not wear- all be in shock.” ber him as a drinker in college.
ing his jeans or jacket but was On Fry’s MySpace page — “The impression I got from
dressed in two coats the brother which was removed two days him was a good Catholic boy,”
did not recognize, authorities after he was arrested — he lists she said. “I remember him as a
said. his workplace as “Boys Ranch.” kind, friendly, gentle person.”
His parents operate the non- Fry would often opt out of
‘It’s just not fair’ profit, Christian-based Mira- partying, she said, staying in to
Nestor, one of McEwen’s cles Can Happen Boys Ranch do homework.
neighbors, described the 75- Inc. in Wilton. Davis had the same impres-
year-old as good neighbor and According to the elder Frys’ sion as Fry’s acquaintance.
gentle person. website, the ranch is a correc- “I would never have known Contributed photo by Wilton Junior-Senior High School yearbook
“He was just a very peaceful, tional facility aimed at teaching him to go out and drink. He was Curtis Fry graduated from Wilton High in 2005.
quiet person, and he enjoyed it Christian values for troubled underage,” he said. “That was a
whenever anybody gave their boys between 14 and 18. very big no-no.”
time to him,” Nestor said. He Boys stay at the ranch for Fry was also listed as a non- degree murder, a Class B his life away,” Nestor said. “I
attended synagogue every roughly two-and-a-half years, drinker on his MySpace page, felony, Fry could spend up to hope that he gets as much
week, she said. and “receive consequences and he has no prior criminal 25 years in prison. time as he can.”
McEwen didn’t talk much according to their behavior. record according to Iowa online Those involved have differ- “It’s a personal nightmare,”
about his family but liked to “Digging a hole for not getting court records. ent outlooks on the future. Davis said. “Many people’s
ask Nestor questions and talk along with someone at home or “[McEwen] was an older lives are ruined now.”
about his life when he was school, loading manure is proba- The consequences person, but it still obviously E-mail DI reporters at:
younger, Nestor said. bly the worst consequence,” the If c onvi c t ed o f second- wasn’t his time. Curtis took

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flag at
The Old Capitol
Third in a three-part series
Little Hawk
story roils
Party specter looms
flag will be
lowered today
in honor of
Ronald Keech,
a professor in
ophthalmology and visual sciences,
who passed away on Oct. 16;
Howard Nicholson, a research By Kurtis Hiatt
assistant in the College of Public
Health, who passed away on Oct. If bars are off-limits, THE DAILY IOWAN

17; Melissa Ann Brendes, a UI

student who died in a car accident underage drinkers are Administrators at City High
have yanked October’s Little
on Oct. 18; and Patrick Ridenour,
a UIHC communications specialist,
likely to go to house Hawk newspaper after
officials broke up three fights
who passed away on Oct. 17. parties in the various reportedly caused by a front-
page survey that included
INSIDE neighborhoods. students’ views of blacks,
Principal Mark Hanson said.
Marin did kill 21 only? But Adam Sullivan, the news-
For more on The Daily Iowan’s paper’s executive editor, said
women, both 21-ordinance package, watch
Daily Iowan Television at
pulling the newspapers isn’t the
solution, and newspaper staff
sides say
wanted to show that bigotry is
Opening statements in the prevalent at the school.
Kyle Marin trial didn’t focus By Amanda McClure “We can’t just sweep it under
on whether he killed two THE DAILY IOWAN the rug,” he said. “By pulling the
18-year olds, but rather if paper, they’re trying to hide the
The boom of house parties
he is not guilty due to elephant in the corner.”
that some say may spread
insanity. State, 2A Hanson defended the decision
across Iowa City causes con-
to take the newspapers.
cern among citizens and city
“It was absolutely in the name
councilors alike.
of safety,” he said. “There was
Supporters of the vote to
pretty compelling evidence that
ban underage people in bars
the article in the paper was caus-
on Nov. 6 say it may bring con-
ing [fights] to happen.”
sequences to Iowa City’s
Taking the newspapers was
“absolutely the last option” Han-
Those who oppose the ordi-
son said.
nance say that relocating
drinkers to unsafe neighbor- SEE LITTLE HAWK, 4A
hoods will have a detrimental
Blowin’ in the effect on the number of
assaults and drinking-related
Iowa City wind incidents in the community.
Bob Dylan returns to Iowa “A goal of this ordinance
City with co-guitar hero Elvis may be to stop underage
Costello in SCOPE’s first drinking, but it will mainly
Carver-Hawkeye Arena show move the party to a more dan-
in more than two years. gerous location,” said City
Campus, 3A Councilor Bob Elliott.
There are two sides to the
ordinance argument, he said.
21-ordinance bad The first is that limiting access
for Iowa City leads to limited consumption,
and the second concerns the
But it might not be for the moral debate surrounding
reasons you think. underage drinking.
Opinions, 6A “It’s not just about people
under 21,” he said. “It’s also
Walters’ rehab an about the people who aren’t
mature enough to handle The Oct. 19 issue of the City High
extensive one themselves.” Little Hawk (above) featured a
Redshirt freshman volleyball Police Chief Sam Harga- front-page survey that included
player Becky Walters will dine said it’s not the responsi- students’ views toward whites,
have a grueling six-month bility of the bar or the city to blacks and homosexual/bisexu-
rehab before hopefully watch drinkers. al/transgendered students.
returning full-strength from “Drinking is a personal
a devastating knee injury. responsibility regardless of the
Robin Svec/The Daily Iowan
location,” he said. “Bars don’t

