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March 2013. Vol. 2, No.

3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Dene Herwanto1), Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari2), Euis Nina Saparina Yuliani3)

Magister of Industrial Engineering Department, University of Mercu Buana Jakarta

Email: 1), 2), 3)


To face fiercer competition, SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia Karawang is determined to

improve the satisfaction of their customers, especially the parents of students. Unfortunately, the data
show the number of students who come out and move to another school after parents fancy quite large
with an average of 9% per year, which is one of indication the existence of student dissatisfaction with
the services provided by SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia.
This study aimed to determine whether the services provided by SMK Plus Laboratorium
Indonesia are in accordance with the expectations of its customers, and to get advice on improving the
quality of service.
The results of the data processing and analysis with IPA (Importance Performance Analysis)
method show that the quality of services provided SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia has not meet
customer expectations. Furthermore, by using HOQ (House of Quality) method, its obtained 6 (six)
key recommendations that should be done to improve the quality of the service, those are: (1) holding
a workshop or inhouse training about teachers skill at least once a year, (2) distributing
questionnaires about teacher performance assessment of each end of the semester, (3) study visits to
the better schools at once in 6 months, (4) engaging all teachers in the development of KTSP, syllabi,
and lesson plans, (5) delegating administration staff to participate in training abou administrative
once a year, (6) excellent service training once a year.

Keywords: service, educational service, service quality, importance performance analysis, house of

1. INTRODUCTION number of students who come out and move to

another school after the parents fancy every year
Karawang regency in West Java is the area being progressively increased with the average number per
switched from an agricultural area to an industrial year of 9% of the total students. The large number of
area, which is marked by the establishment of many students who came out and moved to the another
companies in the industry in some areas. This causes school to be one sign of the dissatisfaction of
the need for skilled labor, especially at the secondary students on educational services provided by SMK
level, increased. To meet labor needs, then erected Plus Laboratorium Indonesia.
various SMK (vocational high school), either by the Given the matters described above, SMK Plus
government or the private sector, which in turn led Laboratorium Indonesia needs to analyze how far
to increased competition among vocational school in the level of service given to customers, in the hope
getting new students. Currently, the number of of improving the quality of services in the future so
vocational schools in Karawang has reached about that it can compete with other schools.
70 pieces.
SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia is one of the 70's Based on the above, the issue in this study is
vocational schools in Karawang. In order to face the formulated as follows:
fiercer competition, SMK Plus Laboratorium a. Is the quality of care that has been provided by
Indonesia is committed to providing outstanding SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia in
service customers. However, data show that the accordance with the expectations of parent
students as its customers?