Sports, 1B Two UI students hoist a trophy awarded for winning a beer-pong tournament at an Iowa City residence
police themselves.”
Terry Maslowski, a UI sen- on Sunday.
UI Symphony ior and an employee of Liquor

charged in
In a 2006 Statemaster issues, I don’t believe that it’s With the prospect of stu-
Orchestra Downtown, 315 S. Gilbert St.,
believes the ordinance will report, Johnson County best for our community,” dents shifting their focus to
It might not be so popular as bring about safety concerns. ranked fourth in the state for Maslowski said. house parties as the new out-
football, but the music While he acknowledges that binge drinking, consuming 2.8 Many of the local bars order let for underage activities, city
ensemble performing tonight
at Hancher boasts one of the
least expensive tickets in
the 21-ordinance will help
boost liquor sales at local
stores, he feels it will also
gallons of alcohol per person
12 and over in that year.
“From an economic stand-
hundreds of bottles of alcohol
at a time from his store, he
said, and that if the ordinance
landlords have started meas-
uring their options. Steve
Baker, an Iowa City resident
town. Arts & Culture, 7A

increase binge drinking at point, I’m sure it would help passes, that number would
uncontrolled house parties. business, but looking at the probably be reduced. SEE PARTIES, 4A

For photos, videos, audio, blogs,

and more, check us out online
Nightlife a city moneymaker Officers are unsure if
a student brought a
gun into Southeast
Daily Iowan The local nightlife scene proves Junior High School.
Early voting and
To watch Daily Iowan to be a profitable money-making registration By Kurtis Hiatt
Television, go online at or tune into
source for the city. will be available every day this
week at various UI Police charged two Southeast
UITV. The 15-minute newscast locations. Here is where the Junior High students Tuesday
is on Sunday through
By Brian Stewart of Bo-James, 118 E. Washing-
satellite voting stations are for
THE DAILY IOWAN ton St., and co-head of Bloc21, after one reportedly stole a
Thursday at 9:30 and 10:30 the rest of the week: handgun from a relative and
an organization opposed to
p.m., with reruns at 12:30 and A giant pot of gold is at one passed it off to another student,
the 21-ordinance. • Today: Burge from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
1:30 a.m. and 7:45 and 8:45 end of Iowa City’s proposed A Daily Iowan analysis of Iowa City police Capt. Matt
Main Library from 4 p.m.-10 p.m.
a.m. the following day. 21-ordinance rainbow. A big PAULA tickets issued by the Johnson said.
• Thursday: IMU from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
pot o’ gold called Iowa City’s Iowa City police from Janu- Hillcrest 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Connor Fulton, 14, is charged
general fund. with first-degree harassment,
WEATHER For some UI students, a
ary 2002 to September 2007
showed that 85 percent of vio-
• Friday: Mayflower 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
carrying weapons, and making
night out on the town can end lations were at business loca- weapons available to a minor.
up costing more than just a tions, primarily local bars. As Sam Aschenbrenner, 14, is
few $1-you-call-its at a Pedes-
trian Mall bar. In fact, the
of Sept. 30, only 20 percent of THE 19-21 charged with trafficking in
stolen weapons.
cost of an alcohol-related
offense issued by an Iowa
PAULAs in 2007 were issued
at non-business locations. DEBATE Johnson said he did not know
if Fulton had the gun on his per-
A first-offense PAULA will
Mostly sunny, windy City police officer can tack cost $314, and subsequent Inside this edition: son or even if he had brought
the gun into the school at any
hundreds of dollars onto a violations total $710 after • Anti-21 pulls in more money
night of partying. surcharge and court costs, time. He said there was an

than pro-21, 3A

59 15 C 32 0C And a hefty chunk of that Iowa City police Sgt. Troy investigator still on the case.
ticket money makes its way Kelsay said. This means that “We haven’t made the connec-
• 21-only a boom for fake ID tion there was a weapon there,”
INDEX back into the city’s hands.
“I don’t think [the propo-
from 2002 to September, at
the lowest, police dolled out
makers, 5A Johnson said. “It’s early to be
nents of the 21-ordinance] $2.48 million in PAULA tick- talking about that.”
Arts 7A Opinions 6A • Officials split on relationship
have any understanding of Police received a report of
Classifieds 4B Sports 1B ets in Iowa City businesses. between 21-only and OWI, 5A
the financial consequences,” harassment from school officials
Crossword 6B
said Leah Cohen, the owner SEE MONEY, 4A SEE SOUTHEAST, 4A
4A - The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, Iowa - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News for more local news

School yanks THE 19-21 DEBATE

Third in a three-part series
papers after fights
doubts whether there’s anyone
in the school who didn’t hear
about the survey, and a lot of stu-
Critics: 21 means parties
dents support the newspaper, he
The content in question was a
survey of 350 City High students The staff ’s intent likely got CONTINUED FROM 1A
of every grade, sex, and ethnicity lost in the newsprint, Morris
about their views on blacks, said.
and landlord, opposes the ordi-
homosexual/bisexual/transgen- “My staff was really looking to
nance from both a safety and
der students, and whites in an do good,” he said. “They wanted
to be able to say, ‘Let’s talk about economic standpoint.
Oct. 19 issue of Little Hawk. The “Vandalism is my main con-
newspaper found that 13, 28, this at City High.’ ”
The staff wasn’t trying to sin- cern if the ordinance passes,” he
and 2 percent of students had said. “Kids are going to be kids,
unfavorable views of those gle out a certain group, and con-
troversy is OK, he said. and with no social outlet like
groups, in that order. bars, house parties are going to
The results translated into The staff discussed the survey
with Hanson, and he suggested become more dominant.”
four pie graphs, dominating the
that the newspaper not run it, Baker said that if the ordi-
newspaper’s front page under a
picture collage of Martin Luther Hanson said. Morris said he dis- nance passes, his job will get
King Jr., a Ku Klux Klan mem- agreed with running the survey much tougher.
ber, and Abraham Lincoln. but said he can’t always “take “I will definitely become a
Inside, the staff ran school offi- the easy way out.” more present landlord,” he
cials’ reactions to the survey’s “A lot of stuff I don’t agree said. “But with taxes and main-
results and emphasized the need with,” Morris said. “It’s me being tenance fees as high as they
to work together to combat big- older and grouchier.” are, it makes it very hard for
otry in its staff editorial. The decision rested with the the little operations to survive.”
Still, the content didn’t bode staff at press time, who also Another concern that stems
well with some students. showed the page to Hanson and from the ordinance is the
Hanson said he and his other administrators, Morris potential increase in neigh-
administrative team unani- said. borhood disruption and riots.
mously decided to gather the Sullivan said he didn’t see any Iowa State University report-
newspapers after three fights — valid reason for the administra-
ed escalated numbers of riots Robin Svec/The Daily Iowan
in the math, science, and main tion to collect the newspapers,
and students overreacted. and neighborhood complaints Partyers participate in a beer-pong tournament at an Iowa City residence on Sunday.
foyer areas of the school — after Ames turned 21-only.
erupted in response. “It’s just the thing of the day to
get mad about,” he said. “Riots could definitely hap-
“That was enough at that 21-ordinance and sexual on the ordinance, Elliott said the bars, he said.
Morris said some of the pen, but we cannot solve the
point,” Hanson said. Roughly 40 assaults are not related. he is not sure which way he “All I know is that it’s a lim-
students were adversely affected school’s black students will meet problem,” Elliott said. “We can
with the newspaper staff Friday only hope to lessen it.” “The more people concen- will vote because he said he ited prohibition,” he said. “I’m
in some form by the survey, he
said. to discuss the survey and the While those who condemn trate in one area, the less like- sees both positive and nega- old enough to know that not
Jeff Morris, the Little Hawk staff’s intentions and come to an the ordinance say that it will ly an attack will happen,” he tive sides to the issue. only did national Prohibition
adviser, said he understands understanding on the issue. put more young women in jeop- said, noting that there has not An underage drinking ordi- not work, but it created enor-
administrators’ decision to nab Vanessa Shelton, a UI adjunct ardy in Iowa City’s neighbor- been a sexual attack in more nance would limit the amount mous difficulties.”
the newspapers. assistant professor of journal- hoods, Hargadine disagrees, than a month. of young people coming from E-mail DI reporter Amanda McClure at:
“I can’t slight [Hanson] for ism, said Hanson used one of the remaining firm that the Although he’s eager to vote surrounding areas to drink at
pulling them,” he said. “If he reasons an administrator can
thinks they’re going to stop control speech in a high-school
newspaper in claiming it report-