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

b. What is the recommendations for improvements willingness of consumers is not easy. This is because
the service quality of SMK Plus Laboratorium each company has different goals for each of their
Indonesia? actions in order to meet consumer desires. For
example, the decline in prices. According to
The purpose of this study is as follows: consumers, perhaps it is best to be done by the
a. To determine whether the quality of service that company. However, the company must have a clear
has been provided by SMK Plus Laboratorium accounting of the price of the product. Consequently,
Indonesia in accordance with the expectations the relationship between the desires of consumers
of its customers or not. and the company wishes to be biased
b. To recommend the improvements in service If the concept servqual only analyzed the gap or the
quality SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia. gap between the desires or expectations of the
While the benefits of this research is to provide input consumer with the performance given by the
to the management of SMK Plus Laboratorium manufacturer, then the concept of importance
Indonesia as a school evaluations in designing performance analysis, it can be analyzed regarding
strategies and implementing programs of the importance of the variables in the eyes of the
improvement in the quality of service to customers consumer with the company's performance. Thus,
in the future. companies will be more focused in executing its
business strategy in accordance with the priorities of
the most dominant consumer interests.
The analysis begins with a questionnaire distributed
Services, according to Kotler (2002), can be defined to the customer, each item in question has two
as any action or activities offered by one party to the answers Likert scale, which is according to the
other, which basically is something intangible and customer it is important to do or be implemented and
does not result in any ownership. A product / service how it is doing, good or bad. Furthermore, levels of
may result from or may not be related to the physical these elements will be described in Cartesian
product. diagram.
Parasuraman et al. in Tjiptono (2005) defines quality
of service from the customer view seen by an Y
internal measure performance, it can be seen that the
Main priorirty Keep the achievement
quality of service is the customer's perceptions of the I II
advantages of a ministry. Quality of service is an
important element in a service organization. This is
caused by the quality of service is one of the tools Low Priority Excessive
used to measure the performance of a service III IV
organization, the quality of service should receive
serious attention from the management service X X
organization. An organization must have a clear Figure 1. Cartesian Diagram
intention to establish service quality to be achieved (Source: Atina, 2010)
by a service organization.
Customer perception of the service quality can be The four quadrants into four strategies,
measured and evaluated through the dimensions of depending on which quadrant the consumer ratings
service quality as stated by Parasuraman et al. in on products or services issued. For the assessment of
Tjiptono (2005), namely: (1) tangibles, (2) the four quadrants can be the explanation below:
reliability, (3) responsiveness, (4) assurance, and (5) a. The first quadrant (I), requiring treatment to be
empathy. The five dimensions of quality is better prioritized by the management level, since the
known as a method servqual (service quality). rate of interest are high and low performance
Atina (2010) suggested that servqual can be used to satisfaction.
tell how big the gap of quality of service in the b. The second quadrant (II), showing the area to be
company, and what are the factors that cause this preserved, because the high level of interest
gap, so that the solution can be sought. while performance satisfaction levels are also
Supranto in Atina (2010) states that the concept of high.
Importance Performance Analysis is actually derived c. The third quadrant (III), as a low priority area,
from the concept of Service Quality (SERVQUAL), because the low level of interest while
it contains how to translate the concept of what is performance satisfaction levels are also low. In
desired by consumers is measured in relation to what this quadrant, there are several factors that are
should be done by a company that produces quality less important effect on consumers. However,
products, both tangible and intangible. companies should always ask for something
Furthermore, Atina (2010) states that to measure the

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

better among the other competitors. documentation, and dissemination of questionnaires.

d. The fourth quadrant (IV), categorized as Primary data collected are:
redundant, because there are factors that the a. Data resulting from the spread of the
consumers are not important, but the company questionnaire, consisting of:
is very well executed. In addition due to a low 1) Answer from the respondents (parents of
interest rate while the high performance level of students) regarding expectations or
satisfaction, so that's not a priority to be importance level and performance level of
addressed. the services provided by SMK Plus
Laboratorium Indonesia.
Cohen (1995) defines Quality Function Deployment 2) Answer of the parents of student of SMK X
is a structured method that is used in the process of and Y as a comparison of performance
planning and product development to establish against SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia
specification needs and desires of consumers, as (to develop HOQ)
well as systematic evaluation and capability of a b. Interview data, consisting of: (1) technical
product or service to meet the needs and desires of response (technical response), (2) the value of
consumers. the goal, (3) the value of sales points, (4) the
The main tool is the matrix of QFD House of relationship between customer needs with
Quality (HOQ), where the results achieved through technical response, (5) technical correlation, (6)
the use of inter-departmental or functional team to process requirements, (7) the relationship
gather, interpret, document and prioritize customer between the technical response to the
needs. requirements process, (8) quality procedures,
In QFD, an interconnected matrix was developed to and (9) relationship process requirements with
establish the relationship between customer desires quality procedures.
and technical parameters of the product or service. It
should be noted that QFD can be applied to analyze The population of the objects in this study were all
the services as well as design and manufacturing of a parents of students of SMK Plus Laboratorium
product. And the number of matrices can be used to Indonesia in the school year 2011/2012. The data
analyze the bit (1) or a lot depending on needs. On show that the number of students of SMK Plus
the left hand side (part 1), consists of a list Laboratorium Indonesia in the school year
containing the input of consumer desire. Put 2011/2012 is 264 peoples. Therefore, data on the
translated into technical output, which included in number of parents of students to adjust to the
part 2 of that matrix. Output from matrix 2 to be number of students.
input to matrix section 3, as shown in Figure 2. The number of samples or respondent determined
using the Slovin formula at an error rate of 5%,
which amounted to 160 parents of students.


Preliminary Data Collection and Processing
(1) (2) (3) The data required in this study consisted of two
types, those are data on the importance level and
Figure 2. House of Quality (HOQ) Matrix data on the performance level of the services
Source : Groover in Puspita (2010) provided by SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia in
terms of subscribers. Both the data obtained through
the distribution of questionnaires. The questionnaire
3. METHODOLOGY used in this study refers to the model proposed by
Zeithaml et al. and developed by Arsyad (2008),
This type of research conducted, including the type then by the researchers modified and adapted to the
of applied research, where the results of this research National Education Standards and grains questions
can be applied in practice to solve problems or in school accreditation issued by BAN-S/M
phenomena that occur in the field. In accordance (National Accreditation Board of School/ Madrasah.
with the purpose of the study, the results of this Before the questionnaire distributed to all
research can be used to improve the quality of respondents, the questionnaire was distributed to the
services provided by SMK Plus Laboratorium 30 (thirty) first responders as a preliminary study. If
Indonesia to its customers. The approach of this the data from these questionnaires initial deployment
research is a quantitative approach. declared valid and reliable, the questionnaire will be
The required data obtained by interview, literature, distributed again to all respondents.

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

The results of testing the validity and reliability of Quality

the data showed that all data is valid and reliable. Qualit Perfor Impor
Att Dimensi
y mance tance
No ribu Gap ons
Advanced Data Collection and Processing Dimen Avera Avera
te Gap
sion ge (X) ge (Y)
The results of preliminary data processing indicates Average
that the data is valid and reliable, so the 4
questionnaire can be used for further data collection 3,0
and processing. As has been established earlier, the 7 X7 3,95 -0,90
number of samples taken as respondents in this 3,0
study is 160 (one hundred sixty) peoples, and thus 8 X8 4,06 -0,97
need to be further distributing questionnaires to 130 3,2
(one hundred thirty) remaining respondents. . 9 X9 4,20 -0,95
After making a complete distribution of X1 3,2
questionnaires to all respondents who have 10 4,16 -0,94
0 2
previously determined, the next step is to test the
X1 3,1
adequacy of the data that serves to determine 11 4,28 -1,17
1 1
whether the data is retrieved or not enough to
X1 3,1
represent the population. This test is performed to 12 4,29 -1,09
2 9
determine how the amount of data required
X1 3,1
minimum. To determine the amount of data (sample) 13 4,18 -1,07
3 1
minimum that must be acquired, calculated using the
formula of Paul Leedy (Arikunto, 1997). X1 3,1
14 4,23 -1,12
The test results showed that the amount of data 4 1
collected stated enough, and can be used for further X1 3,1
15 4,38 -1,29
data processing. 5 0
X1 3,0
16 4,10 -1,05
Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) 6 6
X1 3,1
a. Gap Level 17 4,34 -1,23
7 2
The gap level calculated in this study is the fifth in X1 3,1
the framework servqual gap, ie the gap between 18 4,40 -1,29
8 0
perceived service (performance level) to the X1 3,1
services expected by the consumer (importance 19 4,32 -1,14
9 8
level). Recapitulation of importance, performance, X2 3,0
and the gap level of the variable quality of service 20 4,16 -1,12
0 4
is shown in the following table. X2 3,1
21 4,27 -1,13
1 4
Table 1. Recapitulation of importance, performance, X2 3,0

and the gap level 22 4,33 -1,27

2 6
X2 3,3
Quality 23 4,16 -0,82
3 4
Qualit Perfor Impor
Att Dimensi X2 3,1
y mance tance 24 4,16 -1,06
No ribu Gap ons 4 0
Dimen Avera Avera X2 3,0
te Gap 25 4,01 -1,00
sion ge (X) ge (Y) 5 1
3,2 X2 3,1
1 X1 4,51 -1,25 26 4,27 -1,13
5 6 4
3,2 X2 3,1
2 X2 4,38 -1,12 27 4,32 -1,14
5 7 8

3,2 X2 3,2
3 X3 4,28 -1,08 28 4,22 -1,01
0 -1,07 8 1
3,1 X2 3,2
4 X4 4,32 -1,15 29 4,19 -0,92
8 9 7
3,0 X3 2,9
5 X5 4,30 -1,28 30 4,44 -1,47
2 0 7
6 X6 3,0 3,97 -0,94 X3 3,1
31 4,19 -1,07
1 2