Alcohol tickets mean money

fights, I really can’t speak ill of
reasons like that. I think that’s a edly disrupted school activities.
good reason to pull them.” Shelton emphasized the news-
Sullivan said he and his staff paper was directing attention to
are still “really angry” about the an issue and performing a serv-
decision. ice to the school by covering a
“I think that just the idea problem such as prejudice, but
behind censorship … is just out- staff could have interpreted the MONEY going to have such an impact Kelsay said the potential of “completely fictitious ID,” he
that we’ll write fewer,” he said. spotting underage patrons in added, can be a serious
rageous,” he said. The adminis- results more thoroughly. CONTINUED FROM 1A “Right now, I’m just as confi- bars might be easier if the ordi- misdemeanor, punishable by
tration’s snatching the newspa- “You have to admire those stu- dent that after 11 o’clock on a nance passes.
dent journalists … for taking jail time.
per during the middle of the day Each PAULA offense is bro- Thursday, Friday, or Saturday “Roughly half of [the Sum-
this on,” she said. “I don’t think we’ve had a
caused a bigger disruption than ken down into three parts: the —especially on a home football mit’s] crowd are underage per-
the survey, he contended. E-mail DI reporter Kurtis Hiatt at: real serious problem with fake
basic fine, of which the city weekend — I could put every sons right now,” Kelsay said, IDs,” said Cohen, noting that
Despite officials’ efforts, he receives 90 percent, the crimi- officer on foot patrol and there choosing one of the more “popu- could change if the ordinance
nal surcharge, of which the city would be no shortage of them.” lar” and “large capacity” bars as passes. “I’ve heard all sorts of

Two Southeast
retains 5 percent, and the clerk Iowa City City Councilor Bob an example. “If that is the pond horror stories already.”
costs, which are pocketed by Elliott said the city’s finances and 50 percent of the fish in She also maintained the city
the state, along with the are not the point of the pro- there are keepers, it’s pretty
will see financial strains if the
remains of the first two posed ordinance. easy for officers to go down
ordinance passes.
amounts, said Assistant City “This is not a financial ques- there and catch those fish.”

students charged Attorney Eric Goers. “There’s no question that

tion,” he said. “This is a ques- If the ordinance passes,
The city’s PAULA profits are tion of health. Whether there Cohen said she expects to see within a three-year period of
then deposited into the city’s are financial repercussions or an increase in “far more serious time there will be a drastic
general fund, which helps not — that’s almost irrelevant charges” than PAULAs, includ- reduction in rent, which in turn
finance a variety of city opera- causes a reduction in the net
SOUTHEAST currently attending school, and to me.” ing drunk driving, bootlegging,
worth of the buildings and
the district is following its disci- tions, he said. No fine exists if a person house party-related, and fake-
CONTINUED FROM 1A pline policy. But Kelsay said he doesn’t between 19 and 21 is in a bar ID offenses. taxes on the buildings,” she
The offending students’ par- think the 21-ordinance would after 10 p.m., but if the ordi- A fake-ID charge amounts to said. “I think that will all snow-
around 7:44 a.m. Oct. 16. Fulton ents were informed, she said, have a significant effect on the nance passes, Kelsay said fines $182 for misuse of a state- ball. [The ordinance] will not go
had reportedly made “verbal and they have been cooperated without financial effects.”
number of PAULAs issued by could mirror the cost of the cur- issued ID or driver’s license in
threats towards other students,” with officials. his department. rent fine for an 18-year-old in a an alcohol-related incident, E-mail DI reporter Brian Stewart at:
police reported. Southeast Prin-
Johnson said the incident is “I can’t look ahead to say it’s bar after that time — $380. Kelsay said. And use of a
cipal Deb Wretman said officers
atypical for Iowa City, and offi-
have been investigating the
cers don’t deal with it often.
harassment charges since Oct.
16 and were finally able to file Police reported there were no
that charge, along with the oth- injuries as a result of the inci-
ers, today. dent, and there are no imminent
Johnson said though Fulton’s threats.
charges look extensive, they are First-offense trafficking in
all linked in some way. The stolen weapons is considered a
harassment charge stems from Class D felony. First-degree
his alleged threats to other stu- harassment is an aggravated
dents, and officers allegedly misdemeanor, and carrying
were able to determine Fulton weapons and making weapons
carried the handgun and passed available to minors are both
it to Aschenbrenner, making the serious misdemeanors.
handgun available to another Wretman said she doesn’t
minor. think the incident will start a
Aschenbrenner is charged trend of similar offenses.
because officers were able to “This is a combination of fac-
determine that he knew the tors that probably won’t come
handgun was stolen. together like this again,” she said.
Wretman said that Fulton E-mail DI reporter Kurtis Hiatt at:
and Aschenbrenner are not
In the belly of the beast
For one Playwrights’ Workshop
student, the Abu Ghraib
experience was all too real. 1C

The Daily Iowan


Senate takes step toward stem-cell research

Watershed move could help BY MASON KERNS stem-cell researchers could apply their
THE DAILY IOWAN findings to Iowa patients, paving the
way in the future for the possible treat- A TIGHT, PARTISAN FIGHT
UI researchers apply stem In a 26-24 vote following an hour of
contentious debate, the Iowa Senate
ment of ailments ranging from Parkin- Will the state Legislature repeal Iowa’s therapeutic-cloning ban?
son’s and Alzheimer’s to burns and SENATE (30 Democrats, 20 Republicans): Voted 26-24 to repeal ban
cell-related treatment to on Wednesday moved the state one
step closer to repealing its ban on
spinal-cord injuries. The move would
evade a roadblock currently limiting
FOR: 26 Democrats
AGAINST: 20 Republicans, 4 Democrats:
patients, but the opposition therapeutic cloning, the precursor to
embryonic stem-cell research touted
the scope of a pending Center for
Regenerative Medicine on the UI cam- • Tom Hancock of Epworth

says therapeutic cloning will as a juggernaut against the most

debilitating diseases.
pus, one of the first major proposals
Culver hopes to actualize.
• Bill Heckroth of Waverly
• Brian Schoenjahn of Arlington
Should the House pass the measure • Joe Seng of Davenport
lead to “playing God” and Gov. Chet Culver sign it, embryonic SEE STEM CELL, BACKPAGE

N.M. ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL TEACHER SKIP GORSCH — Working for 33 years in a profession dominated by women

A current UI
is now in a
head-to-head race
for the presidency
at University of
New Mexico