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

Qualit Perfor Impor
Att Dimensi
y mance tance Based on the table above, it can be seen that the
No ribu Gap ons
Dimen Avera Avera gap around the quality of service variable, is
te Gap
sion ge (X) ge (Y) negative, which means that the services provided
Average by SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia has been
X3 3,1 unable to meet the expectations of its customers.
32 4,32 -1,15
2 7 Based on the dimension of service quality, parents
X3 3,1 of students consider that the worst service quality
33 4,08 -0,91
3 7 dimension is reliability with average of gap level
X3 3,2

34 4,23 -0,99 is -1,13. On the other hand, the parents of students

4 4 also consider that the best service quality
X3 3,2 dimension is assurance with average of gap level
35 4,12 -0,86 -1,00
5 6 is -0,74.
X3 3,2
36 4,25 -1,03
6 2 Meanwhile, based on each service quality
X3 3,1 attribute, the parents of students consider that the
37 4,13 -0,94
7 9 worst service quality attribute is the 30th attribute,
X3 3,1 that is the teacher or class trustee quick and
38 4,26 -1,13
8 3 responsive in overcoming grievances or
X3 3,3 complaints of parents of students, with point of
39 4,36 -1,01
9 5 gap level is -1,47. On the other hand, the parents
X4 3,3 of students also consider that the best service
40 4,21 -0,87 quality attribute is the 52th attribute, that is System
0 4
X4 3,2 notifications about of student activities that
41 4,12 -0,83 organized by the school, with point of gap level is
1 9
X4 3,2 -1,47.
42 4,16 -0,89 Furthermore, to determine the position of each
2 7
X4 3,2 service quality attribute, the data on the average of

43 4,13 -0,91 importance level and the average of performance

3 2
-0,97 level are plotted in the cartesian diagram, so the
X4 3,3
44 4,37 -0,98 decision about service quality attribute that have
4 9
X4 3,2 to be improved at first can be made.
45 4,32 -1,06
5 5
X4 3,1 2) Cartesian Diagram Analysis
46 4,19 -0,99 Cartesian diagram are used to determine the
6 9
X4 3,1 position of each quality of service variable
47 4,19 -1,00 whether is in quadrant I, II, III, or IV, where each
7 9
X4 3,0 quadrant contains different consequences. The
48 4,23 -1,14 Cartesian diagram based on table 1 can be seen in
8 9
the following figures.
X4 3,0
49 4,16 -1,15
9 1
X5 2,9
50 4,20 -1,21
0 9
X5 3,1
51 4,20 -1,08
1 2
X5 3,4

52 4,15 -0,74
2 1
X5 3,1
53 4,02 -0,87
3 5
X5 3,1
54 4,17 -0,99
4 8
X5 3,3
55 4,34 -1,04
5 0
X5 3,1
56 3,95 -0,81
6 5
Source: Result of Data Processing, 2012