In a review of presidential
candidates for the University of
New Mexico, faculty members
bestowed a unanimous vote of
confidence on UI Vice President
for Research Meredith Hay.
Hay, who had been one of five
candidates for the job, now
faces only Robert McGrath of
Ohio State University for the
chief spot at the university,
which is held by interim Presi-
dent David Harris. Rachel Mummey/The Daily Iowan
New Mexico faculty members Skip Gorsch, known as “Mr. G,” calls on eager first- and second-graders in his class to play Heads Up Seven Up at Shimek Elementary on Wednesday. Gorsch, who
responded positively to Hay’s
visit to their campus in Albu- is one of 61 male elementary school-teachers out of the 350 grade-school teachers in the Iowa City School District, says, “Kids really respond to a male teacher.”


querque last week.
“She came across very well in
the faculty
forum,” said
Beverly Burris,
a New Mexico BY KURT HIATT during a particularly dramatic part District, 201 are male, said Jim Peder- according to the National Education
sociology profes- Association’s most recent data.
THE DAILY IOWAN in the tale — sending most of the son, the district’s human-resources
sor present at Pederson said he believes pay is
the unanimous children into a fit of giggles. director. And as the pupils get younger,
A cluster of first- and second- It’s no secret why Gorsch, a long- the number of men teaching them dwin- the reason a scant number of men
vote on Tuesday. are teachers.
“People were graders are huddled in a semicircle time teacher at Shimek Elementary, dles — with 61 male elementary teach-
around “Mr. G,” raptly listening to “The teaching position is a second-
impressed with calls himself a “novelty.” Males are ers out of the 350 grade-school teachers
Hay ary income,” he said. “We live in a
her. She their teacher narrate a colorful ver- uncommon in the teaching profes- in the district, roughly 17 percent. society, even though it’s changing,
engaged well UI Research sion of “James and the Giant Peach.” sion — both in Iowa City and across But compared with the national where men still have the potential to
with faculty.” vice president With legs crossed and a green pen- the nation, officials say. average, that number is high. earn more money than women.”
The faculty cil tucked behind his ear, Skip Of the roughly 600 regular classroom Just 9 percent of elementary-school
members have sent their Gorsch startles a boy sitting nearby teachers in the Iowa City School teachers nationwide are men, SEE TEACHERS, PAGE 5A
endorsement to the New
Mexico state Board of Regents,
which aims to consider the fac-
ulty’s opinion and select a can-
A UI board OKs
Study to probe adult, teen pot use
didate by Feb. 23.
Louis Caldera was the previ-
ous president of the University
of New Mexico, but resigned in research examining
January 2006.
“I would say that I’m humbled
at the support of the faculty at
brain activity BY DANE SCHUMANN
participate in the investiga-
tion as test subjects.
other will solicit marijuana-
using adolescents between the
reaction time, in nonusers ver-
sus marijuana users. UI
the University of New Mexico,
and [it] is a fantastic university
in adolescent UI researchers will soon
One study — which will use
marijuana from the University
ages of 12 to 17, none of whom
will be allowed to smoke dur-
researchers will use a func-
tional MRI scan to monitor
with a great future,” Hay said
and adult launch two studies that will
examine the effects of mari-
of Mississippi under contract
from the National Institute on
ing the research.
Each study will probe cogni-
blood flow to their respective
brain regions.
juana on the brain — culling Drug Abuse — involves adults tive functions, such as short-
SEE HAY, BACKPAGE marijuana users adolescent cannabis users to from a range of ages, while the and long-term memory and SEE MARIJUANA, PAGE 5A



9 -13 C Other Hawkeye tennis players may State lawmakers are considering A few local couples see a Arts 1C, 7A
get the media attention, but Greg lot of each other while on Classifieds 4B
Partly cloudy, a bill that would make Iowa’s
-2 -19 C
windy, another Holm’s teammates know how much of seat-belt law stricter. 4A the job, too. 7A
wind-chill day a leap he’s made this season. 1B Sports 1B
The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, Iowa - Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 5A


Teacher of 33 years enjoys being ‘novelty’