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

No Customer Needs
Figure 3. Cartesian diagram
Schools order, regulations, and guidelines are
(Source: Results of Data Processing, 2012) 13
seen and readable
Providing information about student grade on
Because of all quality service variable is negatif, 14
lesson accurately (thorough and timely)
then all of that variable is used to be customer
Providing an accurate timetable information
needs in developing HOQ (House of Quality) 15
(thorough and timely)
The education calendar and a clear timetable
are available
HOQ (House of Quality) 17 Discipline of teachers in attendance
18 Discipline of teachers in teaching punctuality
The final result of this research is the Provision of same opportunity to ask
recommendation of service quality improvement that 19
questions or discussions for every student
will be given to SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia. Determination of administrative costs
That recommendation is obtained by using HOQ 20 (tuition) in accordance with the services
(House of Quality) method. This research use three provided compared to other schools
HOQ matrix, in order to get the optimum result. Curriculum in accordance with the vision and
a. HOQ Level 1: Customer Needs to Technical 22 Uptodate and various learning methods
Requirements Provision of individual task or exercises that
HOQ (House of Quality) level 1 is HOQ matrix 23
support the subject matter
that developed to determine relationship between
Provision of group task or exercises that
customer needs with technical response or 24
support the subject matter
technical requirements. Technical response is the
25 Holding extra-curricular activities
effort that done by company to fulfill the customer
Teaching in schools affect to increase
needs. 26
students basic skills
From the previous data processing, we got 56
The development of students good character
(fifty six) customer needs that have to be
improved, those are: 27 (responsibility, honesty, respect, compassion,
discipline, empathy, etc.)
Table 2. Customer Needs The ability of administration staff and
employees in providing services
No Customer Needs The ability of administration staff and
Rooms (classrooms, laboratories and 29 employees in helping students to overcome
1 their problem
workshops) are adequate
Equipments (computers, machines, Teacher or class trustee quick and responsive
2 30 in addressing the problems experienced by
whiteboards, tables, chairs) are adequate
3 Library is adequate the student or parent of students complaints
4 Adequate sports field and facilities Teacher or class trustee provide positive
31 feedback on student grievances or parents of
Adequate of support facilities (prayer house,
5 students complaints
restrooms, cafeteria, and parking lots)
Availability of complete and informative Teacher or class trustee easily contacted or
media (brochures, leaflets, banners, and met to consult
6 Administration staff and employees quick
billboards) while new students registration
activities and responsive in addressing the problems
experienced by the student or parent of
Availability of complete and informative
students complaints
media (brochures, leaflets, billboards, and
7 Administration staff and employees give
wall magazines) while teaching and learning
activities 34 positive feedback to the student grievances or
Module or learning materials are complete parents of students complaints
8 Administration staff and employees easily
and easy to understand 35
contacted or met to consult
9 Teachers look neat, clean, and attractive
Good and uncomplicated administrative
Appearances of administration staff and 36
10 procedures
employees are neat, clean, and attractive
The explanation given the school if there are
11 Cleanliness and tidiness of environment 37
any questions from parents of students
12 The arrangement of buildings and equipment
38 Knowledge and skills of teacher or class

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

No Customer Needs response, technical correlation, and technical

matrix. The end result of this phase is a matrix
trustee in providing clear and understandable
House of Quality (HOQ) Level 1: Customer
information to students and parents of
Requirements to Technical Requirements as
shown in Appendix 1.
The friendliness and politeness of teacher or
39 class trustee in serving students and parents
Furthermore, to get a better recommendation, it is
of students
necessary to the preparation of the HOQ matrix
Hospitality and attention from the teacher or
level 2, where the technical response of HOQ
40 class trustee to receive complaints of students
level 1 will be input for the HOQ level 2.
and parents of students
Knowledge and skills of administration staff b. HOQ Level 2: Technical Requirements to Process
and employees in providing clear and Requirements
understandable information to students and HOQ (House of Quality) level 2 is HOQ matrix
parents of students that was developed to establish the relationship
The friendliness and politeness of the between the technical response (technical or
42 administration staff and employees in serving technical response requirements) with the needs of
students and parents of students the process (process requirements). The need for a
Hospitality and attention of the method or process that is considered an attempt by
administration staff and employees in the company to do to realize the technical
receiving complaints of students and parents response, which in turn can answer customer
of students needs.
The creation of a family atmosphere among From the preparation of the HOQ matrix level 1,
44 students and parents of students to teachers, is known to have 25 (twenty five) technical
administration staff, and employees responses proposed to address customer needs
Students perceived feeling of safety while in with value weighting of each of the technical
the school area response. In preparation HOQ level 2, these
Transparency in the administration technical responses to be input that have to be
46 management and information delivery that answered by the process equirements. To realize
needed by students and parents of students the 25 technical responses, the management of
47 Good school image in the community SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia propose 23
The guarantee to students to work after (twenty three) process requirements that is
48 passing through special employement considered to embody the technical response. The
exchange end result HOQ matrix formulation level 2 can be
Communication between the schools (in found in Appendix 2.
49 particular class trustee) with a parent of the Process requirements that proposed in developing
student HOQ matrix level 2 has not been detailed, so it
Availability of telephone or e-mail to serve can not be implemented by the company. To
and to receive complaints further analyze the process requirements, we
Information on student learning outcomes at should to formulate HOQ matrix level 3, where
the end of each semester the process requirements of the HOQ level 2 will
System notifications on a range of student be input for the HOQ level 3.
activities that organized by the school
The involvement of parents of students in c. HOQ Level 3: Process Requirements to Quality
53 Procedures
determining school program or activities
The activities of the counseling or career HOQ (House of Quality) level 3 is HOQ matrix
54 that developed to realize the process requirements
Availability scholarships for all students through the establishment of quality procedures.
55 Quality procedures are more steps that need to be
(especially students can not afford)
Administration staff and employees provide detailed by the company to realize the pre-
56 determined process requirements.
services outside office hours
Source: Result of Data Processing, 2012 From the preparation of the HOQ matrix level 2,
is known to have 23 (twenty three) proposed a
To respond to the customer needs, then performed process requirements to answer technical response
the preparation of planning matrix, technical with weight value of each process requirement. In
requirements or technical response, relationship preparation HOQ level 3, the process requirement
matrix between customer needs with technical to be embodied in the form of input quality
procedures. To realize the 23 process