TEACHERS shooting for 20 percent of ele- need passion. Gorsch went into and summer break is hardly a two gold earrings in his left ear. Whether the teacher is a man
mentary-school teachers to be teaching partly because of his “ter- vacation. Benjamin Tweedt, a UI histo- or woman, the kids in Gorsch’s
male, Pederson said. rible” years in elementary school, After starting his career as a ry-education major, said more class aren’t discriminatory.
Gorsch — who will retire this As part of the district’s equity he said as he sat in his Shimek fifth-grade teacher, Gorsch slow- women are elementary teachers “[There’s] no difference,” sec-
spring after his 33rd year of plan, if a male and female with classroom, which is stuffed with ly made his way down to the 6- because they are “generally ond-grader Garrett Highly
teaching — agreed. He said he the same credentials inter- colorful pictures and popsicle-stick and 7-year-olds. He added that great nurturers.” piped in when asked if he pre-
probably would not have viewed for the same elementary creations. Resting in the back of he’s had five different teaching But the 22-year-old male still ferred a female to male teacher.
remained in the profession if he teacher position, the male the room was a massive tractor jobs over his career, and noted it hopes to teach fifth- to eighth- With Mr. G’s guidance, he and
had started his family earlier. But would be hired, he said. wheel lined with blankets — a was probably easier to get hired graders after graduation. his classmates will still learn
there are “more rewards than “The male teacher could pos- reading cove for the youngsters. because he was male. “Students need to see teach- their three R’s and hide their
money,” the bald 55-year-old said. sibly reach those young people “You really have to love what “Kids really respond to a male ers of both sexes so that they faces while playing “Heads Up,
Local school officials are who don’t have a male in their you’re doing. That’s the bottom teacher,” said Gorsch, wearing a can appreciate the full spectrum Seven Up.”
working to balance the gender home,” Pederson said. line,” the teacher said, noting that black button-up shirt embla- of how gender roles are fulfilled E-mail DI reporter Kurt Hiatt at:
gap. A district initiative is No matter their sex, teachers the days are often exhausting, zoned with fishing images and in today’s society,” he said.


File photo/The Daily Iowan

A marijuana cigarette lies in an ashtray next to a lighter and a roach clip inside the “smoking” chamber
at the UIHC on Sept. 8, 2005. Robert Block, an associate professor of anesthesia, will conduct studies
on the effects of marijuana on the brain.

UI to study pot, brain

MARIJUANA marijuana is getting them to The teen users will be asked
come forward,” Block said. to avoid marijuana for at least
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A To counter that, the seven days and to take a urine
researchers are looking to drug test before they are
“Blood flow is pretty well-cor- recruit adolescents from drug- allowed to participate. The
related [to specific brain func- counseling centers in Cedar researchers hope to recruit 12
tions],” said Robert Block, a UI Rapids, Iowa City, and Burling- users and 12 nonsmokers to fill
associate professor of anesthe- ton, because the parents of the adolescent group.
sia and the study’s principal those teens would already know While she couldn’t specifi-
investigator. about their children’s drug use. cally comment on Block’s
The user group of adults will One of Block’s previous stud-
stay at the hospital, sleeping off research, Martha Jones, the
ies, published in 2000, exam- director of the UI Human Sub-
the effects of a marijuana joint ined the effects of marijuana
and completing a series of tests jects Office, said her office and
use on the brain in adults and
— repeating the whole process the Institutional Review
“support[ed] an association”
the next day, he said. The con- Board, which she also heads,
between its use and decreased
trol group of nonusers will take have already given the study
brain function. Block said this
the tests around the same time new study should answer ques- the green light.
but won’t smoke any marijuana. tions about how marijuana The UI review board is typi-
The second study will involve affects a younger population. cally composed of at least
a control group of adolescent “We’re looking to see if use eight core members, including
nonusers, and a second group of during development affects several physicians and scien-
teens who smoke regularly. brain development itself,” said tific experts. The panel also
But recruiting subjects for the Jordan Zuccarelli, a UI research includes a non-UI affiliated
adolescent study has been diffi- assistant working on the proj- individual.
cult, Block said. In order to partic- ect. “They’ll go through a two- Jones said the board reviews
ipate, a teen and a legal guardian hour screening interview to roughly 2,500 active studies
must give their consent. make sure they’re strictly mari- per year at the university.
“The problem with recruiting juana users [and to look at med- E-mail DI reporter Dane Schumann at:
adolescent subjects who use ical history].”