March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

requirements, the management of SMK Plus Satisfaction on the school services in this study is
Laboratorium Indonesia propose 24 (twenty four) based only on 1 (one) type of customers as
quality procedures that are considered to embody respondent, that is the parents of students. According
the process requirements. Results of HOQ matrix to Praptiningsih (2010), customers of school are
formulation level 3 are listed in Appendix 3. divided into 2 (two), those are internal and external
From level 3 HOQ matrix can be seen that the customers. Internal customers are teachers and
attributes of Conducting workshops or in house administration staff, while students, parents of
training on teacher competence at least once a students, and the user or recipient of graduates
year is the quality of service attributes most belonging to the external customer. Thus, this study
valued, followed by other quality procedures. not involving another 3 (three) types of school
Results of HOQ level 3 is once again a candidate customers, those are students, the teachers and
for recommendation to be submitted to improve administration staff, and also the user or recipient of
service quality in SMK Plus Laboratorium graduates (universities, industry, and society). In the
Indonesia. future, further research needs to be done by
involving the school customer types except the
Implications of Research Findings parents of students.
Based on the results of data processing in
preparation HOQ matrix level 3, is known to have 5. CONCLUSIONS
24 (twenty-four) offered quality procedures to
improve the service quality of SMK Plus
Laboratorium Indonesia. By using the Pareto a. The quality of service that provided by SMK
principle or 20-80 diagram, researchers grouped the Plus Laboratorium Indonesia has not meet the
twenty-four quality procedures into three (3) groups, expectations of parents of students as its
that is group A which will be a top priority to be customers, it is evident from the gap of service
implemented, as the second priority group B and quality attributes which are all negative.
group C as the third priority. The calculations show b. Six (6) priority actions needed to improve the
that 6 (six) quality procedures including group A, 6 quality of laboratory services SMK Plus
(six) quality procedures including group B, whereas Indonesia as follows:
12 (twelve) other quality procedures including group 1) Conducting workshops or in house training
C. on teacher competence at least once a year
The six quality procedures or actions that belong to 2) Distribution of teacher performance
the group A and the top priority in improving the appraisal questionnaire each end of the
service quality of SMK Plus Laboratorium semester
Indonesia, that is as follows: 3) Study visits to better schools every 6
4) Engaging all teachers in the development of
Table 3. Recommended Improvements in Service curriculum, syllabi, and lesson plans
Quality of SMK Plus Laboratorium Indonesia 5) Delegating administration staff in
Quality Service Improvement administrative training once a year
6) Excellent service training once a year
1 Conducting workshops or in house training
on teacher competence at least once a year Suggestion
2 Distribution of teacher performance
appraisal questionnaire each end of the Given the limitations of this study, it is advisable to
semester conduct further research with the involvement of
3 Study visits to better schools every 6 students, teachers, employees, and the user or
months recipient of graduates (universities, industry, society)
4 Engaging all teachers in the development of as the survey respondents about the quality of school
curriculum, syllabi, and lesson plans services.
5 Delegating administration staff in
administrative training once a year 6. REFERENCES
Arikunto, S. (1998). Prosedur Penelitian (Suatu
6 Excellent service training once a year
Pendekatan Praktek), Jakarta: PT. Rineka Cipta
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XYZ. Thesis, unpublished, Management
Limitations of Research Departement of Bogor Agricultural Institute.
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March 2013. Vol. 2, No.3 ISSN 2305-8269

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2012 EAAS & ARF. All rights reserved

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